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In the mid 60's, I was driving to my next job about 600 miles away.
I needed to take a leak and stopped at the first available opportunity.
It was a truck stop and in the men's washroom, I saw that it did not have
individual urinals. It had a long trough that could handle about 6 pissers.
I stood at one end of the trough and started pissing. Soon another guy
came in and stood right beside me.
He says "Hi, how's it going?"
I replied "Good, how are you?"
"I'm good too."
He had hauled out his cock and balls over the top of his sweats and I
could see he had a normal sized cut cock but ... Continue»
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Husband tied and teased

So one day my wife decided it's time to get even with me. The night before everything happens my wife cooks a special dinner. Both of our k**s are off to camp for a week. She cooks great food and great deserts. So we sit and eat and she says to me,
"I made some chocolate chip cookies" ,of course she knows those are my favorite. She added some extra ingredient into the dough. I finish my dinner and couldn't wait for those cookies. So she picks up everything at the dinner table and brings me two large cookies and they taste awesome. After about an hour I was feeling so sl**py and could not keep... Continue»
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My First Lesbian Threesome Expereince

This is a story of my first lesbian threesome experience. Me once went to my cousin home and my cousin name is Kausalya, she looks beautiful, boys or men will scan her whole body wen she goes out..Such a structure.. I am pretty ok only not that beautiful. Actually previously we were good friends and after seeing her in saree I have gone mad about her.. So after that incident I used to hug her all the time.

I used to hold her very tight during the hug initially she was k but after some time told me its paining when you hug…
... Continue»
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Dani - Home Alone

Dani is a young asian college student in her early 20's. She lives with her parents and shares a room with her s****r. Dani loves to masturbate but it's hard for her to play with herself because her s****r is in the same room as her so she usually does it in the washroom or sneak it under her covers. Dani is rather average in height and skinny, she's a 34C. This week she was alone for the entire week because her parents were going on vacation and her s****r was going on vacation with her boyfriend for the week. Dani took the opportunity to live out her fantasies.

After she knew that everyo... Continue»
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Not again, I kept thinking I have lost a pair of panties, but where?

I was doing some laundry this morning and I could swear I had worn my Cosabella lace thong last Friday, and I cant find it anywhere. It is not the first time I have lost or misplaced my undies this past year. I am not that careless,

Since I moved to this building I have notice that. I have not had a panty raid since college, back then you expected that, but no now.

Anyhow, I have a feeling the last tenant did have a copy and that scares me, but I dont think so, I bet is the super, he does have everyones keys. ... Continue»
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Last night at the club-story is a little bit long

It was fairly late and there was about 6 people in the club, mostly single guys. I saw a latino couple come in and she had long, black hair and although she was wearing slacks, she still looked fuckable. I was sitting against the wall, looking through a small window into the couples room, and I knew they could see me stroking my big cock as they walked by the counter that separates the back room from the main room. I pretended not to see them as they passed, but out of the corner of my eye, I know that they saw me. I heard them whispering and glanced over at them. They were both looking right ... Continue»
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Mi historia

Hola, ya pasaron muchos años y quizas por eso me llego la hora de contar mi historia, una parte de la historia personal que todos guardamos escondida y que solo nuestra memoria sabe de ella.
Recuerdo mi primer experiencia sexual, si es que asi se puede llamar. Tenia 18 años y los domingos me acercba a la cancha de futbol que existia en mi barrio, el mismo esta alejado de la ciudad y en su entorno existian muy pocas edificaciones ya que todavia habia muchas quintas o pequeñas chacras, recien comenzaban los fraccionamientos.
Como siempre fui solitario me quedaba al costado de la cancha y rara ... Continue»
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A dream I had about my wife being fucked by anothe

Okay so the dream. I was in my car driving home when I got a text from my wife. "Where are you?", It read. I responded with "On my way. Are you okay?" She answered back with a picture message that showed a point of view shot of another man's head buried between my wife's legs eating her pussy and a caption of "you'd better hurry if you want to see this ;-)" My cock stirred in my pants as I rushed home realizing that one of my fantasies was coming true. My phone went off again, I glanced at it, it just read "you're missing out ;-)" I pulled into the driveway and went around the back of our hous... Continue»
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First encounter......early 80's

I was on my home from visiting an old school friend but had missed my bus so started walking from Dalkeith near Edinburgh, it was a 10 mile journey but had done it many times, only not at this time of the day, evening turning a wee bit dark. I was ambling along a quiet road, not really noticing much but I noticed a car had pulled in at the side of the road ahead, I didn't pay much attention to it as such but glanced in the window as I passed and couldn't help but noticed the porn mag spread out and the guy leaning over it, I thought nothing more until the same care slid by slowly a few minute... Continue»
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Party of Fantasies Part One

Giving herself another glance in the mirror Sierra was shocked by the sadness she saw in her eyes.
She truly wasn't in the mood to go to yet another one of Cassie's Home Parties but she had promised her
friend and Sierra always kept her promises.

Grabbing her keys and purse off the entryway table she vowed she would have a good time no matter what
her problems at home were. After all Cassie was studying to become a world renown chef so the food, at least,
would be good..

As Sierra pulled into the circular drive of her friend's home she noticed several cars in the drive already,
mo... Continue»
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Reward for my help?

I had been back to Dave's a few times since our last encounter, but as a friendly neighbour, not as a cum buddy. I enjoyed his company as much as his cock, so it was no big deal if nothing transpired from my visits.

A couple of weeks ago, during one of the hottest periods we had experienced in decades, Dave had asked for my help laying a few new paving slabs in the garden, to which I obliged. When we finished up, Dave said he had a few cold beers in the fridge to open, but I wanted to get a shower at my place across the road first. Dave said to let myself in by the side gate when I returned... Continue»
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my introduction to plastic pants

well heres my first story . it is about how i got into wearing plastic pants . forgive me if this isnt writen very well for i am not a pro at this sort of thing
well back in the mid 80's i was in my twenties and used to work at a place in vancouver british columbia called the garden spa . it was a mens gay bath house . believe me i have seen many different things come in and out of this place during my time working there but one stood out for me one night . after about four hours into my shift when things had slowed down . i was doing my usual duties of washing towels and folding them and ... Continue»
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First story

To start off I am not good at typing or using . ? ! and so on
so I am sorry if it looks like a lot of run sentences
as well I have never done this before
So now to get on with it hope you enjoy and send feed back

He sits on the edge of the bed as
he watches his wife undress
out the corner of his eye. She
didn't know he is even watched
or even looked at her in that way
any more.. He sits there old
thoughts of how his wife use to
make love every night but,

as time went on they moved apart
.He seen her pink lace boy shorts
slide down her tone slender calf mu... Continue»
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Lui, Lei & L'Amico Vergine

La luce dello schermo bastava ad illuminare la situazione. Aveva tra le mani il suo pisello eretto e si stava masturbando lentamente, se non fosse per la luce che emanava il monitor del PC portatile, non mi sarei accorto di nulla. Riccardo si stava segando nel silenzio più assoluto e fatta eccezione per il suo respiro affannoso ed un leggero rumore provocato dalla sua mano, che impugnando il suo uccello sbatteva sulle sue palle ogni volta che finiva la corsa lungo l'asta, si poteva dire che in quella stanza non stava accadendo niente degno di attenzione. Così, dopo essere stato in bagno per un... Continue»
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A sl**pover

I always could remember that time I was over my
friend Ben’s house his mom would be home. She was a
petite woman, about 5’2 in height. She had a pretty
figure for a 30 year old woman. Her
breasts were nice, about 36c from my guess. They were
firm and always swayed when she walked. She had a slim
waist, it wasn’t super model thin but… it curved, in a
very hypnotic way. She had thick thighs and an ass to
die for. Her skin was lightly tanned and looked smooth
and soft to the touch. She had a mass of curly reddish-
brown hair that was always pulled back away from her
delicate ... Continue»
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Olsodin & Rosalinde - Part 1

It is late. 3 a.m in fact. Olsodin looks around from the stool he is sat upon, next to the counter. Wayfarer's Rest is still pretty lively for the hour, but nothing compaired to how it would been just five hours prior. The barkeep, as usually, sneaked away from his duties long ago. Behind him, across the room, Olso can see a troll woman and a tauren man holding their eyes locked into one-another, both shining, by love. He grows a small smile, and let his gaze go towards the tables. There he sees all kinds of people siting, from all kind of races of the Horde. A few sober, and alot of them not.... Continue»
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Mari's treat (2)

Part I :

Part II : Hors-d’oeuvre

When she came back to the resort, she went straight up to her room. She quickly discovered that someone had left a large purple present package on her bed. It could have been frightening but as soon as she read the gift card attached she understood: “I know you saw… I know you are not insensitive…”. And below was written a room number. She opened the box with her heart beating wildly. It was a beautiful lace nightie, delicate and fiercely suggestive. Mari quickly closed the box, totally disoriented. It... Continue»
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First trip to a sex cinema

Before I came out to the greater world my need of cock was satisfied by going to sex cinemas. It was an easy answer to a difficlut question, how or where can i see and touch cocks. In my early 20s I used to spend a fair amount of time in Germany, just short break holidays here and there. I had noticed that almost every town in the then West had some kind of "Sex KinO" in the town, larger cities having a good choice.
Since I was not confident about going into any gay sex cinemas I used to go to the ones for st8s. My first time was when i was about 23 I was in a town that to or three sex kino .... Continue»
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My Camping Trip

I went camping with my aunt, uncle and cousin. My Aunt Dawn, in her 40’s so is my Uncle Sal, my cousin Jackie was around my age, a year younger than me. They had a small pop up camper that had three beds. Two of them was a full size and the third a twin. I had the twin size bed, it was right next to my cousins bed, on the other end was my aunt and uncles bed. We got to camp, no one was really around us, we set up and made a camp fire. Around 11pm everyone went to bed, I have trouble sl**ping at nights, so I was awake, it was dark but not dark enough you can see anything. I could still see.
... Continue»
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Good Times at Hy Vee:p

So, me and my lover had a Taco Tuesday & Margaritas date earlier, before it was rudely interrupted by a douchebag. So we hurried back to my place to have a quickie, which turned into a lengthy (it had been a week since I gave her head and I was still hungry for taco;) ) so we had a good session, missionary to doggy to legs up and back to doggy for my big finish. I had done laundry the day before, but had neglected to place sex towels by the I told her to drain the mess onto my hot watching our sex drip out!:p
Well she had to go and run some errands and deal with so... Continue»
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