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Horny Indian Housewife Seduce A Boy

My name is Kaveri and am 38 years housewife with a husband and a son. At this age , I am not as beautiful as I was in my twenties however my friends say that I’m in great shape. A bit of voluptuous too.

As my husband will on travel most of the days I feel bored at home, so I decided to take up a teaching profession to put my time into useful things. I got permission from my husband and I gave interviews. After about 2 months I got the job at my native place of Chennai itself. However for completing the joining formalities I
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Her Younger Son’s Hand All Over Me

After my divorce, a couple of months ago, I took to meditation and yoga. All I wanted during that time was peace and meditation helped me a lot. Getting divorced at the age of 33 is never easy. Especially if you are married to the love of your life just a year ago.

We had our share of differences and felt it would be best if parted ways. I was really thankful that we never had the time for k**s or else I couldn’t imagine how I would manage being a single parent.
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My New Fuck Doll

Mom loved her half-s****r, Doreen, very much. She hadn't seen her in ages.

That didn't stop mom from calling her and keeping tabs on her. Aunt Doreen was a

lot older than mom. One day, mom went to a garage sale. She saw a

beautiful big baby doll that she thought Aunt Doreen would love. She bought it,

and brought it back to the house. She showed it to me, and said she was

going to send it to Doreen. Mom didn't know that i had a sexual fetish with

dolls. That doll was calling me, to take it to bed! I knew it was a heavy

vinyl doll, and those were the best ki... Continue»
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8 Accidental Orgasms, a Girls orgasmic Journey

I started experiencing them from a very young age. I never knew what these wonderful feeling were, and sometimes I would tell my mother, in all my innocence, and sometimes my father, who of course encouraged me to have more.

Female orgasms. There I have said it, the thing that makes girls want to interact and have fun, with men and women, but mostly, with yourself.

Over the years as I grew up, I have experienced them at the oddest of times, whenever my crotch came under some sort of physical stress, I would explode, 'You have a hyper sensitive clitoris', someone once told me, even when t... Continue»
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Me and my Mother-in-Law

Linda and I use to live in a mobile home near her parents mobile home. We live almost next door to each other. Linda works on the weekends and I have the weekends off, so on my days off I usually sit watch tv naked. One day my mother-in-law came over, I had to get my robe on to answer the door. She came in and we talked for a bit, I went and sat down on the couch and I sometime sit indian style. My mother-in-law Tammy was standing, and she kept starring at me, I didn’t realized she could see my penis and balls. It wasn’t hard, I wasn’t thinking about sex or anything, but I think she wanted som... Continue»
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A true course of events from Sat 13th Aug 2016...

Earlier last week one of my husbands friends had asked me to suck his cock on Saturday night...having had a good few sessions with him and his wife over the years I was up for a threesome or foursome but, I remembered last time I was going to cane him and he had made excuses as to why I shouldn't.

I phoned his wife and she was up for a dirty night and she agreed with me that he always gets his own way and she would find it a huge turn on to watch him be caned!

Saturday nights comes and we have a few drinks etc and those two went up to the spare room, she cuffed him face down on the bed, ... Continue»
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I always have a debate within myself when I see a guy with his fly open. Should I tell him or not. You never know what their reaction will be.

If the guy looks mean or is unkempt or dressed like a bum, I will not say anything.

If a guy looks friendly, I usually take my chances and tell him.

Their normal reaction is one of embarrassment and usually they say, "Oops," or "Thanks," and turn away and pull up their zipper as discretely as possible.

One error in judgement on my part, left me vowing to never tell another guy.

It was in Wal*Mart, a very busy place and this guy got a... Continue»
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Geetha’s Tailor : An Exotic Fun

Hi, this is geetha sharing with you an experience at the tailor’s. Once yashwant had an invitation to attend an important congregation of commercial photographers. He wanted me to look at my absolute best on that evening which was a week away. Now, I look tempting for a 28 yr old. I am 5 ft 7”, 36c 30 38 and fair. He wanted me to dress up for the occasion. So, I reached my friend deepa for suggestions. She mentioned about the shailesh tailors. She said that the place was *popular* among women and strongly advised me to try it. ... Continue»
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The Waitress ( part 2 )

As the week’s followed me and the Waitress became close. A lust driven steamy affair began to take shape in the work place. It was a busy Saturday afternoon the Restaurant was flowing nicely. I was over staffed on purpose. As soon as she came walking up those stairs she'd give me the all familiar wink.. She was young and very attractive even in her tight black uniform you could see her curves and hour glass figure oozing out of those tight black leggings and black v neck t-shirt. She had small tits but they were firm and ripe. A flat stomach and a booty you could bury your face in for days o... Continue»
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My first time sex with neighbour

This beautiful memory I am going to share with you all is about me and my beautiful naughty neighbour Meena. She was around 35 years old and me 22 years old when we first made love. Meena was a mother of 3 k**s and had beautiful glowing skin naughty smile long black hair till her waist round big ass with 34 bra size. We were like any other normal neighbors you have in your area. Meena and her k**s use to frequently pop in and out of my house so did we as in my f****y.

I always had a crush on her and always dreamed to get her in bed with me at least once but never got a chance or would say... Continue»
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The Voyeur & Me (Part 1)

The Voyeur & Me (Part 1)

It was one of those gorgeous warm sunny days, the kind where the sun’s warmth permeates through your body making you feel happier, healthier and more sexy.

I walked out into the back garden with my bottle of suncream and a glass of sparkling water; the bikini I had chosen barely covered me.

Next door, the neighbours had some friends over for a barbecue; they were laughing and drinking, enjoying the sunshine and were obviously not the least bit interested in what I was doing. Besides, the fence was high enough that they couldn’t see over.

Placing the suncre... Continue»
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What a day .....

It had been a long day and luckily it was a friday, we'd had in 3 depo's and the floor was tight,
it was a humid day and all staff (bar me) were all on lunch, deliveries and customer service were
taking over, all i could think was .... roll on 5 o'clock, i had planned with a few friends to meet
up and watch a movie at home - as their parents were away for the weekend.

It all started off when i was going on my break and i was caught with a customer and wow! i was mesmorised
by her appearance ... she was 5'7" taller female, Thin but toned, around 120 pounds. Small A cup perky brea... Continue»
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CUM DIARIES: First time fuck in her Bedroom

So she was a little on the young side. Normally speaking I wouldn’t be caught dead in someone else’s house. In the hall a collection of the large extended f****y in silver frames, some deceased. I kept telling myself to turn back. Wouldn’t she prefer to fuck in my car? I would have preferred going at it in the toilets where we met. But this piece of work had some things in store. The road of St.Lucia had an Audi parked but she assured me that the whole road was currently as some beach side Kamra.
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Wife jerks off stranger at nude beach

This is a true story that happened to my wife and me while visiting a local nude beach for the very first time. My wife and I love our sex life and we are voyeurs in our own right. We have been married for past 34 years and have talked in length about going to a nude beach for some time now, so we finally decided to take that plunge. My wife is 56 years young and she still keeps up her very nice figure. She stands 5’2” tall with brown curly highlighted shoulder length hair with size D breast. Her areolas are the size of silver dollars, keeping her pussy shaved throughout the year.
Over th... Continue»
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Missy in the woofs


I walked across the field, the sun starting to set, following
a thin, foot-worn path toward the sunset. There was a tight
grove of trees where I had been told to meet my friend Dave.
Dave had been my friend since I was 8 . We had grown up together.
The two of us had an intimate relationship, but nothing
steady. Basically, if I felt horny, and wasn't going
out with anyone, and Dave was between relationships, we
would meet up, and have fun. This was such a time. However,
this time, Dave told me he wanted to try something different.
He promised me that I wo... Continue»
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Онанизм Парк Подглядывание Молодой

привет, я дрочу примерно с тех же лет, все началось как игрушка, потом где-то в 8 классе, на это мне было лет прогуливал уроки, а прогуливают их всегда там где меньше народу, зашел я в лесопарк и начал там ходить, вдруг из за дерева выглядит мужик без штанов и с велечезним, как мне тогда показалось, членом я тогда очень сильно испугался хотя он не менее, сам знаешь перед несовершеннолетними лучше не дрочить, так вот я бросаю свой школьный портфель и начинаю бежать он за мной кричит чтобы я остановился, что он мне ничего плохого не сделает, но я его не слушал вплоть пока не спот... Continue»
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My first experience with mature woman

Few years ago i had an unique experience which changed my life entirely.I was 19 years old and i was working in local coffe shop to get some money for the summer break of my collage, after really hard day at work i got into the bus at nearby station thinking only about getting home watching some porn and going to bed.Bus was almost empty and i sat near a mature woman in her mid fifthies, she had straigth blonde hair, big tits and nice legs, i was looking at her and tought how i would like to fuck her.She was wearing tight t-shirt with open v neck which was showing her clevage, and tight spande... Continue»
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our first meeting!

hello dear friends!

My name is Kwstas and i am 35 yo,
today i would like to tell you how I met my friend Val.

I am a gynecologist so as you can imagine pussy is not a rare site for me :) , but when it comes to meet a woman in my personal life I was always shy,

one day i try one of the chat rooms and i find Val, she is a 21 yo female from ukrain, she was in greece so i starting to chat with her, she send me some photos of her and even if she was a bit chubby , her gorgeous big natural tits made me so horny that i would like to meet her!

we speak on the phone and we meet for a cof... Continue»
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DEEPA My Hot alone Neighbor Aunty

Coming to the story about my neighbor aunt, her name is DEEPA. She has a well shaped body of size 36b-34-36. Every one would wish to have her. She looks like south Indian actress Asin. She is newly married and have no k**s. Her husband goes out of station very often leaving all alone in home.

A month passed by, and she became close to my mom as all ladies are addict to serials. I used to talk with her but wasn’t close enough. I used to see her assets very often as she sent most of her time in my home.

Days passed on and
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Amazing Sexperience With My Married Cousin

She had perfect round and firm boobs and a big juicy ass. Before her marriage two years ago, she used to live with us. But after marriage she shifted her house.

I always had a fantasy to fuck her ever since I first saw her naked while she was bathing. But my fantasy could never be fulfilled. Until one day, I finally got into bed with her and ripped her apart.

Her husband had to attend some conference in the United States. So she asked my parents if I could stay over at her house. Since even I was having a vacation then, I
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