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Amazing Sexperience With My Married Cousin

She had perfect round and firm boobs and a big juicy ass. Before her marriage two years ago, she used to live with us. But after marriage she shifted her house.

I always had a fantasy to fuck her ever since I first saw her naked while she was bathing. But my fantasy could never be fulfilled. Until one day, I finally got into bed with her and ripped her apart.

Her husband had to attend some conference in the United States. So she asked my parents if I could stay over at her house. Since even I was having a vacation then, I
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Straight boy cums for gay gang

The five of us who ran the local gym were all gay and regular sex partners. We had shared many group sessions where we pretended to capture one of the group and subject him to fucking and torture. One of the fantasies we shared though was to do this for real and to f***e a good looking straight chap into just this position and make him cum for us whether he wants to or not and this is what we did with Simon who was our first straight victim.

Simon is a good looking British white male; not very tall but with a strong lithe body. He's very popular with the ladies being very well endowed as h... Continue»
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A Fat Tuesday to remember

Looking back on it, I never really thought that it was Fat Tuesday until I sipped on my first beer. But as the night progressed, the memories of past trips to Mardi Gras would pale in comparison to what happened to me.

When I arrived at the bar that night, she hardly took notice of me. I was meeting a group of friends, to celebrate a birthday. I noticed she was drinking champagne. Girls get all giggly when they drink champagne. She had called me and told me to come, so I was surprised that she seemed to ignore me when I finally showed up late. Maybe she was mad, I thought to myself.

I sa... Continue»
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Kalee and Katie

Kalee and katie

This story is completely true. All the has been changed is names for confidentiality. Have fun ;).

I got a new job this summer, working at a local park. I'm only a booth person, but I love my job. I myself am short with a fairly average build, and a decent size cock. Since I started working at the park I am at I've been riding my bike to work everyday. 4 miles to and 4 miles from.

Kalee and Katie looking at them and seeing how they interact you would assume they are twins. Kalee is tall, and slender. She has a tight little ass and perky C-cups. Katie is the shorter one... Continue»
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Amazing Gracie (Pt 3 Cont'd)

PART 3 (Continued)

NOTE: First, thank you all for the kind words and feedback I have received. My stories are retellings of actual experiences I have had. As such, I can’t really can’t alter the facts or endings. If you are looking for stories that will follow a certain storyline and conclusion you prefer, I suggest you read any of the fine fiction pieces on this site. Again… Thank you!

This is the continuation of Amazing Gracie 3. While this is a stand-alone story, reading #3 might give you a bit more understanding of what lead up to these events. Hope you enjoy!

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Several times I tried Anal sex

He licked me, playing with my nipples, teasing and stimulating me. He controlled my pleasure in determining the pace and intensity. Heading excited me more and my pussy clenched and dripped with desire. "Show me," he said, "let me see You wet." I pushed to his feet , and he looked at me. I felt exposed and a little embarrassed, but wanted to follow his example. He reached out and took my hands. - No. "Show me," he repeated, putting his hands on my pussy. "Show me how wet you are". He looked me in the face as he said it, but looked at his hands as he led them between my legs and let them go. I ... Continue»
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After, I got married a period of 20 years passed during which I never jerked off. Our married sex life was enjoyable and the need never seemed to arise. However, that all changed one day when we were staying at a motel on a trip to the Rockies. I wasn’t in a very good mood one morning after I had had to listen to the neighbors fucking half the night. My wife was too tired from a long day on the road so she took a sedative and missed hearing all the action next door. So I was tired and horny the next morning. She got up and went for a swim. Our motel room was on the ground floor. I was laying i... Continue»
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my friend wife

I am S***y 5.9 medium built fair, handsome, jolly. I had a friend who was not so close to me but we did met each other in the town’s restaurant for a small drink. Once during our drink session he asked me to come to his house the next week end for dinner but I refused and told him no, let us have dinner at a restaurant and it will be a treat to your f****y from my side and he agreed to it. Any way the next days passed by and on Sunday he called me and reminded of the treat. I told him I will be there on time.

Wow my cock responded immediately after looking at his wife. She was damn sexy I m... Continue»
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bang bang of aussie girl

This is not a story but a real life incident.I'm a dark, young, energetic, good looking male of Indian origin living in Queensland, Australia for the last 1 year and studying at Uni. During weekends, I used to sit with my computer and browse a lot. When I'm finished with my assignments, I used to chat online, particularly with middle aged women who were single mums or dissatisfied married women. I found that women here are very horny but broadminded and open to discussions on any subjects.Once while I was searching for a woman to chat with, I stumbled upon Lisa, an Aussie mum of 3 c***dren. Sh... Continue»
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i am bowled

Hi,Only a few days back did I get a chance to go through the ISS. Immediately I decided to share my experience with ISS readers.I am S***z age 35 working in Dubai for last 8 years. My physique, height 6 ft, weight 80 kg, well built and fair complexion. I wouldn’t waste much of your time and come straight to the point.I came to Dubai in the year 1999 and joined an audit firm. Being an auditor, I was visiting various companies for audit and was interacting with lot of employees especially the accountants. During the final audit of one real estate company I found lot of discrepancies in the accou... Continue»
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damn virginity

All I wanted was a nice, safe, monogamous relationship.Of course in high school I was a simple guy, a bit different from the rest of the people where I grew up. I had a direction and a purpose; where most k**s were interested in going to parties and getting d***k (and maybe a peek if they were lucky), I wanted to study and make something of myself. You know the kind. Poor white trash tryng to make something of himself; the k** in the corner with the glasses held together by tape, calculator in hand. If this were an earlier age, he'd be trying to read the little black numbers off the slip stick... Continue»
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My friend Rob and my wife Fucking

It has been three months since that day I let my friend Rob fuck my wife Linda. I think they been chatting with each other on Skype. Linda be in her room, writing, and I would go to bed and fall asl**p. One night, I woke up to use the bathroom. I walked by Linda’s room, her door was closed. I pee’d and started to head back to the bedroom. I heard Linda talking to someone, I looked at the time, it was like 1:30am. I know it wasn’t any of her f****y, they should be in bed. I heard moaning coming from her room as well. I heard Linda saying, Yeah, fuck me, yeah, fuck me baby. My dick got hard, but... Continue»
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visit to mexico pt V

Terry woke up this morning and, just as she has done so often these past
few weeks, got up and made her way quietly down the hall to Carmen's room.
After a quiet knock she entered the room where Carmen was already awake and
waiting for her. Terry thought little about her new routine, but instead
was lost again in her lust as she nursed from Carmen's full breasts until
both women were satiated. Afterwards Terry went back to her own room where
she fully intended to relieve herself of the built-up sexual tension, but
Rosa knocked on her door before she had any chance to get started.

"... Continue»
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bang with Call girl

I always look for hot advertisments in Locanto, (yes my dear go to and get laid) so i was surfing i always used to see many e****ts and Call girls advertisments but i nerver had the guts to take the plunge for it, but after lots of experiences with girls and learning lots of seduction technique i thought it would be great to put them to work.

In my mind i had lots of plans, like first I will meet her in the room and I would ask her to act as my X gf and teach her how my X reacts to few things so that i can have the feeling of having sex with my X gf again, or call her with the na... Continue»
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From txt to real quit fast

It's an old story but nice.

After a work related dinner we had monthly after a meeting on the way back I suddenly got a text. The sender wished me a good night and sl**p well. The number was up till then unknown to me. But I knew I'd had to be the receptionist from the office. We could always have a nice chat about all kind of things when I wasn't working outside the office. She was a bit more then then years older then me. I thought to myself lets send back a sl**p well text to. I have to add there was always a kind off click that made talking easy, also her verly big breasts called out fo... Continue»
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About 35 years ago I was hospitalized for dehydration from a nasty flu/bug/virus or something. I was in a ward with 4 beds. I was hooked up too 2 IV’s and told to stay flat on my back.
When I was admitted, I was so weak, I had passed out in the ER.
During the week, I gradually became more aware of my surroundings and my room mates. Looking past my feet, that bed was occupied by a 20 year old, who was to have his appendix removed. Beside me was a 70 year old guy who was recovering from a car accident, both legs in casts. K.i.d.d.y corner across from me was a Mr. Edwards. That is not his re... Continue»
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Her name is Mita. She is a sweet and sexy Bengali lady. I first came to know her around 15 years back when I started my career in a Multinational Company at a district town of Bangladesh, where her husband was working in a different MNC. Her hubby was around 10 years senior to me by age but as our working place was same, we developed a good friendship and rapport. Her hubby took me as a younger b*****r. After a couple of months in that district town which was totally new to me her hubby became very close to me, so one day he in... Continue»
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Archana Ideal Mature Women In Our Society

Hey readers, my name is abhishek. I’m 19, 6ft fair I have broad shoulder and I have a nice dressing sense. I live in mumbai any female interested in knowing more or something else can leave a comment.

I’m doing mbbs from mumbai and have a lot of interest in sports so I tend to have a good physique. Now to the story,there is a f****y who stay in my building on the 23rd floor. Whereas I stay on the 14th floor and the milf this story is about is the ideal mature women. She looks very similar to the pornstar lisa ann.

Her nam
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It was a fine morning in the princely state of Balanpur. Days started pretty early in this part of India. It was another pleasant morning in the royal palace of Balanpur. The royal palace reminded of olden British days but the servants and guards no longer dressed in uniforms. The servants were still from nearby villages but the guards largely comprised local police and goons. Antara Devi, an early riser, was up as usual and was at her breakfast table skimming through her newspaper. A sumptuous breakfast – completely vegetarian... Continue»
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A Ride In The Rain

I went to college about 75 miles from my home. About
once a month I would go home for the weekend, bringing
my laundry with me in a battered brown case that once
belonged to my father. I'm sure my mother noticed the
dried pale yellow stains on my T-shirts and briefs but
mercifully never said a word.

Because I didn't own a car, I had to take a couple of
busses, and then hitchhike the remaining 30 miles.
Back in those days, hitchhiking was more common and
safer. And so, one cold, rainy November night, I found
myself standing beside the highway at my last bus
stop. My breat... Continue»
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