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Visit to Mexico Pt VI

Later that evening Carmen returned home with her eldest daughter Theresa.
After a few minutes of warm 'hello's' exchanged between Rosa and her older
sibling, Carmen inquired as to Terry's whereabouts. Rosa told her that
they had gone shopping all afternoon and Terry complained about not feeling
well when they returned so she had gone upstairs to her room to rest.
Carmen wasn't overly concerned and decided to get started on dinner
preparations and solicited her two daughters to help.

A couple of hours later Terry finally stirred from her nap and managed to
get out of bed. Her head... Continue»
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Bianca Fucks Miranda (A Futanari Story) Part 2

"Sara! Oh gosh! What are you doing here?!" I was balls deep inside of Miranda's pussy, and even in the embarrassment of getting caught in the act, I couldn't stop myself from thrusting upwards into her. Miranda, sitting on my lap, turned beet red, and looked at Sara, who still stood in the doorway in shock.

"I was just...I wanted to run some ideas for my meeting by you...but I can tell you're busy..." Sara started to back away, but through her work skirt, I could see her futa cock begin to grow and push against her clothes. She didn't take her eyes off of the fucking scene in front of her.... Continue»
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Rewarding my Heros (part 1)

When i turned 18 i got a fake ID and started going into the city on weekends to go bar hopping with my friends at our favorite bar i was approached by a young good looking black guy who offered to get me and my friends high but i thanked him and told him no thank you. He bought us a round of drinks when i turned to thank him he was walking out the door. I didnt see him for a couple weeks then just my one friend Suzy and i went to the city to visit our favorite bar. As we sat at the bar talking and checking out the guys the same guy who bought us the drinks sent us another round. He tapped me o... Continue»
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Wife sets up threesome with hot friend from work

My wife and I have been happily married for 4 years, love eachother without question, and have a healthy appetite for sex with us fucking at least 3-4 times a week. Before my wife and I got married she told me she was bi-sexual, thought women were hot, and had fucked a couple.
One night after some serious hot and sweaty fucking my wife and I are talking in bed. She tells me that she would like to bring another women home so I could watch them and just fuck my wife. Now, I had just had some great pussy and was drained, but my cock stands up at that remark and I ask who would it be? She says, "... Continue»
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Comida pelos vizinhos

Quando conheci aquele casal simpático e delicioso, estava longe de imaginar as aventuras deleitosas que me aguardavam.

Gostava de partilhar convosco

a melhor noite de sexo que já tive. Jacinto é o nome do homem com quem partilho o meu apartamento. Gosto dele. É um Homem trabalhador, honesto, carinhoso, etc. Mas isso para uma mulher fogosa como eu, não chega – pois ele na cama não satisfaz minimamente os meus desejos e fetiches, então encaro-o como um bom amigo apenas.

Fico frustrada com os seus orgasmos precoces, pois ele fica satisfeito, e eu fico a ferver. Já o aconselhei a comprar ... Continue»
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Almost Caught with My Bi Lover

This story isn't as erotic as most, but it is true, and I always enjoy relating it to other bi gals.
I had always had a desire to be with another woman, but due to my upbringing and my mother's warnings about "those" type of women, I would suppress those feelings. As I matured into my 40's, my desires became unbearable, to the point that I would taste my fingers after masturbating, and wonder if other women tasted as good!
At this time I met a gal who was new to the area. It didn't take long for me to discover that she was very bi-sexual, and for our friendship to turn into a love affair.
M... Continue»
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Kalee and Katie

Kalee and katie

This story is completely true. All the has been changed is names for confidentiality. Have fun ;).

I got a new job this summer, working at a local park. I'm only a booth person, but I love my job. I myself am short with a fairly average build, and a decent size cock. Since I started working at the park I am at I've been riding my bike to work everyday. 4 miles to and 4 miles from.

Kalee and Katie looking at them and seeing how they interact you would assume they are twins. Kalee is tall, and slender. She has a tight little ass and perky C-cups. Katie is the shorter one... Continue»
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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (Fourth and fi

A young girls journey to womanhood

Fourth and final Part

Alison came over to the bed, and kneeled across to where Illia and I were embracing. I was feeling her small hard nipples in my mouth and she was caressing and moulding my defined breast and nipples. They became sensitive as she stroked and then she pinched one as she had seen Alison do to me. It made me both wince and get very excited. How did this girl know just what I wanted?

“Daniella, put her on her back now” came the controlling voice of my dominant f***e. I immediately complied, although the thought of a hard smack for ... Continue»
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Katie first 3-some

As in my first story all events are true except for the names. After getting to know Katie we had a few hook ups but she had a super sexual appetite. We became more friends than lovers. She soon found out that listening to true sex stories was a very big turn on for me. So she started to send me details everytime she went out and sucked or fuck a guy' This story is in her words is the account of what happen when she had her first WWM 3 some.

We started out on the couch, Lily and I were kissing and Mike was watching. After kissing for a few minutes Mike separated us and sat in t... Continue»
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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (Third part)

A young girls journey to womanhood

Third Part

She threw the girl onto the bed. Her virginal beauty, the fresh faced and excited young teen body, was in a state of sexual turmoil. The depth of that feeling that I had given her, that essence of her loving fluids delivered into my mouth gave her a glow that I had never seen in a woman. This girl, who I had made to have a massive orgasm, was like a new flower opening up to her sensual world.

I was still wanting to have my orgasm. Alison had stopped me, but my mind wanted to disobey and the thought of me giving this girl her first lov... Continue»
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BB is fucked live on stage

Bobbi Barber, known to her friends as BB, was just 26 when her life changed forever. Her life up until then had been full of disappointments in most things and constant heartache when it came to her love life. Throughout her teens and her time at University, each successive boyfriend had either dumped her, cheated on her or was just been plain bad as with her last boyfriend. Even though she's intelligent and certainly not stupid, perhaps she was basically naïve, trusting and easily led. This is certainly still the case here as she allowed her emotions to rule over common sense.

She was the... Continue»
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Never thought it would be me, not there.

I need to tell this somewhere before I blurt it out to the wrong person.
I had just turned 23 the week before I changed my life forever. I had driven past this dirty kinda run down house turned porn theater hundreds of times without thought but tonight was different. I had been to a few bars in Nashville with some girl friends and was feeling lonely and a bit tipsy. As I left my friends to whore around with the regulars and tourists I just planned to go home and sl**p. As I drove past the house/theater and felt a little sluttyness come over me. I turned around and went back and parked. Th... Continue»
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Saturday Night:

Another fantastic night with my exgirlfriend.

We went out to dinner and were thankfully seated in a relatively secluded booth. We sipped red and were waiting for our food to come when she began rubbing her foot up and down my calf. She began slowly, but as we ate, drank and chatted, she casually kept working her foot further up my leg until her outstretched toes would lightly graze the inside of my right thigh. We continued drinking wine long after the food was done, and I began slouching lower and lower in my chair to grant her greater access.

We never openly acknowledged one anothers ... Continue»
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An Unexpected Event:

In the past week I've been talking a lot with my exgirlfriend. She has stepped back into my life just before my boyfriend turned into a useless prick. Anyway, she and I were talking a few days ago and talking about getting together to catch up and watch "Sin City."

She came over, we chatted for a while, started the movie and eventually…

She leaned in close to me and pressed her cheek into mine and whispered into my ear, “please don’t hate me for this.” She then cupped my face in her hands and planted a kiss on me. This certainly wasn’t what I had in mind for the night, but I didn’t pull ... Continue»
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Logging More Couch Hours:

Snippets from my Friday night… It's not the entire story, just bits and pieces from our second night "watching movies." I feel slightly obligated to cut out the boring parts…

It's Saturday night as I type this and I'm about to head out. Let's see if we make it out of the house this time.
She arrived just after seven and as soon as she stepped through the door, she kissed me hard and pressed my face between her hands to keep in my place. After this warm greeting, I took her coat and headed into the kitchen for a bottle of red wine.

When I returned to my living room, her messenger bag ... Continue»
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A Lovely Couple Geeta and Priya

It was another hot day in Bombay. The past few days had been a bit cooler than the previous nevertheless, it was still hot. Arunima_H (geetha) had just finished doing the laundry but the dirty clothes were already starting to pile up. The baby had to be changed because his diaper had leaked. And Geeta had changed into another sari because of the heat. She now changed into a hot pink sari top. It was actually one of her favourite ones to wear at home. It seemed as t... Continue»
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Revenge Of The Cyber-Queen: Chapter 1:

(Femdom, Sci-Fi, Orgasm-Denial, Teasing, Lesbian, FBB, BDSM, Humiliation, Fetish, tragic love story)

Author's Note: The character of Professor Ava/Queen Ava is heavily-based on porn star, Ava Devine, a very beautiful, voluptuous and talented actress with a fantastic voice and screen presence, so if you want to know exactly what the character looks/sounds like, check out Ms. Devine's work.

Chapter 1: Moans of Despair And Lust.

As Johnny (dark-haired & muscular football jock) and Lucinda (cute petite ponytailed-brunette with a perky personality) were about to walk into the... Continue»
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visit to mexico pt V

Terry woke up this morning and, just as she has done so often these past
few weeks, got up and made her way quietly down the hall to Carmen's room.
After a quiet knock she entered the room where Carmen was already awake and
waiting for her. Terry thought little about her new routine, but instead
was lost again in her lust as she nursed from Carmen's full breasts until
both women were satiated. Afterwards Terry went back to her own room where
she fully intended to relieve herself of the built-up sexual tension, but
Rosa knocked on her door before she had any chance to get started.

"... Continue»
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Mature's and Step-s****r - who could want mor

I awoke the next morning to find Laura gone from our bed. I looked over at the bedside clock and noted it was only 6 am – and realised I’d only had about 3 hours sl**p. After our threesome, and a period of recovery (for me) and champagne drinking, I had fucked Jen one more time before we all fell asl**p. This had been at the request of Laura, who wanted to watch the two of us together, whilst she sat across the room, fingering herself to another orgasm. Jen and I had taken our time, enjoying one another’s bodies with hands and tongues, before Jen climbed on top and slowly fucked me until we bo... Continue»
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Man!That Hurts!

My Name Is Diana Jenkins,I Am 19 Years Old,I Heard On The News Today That 'The Birch' Has Finally Been Banned On The Isle Of Man-And Am I Glad It Finally Has Been!I Am One Of The Last Few Girls To Have Felt Its Sting-I Still Have Nightmares To This Day About It!There Are Still Some Small Scars That It Left That I Can See On My Buttocks And Thighs-Like Tiny Wriggling Little Worms- I Fear That I Will Carry Then With Me Till The Day I Die!The Events That Led To This Life Changing Experience Began The Previous Summer-We Left Chester For A Four-Week Holiday On The Isle Of Man-Yes,Most People In Ma... Continue»
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