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The customer is always full of surprises

It was a Saturday, early afternoon, and I was relaxing at home. I just came back from vacation the day before. I did not plan on taking any customers until Monday. So I only took a limited number of urgent personal calls. If a customer called, they would be forwarded to a voice-mail with Daniel's number, my friend and my backup in cases like that. Most of my clients were regulars, seeing as how user error was the cause for about 80% of computer and even network problems, and he was a reliable backup.

I was a bit surprised to see Daniel's number pop-up on the caller ID screen. Usually I woul... Continue»
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Buffy A.S. (After Sunnydale)

Buffy A.S. (After Sunnydale)

[This story transpires several days after the final episode of the series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It involves Buffy and Faith on vacation in Mexico attempting to relax after the destruction of the Hellmouth and Sunnydale.]

Buffy stepped out on the balcony after she and Faith returned from dinner and enjoyed the breeze. It was quite warm and the crash of the waves on the beach was very relaxing. Buffy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly wondering if her life still had any purpose since the Hellmouth was destroyed. She felt comfortab... Continue»
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The Back Rub Part 1

The Back Rub Part 1

A work of fiction

Sixty year old Alice Potter gave a groan from the pain in her back as she tried to get out of bed. A long time sufferer of lumbago, she knew the only thing that would ease it was to have a professional massage even though this would provide short term relief. Her G.P. Doctor Mould’s advice was to work it off and he resisted her request to be referred to a chiropractor. Fortunately, her friend Helen had been a physiother****t before she retired and had in the past helped to relieve her painful condition by manipulating her spine.

Alice remembe... Continue»
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Dawn’s Confession


Dawn’s thoughts of the last week

I had hid my feelings for almost a year and just as I got the confidence tell Faith she was the object of my desire, she was being rushed to the hospital with a nasty stomach wound, caused by my s!ster. I hate her for trying to kill my possible girlfriend before I could even tell her how I felt, I hoped that Faith loved me as well. I just wanted to confess my feelings to her but before I could Buffy had gone into Faith’s apartment so I made my way towards an open window and overheard Buffy say that she would give Fai... Continue»
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Lauren and Taylor

This story is for my friend LaurenFunTimeXXXtrem:

One day Lauren called me with some big news. I told her to come over and she could tell me what is going on. She told me she got backstage passes to a Taylor Swift concert. She asked me if I wanted to come with her to the concert, but I wasn't sure if I should go. She talked me into going and we both got ready. Lauren came back over in a Taylor Swift tee shirt, blue jeans and sneakers, while I had on a regular shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. We got to the car and started heading to the concert. We arrived at the concert about an hour or so b... Continue»
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Wife losses bet

Each year we have a Eurovision party with some friends. It is one of the best nights of the year and I always look forward to it. My wife, Tracey, and I always have side bet on who we think will win. The winner gets to have one of their fantasies acted out. Whether it was musical judgement or luck I picked the winner this year. The next morning as we nursed our hangovers, Tracey rolled over and said "Oh god, I dread to think what you will decide to do". I told her to relax that it would be a few days before I let her know and that it would be something memorable.

I knew exactly what ... Continue»
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DONNA - Night out with the Girls

A few months after the ‘chief’ had summoned me to his office and we’d had sex, the girls in the office decided to have a night out, when they asked me I leant it involved just going out for a meal and having a few drinks, I was happy with that as I didn’t want to go clubbing. We arranged to meet at a certain restaurant in town at 8:30pm.

There were 15 of us and we had a right good laugh as we talked shop and about our lives in general, I learned a lot of what was going on in the office and the personal details of some of my colleagues. 10:15pm and the party broke up, one of the girls asked ... Continue»
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100% True story of my first time with another woma

My best friend from work was driving me crazy! Every day she was dressing in that slutty/professional look that she knew I loved. I hadn't been with a woman yet but had touched and made-out some. She was married but had told me about her many bisexual adventures. She knew how wet it got me and loved knowing that her stories made it neccessary for a quick bathroom break so that I could "handle" the situation. She spent the night at my house with just my husband and me one December night to help us trim our Christmas tree. We were gonna be drinking so my daughter stayed with her grandma. As the ... Continue»
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Married With c***dren: The Camera

Peg Bundy was sitting on the couch, eating bon-bons and
watching Oprah on television when the doorbell rang. It
was her next-door neighbor Marcy D'arcy.

"Hi Peg," said Marcy flopping down next to her on the
couch, "I just needed somebody to talk to. I'm so lonely
without Jefferson."

Marcy's husband Jefferson, along with Peg's husband Al,
had supposed gone off on a week long "fishing" trip at a
remote lake in Wisconsin. Peggy suspected that they were
spending most of their time at a nudie bar near the

"I don't know if I can make it a week without...you
know," sa... Continue»
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Al Bundys Afternoon Delight

Al Bundy hurries home from work to watch the Cubs play
only to find Peggy and Marcy in the way of the
television. (MFF, orgy, oral, bi, sitcom-parody)


Al Bundy has just finished working the Sunday afternoon
shift at the shoe store, smelling fat women's sweaty
feet all day. Driving his Dodge down the freeway, Al
listens to the Cubs game on his AM radio... hoping he
can catch the last couple of innings on TV when he gets
home. Al hurries into his humble house and goes
straight to the kitchen, where he grabs a six pack of
beer out of the fridge, not noticing the commot... Continue»
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Deep Space 9 Kira and Jadzia

Kira plucked the two steaming glasses of bluish liquid
from Quark, the elephant-eared bar owner, and, with a
piercing look, dismissed his attempt to hang around.

She waited until he had turned and taken several steps
away before her stern face dissolved into a giggling
smile. She slid one of the glasses across the smooth,
round tabletop as she turned to her companion.

"So tell me, Jadzia, what was it really like?"

Jadzia, a slim, dark-haired young woman with a leopard-
like pattern of spots curving down from her forehead,
took a sip of the potent brew and smiled with her ... Continue»
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Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy

Penny was from Nebraska and even though she looked
innocent and just like the "Girl Next Door" she was
anything from that!

After her break-up with Leonard she drifted from one
guy to another, mostly hard bodies, but dumb as dirt
and as she had told Leonard on several occasions; "You
rat bastard, I was okay dating dumb guys, but after
dating you I realize just how dumb they really are!"

When Priya, Raj's s****r, came into the picture she
thought she had lost any chance of ever getting
Leonard back, then her misfortunes turned upside down
and suddenly things began to come... Continue»
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Brady Bunch: Carol and Marcia

Carol Brady had a dilemma. While she was in college, she
had had a two-year affair with her college roommate.
Sandy had taught her the joy of girl-girl love plus the
added pleasure of sex with another woman wearing
pantyhose. Since then, Carol had had the urge, from time
to time, to sl**p with another woman. During her first
marriage she and her next-door neighbor made love with
each other on an on again off again basis. Tracy had
also shared Carol's love of pantyhose. Since marrying
Mike Brady, Carol had not had the desire for another
woman until just recently. Now the fee... Continue»
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90210 Donna Stays Over

Donna rolls over in her bed, then falls onto the floor.
The crash wakes Kelly, who runs into her room. As she
helps Donna off the floor and onto her bed, she asks,
"Are you all right?"

"I dunno, my thigh hurts," Donna moans.

"Let me look."

Donna pulls up her long nightshirt to reveal a black and
blue mark on her right thigh.

Kelly looks at it then says, "It look's okay."

Donna moans, and Kelly feels her forehead.

"You've got a fever, let me go get a thermometer," Kelly
says before she runs into the bathroom.

She returns with the thermometer and gets ready to stic... Continue»
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My Initial Meeting With A BBQ Harem!!!

In chatting with a female friend the other night, she made mention that she would love to someday have me write a story about her and her friends. These women are BBW that are hot and sexy! So what else could I do?!?!?

I did not include their XH names or pictures because… Well I don’t have their permission. I did not ask… Maybe I am hoping to be punished by them some day!!!

Maybe they will post some of that in the comments!!!

Anyhow, enjoy!!!!

Cast of characters….
Queen: Straight blonde hair blued eye mature dominant of the women.
Mrs. CEO: Short, submissiv... Continue»
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Excerpt from my most recent novel.... still being

After my congratulations, I took my place back between R and Silver and everyone sat at their places again. We were served hot green tea by the serving girls, then the cups were removed and the table wiped clean again. Then it was time for the evening’s entertainment. The chef left to clean his knives and tools and the pretty serving girls stood together at the lower end of the table. They slipped their arms into the sleeves of their kimonos and shrugged them from their shoulders. The beautiful garments fell to the floor. They stood in front of us all, nude and beautiful… their long black hair... Continue»
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Star trek enterprise the experiment

Captain’s Log: May 15, 2153. We are studying a Class 4 red giant. The crew is enjoying some down time and relaxing, except for my communications officer Ensign Hoshi Sato. I ordered Ensign Sato to sickbay and report to Dr. Phlox.

Hoshi walked into sickbay and looked around, when she didn’t see anyone she said, “Dr. Phlox, are you in here.”

Dr. Phlox walked out from behind a curtain and said, “You’re up late Ensign, shouldn’t you be in your quarters resting?”

Hoshi looked at Dr. Phlox and said, “I was on the bridge, the captain sent me down here because I have a bad headache. I am sorr... Continue»
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Firefly: After Serenity

Times had been hard for the crew of the small firefly class ship, they had
lost many friends on Haven colony and their pilot. The ship flew out of the
way and had not seen or heard anyone or anything else in a week. They were
trying to stay out of the Alliances way in case they decided some revenge
was in order against serenity and her crew.

It was late for ship time and the corridors where quiet and empty as most of
the crew slept in their own bunks. This was true for all except for the
ship's mechanic and medic. Kaylee and Simon both laid in her bunk naked,
embraced in each ot... Continue»
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Bet On The Game

Patric Green was a little pissed off. It wasn't because his team, The Dukes, were down s*******n to twelve with only twenty minutes of the game remaining. It wasn't really that his wife, Mandy was still hanging around instead of going out with her friend Sue, as previously arranged. No, he could deal with all that - just! What had really annoyed him was that, instead of going out shopping, Mandy had invited Sue over to their house and the two of them had been making comments all the way through the game. Patric was on the point of losing it with them!

"They got no chance now, Pat!" Sue teas... Continue»
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Sex Car

She asked me to meet her in town. She said she was tired, but would be up for platonic company, so we decided we would just hang out as friends. We met at a lot outside the karaoke bar. Parking was expensive, so she suggested we move my car to the larger lot on the outskirts of town. We stole a few delicious kisses in the dark parking lot, just enough to wet my appetite for more. After that, we headed back towards the beach-front Karaoke bar. We were holding each other's hands and stroking thighs under the table, but we were trying to be pretty discreet. Two women that are having trouble keepi... Continue»
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