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My Mom and I Visit the Lesbian Bar

About a week ago my mother and I were sitting on the couch watching television when I said, "Mom, I am bored. Let's go out to the lesbian bar and have a couple of drinks. It is Friday night and there should be a lot of girls there having fun. Let's join them!"

Mom and I took a quick shower together then we went to our bedrooms to get dressed. I chose a conservative white blouse, a green plaid skirt with matching color panties and a pair of black sneakers. I looked in the mirror and said to myself, "You sure are a sexy looking Catholic school girl."

When I got down downstairs, Mom was wai... Continue»
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It was late in August when I officially began to look for a roommate. The end of first year university was over, and while most of the people I knew had already signed housing agreements as early as February, I left dealing with housing until the end of the summer. While I had met great friends in my dorm during first year, I didn't really desire to room with any of them for various reasons. Most of them were simply too loud and went partying every weekend, whereas I was a relatively quiet person who studied diligently most Friday nights.

I found Trinka on some webpage designed to help peop... Continue»
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Caveworms 4

Anticipation can be a difficult thing to deal with. I can't say I was worried about mum's reaction when she came down and saw us, but not knowing exactly what was going to happen was making me excited, though somewhat impatient. I could tell Hannah was feeling it too. After we heard the ominous silence after the footsteps, I knew that mum had noticed the smell. Remembering the effect it had on me in the cave, I knew she'd be drawn down here, but she sure seemed to be taking her time.
After a little while, we heard the sound of muffled voices coming from upstairs, which meant only one thing: m... Continue»
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Caveworms 2: Things Get Even Weirder

I lay there for a while in a daze, hoping, but not quite believing that what had happened to me yesterday was just a dream. The summer heat had started early again today, and I started to feel myself overheat under my covers, which were soaked in my sweat. With a groan I finally f***ed myself to stir, pulling off my sheets and sitting on the edge of my bed. I felt even heavier than before, and I was pretty sure my stomach had gotten bigger. I sat there with it resting on my legs, absent mindedly rubbing it all over, wondering just what I was going to do about this whole mess I was in. The hosp... Continue»
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Caveworms 3

Hannah lay on a pile of worms, her swollen breasts and belly shiny from all the fluid which now covered the both of us. My hands were shaking and I had a hard time maintaining balance because I was just so completely overwhelmed by my arousal. The sight of her, the sight of the worms and the thought of what was happening was almost too much for me. I was sitting there with a vacant stare for far too long, but there were so many possibilities. I felt that I had become a creature of urge, but with so many fighting for supremacy within me, I was practically paralysed.

I was still aware of the... Continue»
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a horse ride

This is a story of the time I went with my best friend Jenna, for a weekend at her uncle and aunts farm.

Jenna and myself were best friends right through our school days. Mine and her parents had also become friends and we always spent a lot of time together. We shared almost all our stories, love stories, heartbreaks, crushes we had etc. After high school we even went to the same varsity although studying different things we remained best friends. The first semester at varsity was ending as we started planning a trip away, just the two of us. Jenna suggested we'd spend a few days at her un... Continue»
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The Day I Turned Lesbian

I am Selvi 24 years old from rural parts of Tamil Nadu I have a size of 32-34-35 5.7 height and have a dusty skin tone this first experience of doing lesbian 3 years ago. I was raised in a very orthodox f****y where sex before marriage is a crime lesbian is the worst crime of all. I studied in co-education school and boys used to flirt with me and but initially I was very curious about the sex and even tried it with my boyfriend but it was not good as I thought. I started to watch porn and one day I watched lesbian porn it made ... Continue»
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Black Bossy Lesbian Fitness Instructor.

Sarah is a 48 years old single mother. She and her husband divorced about 15 years ago, and ever since then, she just focused on her career and raising her one and only daughter. The years passed by real quick and now Amy, Sarah's only daughter is in college. She lives on campus and only comes home during the weekends. The other five days, Sarah is all by her lonesome, therefore, she has a lot of free time in her hands. All the wine and TV in the world could not pass the time, thus, she eventually decided to find other ways to pass time. She signed up for an All-Girls Zumba class. A clas... Continue»
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“I suppose you are going to be all night, as usual,” the man sighed, as he flicked channels on the TV. “It’s always the same, I have to wait hours for the bathroom, and then you give me grief about being late!” Silence reigned. “Did you hear me?” he yelled, awaiting the normal whispered reply. Things had looked so promising with her treatment of him a couple of months ago, the mere memory of which had his cock twitching in his pants, but since that one episode she had reverted back to her normal (And boring) inoffensive self.

The first sign of her presence was what felt like ... Continue»
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Girls Night In

Girls Night In

The flickering candles bathed the room in a soft light, revealing the two young women sitting despondently on the leather couch. “This really pisses me off,” muttered Vicky, “They’ve known for weeks that we had this night planned!” She took another sip of her wine, the candle light setting off ruby fires in the depths of her glass. “What do you think, Becky?” Becky parted her full lips and looked deep into the other woman’s eyes. “Fuck ‘em,” she said, “I’ve got all I need, a glass of wine and you!”

Vicky flushed slightly, and felt a rush of moistness hit her pussy. “I know... Continue»
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For honor part 1

I played the For honor beta and got a story idea and decided to put myself and my girlfriend in a cute roleplay.

The battle was fierce and hard fought the samurai were holding their ground as their orochi warriors were slicing through our lines. The warhorn sounded for retreat but as a motto of the raiders is for victory or death i charged their lines with fury and without fear, its said a warrior cant enter Valhalla without dying in battle. My dane axe cut a path and soon i was fighting on all sides as their numbers fell by the dozen and i raised my axe as i saw our troops charging then i ... Continue»
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You know what we are going to do?

"You know what we are going to do? We are going to find that bitch that slipped you her phone number at the restaurant. She was so hot for you. The look in her eyes and the way her mouth look. thinking you would see her when you only have eyes for ME!" I can see you shutter as I rise my voice. I am in a bad mood and I want to punish someone. But not you, Pet not tonight. Tonight I want you to control someone. Some weak woman that thinks she knows what it is like to belong to a strong lover. To love the feel of her hands on your head pushing you into her sex. Telling you what to d... Continue»
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the waitress

The picture hanging in Carole's bedroom looked good. She'd originally thought to hang it in the living room but having a painting of herself wearing nothing but a white shirt was a little too far, even if the only people who might see it were her friends. She adjusted the frame slightly and stepped back to look at it again. The picture directly below it on the floor was a larger photograph of San Diego that had hung there for years. Now that a smaller picture took its place she could see the marks where the original had been.

Looks like a fresh coat of paint is needed.

Carole glanced in ... Continue»
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Lisa’s New Role Part VI

A few weeks later Lisa was stretched out on her back, cuffed to the bed while wearing the double dildo. Troya and Sonya were horny, naked, lubed and were hoping for a good fucking from their sub slut. They had, of course been teasing the poor girl mercilessly for hours with touches and kisses. A vibrating egg had been placed in her rectum and turned on low.

Lisa was begging for release. Please let me cum, she cried.

Just then the intercom buzzed.

Maybe later slut, laughed Troya and left to answer it.

It’s her step-mother come to visit, whispered Troya. She’s downstairs. I wonder if... Continue»
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Masked Desire

It was a hot summers evening in June, as Trace was travelling in a black Mercedes heading towards a party at Pentillie Castle, hidden away in the Cornish countryside, for a special event known as the “White Ball” thrown by Erotica for people in the industry. Her car neared a large set double gate hidden in the rolling country side, the driver stopped, and gave Trace’s name at the gate, the large gates opened displaying an endless gravel drive way with rows of giant trees either side like soldiers on guard. As Trace drove towards the massive house, she could see lots of statues of naked bodie... Continue»
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Cousins spesial lessons by mom

A Lesson from Mom


What could be worse than to be 18 and have your mother catch you
fucking your boyfriend? Nothing, right?
Wrong. Mom came home early one afternoon, earlier than I'd
expected. She caught us, alright, but she caught my cousin, Ann, too.
We were in bed together, with my boyfriend. Ann was kneeling, ass
curved high over drawn up knees, face buried in my thrusting crotch.
My naked thighs covered her ears.
Jim had just come in Ann's sweet pussy when Mom walked into the
room. The writhing of my hips ceased abruptly as I froze in shock and
fear. Ann took the su... Continue»
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When she went bi

[image][/My first proper bi sexual encounter was with my husbands ex wife; we got together just after we remarried.
We invited M round for a meal and during the meal as we drank our way through our third bottle of wine I noticed that M was getting quite aroused and was fiddling with her dress top. Soon the buttons had been undone and she was displaying a fair amount of her ample cleavage and fidgeting in her chair. I must be honest I had always found another women a turn on if they have big tits and here was someone who was getting turned on. At first I wasn’t sure that I was the turn on but ... Continue»
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Shall we go out?

Should we go out again and look for some cock for you. Maybe we can go get that waiter from the other night. The one who was looking at your tits and getting hard. The one that watched you take off your panties like a slut at the table and hand them to me. This time you will wear NO PANTIES. I like my whores open for business. He see us as we walk in and almost trips over himself to show us to a booth in a dark corner. I tell you that you are to look into his eyes whenever he is at the table. He brings the wine and you stare at him. I ask him" Do y... Continue»
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Henry continued to ram his hard rod into Roger’s ass. Roger came first spraying the wet blanket they had chosen as a carpet. Then Henry shot a full load into Roger a few seconds before they both fell on top of each other, exhausted and satisfied. That’s when they realized the candle was out.
“Must have been a gust of wind”, suggested Henry
“I don’t think so Henry, but I think you might recognize who blew it out”, chuckled Roger
Suddenly the candle was lit again and Henry could see two figures wearing rather heavy coats which were a size too big for them. They ... Continue»
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Episode 63: Jade and Grace

This pure fantasy story has been written for two xhamster friends julialover (Mark) and mackeral (Uncle Mack) and their real or imaginary little girls Jade and Grace.
None are related, but Jade always calls Mark 'Daddy' when she hasn't got a mouthful of cock and Grace calls her pervert 'Uncle', especially when he is eating her out.
Jade and Daddy have been relocated from the US to Plymouth England to make the story work.
Jade and Grace attend the Marine Academy in Plymouth; this takes ch1ldren from nursery age to sixth form (fact), providing opportunities for mixed-age ... Continue»
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