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An Interesting Evening with a Goddess by: the-naug

I was reading, one evening, when my lovely wife walked in wearing her long bathrobe…with spiked heels, no less. 
I glanced up, secretively, as she stood at the love seat across from where I was seated on the sofa.
She reached into the robe’s pocket, pulled out a small vibrator and placed it next to her planned place of repose. She loosened the sash and allowed the robe to slip, slowly, off of her pale shoulders, past the curve of her hips and onto the floor as if I wasn’t there.
Beneath the robe, she was clad (only) in a bl**d red low cut lacy bra, garter belt and dark sea... Continue»
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Visiting Mr. Robertson

I could barely get to sl**p when I went to bed, Mr. Robertson kept running through my head.
After school I did my homework in record time, jumped on my bike and rode to his house. I knocked on his door, he opened it and smiled. "I was wondering if you were coming back, come on in " Mr. Robertson said. I went in, he put his arm around my shoulder and asked if I was hungry, yes I said. He made me a sandwich and poured a glass of milk. He said to come sit down when I finished. After eating I went to the front room and sat beside him. He rubbed my shoulder and asked if I liked what we d... Continue»
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Eating Black Cum

The room I'd rented at The Hyatt had been expensive, but as I sat on the edge of the double bed watching as my wife's pussy was getting vigorously fucked by Duane, the 35 year old black guy we'd met on Craig's List several weeks earlier, the price didn't really matter to me! The view I had of Duane's enormous black cock (measuring around 9 inches long and nearly 2 inches in diameter) was worth every last penny I'd paid to rent the room!

I could smell my wife's wet and juicy pussy from where I sat as Duane's thick and dark chocolate cock pounded away without let up; and as I watched, my own,... Continue»
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Coming home early

I was just about to push “send” to text you and tell you the good news!!, that I was going to be home a day early from working away, but then I thought I’d
surprise you instead. When I was driving up the road to our house, I got that good feeling of just being home. I pulled onto the drive, walked past your car and into
the house. I kicked off my boots and walked into the kitchen, I didn’t see you, but I did see a couple of empty wine bottles by the sink, it was 4 in the afternoon and I knew the boy’s were staying at a friends tonight. I was pouring myself a drink when I heard moaning sou... Continue»
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African Experience (Part Two)

“Hungry now?!” Aubrie asked with a big grin on her face.

“A little” he smiled as Aubrie bit her lip.

“Your pretty skillful Mr.Tundi!” She told him, slipping her panties back on before standing from the bed. She followed Zaire from his room to the bathroom.

“I’m glad you liked it” Zaire replied scrubbing his hands. Aubrie handed him the toothbrush, which he gladly took from her. “Maybe next time you could show me your skills”

“Why not now?” Aubrie said going behind him to wrap her arms around his waist. She leaned to the side so he could see her since he was a foot taller. She watch... Continue»
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An exhibitionist wife - A treat for the builders.

Last week, Mrs O. had to go away on a business trip which meant an overnight stay in a hotel. Usually these are incident free but this time she found time to do a bit of teasing and i thought i might share her latest adventure.

The story began the morning she was due to leave for home. She was staying in a hotel that was opposite a building that looked as if it was undergoing some major renovations and had been awoken early by the noise coming from the site. When she got up she opened the curtains to the balcony doors and was greeted by the sight of two guys working on the scaffolding. She ... Continue»
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Swim team

We moved to a large city went I was younger. Starting a new school, I wanted to check out the sports they offered. I wasn't big enough for football, didn't like baseball, and unable to hit the basket most the time in basketball, but I did enjoy swimming. I talked to the coach and he said I had the build,so he gave me a try out. I changed into my swimsuit and got in the water. After a few laps he said I made the team.
I met the rest of the team and we got along well.

After a few meets one of the guys suggested that I shave my arms and legs for less drag. I noticed that none of the guys ... Continue»
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For the first Time all the first time stories amon

Well here begins the story of sex lust and all other things,

One day it was raining and me and my friend was spending a day chatting and messing about me in my short shorts and a really low cut top and she had an amazing little skirt and low cut top revealing her panties and bra my god her boy was to die for. She had amazing small but perky boobs at a 32c and just an amazing bum too, my i was so in love with her body and wanted her we was laid listening to music in her room on her bed no one was in but us, i got up and locked her door just in case her mum and dad came home, i said lets have... Continue»
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Wife last year on holiday - true story

My wife is 46, 5'2" slightly chubby b, ut not fat, brunette with a hairy fanny which she doesn't bother trimming, unless on holiday and even then never manages to cover her bikini line properly. She has 36c tits. This year was the first in 18 years we were on holiday alone together. So I had planned that I would insist she sunbathe topless. I hired a gite in Southern France which had a secluded garden shared with the owner's house next door. There was a pool which was private and only shared with the owner's, a nice French couple who are in their late 40s. The first full day there I decided we... Continue»
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Story of Erin Part 2

So Jody felt bad, and decided to hook me up with one of her friends. First one up was a woman named Amber. She was short brown with matching eyes, who was thick in the hips. Our date went well, talked all night. Second date went the same, talked all night. Third date, I pushed to see her boobs, and got a Big Fat learned that she was a 24 virgin who wanted to wait until marriage. I was cool with that but the talks grew boring, and so did her.
Second woman, was well older but younger. Amy was 33, and living at home with parents at a trailer park. She was the type of woman who fucked... Continue»
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Exploring mutual masturbation with my friend

After my experience with Guy when he helped me to masturbate for the first time I couldn't think of anything else. After not touching myself for 18 years I started to wank at least twice every night. I usually didn't need anything other than my imagination and when I closed my eyes and when I thought about Guy gently stroking my cock I was soon pumping my semen out onto the bed sheets or into a tissue. What I really wanted to do was explore with my friend again and every time I fantasised about it I could feel my penis swelling with excitement.

Guy rang me on the Saturday morning and asked ... Continue»
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Jenna from the club ch 2

We sat at a booth that faced the DJ booth on the other side of the dance floor. The girls were chatting away about the latest episode of Big b*****r. I didn't watch it so it made me feel a little out of the loop when the girls were deep in conversation and I was left to think of a new topic of conversation.
> Mandy sat to my left. She was my most recent friend. She was really beautiful and had a reputation of being rather gender blind after she had had a few drinks in her. I saw her once give oral to a girl in the car park of a night club, and then later saw her bent over the hood of a ... Continue»
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Episode 64: Goldilocks and Postman Pat

This episode continues from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The Three Bears must be out playing in the forest, because they don't appear in this story.

So there is no opportunity for any sex with a****ls, or indeed between a****ls (to avoid upsetting Jenny Cumslut).

We discover that Goldilocks has an identical blonde twin s****r, named Spike, and they used to play a masturbation racing game involving bed knobs.

Unlike the previous story featuring the ch1ldren Jade and Grace, there is no penetrative sex with minors (to avoid upsetting timbo), or fam1ly members... Continue»
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Day at the beach

A few days at the beach is all they needed! Steve and Jeannie, and Steve’s best friend, Jim. They arrived late Thursday night in Melbourne, FL. Their hotel was right on the beach and with the balcony door open, the waves were loud! Jim slept on a pull out couch and Jeannie and Steve in the king bed in the room. After a long 10 hour drive, the trio was beat and went to bed as soon as they arrived. Jim took a shower and Jeannie and Steve played around a little as Steve pulled Jeannie’s tits out and sucked them a little. Both were getting pretty excited and stopped when Jim’s shower stopped. They... Continue»
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First Time

I was always a shy boy, scared of girls and brought up in a strict Catholic household that held sex as the greatest sin ever, well sex outside of marriage in fact. So it was that I spent the first 19 years of my life in a sheltered environment. Although I had a guilty desire for such things. I did learn how to masturbate, self taught I should add, and really enjoyed it. I also found that I had a bit of a thing for looking at cocks in the toilets and sports showers.
I left school at 16 and became an apprentice Telephone Engineer, after my apprenticeship, and at the age of 19, I became a teleph... Continue»
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My first time being fingered and giving my first b

This is a story about the first time I was fingered, and giving my first blow job.

I was in my early high school days and as most of the k**s then, I was becoming rather sexually active quickly. I met a guy Dylan he was a year older than me and we were soon dating. At this stage I was still a Virgin for almost everything, well everything except for kissing and having my boobs foundled. After dating a few months we found a spot at school, which was very quiet, we use to meet there in the mornings about 30 mins before school starts, and make out and chat in peace. On weekends we use to meet u... Continue»
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Valentines outdoor antics

I had bought some suction cup toys online along with a self bra & matching pantie set for my girlfriend & as I work away i had them in the car when I got back from site to show her. She was wearing a tank-top & a skirt with a bikini on underneath in case we decided to go swimming instead. For Valentines day we decided to go to the only drive in movies in the state, we went to see the new triple x 3 movie in my BMW coupe. Part way through I got her to take off her bikini top & try the shelf bra (basically a cup-less bra with a little more fabric for the red rose pattern the rest of the bra was ... Continue»
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Something easy

First of all I want to I apologize for any inconvenience, if someone don’t understand something, its my first time, trying to use English for such a long description, this is my translate of my own blog witch the original is in Romanian actually. The facts and ideas, are told from a point of view, from a country where corruption and theft are in the highest levels of the State, and poverty and illiteracy, are the majority of the population. And Its something like that…

Anything what you will read here, it’s only the imagination, of an individual person, nothing its true and any simi... Continue»
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My Bi-Curiosity

It's official. My husband knows and so I'm labeled for life. I'm bi-curious because my husband caught me watching lesbian porn. And now he's paranoid I'm sl**ping with every woman we meet. We can't even drive down our street without some woman walking by and hubby is waiting for me to react. Like I'm going to pull out a dildo and cum right there in the passenger seat?

This year we'll have been together for 20 years. Of course a lot of things happened. Lots of good moments and getting through the difficult ones. I'd like to think that we'd grown as people. As a couple. We had learned so muc... Continue»
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Never done this before but.....

Long story but the wife has been unwell for a while and the one time excellent sex has stopped. Shit happens but I gotta empty my balls somehow.
Amyway I decided to try dogging. I ventured out to some well known areas that Suzy and I had previously done little shows at but was more than disappointed when there was only guys sitting in their cars waiting for some action.
I trawled around 5 or 6 spots that should have had at least a small amount of action but there was just nothing happening. I decided rather than waste fuel, I would sit tight for a while on a quite secluded local spot that is... Continue»
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