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True swinger club story, giving oral pleasure

Endowed_Goddess wrote this to me:
If you have experienced female ejaculation while performing oral (cunnilingus), write an essay about it both here and at xhamster and CC Me on both. If the answer is no, you have not. Reply just as succinctly as I said it. (Your essay can be as elaborate as you wish it to be.)
you have 5 business days to complete this assignment, and permission to request an extension if needed. CC'ing will be the ONLY way to notify Me of taskaccomplishery.
Until then, all you will do about this message answer the following question how I laboriously and repeatedly tra... Continue»
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New Apartment Part 2

I was in the bedroom waiting for the cable guy to show up. Linda was in the living room reading her book. Linda was wearing a short skirt and a button blouse, no panties or bra. I didn’t have much to do, I’m not a reader like Linda is, I’m more an TV / Internet guy. I would peek out, see what Linda was doing.

I was bored so I lied down and started to masturbate. I enjoyed watching Linda on top of Ted, riding him. I was enjoying myself to the point I almost came, till the door bell rang. It was the cable guy, about time I thought to myself.

Linda answers the door and let him in. He intr... Continue»
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True Story..Pt4..The Naughty goings on of an Engli

4 .. New Career

For years she wanted to run a pub so due to being told I were to be made redundant again from the Hosiery I took it upon myself to apply to a number of Breweries, Greene King, Shipstones, Ansell’s and Marston’s, L protested saying she didn’t want to run a pub now but I told her it was too late has I’d got dates for interviews.
At the interview with Shipstones I were told to go and work for a night behind a bar, so we spoke to the landlord of the Running Fox and ran that for the night, then we had the interview with Marston’s the training officer walked in just has L clippe... Continue»
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Accidentally Step Aunty (Real / Truth)

[*This is my REAL life story,
accidentally had sex with my own step-aunty.
She was 44, while I was 30 when it happened.
I will try to write it as detail as I could in english].

I have used to stay in uncle's house everytime I visit this city,
for vacation, friends appointment, or any other activities.
This is his second marriage with his new wife, so I called her my step aunty.
Lately, Uncle had been busy having business meetings abroad,
usually takes up to 3 or 4 days leaving, but this time he left for a two weeks.

It was my... Continue»
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Wife fucks co-worker while out of town

True story...
This happened a few years ago and the story still excites me. My wife was out of town for business and she was feeling good about her independence. She had been chatting and texting some guys that she had met online previously. For over a year she had her eye on this hot hung italian guy but the kept missing connections, as life got in the way.

While away from home for work, she was often surrounded by several male co-workers. There were a few that made comments about her big boobs and flirted with her constantly. She liked it and would tell me about it at the end of her day... Continue»
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surprised him at the airport in a limo

It was very cold so I didn’t wear a sexy outfit that I wanted to wear, I mean it was freezing. I wore jeans, tight of course but not tight where I couldn’t breathe, high heels and a cotton long sleeve top. I know what my sweetie likes and a nice firm fitting pair of jeans gets his motor running!
I won’t bother you with the tiny details of the limo, he was expecting a car to pick him up but not a stretch. As he was walking to the car I got out and gave him a big hug and a kiss, after all I did miss him he was gone for two weeks. We talked while the bags were put in the trunk an... Continue»
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Our second meeting

It happen suddenly and without planning. I had just gotten out of the shower when my phone alerted me of the email. As I read it my cock instantly started getting hard. You asked if there was any chance that we could meet. I replied yes I was free right now and a meeting place and time were set. Twenty minutes later I was in your car headed back to your place.
Once inside all small talk subsided. You immediately started stripping. That was fine with me and I quickly followed suit, removing my shoes them shirt and pants. I kept my boxer briefs on and moved toward you. My cock was already half... Continue»
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Chat with the wife on social media

For sometime now I've known that my wife has wanted a little more action in her life. She's in her early 40's and beginning to doubt her beauty. So I had and idea. I thought I'd chat with her and see how far and long she's carry the conversation with a stranger. And to see if she'd mention this new person to me.

I opened up a social media page and sent her a message telling her Hi and that she's very cute. She replied with a thank you and liked the compliment. We chatted from 2:30pm to about 7pm. I gave her many compliments and asked for a couple of other photos that she didn't have on soci... Continue»
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My First Milf !!

One night, out of the blue, she texted me.

"Hey Jim :)," she always used way too many smiley faces and exclamation points, "I can't get my DVD player to work!!! Could you come help me?"

It was the first week of summer. I was home from college and visiting my parents. I had nothing better to and she was certainly some great eye candy. 'Why not?,' I thought.

I texted her back; "Be right there."

"Thanks!!!" Lori replied.

It was close to 9 o' clock when I strolled over to Lori's house . I knocked on the door, took a step back and waited for her to answer.

I had always thought... Continue»
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A Visit to a Public Toilet

I had been trying for years to get my wife Claire to fuck other guys.
The idea of seeing her used by others had always given me a thrill,
I knew form Claire and role-play games that she too found this a turn on,
but she could never bring herself to try it. I was fortunate
though that she was sexually adventurous within her boundaries.
She was happy to pose for explicit and kinky pictures. It was during an outdoor picture foray that our world changed.

I regularly passed a public toilet on my travels for work, it was in a remote
rural area and frequented by both gay and straight peo... Continue»
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The New Photographer

The New Photographer – by SBarak1

It all started innocently enough. I was down at the pub chatting with a few mates over a beer or three. The conversation came around to me when Pete asked me what I would be doing in the way of work after the holiday season as I had finished up at my old job prior to Christmas. I mentioned I had a few irons in the fire however what I really wanted to try may hand at was some studio photography. I had been an avid amateur photographer for a long time and had most of the kit. I went on to say I had already started cleaning out my garage to set up a studi... Continue»
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I Fucked My BFF’s Son!

"Life is just not fair!" Linda said as she rolled her eyes.

"Tell me about it! That asshole Jack is dating a girl half his age." I replied as I thought of my x-husband.

My divorce from him had only just been finalized and now the reality of being a forty-five year old single woman was hitting home. My friend Linda and I were having a bitch session on just how unfair the world was.

Her husband had left her about a year ago and we had gone through both divorces as each other's mutual support. Linda had just found out that her x was dating a hot little slut that is young enough to be hi... Continue»
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Me and Kate working overtime.

This is a true story that happened to me 25 years ago. I had a post as a manager for a unit in a bigger company. We were in the service sector and had to fight hard to find clients that wanted to pay for our services. At this specific moment we had to finalize the contract for an important customer and the deadline was getting closer. I therefore asked my employees if someone was willing to work over during the weekend and Kate, one of the project managers, volunteered. We agreed to start at 08:00 on Saturday morning.

The work with the contract went well but there was a lot to calculate so ... Continue»
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A prayer might be answered

The contract work on a drill-ship was too lucrative to pass up. Arrangements for my k**s was hard to setup. With so many Kristen needed help 7*24 and quality care is very hard to find. Pretty dull work but heavy skill and it paid off. Informed all computer connections are monitored. So I stayed away from this site.

Got back Saturday and I've been hugging my babies ever since.

No cock for a month. All work and no play makes Andie a bad girl. And Kristen is the best. She has basically turned invisible and given me an exclusive on Osei. As for Jay, he is gone to parts unknown... Continue»
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The one day i was naughty

The one day I was naughty.

This is me, Tina and I am 47 going on 48.
Married for 22 years and have two siblings, both male, one of which has left for collage.
Our youngest is 18 and has a few friends who seem to spend most of their time at our home playing all the consoles and the games that come with them.
Most of these lads I do not like, a bit mouthy, one was okay, Jason, as he grew up with my son, at first I thought he was a little strange, weird, but time would tell that he was just very shy and quiet.
One day whilst my son was making them all a drink in the kitchen I thought I wo... Continue»
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True Story..Pt3..The Naughty goings on of an Engli

3... For better or for Worse

This were the time that we got Married at the Baptist Church on Dorset Avenue, all our f****y and friends turned up and the reception was held at the Running Fox pub on the black pad in Leicester, turning up at one of the roughest pubs in Leicester with a Penguin suit on was different
A few months later I became redundant and found another Hosiery job, at Abbey Park Rd, Leicester. This building has long since been demolished and the company moved to Coalville all the original workers moved with the job, this meant I had a commute along the M1 to work.L would o... Continue»
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True Story..Pt2..The Naughty goings on of an Engli

2 .. Moving In

One night after taking her home I’d just walked in home when the phone rang this must have been around 1 to 1.30am it was L in a panic, her husband had left and taken the c***dren, she asked if I would go back to hers to keep her company has she were so upset which I did, this was to be the first time we had shared a bed together in fact it was the first time I’d shared a bed with anyone, we cuddled and she cried herself to sl**p not at the loss of her husband but for the c***dren, she planned to fetch them back the following day, I lay with her in my arms all night not darin... Continue»
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Boy Next Door Fucked my Mature Hairy Pussy

I knew I was a bit of a plain Jane, mother of four, slightly overweight and nothing special to look at and only 28 years old. My husband showed less and less interest in me and I admit I let myself go a little, then the boy from next door changed all that.

It was such an innocent meeting at first; he fetched the empty cups back when I made his mom and some helpers cups of tea when moving in next door. He seemed so shy but ever so polite and I learnt he had just turned 16. His dad had said he would stop with the f****y until the last one was 16 and then he was gone, he left and their mom mo... Continue»
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Once upon a time

Now this may be a bit funny but then again it is quite sad. A lady I know we used to go out together about 15 years ago check the date of this post because this this could be hanging around for a long while.. Us two used to what you may call knock about together just as buddies get pissed as what ever just for fun. We didn't do anything else well then anyway we used to see who could pull first just for a laugh she always won of course but what the heck. I f neither of us did we would go home either together her place or mine and sl**p together and I mean sl**p nothing else we would just cuddle... Continue»
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Birthday surprise

This past birthday, Dec. 29, my wife asked what I wanted for my birthday. Being a smart ass, I told her that since it has been years since we had done anything kinky, I wanted to have a threesome or at least sit back and watch her fucking my best friend, Terry. She got a bit upset and I told her that I was just messing with her, that I was trying to put some kick back in our marriage, but whatever you get me is fine. Nothing else was said, then a couple days later on my birthday, we get up that morning and she tells me that she has gotten a birthday present for me but it won't be delivered unt... Continue»
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