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Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 1)

"Did you want to grab something to eat this afternoon? My treat?" I said, eagerly awaiting Sar's response.
"Sure thing, Bianca! I have a lunch break at one. Wanna meet up?"
"There's a great Italian place not far from your office. Paradise Restaurant I think it's called. I've been thinking of trying it for a while." I lied. I had been there before, but I wanted her to feel like we were experiencing something new together.
"I think I know the place. I'll see you there soon."
"Sounds good!" I hung up the phone and let out a deep breath. Sara was gorgeous, with long ... Continue»
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My Re-awakening

It was a long time since I had been to Sydney and even a longer time since my misspent youth had taken me on a journey descending into the world of all night underground dancing clubs, flying on eccies, dancing, touching and being wild. I am not gay but curious and as a young jilted 23 year old girl I took safety with the gay men and women of the dance scene with their beautiful bodies and energy to dance all night to powerful house music.

At 44 my body is still a pert size 8-10 of an 18 year old which still turns heads of men. I have a dancer’s body shape and stamina, training 6 days a wee... Continue»
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Late Night TV

It was after 11pm, my best friend and I snuggled up on her couch to watch some TV. She was four years my senior, shorter than I, but a bit stockier.
She sat upright, the TV remote by her side. I stretched out on my back, my head on a pillow in her lap. I turned only my lazy head to watch our favorite late night talk show.
Every light was off, so the blue glow of the screen seemed like an otherworldly haze in the living room on that spring evening.
She brushed my hair, a sensation I relished. Then she began to make one long braid in the back. It felt soothing, a feeling I wished would nev... Continue»
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LORNA AND GRACE. (a Lesbian tale)- PART 2

After their night together, the two lovers calmed down a bit and were especially careful not to be singled out or noticed. Grace’s aunt and uncle came back from the funeral and all was well except for the fact that Grace couldn’t have Lorna over anymore. The rule in Lorna’s rooming house was that a lady could have a visitor, only one, who had to have left by 10PM. No men were allowed except if they were a father or a b*****r (and they had to prove it). Although it didn’t allow for the two women to spend the night together, at least it was a room where they could make ... Continue»
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When the Dogs away, the cat's will play

A few years ago I was working out of town and thought I would be working over the weekend and told my wife and I would be and that was about 8:00 pm that Friday night when we spoke over the phone.She told me that she would have her girlfriend over to keep her company since she didn't like being home alone like she was all that week and I said that's fine. My boss then called me at the motel about 10:00 pm. to say that there was a material delay, so there is no since working the weekend. the material wouldn't be there till Tuesday. So I said well alright I'll tell the rest of the guys and be he... Continue»
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Fragments: Lesbos Fact and Fantasy

Sappho was a poet born in Eresos on the Greek island of Lesbos in about 600 BC, She wrote many heterosexual love poems, but is most remembered for her graphic depictions of the physical love between women. She gave the world two present-day words: Sapphic from her name (meaning sexual relationships between women, who can be homosexual or bi-sexual) and of course the ‘lesbian’ (simply meaning a female homosexual).
Unfortunately only fragments of her poetry remain; it is not even known whether all writings are meant to rhyme.
This story is written as a series of fragments for a g... Continue»
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Ella finds Tessa

Nervous that I may have been caught, I sneak out of the barn and head for my hotel. I have had a great time in England and discovering Ella on the farm where I spent my summer ‘working” was just a bonus. I knew I would have amazing memories of following her around the farm and watching her. But, I had to admit, that I felt regret that I never tried to approach her, never tried to go out with her and her friends, or even to try to get her alone in the barn. I had to leave soon…two more days and I would be flying out of the country, headed back home. My experience on an English farm was over t... Continue»
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Bar Encounter

Peggy drove looking for a good spot to just let loose without having any worries of someone she knew seeing her. She pulled into a parking lot to a bar just on the outskirts of the town which looked pretty fun. Stepping out of her car she tugged her skirt down over her round ass then walked to the door, she was met by a large man, “May I help you” he asked, “I was just looking for a nice plae to have some fun” Peggy said, “Well miss, you came tot he right place. Step right in, it's women's night any way so there's no cover charge” the man said as he stepped aside letting Peggy walk past him.... Continue»
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Mature's are best

It was the Thursday night before Sharon departed on holiday with her f****y that things came to a head. I’d been out at an after work birthday drink, and got home a bit earlier than I expected. Sharon wasn’t in. I thought she’d be over with her parents, so I called them. She wasn’t there. About 30 mins later she got home. I asked where she’d been, and was told “At my mum and dad’s”.
“Funny that, as your mum told me half an hour ago you hadn’t been there tonight”.
Calmly and clinically, she went on to tell me how she wasn’t coming home after a week as planned, would be stayin... Continue»
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After a long day at work I began my long journey home, the day had been filled with laughter, and flirtatious fun with male and female work colleagues, which had got me me slightly in the mood. Unfortunately my then partner Kelli (35) I knew would have been asl**p at that time, so it was a case of rushing in, showering and then off to bed. Little did I know though what was about to greet me. The time was about 02:00am which was about my normal time on returning home, on closing the gate I could hear through door without even opening the back door moaning and the sounds of squelching. Kelli by ... Continue»
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The weekend

My weekend. Maastricht.  Chapter 1

The arrival

My flight touched down into maastricht at 3.30 in the afternoon , it's been a long exhausting day. Up at 5.30am for my dad to drive me to the airport.  Passport control then, arrivals.  I  noticed a woman holding a piece of cardboard up withe words ELLA in big letters written on it.The woman had very long black hair, with sunglasses top of her head, white blouse,  jeans and sandals.  She was so gorgeous  I thought to myself.

"Hiiii, Ella, it's me Tess" she squealed , exited to see me. "It's me Tessa.
"Hiiii  Tess " I squealed back... Continue»
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LORNA AND GRACE (A Lesbian Tale)

LORNA AND GRACE (a Lesbian tale)
(The action takes place somewhere in the eastern United States in 1938.)
One could say that the Market in Belleville was the center of town. Mind you it wasn’t a big town but, not counting the people who were coming and going, it must have had about one thousand permanent residents. The Market was located in a large building which took up most of the block. There was a main floor where most of the stalls were, mainly vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and the like, and there was a second floor where five to six merchants sold bottles and jars of juices, honey, jam... Continue»
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Making You Watch

I want to strip you naked, tie you to a chair, and make you watch.

She has nice full tits. Her lips are the kind that you look at and can't help but picture them wrapped around your cock. Her nipples are so hard, she rubs them on my clit. Essentially fucking my pussy with her tits. Making me cum all over them.

She lets you have a tiny taste of my cum with just the tip of your tongue.

I make her lay on her back with her pussy facing you. I straddle her face and lower my pussy to her mouth. She begins to lick me slowly. Spreading my pussy to allow her tongue better access to my clit.

... Continue»
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Our First Kiss?

The sun is barely coming up and I am already in the barn. I notice an extra horse in the barn and wonder discover that it is Biscuit – Ella’s horse. Why is Biscuit here, I wonder to myself, but the concerns of Biscuit’s presence are quickly replaced with thoughts of Ella.

Recently, I have seen a lot of her…in the barn down on her farm, in the woods…always with a boy, but I dream at night of her with me. I wonder how she tastes, how she feels. Before I know it…the discovery of Biscuit has me sneaking into an empty stall…I lie back on the hay, confident that I won’t be discovered this early... Continue»
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A Sexy Lesbian Experience

Girl Meets World: A Sexy Lesbian Experience, Part 1

By: A.N.T Farm Lover 205

“I'm home!” Riley called to her f****y. Hello? Anyone home?

As she strolled around the house she noticed a note taped to the fridge.

Dear Maya,

Your father and I have gone on a date night. We left Auggie at grandma's and won't be back until around 12:00am.

I want the bathroom cleaned and the kitchen floor swept. You may go to Maya's house or she may come over.



Looking at her watch she saw that it was just past 10:00 am.

Sweet 14 hours to myself[... Continue»
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Slut Wife & Girlfriends With Huge Dildos Part

2 July 2016.
Slut Wife & Girlfriends With Huge Dildos Part 2
Well it was after 9 when we pulled into the parking lot and went inside to get the things we needed. Leslie helped me get the things and we loaded them up in the truck and headed back to the house. It had gotten colder and the wind had really picked up and Leslie said it was a shame because she wouldn't mind a repeat of our earlier "fun". I said that if she was up for it but she declined ... I mean it must have dropped into the mid teens by now.
It took about 40 minuets to get home because it the roads were really... Continue»
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Slut Wife & Girlfriends With Huge Dildos Part

I got to see Dawn going down on those hot and sexy little things and while getting her cunt pounded by this massive strap on dong!!! It must have been 18+ inches long and as bog around as a soda can with its head even bigger!!! After she got a mouth full of that sweet pussy cum she slid off the dildo and laid on her back with her ass right on the edge. Well not wanting to let something like that go to waist Leslie grabbed the strap on from where it had landed on the bed and slipped it on and adjusted it to fit her before crawling between Dawn's legs and licking her juice sweet cunt that had... Continue»
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Slut Wife & Girlfriends With Huge Dildos Part

1 July 2016.
Slut Wife & Girlfriends With Huge Dildos Part 1

Dawn's always "liked girls" almost as much as men. In fact I almost think that if she ever "had" to choose it would be girls. That's fine with me and seeing that she enjoys "sharing" them with me I have absolutely no intention of ever having her choose.
It was one of those cold, damp, miserable late January days we often have and I'd been outside trying to get finished with my winter garden work. I'd let it go the last year and as a result we'd missed out on a lot of the homegrown vegetables we enjoy so much. Dawn had ment... Continue»
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Slut Wife & Girlfriends With Huge Dildos Part

I went out and started the truck so it would be warming up ... it was an old '67 Chevy regular cab and I had replaced the hearer core the year before and it got the cab nice and toasty in no time at all. As we were walking out Leslie said something to Dawn and she just looked at both of us and smiled and said that would be fine with her. One thing I'd disliked about the old b**st since we'd gotten it about 5 years before was that the passenger side door didn't open and close so I told Leslie she'd have to get in from my side. She gave me one of those playful looks that can just turn a man to ... Continue»
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Work opens up my mind

My name is Kelly and I am 21 years old. I have never really experimented much when it comes to sex as not long lost my virginity. but my mind was recently opened when I started working for a couple as a cleaner. I was looking for jobs at a local job center when I came across an add looking for a full time cleaner not far from where I lived so it sounded perfect so I took the details and went back home so I could ring and get more info from them. The phone rang for a short period before a female voice answered. I introduced myself and told her I had found her add and was interested in the job. ... Continue»
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