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Aquela noite...

Era noite lá fora. Talvez fria e chuvosa, mas não lembro ao certo. Como poderia? Só me lembro do que aconteceu dentro do quarto. Ela apareceu numa lingerie lilás, salto preto e o tempo parou. Bem, eu parei. Ela estava linda, sensual, matadora. A única luz acesa no quarto apontava pra o seu corpo. Saboreei aquela visão com paciência. Primeiro apreciei seus lindos pés, perfeitamente encaixados no salto alto fino. Subi às suas pernas e me senti convidado por aquelas coxas grossas a um banquete. Mordi o lábio inferior observando o seu sexo, parcialmente exposto por aquela calcinha transparente. Nã... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #3

Jennifer and I are long time lovers from our early start.
I love to tell how I make her my bride and breed our baby.
Jennifer and I are far apart in terms of geography only.
I love to keep Jennifer and our young Jenny very close.

Jennifer loves the idea she is as well my first female friend.
I love to wonder about the wonders of fate at times it counts.
Jennifer loves my love from far, the other side of the ocean.
I love to wonder whether we will ever meet again in Europe?

Jennifer loves to be well organised as an author.
I love her idea to provide a proper link to reader... Continue»
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My jodhpurs fantasy

My first time writing here, so be gentle...

I was out walking my dog in the countryside, and as we cross into a field, I see a woman riding a huge horse towards us.

As she approaches I pop the lead on my dog, and tie him to a post, not wanting to scare the horse. As she gets closer she waves to get my attention, and I start to get hard at the sight of her riding the horse in her tight tan jodhpurs, white blouse, and her long dark hair bouncing as she rides, my mouth goes dry, and my pulse quickens.

She stops along side me, looking down from her mount, sweating from her hard ride. I ... Continue»
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Every guy's got one. I call it the wank bank. A collection of images or visualisations that's the go to place when you're feeling stressed or otherwise need to knock one out.

I like to let the fantasies run wild involving real girls I know in real life, usually girls I know, how I imagine they like to be fucked. Sometimes I'll set a porno running. I'll be the guy and the the girl is replaced by the lady of choice in the fantasy. Always ends with the girl getting a pussy full of hot cum, so if I know the girl likes it when the guy cums inside, or has let a guy come inside before, so much th... Continue»
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Don't you dare cum...

This is a true story. A few years back, before uni - there was this girl I used to fuck semi-regularly and exclusively, although it was more fuck-buddies than anything else. We used to hang out, go to movies, go to McDonalds, and fuck. Being A-level students we both lived with our parents so it was difficult to get privacy, especially as I had f****y almost always at home and shared a room with my b*****r, but she just lived with her mum who worked full time so usually I went to hers when her mum was at work.

Whenever we did it, we always used protection, and then after foreplay had lubed ... Continue»
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Confessions of a Loving Mother

I watched my mother looking through the window.

She was in the kitchen washing the dishes on a weekend morning. She's a lawyer. Her schedule is always hectic. Often times she spends long hours in the office meeting with clients or writing legal briefs. If she had a courtroom appearance, she would spend her nights doing research on the computer and preparing for strenuous oral arguments. She has always been a naturally hard worker with a powerful drive to be successful.

On the rare occasion that she has some free time, she enjoys doing normal things. Usually she enjoys cooking and sharing... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #2

Jennifer loves to come at the end of every spanking session after she had her first ever orgasm with me.
I love to please my little lovely looking lass by slapping her awesome ass and sliding down her sexy slit.
Jennifer loves to learn new lessons of love every day we play together ending with her bending over my lap.
I love to tease the virgin to take each a day a new step along the long lane of learning love of for couples.

Jennifer is my first female friend from our teen times together. We are neighbours. We play many games.
I am a few years older, but she looks a lot younger ... Continue»
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69 with a bully

Just a made up story of a picture from the other way around....

James was your average teenager, okay grades, small group of friends, quite and not one to get in trouble.
One day on his normal journey home, where he has his own secret path through the woods, in his only little world, dreaming of time flying through the skys... Theres a crack of a stick and rustle of leaves, but still he carrys on, oblivious to what is about to happen to him!

Suddenly he is snap back to reality, with a sense that he is not alone. "Rob, is that you?" he calls out, thinking one of his friends is just messi... Continue»
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Tailgate Lunch

A slight breeze drifts through the bedroom window causing the blue gingham curtains to sway and patches of early morning sunlight to dance across the face of the woman sl**ping soundly in the bed. A smile plays upon her face as she stretches and yawns, blinking her eyes against the sunlight. She turns on her side and pulls the pillow from the other side of the bed close to her, inhaling the scent left
there. Another soft smile plays upon her face as she recalls the night before, letting the sweet memories play again in her mind. The deep kisses where his tongue danced wildly with hers, the s... Continue»
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Help s****r In Law

My wife called me from her work. She said that she was talking and emailing her s****r. During their conversation, my s****r in law asked her s****r if she thought that her husband could help her out around the house with some projects. I wasn't really thrilled that my wife would volunteer my services. I have been retired for a couple of years, and my s****r in law's husband passed away about five years ago. Since he passed away, there were a bunch of things that needed to be taken care of.

I have to tell you that my s****r in law is not a bad looking lady. She is about four years older tha... Continue»
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Holiday spying and taking advantage

I went on holiday years ago with a girl I lived with at university, she was going out with a mate of mine and I was going out with a mate of hers so no risk of anything happening. After an OK flight the transfer seemed to go on forever in the old taxi on 3rd world roads. Needless to say we were relieved to finally arrive at the hotel until checking in to find they had lost our booking and were fully occupied. After much discussion, showing e- mails and general frustration we were upgraded to the honeymoon suite on the roof.

This sounded incredible, but the hotel was pretty basic and... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #1

Jennifer is my first female friend from our teen times together. We are neighbours. We play many games.
I am a few years older, but she looks a lot younger than her age. Petite, pretty and slim. Almost flat-chested.
Jennifer loves to play hide and seek. She proposes some price to pay, every time I'll catch her in her hiding.
I am all the time fond of her bell bottom. I secretly day-dream about spanking her ass, as I know it's a turn-on!

Jennifer accepts my proposal. We will takes turns as spanker and spankee, depending who catches whom.
I don't know why, but I am sure I will wi... Continue»
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My First Mutual Jerk-off (with more to come)

Hello all, hope you enjoy my first time writing here. This story and all stories to come will be entirely true, except for the names obviously. Please post your comments so I know how I did.
Rude immature people need not bother!

This was to be the last summer that my friend Steve and I were going to have. We grew up together just a couple houses apart. We lived out near the edge of town at the time and open fields and woods weren’t that far away, an easy bike ride. His dad was getting a job transfer and they were planning on moving by end of summer so Steve could start on time at the ne... Continue»
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Waking Up: Taylor Swift

Disclaimer: This story is fictional. None of this has happened or ever will happen.


I had no idea what had just happened to me. I had just woke up after a long day at school and at work. My head was pounding like a drum. I felt weird as I tried to get up and out of bed. I almost fell over a couple times. I don't know why I was losing my balance, it just felt like there was something holding me down. I was still very sl**py so my eyes weren't completely open, at least... Continue»
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Waking Up: Emma Stone

"How the hell could you have sex with my best friend while in my body Danny?" Taylor yelled at me through the phone.

"I'm sorry. I had a little too much to drink and Selena can be very persuasive," I tried to explain to a raging Taylor Swift.

"That is true, but didn't you think about how wrong it was to fuck someone while in someone else's body?" Taylor asked.

"I'm not going to lie, it came up but the Selena did this thing with her tongue," Dan said before Taylo... Continue»
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Superb Chance Meeting , in The car park Toilets

It was early Sunday Morning , when I had decided to go for a drive into the Lakes , typically soon after setting off I needed the toilets , as luck would have it there was a small village with a car park and toilets not too far off , so quickly stopping I went in , surprisingly as it was quite early there was someone stood at the urinals , I quickly unzipped and relieved my acing bladder , as I peed for quite a long time , I sensed the other person was not actually peeing but just stood there , I glanced around and saw his arm gently moving , HELLO , we have a wanker !!

I finished and made ... Continue»
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Halloween Four, 24/10/2016: Abergale’s Party

Halloween Four, 24/10/2016: Abergale’s Party

Pulling up into her driveway Abergale got out of her car and noticing that something had been left for her in the mail box. Opening it she took out a single unstamped envelope addressed to her and shoved the envelope unread into her jean pocket. Walking into her kitchen she threw her bag in the corner and opened the envelope she was dumbfounded to find a party invitation that Rosa had promised her when they met in the car park the day before. Abergale re-read the invitation several timed turning it over in her hand shaking her head in disbeli... Continue»
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We cleaned up after being on the beach until almost 6 o'clock. The twins were getting hungry so I packed up the stuff and we went to the hotel. I told them to meet me in 20 minutes and we would get something to eat. A was sitting in bed. He had showered and looked a little better but he had all the lights off, watching TV. You okay buddy? I asked him. Getting there, he said. Where's Sophia, I asked? She stopped by, he said, we're gonnna grab something to eat later. Both of the twins gave me a hanjob at the beach and I got to rub lotion all over them and play with their nipples. "Stop... Continue»
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Morning of day 2, the sun coming in through the blinds. My head hurt and I knew I had overdone it. My friend, A, was sitting on his side of the bed, head in his hands. I asked how were things with Sophia? At first I was pissed at him for taking the hot girl we brought with us and leaving me with the twins. He just shook his head and waved at me to be quiet.

I said fine, be the guy who doesn't kiss and tell. He held up a totally empty, big-ass bottle of Jack Daniels and said wish I could remember.

I started telling him about my night. He kept saying "not so loud my head hurts." ... Continue»
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The Game

I had transferred to a major university after receiving my two year degree from a very two year college. Basically if you showed up to class you were guaranteed a 3.0. I knew I had to be smart with my limited funds and knew finding a room to rent would be my cheapest option. A month before classes began, I drove into town and spent the day looking at rooms. Soon I discovered, my pickings were slim. I couldn't find one that didn't have at least a major problem with it. A few were too smokey, one had way too many cats, creepy owners, one even wanted me to share a room with their son. I found mys... Continue»
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