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Confessions of a Loving Mother

I watched my mother looking through the window.

She was in the kitchen washing the dishes on a weekend morning. She's a lawyer. Her schedule is always hectic. Often times she spends long hours in the office meeting with clients or writing legal briefs. If she had a courtroom appearance, she would spend her nights doing research on the computer and preparing for strenuous oral arguments. She has always been a naturally hard worker with a powerful drive to be successful.

On the rare occasion that she has some free time, she enjoys doing normal things. Usually she enjoys cooking and sharing... Continue»
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Night In With Lynn

I'm already aroused just thinking about what's to come. I hear footsteps on the other side of the door, dead bolt unlocks and the door swings open. We've been chatting for months now, getting to know each others' wild, dirty, perverse sides. Now I get to meet her. Usually I'm good with words but the moment I lay my eyes upon her, words escape me. Beauty doesn't justify her true looks, gorgeous is an understatement. Sexually arousing, erotically stimulating is just what she does to me. This girl is unbelievable. Her looks nearly killed me.

Lynn is younger than me but just as experien... Continue»
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Three Friends - An MFM Experience

We met via an internet website advertisement, and then wrote to each other for four years before we finally got together as a threesome. Through photo exchanges we all at least knew what we looked like; but circumstances had got in the way of us being able to bring our collective fantasies about ourselves to reality. That is until I visited their town on this most recent occasion. We gathered my hotel room in the evening, starting our first group meeting with a few get to know you drinks and some social conversation.

Roger is a slim guy in his late forties, tanned from his work, with a gre... Continue»
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The Mechanic

I had been doing deliveries all day running back and forth from the shop to the local garages. Yeah I had done this day in and day out but today I was really bored. I had the ipod on listening to a mix ranging from motorhead to Chris young. Arriving back at the shop I checked the lines to see where I was all going to be heading.
"Yo! Get a move on!" shouted my co-worker. I could have punched him in the face, he was one to speak being late day in day out, not abiding by the rules. He would rather sit on his arse all day and smoke. So much for being professional.
"Oh shut it!" I screamed bac... Continue»
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Everything depends on the lubricant gel

Everything depends on the lubricant gel

My loving wife Ana was very horny that Saturday afternoon and she asked me to go downtown to an adult book store, to purchase “something new” for our sex foreplay games…
I went directly to see new movies and Ana stayed watching magazines.

Suddenly I saw my wife was behind the counter, kissing a black guy and rubbing her hand all over the bulge in his pants. I could see everything as well as several other people that happened to be in the store.
This black guy had his hand on my wife’s ass while he kept kissing her…

She was telling the blac... Continue»
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recent fun at a sexy bar

(names changed for protection)
At a special bar in The Netherlands, they advertise as a bar where everything is allowed and nothing is expected. And this is exactly true. On the main level in the middle, there is a horseshoe-shaped bar, surrounded by alcoves with mattresses, and a dance floor to the side. Downstairs, there is play area with mattresses in the open, a chair hanging from chains and hooks in the ceiling, a glory hole room, a mattress room with a door and glass windows on two sides for voyeurs, massage tables and a very dark (pitch black) room.

They have various theme nigh... Continue»
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The online married woman

About 9 years ago now, my ill-fated marriage broke down and I moved out. I needed to save my sanity. We had lived a loveless marriage for over 3 years by then, both of us choosing our own fun and enjoyment. There eventually was the customary f****y meeting where it was decided for me to move out for a while - to which I said - if I go, its for good. So I left. Nowhere to go - I called my parents up. My Father immediately stating I moved back in right away.

Bags packed, credit cards stopped. all that was mine was hastily packed and shipped into storage and I moved out of the f****y hom... Continue»
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Big Little s****r Redux: Eclipse revisited

I hadn't expected Becky to be here, but that really looked like her walking right up ahead of me
at the carnival. "Hey k**do!" I said as I tapped her on the back. She spun around to face me.
"Oh, I'm sorry! I thought you were my girlfriend..."
"Hi, Mike! How are you?" I blinked in confusion. "Don't you recognize me?" The girl was smiling,
a big grin on her face, looking right into my eyes. She really looked familiar, so much like Becky, couldn't be...
"Laurie? Is that you?"
"Mmmmhmmm…Why? Have I changed much?" Laurie grinned, stepping back and putting her
hands on her hips, in... Continue»
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The Mother In Law Caught Short

We were at a f@mily wedding on the wife’s side at a hotel in Bowness on Windermere in the Lake District. The wedding and reception had taking place and it was now mid afternoon with free time to spend how you pleased before the night do.

Groups gathered in the gardens overlooking the lake drinking and gossiping with relatives not seen for some time, other wandered across the road to watch the boats coming and going that sail around the lake and others went for the famous Lakeland ice creams.

There was about twelve of us in our group sitting in the garden, wife, mother and father in law ... Continue»
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Seduction and hardcore sex with wife’s desi friend

Busy with the upcoming transition project I was not in my senses to think for anything else apart from work. The criticality of the work didn’t actually give me a breathing space, even during weekends. I was working 14 Hours a day in the office and was targeting to complete this task by this Friday. Post which I had a plan to take a week long break and do absolutely nothing but just relax. Being a single sou... Continue»
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Horny nephew gives rim job to big ass aunty i****t

i my name is Shivu. I’m 21 yrs old, studying in Bangalore and i’m sharing my i****t sex experience with my aunty whom i gave a rim job when my uncle was on a trip. I’m an okay looking guy and what i’am going to say is a real story. My aunty’s name is Susheela…she is my uncle’s wife (my mother’s younger b*****r) my aunty is fair, good looking, caring… Her boobs are medium sized,weight 55-60, height 5.6 nice waist, big ass goddess she is.. It all started when i was 18 ,a... Continue»
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Help s****r In Law

My wife called me from her work. She said that she was talking and emailing her s****r. During their conversation, my s****r in law asked her s****r if she thought that her husband could help her out around the house with some projects. I wasn't really thrilled that my wife would volunteer my services. I have been retired for a couple of years, and my s****r in law's husband passed away about five years ago. Since he passed away, there were a bunch of things that needed to be taken care of.

I have to tell you that my s****r in law is not a bad looking lady. She is about four years older tha... Continue»
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Your dick is sooooo big

Your dick is sooooo big

It had been a very warm summer. I was coming back home from my office very early that afternoon and outside the heat was really unbearable…

I got my car and soon I was at home… alone again, naturally, as the song says… My loving husband Victor was on his way to the airport for another business trip and he had warned me his cousin Mateo was coming to visit and stay with us on Tuesday.

I had met Mateo in Buenos Aires. He was a handsome guy, athletic and muscled, a very nice young guy indeed…

When I made it to the house I was a real bitch in heat. Being my hu... Continue»
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Doing What Cums Naturally

Doing What Cums Naturally
By theduck1930

Chapter 1

It was the end of the Spring semester and school was letting out for the summer and Tom Bennington was feeling elated because Summer vacation afforded him plenty of freedom. He was just above average as a student because he hated to study, with just a little effort on his part he could have finished out this school year among the top ten in his class. He just could not understand how knowing past history or the ins and outs of Geometry or the study of English knowing all its parts by name was going to be of any value to him aft... Continue»
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If you think you want to share your thi

Friday is date night at our house. You can bet there will be pizza.. beer and sex. Sometimes we sit and enjoy the erotic stories on the internet. I read them out loud to my wife while she curls up next to me. She loves the part that inevitability comes in most stories... there always seems to be some description of a well hung guys balls smacking up against an ass. She giggles and asks that I read that part again. She just plain loves the visual that plays out in her head. After we've worked our way through a story or two she almost always asks.. “Do you think that one is true?” I tell... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Terry and Ken continued their sexual relationship and developed a close friendship during the summer months. They found that in addition to their sexual desires and tastes they both enjoyed playing golf. It was that connection that allowed their friendship to grow without drawing attention to their close companionship. Terry had attended golf camps for several years during the summer when he was just starting school. He dropped playing the sport when the camps became competitive and although he was a good golfer for his age he didn't like the competitive edge to the game.

That ... Continue»
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"Home Sweet Home"

I just got back into Austin. Damn it has been a long week. Airports are busy, everyone hustling and bustling. Went to Chicago for a business trip. Always going somewhere. Never in one place for very long. But Austin is home and boy am I glad to be back.

I live by myself. No roommates. Lots of friends and business associates in my life. No steady boyfriend. Just a couple of boytoys that I get down with when the need arises and when I have time. Shit I am 23 and feel like 50. Nothing wrong with 50 but I am feeling tense and tired and I have a strong need to relax. Aaaaahhhh home sweet home. ... Continue»
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Helena taking me to a glory hole

Helena taking me to a glory hole

Home alone again and bored; until my loving girlfriend Helena called me that sad afternoon:
“Ana, babe… let’s go to try a good time at a glory hole…” She said.
I replied I had never been in such a place, but she continued:
“There is a nasty porn store out on the highway. You go into the back and they have some small cabins. Some doors marked with an X are the ones for girls that want to suck some dick…”
My pussy was more than wet by the time Helena came home to pick me up.
As she pulled into the parking lot of that building I was a little nervous. Th... Continue»
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Coaxing wife for a threesome and quest for a cock!

This is Sharma and this is my true story of coaxing my wife for a threesome and the quest for a cock. We are happily married for some time now. Happily means happily in every sense. We got two k**s, life is good. She is fair, curvy and beautiful. She was not like the ordinary women, who think its too much sex when it’s once a week. She wanted it every night and she wanted it long. She never did masturbate, for she knew fingers were no good substitute for my cock and tongue. We fucked in every way possible, we did missionary, do... Continue»
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Meeting a Friend for Lunch

Hope you enjoy this:
I was taken with her from the first e-mail I received. This woman, who responded to my ad on an adult personals site, was everything i was looking for: An intelligent, professional, attached woman who, like me, was completely dissatisfied with her sex life at home and looking for an escape from the everyday.

We e-mailed each other constantly with lengthy e-mails and we talked about our education, our spouses, our likes and dislikes and what we wanted in bed.

After a few more days, we exchanged photos. I was petrified that she wouldn't find me attractive. I'm no Geor... Continue»
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