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After our shower, Reslie (my tall, slender, new Filipina lover) and I got to the bed with both of us filled with eager anticipation of a new lover and new sensual and sexual experiences. I asked her when her period was, and she said don’t worry, I didn’t need a condom. I asked if she would like to be massaged. She hesitated but then said yes, especially since she is on her feet so much during work. I put on some good music from the tv and told her to lie face down and take some relaxing deep breaths. I had some scented massage oil and warmed some in my hands and began rubbing her, ... Continue»
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Mrs. Romano

"Hey Tom", I heard as I watched the school bus drive off. "what are you up to later?"
I turned around to see Mark Romano standing behind me. Mark lived at the end of the street, around the corner from the firehouse. We weren't really friends, but we got along all right. "Why, what's up", I asked.
"Do you think that you could help me out with my math homework?"
Normally I would have blown him off but Mark had a s****r who was a year older than us and after seeing her at the last weekend she had been the subject of more than a few sessions of beating my meat. "I guess that I could come over ... Continue»
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Alice's Birthday Fisting

Then my words failed me as I felt Sir move his thumb off my clit and into my hole, slowly he rubbed and prodded until he found the right angle and then he was in. “Sir! Sir, slow please Sir!” I begged as I was sure I was about to be ripped apart. Never have I had ever felt so spread and so full. The walls of my hole molded around the shape of his hand holding him as tight as they could, protecting me from the inevitable onslaught that was about to come.
The one thing Alice wanted above all else was to finally be fisted. We had talked about it for weeks, months even. In fact since we met on li... Continue»
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Tokyo Sexwale's divorce got a whole lot messi

Divorce lawyer Beverley Clark said her client, Judy Sexwale, "now had no choice" but to bring an urgent application for an interdict against her husband.
Sexwale, who is locked in a bitter divorce from his wife of 20 years, is alleged to have phoned a f****y friend of Judy Sexwale on Monday, accusing her and a former security guard of using hardcore pornography.
On Friday, Sexwale is said to have repeated the story to a second f****y friend - this time showing him "evidence" he claimed to have found in e-mails.
In a statement issued yesterday, Clark said: "As such, Mr Sexwale has left Mrs S... Continue»
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114 john and julie, The agony of cuck
She met her friends from work and had a night out as she had suggested, as arranged about midnight she texted and it said she was coming home and with “him” they would be just about half an hour.
As we had arranged I went into the spare room, lay on the bed and waited quietly apprehensive but fairly excited.
I heard them coming in, laughing and giggling then it all went quiet. I assumed they where kissing and fondling which later she confirmed as true. In the quiet house I heard her say let's go upstairs then the footsteps said they were off to ... Continue»
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My Time With A Black MILF Part 01

[Rubbing oil on a hit black MILF'S Ass]

Story by Latisha

It was a hot June day in West Palm Beach Florida when I had decided to mow my overgrown lawn in the middle of the hot day. Little did I know it would lead to one of the sexiest experiences of my life.

A little bit about me, my name is Tyler and I just got out of college with my Bachelors and recently purchased a nice suburban home for just me. I am German/Irish 6'1 and have dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes. I am decently fit but not overdosed on muscle... Continue»
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Caught and Used - Fantasy

It was a great afternoon and being away on holiday was great. I had booked a lodge in Cornwall and had a long weekend to my self. The lodge was an expensive one with Jacuzzi and all the latest mod cons. The first night was great as I was able to dress up and be myself and just be a general slut really. I had bought along my dildo collection and was slowly but surely stretching my arse wider and wider.
I had made and brought with me a dildo contraption. It was attached to a belt and that went around my waist and the dildo is attached to a hinged bracket. From that bracket is a strap. When wor... Continue»
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Well, baby, now it’s my turn to tell you what happened not so long ago.
You know, I had to return the pants to the big department store in Makati and decided to stay there a couple nights. I had some problem with doing it and talked to a supervisor. She was taller than you (maybe 5’6”), slender with nice figure, about early 30’s, lovely eyes, full lips (made for cocksucking I thought) with very red lipstick, and dark skin. Her name was Reslie. We finished the exchange and had a “spark”, and so I asked if she wanted to get dinner after she finished work. She said no, she was ma... Continue»
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Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Now as anyone who has read our stories will know, my wife loves to tease and flash her panties, her biggest thrill is to see another man get hard looking up her skirt and know what effect she has had on him. She then just simply loves the thought of other men wanking while thinking about her and what they might have seen up her skirt or dress, and as a general rule that’s as far as it goes, and we are both happy about that, as I also get off on other men looking at my wife’s panties, especially if she’s wearing sheer panties and they might have got a look at her pussy.
Last ... Continue»
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Jill Part.1

Jill Pt.1
One morning after breakfast, my wife said she needed to talk to me, she'd had a thought.
She explained that most of what we do sexually is based around her and her pleasure, and that she felt it was time we did something for me. A little surprised I explained that it hadn't crossed my mind because I got off on all the things she did anyway with other men. But no she wanted me to have some fun and asked if there was anything I wanted to do and that providing I didn't fuck someone else, anything else would be ok. I joked and said, so fingering someone else would be OK then! And she ... Continue»
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f****y FUCK FEST 1

Story 1

Diane a very horny mature platinum blonde asked me to coach her Daughter Eva
Eva was a young platinum blonde student
I called at their house at 3pm as agreed with Diane and her second husband Dave
Eva's stepdad
Diane opened the door She was wearing a very short black cross over mini dress
Her big tits jutted out hard against the tight material Her white lacy bra was clear through her
transparent dress
"Cum in darling " Diane purred sexily her big tits jutting out hard in her lacy bra
as she opened the door wide and walked ahead of me in the hallway

Her tight plumb arse ch... Continue»
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Fun In Mykonos

I am 52, married for 32 years and enjoy a healthy sex life. We holiday in the Greek islands twice a year and in May this year we went to Mykonos. I have always loved the film Shirley Valentine but have always thought that Mykonos was the gay capital of Greece. On the flight out this thought was endorsed by the number of male couples on the plane. However during our first week we had seen a guy in his early forties regularly and said hello each time and made general conversation in the bars and tavernas.

One afternoon we were takeing wine in a beach taverna when he came in and asked if he m... Continue»
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Last Part of the Beach Story....?

OK then, this is where we (Imelda & Myself) leave the Beach and return back to her house in Clacton.

We picked up all of our things off of the beach and make our way to Imelda's car parked just further down the Sea Front Promenade, and then she's driving us both back to her house for what I hope will be a really sensual and erotic early evening of sexy adventures.

Of course I am still as Horny as ever as I sit beside her in the late model Rover 105R (I am a car nut OK ?) so I love cars of all types and for me to be riding in a Rover is a real treat. The purr of that lovely eng... Continue»
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A new black experience in Jamaica

Another black experience in Jamaica

The first two days in Jamaica had been spent in relax and nice margaritas.
On our third day there, my sweet loving husband and I were lying on the sandy beach. The warmth of the sun was caressing my almost bare naked body, because I was wearing just a very tiny blue thong that seemed to me disappearing between my ass cheeks.
After midday, Victor said he needed to go for a walk; maybe he would get back to our hotel room, because he was feeling a little bit sick.
When the sun started to go down I went for a last swim on the waves. I came back to the bea... Continue»
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Hitchhikers paradise

In my early 20's I decided to hitch hike across the US from New York down to Florida then across to California. My friends told me I would be mugged or murdered before I got to Texas but I'd done a bit of research I and thought I was pretty safe, however on one ride I got a lot more than i'd bargained for and more than I could have hoped for.

I was hitchhiking just outside of Jackson in the pounding June sun praying I got picked up before my brain juices started evaporating when a beat up old camper van pulled up beside me. When you're hitchhiking beat up old camper vans are pretty standar... Continue»
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New Job-New Pussy

I had just finished school and was off to college. I moved immediately to the new town and got a job at a hotel doing maintenance. The first week I spent getting training and then the second week they gave me a bunch of old work orders and told me to figure out which ones should be closed and which ones still need attention. So off I went room to room checking the complaints.
I came to this room, knocked on the door. An attractive woman answered, I told her that I needed to check the AC. She let me in. She was blonde, brown eyed, and wearing just a robe. She shut the door behind me. I we... Continue»
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Strange night at the club II

After cuming I fixed my clothes and made my way to the front of the club. I made the excuse of needing to change my shirt and said my goodbyes. I thanked Mike for inviting me, and told him I'd see him tomorrow. I was just stepping out of the shower when there was a knock at the door. I put on a robe and opened it, there was Mike Jr standing. I let him in and offered him a drink, and told him to take a seat. While I was mixing the drinks he came up behind me and hugged me. He laid his head on my shoulder and slipped a hand into the robe and rubbed my chest. I told him not to start something he ... Continue»
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Wendy, seducer of youth

Wendy, seducer of youth
First a brief description of the lady, she is a white American, five feet six tall, auburn hair, brown sparkling eyes, she weighs an attractive 129lb`s has 34c tits a slim 29inch waist and a delectably smack able 36inch arse, though the odd spank is all that she allows as anal turns her completely off, however she keeps her Jack and Danny waxed and trimmed,
Her hubby is Trevor and he works away a fair bit, and though a good man at home and in bed, he`s never quite been enough for our girl, who has always been a bit sex mad. They have a lovely house, and behind it ... Continue»
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A Nightmare Turned Into A Dream

Mom stood over me speaking my name and nudging my shoulder. "Jack. Jack. Wake up honey." I opened my eyes and jerked a little. I was startled by her at first. "You were having a nightmare. You were screaming out loud. Are you okay?"
"Huh?" I was still in a state of confusion.
"Take a deep breath and relax. Everything is alright. Relax."
It took a few minutes for me to become fully conscience. Then I realized that my blanket was off and I was laying there completely naked with a huge hard on. Mom saw it and I began to turn red. Mom was now sitting on the side of the bed.
"... Continue»
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As I travel I always checkout mature women looking for lodgers
Before traveling to Berlin I checked out a b&b web site
I picked an apartment with a mature divorcee with a room to rent
The apartment door was opened by Greta with short blonde hair the mature landlady
Greta was a slim big tits brunette dressed in a short black mini skirt with
black see through silky blouse which revealed her red half cup bra.
Her big tits with erect nipples were jutting out against the silky blouse material
"Welcome Donal to my home darling" Greta smiled
As she walked ahead to my room wiggling in her high... Continue»
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