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My First doll

   Ever since the first burst of hormones in my life, the one that turn an innocent boy into a horny teen, I've always had an affiliation with dolls, I don't remember what started it but I do remember stealing dolls from my s****r's room every so often. I never did anything too bad with them, I would get them undressed them and then panic and run them back to their room as I imagined the things I would do with the dolls.
   I remember when I bought my first doll. When I first laid my eyes on her, I was 18. I managed to sc**** up enough money to buy one working at Long John Silver's and was ex... Continue»
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First XXX Theater Experience

Jimmy and I had been friends for quite a while and it wasn't a huge surprise when we agreed to room together at an upcoming trade show. We drove together to the show a few days early to get the booth set up and get our bearings in the city. I think our wives were about as excited as we were to have some time to themselves. It felt a bit weird as we drove off, almost as if we were going on vacation alone as opposed to a business trip.

Once we got into the city, we checked out the convention center to make sure all our supplies had arrived. We then headed over to the hotel to see if we could... Continue»
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Blonde Rachel in London

I was delighted with the job offer in London. And the more I thought of it the better it seemed. I’d visited a number of times there as a young man and spent six months as an intern when I finished university. I knew the city well and had many great memories. I work as a software contractor and do stints for several months or years at a time. I don’t really need to work as my father left me fairly well off even though he didn’t let me know until I was thirty. I can do whatever I like within reason but have no taste for ostentatious life styles or need to associate with so called high status fo... Continue»
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Semen tastes, smell, and extracting it from men.

I stood as the escalator rumbled upwards. I could feel the ripple of cogs meshing, vibrate up my legs, as the plate on which I stood being carried upwards, indicated it might break down soon, otherwise I might actually experience an orgasm, as I clenched my pelvic muscles to match those delicate tremors vibrating my thighs, into a mechanical and human resonance.

I arrived and alighted, making my way to the toilet, where I found my woollen stockings, smeared with warm semen, I had been attacked and successfully 'Painted', with the latest internet craze.

I felt anger at first, but then smi... Continue»
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Rose [2]

Rose is about eighteen. On top she still is my pupil. Though I love her I do need to keep professional distance.
I am as mad about her as she about me, but I have double her amount of reasons for it. I lead her: four to two.
Rose and I have fourfold relation and not five yet because by law I strictly need to keep my hot hands at home.
I am her favourite teacher of languages and also a friend for long walks when I her show birds by my binoculars.

Rose lives right behind my temporary room at he attic of a friend, from where I can see her bedroom window.
I know she does not know. Nor
... Continue»
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Vendor and Apartment Manager

Today was like any other day for Jonathan. He woke up and got ready for work, a few apartments on the schedule to clean and have turned over for new tenants. As he walks into the office he notices Theresa, the apartment manager. She is looking beautiful as always, nice coke bottle figure and large breast. A little on the chubby side but only where it matters. Jonathan chit chats with Theresa about business stuff and is going over the apartments for that day. Theresa mentions to Jonathan she needs some carpet repaired in her apartment, the cat scratched a hole in the living room carpet. Jonatha... Continue»
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BBC New World Order - Domination

Black men are superior to white men in many ways, especially in the "sex department." They can turn white men into pussies (literally) by taking the white boys ass just as he would any other female. He does this not for sexual pleasure. He does this to demonstrate that he is the Alpha Male. If he can make the white boy submit, so too will his white girlfriend,. furthering our humiliation. The black superior male dominates by dominating our white girlfriends sexually, sometimes right in front of us and we cant do a damn thing to stop their domination of our girlfriends/wives. No real ***... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #7

Jennifer offers us some more to me at her page which mean a lot to me in all respects here in my longing lines.
I will include all at the start of this third intermediate installment before returning to the theme of my main storyline.
Jennifer offers all of us to watch a tight tiny titted teen looking too young do be impaled and impregnated by dad.
I will include the exciting exchanges of our comments at it, as well as all links of interest to rest at my best by that..

Jennifer's stories do not do always get loads of likes as she deserves.
I guess it is because some readers rat... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #6

Jennifer sends suddenly no more message to me, only some secret signals I try to figure out from my friend.
I feel she tries to talk to me without words for some strange reasons. She does not explain me why for a full day.
Jennifer sends some signals as interesting as intriguing, so I include links to those which taught and told me most.
I feel she tries to talk to me and deserves this story in our series, as the preceding one, an interlude before main.

Jennifer is my muse, be it as a bride, sexy sweet seductive tantalizing tasty teen, or simply submissive spankee
I love to fulfill h
... Continue»
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unaware wife

Ever been d***k and perved on sl**ping wife?? Well thats what i did but with an added ingredient, my work colleague too!! I had been out on a works party and a colleague had travelled a long way and hadnt managed to book a hotel so i said he could crash at mine. Very late and d***k we got home and my wife was fast asl**p on sofa. I hadnt told her he was sl**ping because i was so d***k. She had fell asl**p with tv on waitin for me to come home. She had her dressing gown on all wrapped up. We were as quiet as we could be. We stood in kitchen having a drink when we heard her moving around. I chec... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #5

Jennifer suddenly is silent for a few days after weeks of writing daily messages back to me.
I wonder why my best bride ever changes her behaviour. Why so shortly before their trip to me?
Jennifer suddenly changing our plan is not possible. She really wants to show her dear doddie.
I wonder whether my time table will work: Jenny's 18th bithday celebration and next her initiation?

Jennifer and I love to make each other horny, hot and happy.
I know she re-reads my sexiest stories to make herself come.
Jennifer and I love our relation, despite the difficult situation.
I know she... Continue»
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An Unintentional Fisting

During the last weekend I ended up being busy, which I hadn't planned since that was suppose to be a weekend of anal bliss for me. I had finally ordered two new dildos and I was rearing to take them for a spin. Monday came and the day dragged on while all I could think about were the two black dildos at home in my drawer, one 11" long, 2" wide, and the other 9" long and 3.5" wide, with a suction cup to ride it anywhere I wanted.

As Monday night was coming to a close I checked Facebook and found out I had no classes in College the next day. "No way...." I muttered under my breath in disbelie... Continue»
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Rose [1]

Rose and I have a four-fold relation, although she only knows two them: her teacher in English and in birding.
I know I am her favorite by far. She loves language, my lessons and me. Loves to come along watching birds.
Rose knows not I live right behind her. Just around the corner. And I am the only one who can watch her window.
I know she thinks I live in Amsterdam, as my official address is indeed there. In practise only during weekends.
Rose has hardly any idea about the fourth form of our intimate contact: I noticed her stories here. I knew whose.
I know that the matter is delicate
... Continue»
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my wife and The BIG Dildo

Some time ago I purchased a new dildo for Kelly. when it comes to sex toys for my wife, I have a simple rule – the bigger, the better. In this case, not only did I choose a tremendously large toy, but I also went with a cyberskin model that she had to admit "felt extremely realistic". The truth about this toy is that it's actually too big for her pussy to accommodate entirely, yet. But she still has had some incredible, earth shaking orgasms on it!

Now, contrary to wishful thinking of both myself as well as some of my readers, we are not raving sex fiends. The acquisition of a new dildo in ... Continue»
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Juicy Jennifers first friend #4

Jennifer is my muse in our most memorable series of stories so far about our long lasting love from far.
I love to tell explicity every erotic delicate detail but by abiding rules on taboo subjects I might seem vague.
Jennifer and I have offspring from our first ever erotic encounter when she was only eighteen and a virgin.
I love to keep close contact day by day since the time we live on other continents and time zones far apart.

Jennifer is immensely into pleasure from pain since the first time I spanked her beautiful bell bottom burning.
I love to get a good look at the result so
... Continue»
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Hard horny and in need of sex. Three things to leave the house with and mind made up that I needed some relief.
Went to a couple of places where things have been known to happen but no joy. Last on the list proved to be good. A few cars parked and one or two empty which meant others must be about.
Parked and walked into the trees and as I climbed the embankment up higher into the trees I saw a car door open and someone follow. Excellent and now to be found. No more than a few yards further on came across some fool on a mountain bike. Either a challenging ride or the most unusual way of look... Continue»
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Moms UPS Delivery

I was a freshman in high school. I lived alone with my very sexy and extremely slutty mother who had been divorced since I was 3. Mom worked for a local law office, so she always dressed the part, business suits with short skirts, pantyhose ( vintage seamed or RHT nylon stockings on Fridays, which is another story in itself). My mom is the classic foot tease, always dangling her stiletto ( 5" minimum heel hight) and giving those men around her big hard ons to deal with.
This story took place on a Friday. I noticed my mom dressed in dark tan seamed nylons and 5" stilettos in the morn... Continue»
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COACH LAURIE (Femdom, CFNM, etc)

Shrieks of feminine laughter and excitement emanated from the girl's locker rooms as the six male pledges ran through them wearing only their jockstraps and a mask covering their faces.

Nick (wearing a classic Nixon mask) was trailing behind the other pledges and, being self-conscious about his nudity (especially with his obvious speedo tan lines – he was on the swim team), just wanted this day to be over.

No such luck.

Looking back to make sure no one was chasing him, Nick turned and was face to face (or rather face-to-breasts) with Coach Laurie.

Coach Laurie was an imposing figur... Continue»
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LORNA and GRACE. Part 7
« What are you doing for Thanksgiving ? », asked Lorna, getting her desert out of her lunch bag.
“Oh…I have to go East to visit f****y”, replied Grace who was improving at lying.
“I thought your f****y was in Canada”, asked Lorna a little suspicious
“Some of the f****y immigrated to the US a long time ago”, replied Grace in a tone of voice which showed she didn’t care to pursue this topic any further.
“The Market is closed so maybe I’ll see what Alice and Janice are doing”, said Lorna maliciously hoping this would get Grace jealous.
“I’m sure you’ll find someth... Continue»
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2nd Jerk Session

Hello all, and thanks for reading. This is a continuation of my first true story, “1st Mutual Jerk”. It is a bit longer than the first, but that is because I wanted to try to capture everything.
Again, respectful comments are appreciated.

As I lay in bed that night I couldn’t help but think back to what had happened earlier that day, to Steve & I jerking off to the porno mag. In just moments I was hard and started stroking myself as I re-lived it again. I kept thinking about how much I enjoyed watching Steve stroke his cock, how comfortable with himself he was in front of me. How I th... Continue»
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