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The Sluts' Spring

This text is actually a work in progress. My objective is to be able to collect enough adventures to be able to complete these novels in order to reunited them in a whole book. English isn't my first language so, feel free to bring some corrections or suggestions if ever you feel like it. I would sincerely appreciate some help and feedback.

First things first - Who am I ?

I wanna taste every flavors, I wanna feel every shiver.
Sex is my playground.

We're a quite unconventional couple. I ... Continue»
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Hotel fun

Now I very rarely have to work away from home but last week I had to go to Brighton and stay overnight. My firm had booked me into a well known budget hotel. I arrived early afternoon booked in and put my bag in the room. I went to the arranged meeting and got back to the hotel about 6 o clock. After having something to eat I was in the bar having a couple of drinks. There wer a few couples in the bar along with a group of lads and the usual single guys who like me were probably working away. After an hour or so a guy walked past and we looked and said alright to each other as he went to the b... Continue»
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Steven part 2

I was surprised to get a call from work one afternoon from Steven. It had only been four or five days since that hotel incident. It had taken a few days to recover. He asked how I was and if he could call me at home. I gave him my number. Steven called me late that night. He went on and on how great a time he had with me and wanted to know if I liked it too. I was honest and said the money helped with the pain. Steven listened to me as I went over the things I liked and disliked about the experience. He then asked if I'd be willing to meet one of his friends at the hotel. I really wasn't sure... Continue»
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Executive treatment.

She was a college student working as a chauffeur for an Advertising exec in the big city.

Lightly tanned, blonde, Sandra Dee in the 60's fresh looks w/ a hairstyle to match. Perky smile, tits, and ass as well. All of which looked smart in her driver's uniform: formal looking cap, silky-smooth white blouse and slacks stretched thin over her supple curves.

Her charge was a middle-aged 50-something w/ a trim, athletic build. Salt `n pepper hair, stylish pinstriped suits. Not the President of his firm, but moving in that direction. He was courteous and friendly w/ her; occasionally flirty bu... Continue»
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How my wife rescued our sex life

I met my wife while I was serving in the National Guard. She was the best friend of my best friend’s wife. His wife insisted on setting me up for a date for me with Jen. From that first blind date, I knew I wanted Jen more that anyone I had ever met in my life. I fell in love with her red hair and her green eyes and her fantastic body. Short and petite with just the right size tits and ass. She was a work of perfection. She was so deliciously beautiful. I was under her spell from the very start. I always thought that she was a little overly serious about her Southern Baptist religion, but I co... Continue»
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a f****y friend

Quietly I sneek the old mag that I found tucked away in my fathers sock draw one day ,into the toilet and with a huge hard on begin wanking furiously turning each page and mentaly fucking all the girls that graced each page,at first I didnt notice what the mag was called or what made its contents any different from the usual mags available they were pics I could wank over and had been doing about 4/5times aday since I discovered what wanking was only perhaps a month previously and now I was transfixed my cock was oozing out large amounts of see thru sauce and it was bouncing and twitching as... Continue»
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Piano Lesson

Saturday Morning and it is time for my lesson..............I had decided I needed to expand my horizons and decided to learn how to play the piano.
I have scoured the web and found a very talented lady who also, truth be told, always dressed well and got my cock twitching............
Normal attire for you was skirt, hosiery (stockings or tights to be determined - however either always please), lovely smelling hair, a figure hugging blouse or T-shirt and low heels.
I knocked on the door of your house and there you are, as you open the door, dressed immaculately. You smile and we exchange gre... Continue»
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New in Town

There are certain perks to being a Real Estate Agent in a large city. This was one such occasion. I was contacted by a young couple a few weeks back about houses in good neighborhood. They were in their late 20's, both highly educated with good incomes. The wife, Monica, had accepted a position with a large insurance firm. Her husband, Eric, was an engineer. Eric, traveled often for his work...which left Monica to finding a house. I had only spoken by phone or with emails about possible houses on the market. Monica had found a few houses on our website she was interested in and I had found a f... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation

Growing up in a small town, we lived on a farm, so the only erotic stimulation was from fantasies created in my mind as there was no Internet and I did not have access to any pictures or videos. I remember when I found my older b*****r's magazines hidden in his closet while looking for something else. Imagine the warm sensation I felt and the erection as I started looking through the pages of these beautiful women in their sexy poses. I believe they were a couple of Penthouse and Playboy. Obviously, the pictures were arousing, but I also recall being equally stimulated by the stories. One of ... Continue»
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Saskia's Sweet Seduction #4

Saskia still shivers from coming, while her mind makes loops of all the lust and love, which have happened to her.
She had this perfect plan to seduce me, which turned sour, or sweet? She isn't sure yet, but in fact she surrendered.

Saskia is happy to be his sub and even enjoyed to eat out some woman for the very first time! She wonders whom?
She suddenly feels shy and ashamed, as I remove the blindfold and she looks up, seeing Stella's triumphant smile.

Saskia is completely confused! She had hot hopes of being my girl for long, but never tried, as I had a steady girl.
She g... Continue»
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Hot at the sunny Maspalomas beach

So, it was again time for a trip to the hedonist area at Maspalomas beach. Winter in Europe, but hot as hell in the dunes.

I got up early to shower. Trim my pubics down to clean cut. My dick grow as I was using the razor on my balls. They were full of load. Ready for another day.

The sun were working on my tan. Deep bronze all over body. No strings to be seen. No pale moon areas.
Perfect for getin' closer to the mid age women taking the tan in Maspalomas dunes.

I packed my light bag and went on. Heading for the dunes. I know so well where to cross. Into a land of hedonists. Women dy... Continue»
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Masturbation in the woods

I've done this on and off this since I was a teenager. I started almost as soon as I discovered masturbation. I enjoyed the mixed feelings of pleasure and fear of doing it outside; the idea of it being doubly naughty. Originally I would masturbate when I walked the dogs. I lived in a semi-rural area near woods and open countryside. We also had a local country park and were surrounded by managed forestry so there was plenty of scope. I remember so clearly the first time I did it naked. I'd set off from the house as usual to walk to school but instead went through some woods to the edge of t... Continue»
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Businessman Ken

I'm 25. A short but super cute latino twink looking type. Shaved head, 5'0, 120 lbs, light brown skin, dark brown hair and eyes. I've known all my life that I like dudes. It wasn't until I was 14 that I had my first gay experience. I had just been dismissed from school, I was a freshman, and I had a ton of stupid hw to do. I remember walking to the library to do my hw. God it was so hot that day! When I got to the library I called my over protective mom to let her know that I'd be late coming home. After she had hung up, I quickly went to the back of the library and called the gay hot line I h... Continue»
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A Visit to the Asian Massage Parlor.

I love Asian women. Their delicate features, small tits, hairy pussies, perfect asses, sweet shy personalities, loyalty: everything about them drives me wild. As such, I love going to Asian Massage parlors (“AMP”s). Since my wife died 10 years ago, I have been to hundreds. Not only in my home states of Massachusetts and Florida, but any time I travel to a major city throughout the world. I’ve been rubbed in Sydney, Berlin, Rome, Shanghai, Tokyo, Vegas, Reno, Minneapolis and San Francisco just to name a few. The only time it didn’t pan out was in Salt Lake City. I wonder why? My favorite place ... Continue»
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The locker room conspiracy part 1 (Giving the c

A cute Hispanic cleaning lady who looked about 30 walked in on me once when I was getting out of the gym shower. It was really early and the staff often cleaned before anyone was in the lookers so they don't run into people changing. I'm friends with one of the trainers and he lets me in early when ever he works mornings. I rubbed one out in the shower as I usually do after a good workout, so I was nicely chubbed up but not hard when I got out. She was cleaning the sinks as I got out of the shower. She saw me get out of the shower, I dried off with the curtain open like it was no big deal. Sh... Continue»
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My Tenants under the bed Smelly worn Tights Pantyh

I thought you'd like to here about a bit of luck I had the other day.

I moved in with my ladyfriend as we had bought a house together, so I decided to let my flat out to rent , a nice young couple came to view it and the young lady was very pretty, and was very long legged sporting jean shorts and nice shiny opaque tights and trainers a good look as far as I'm concerned on young ladies she introduced herself as katy.

To be honest I had trouble keeping my eyes off her legs they were gorgeous and so very long, so much so she must have had trouble finding tights long enough in the body to ... Continue»
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My Tenant Goes Out And Leaves Me With Her Undies.

Hi i did something today that i must say i`m a bit ashamed of doing and this is totally true, last time i felt like this was when i stole a pair of my mum`s tights to wear many years before, but i know it doesn`t matter how guilty i feel i`ll still wear katies tights and wank and cum on them, just a shame they were clean and didn`t smell of her lovely young pussy.

The tenant who`s renting my flat Katie who`s in her early 20`s asked me to pop round as there was some of my mail to pick up from when i lived there, she`d been there 3 months and she is the ideal tenant, very polite, very pretty ... Continue»
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Get Blowjob by Ex Girlfriend

This was about my Hmong Ex Girlfriend when we were still dating and this story was back then when she and I was still in High School. I went to different school and she went to a different high school but we are 15 minutes away. I'll explain how did this story goes. It was 2012 when it was almost her homecoming dance my ex-girlfriend and I made a plan that when the dance was about to be done we'll take off and go somewhere private for both of us.When I took her somewhere that there's no one drive there and just only two of us alone. We both were in my car by a park and we both were french kiss... Continue»
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Sniffing panties

I had to run errands for work yesterday afternoon but the company truck was not available. So my boss told me to use his wife's BMW (she is also our accountant). I grabbed the keys from her and drove off, while I was driving I noticed my Boss's wife's gym bag in the backseat she is 54 years old and I know she works out every morning trying to keep her nice firm ass in shape. During my errands I stopped by my house with her gym bag, I went through it and found a black pair of lacy panties, still wet and soiled with some creamy stains on the gusset. I took it to my nose and what a great scent it... Continue»
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Right after graduating highschool, I needed to make some serious money before going off to college. A friend of mine told me about a job at a camp. I was unqualified for the job when I applied but was surprised when I got the call for an interview. I drove out to meet with the manager of the camp. Her name was Karen. She was in her mid 40's, average body, very tan, not great looking, but had very nice legs. I came wearing dress pants, a short sleeve button shirt with a tie, and my best pair of dress shoes....only had one pair. I guess I was overdressed since Karen was wearing a purple T-shirt,... Continue»
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