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Their First Toys Ch. 03

In the morning, Kathy and Jane smirk at each other as they get up, that they are naked, that their nipples pop out again. During the day, they go to buy champagne, agreeing that Jane looks older, old enough not to have trouble at the store. She doesn't, coming out of the store with grin. Kathy immediately pays for her bottle. Snickering, they agree to buy ice, and Kathy pays for a bag at filling station. Snickering again, they return to their room and put the ice on the bottles in their washbasin. Snickering even more, Jane puts her toothbrush with the cork in the rubber on its charger, and Ka... Continue»
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Super Superheroes

Super Superheroes

We had been invited to Paul’s bosses 50th Birthday party and it was superheroes and villains fancy dress, so after many months of thinking what the hell we could go as we decided on wonder woman and batman, we had arranged to go to the party with friends who lived near, Paul and Devon worked together, Paul had come home late from work so I was already dressed as wonder woman in my tight blue shorts with white stars red top and red boots and of course wonder woman head band ready to go as we were supposed to be going ten minutes after Paul had got home, chuntering about wor... Continue»
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Niece visits

My 18 year old niece came to stay with me while she looked for an apartment. She was attending college in my area. She is of course a beautiful young lady. The first night she was there I saw her coming out of the bathroom after a shower. She had a towel on her head and that was it. It most be in our genes. She saw me also and didn't even react she just walked normally to her room. All I could do was shake my head and salivate. Her body was perfect. Everything was perfect. I watched until she was in her room. That was only the beginning. Night after night she walked naked from her room to the ... Continue»
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Tasty Threesome for Lilly, Lizzy and Lezzie leads to a Sweet Sexy Surprise
I invite my readers to a sexy story of a tasty three-some as fresh as I heard how it happened
I saw the start of it and heard the hot horny dirty details later from my lovely looking Lilly
I will tell you all about it in a few foxy sexy sequels of hot lesbian love in old Amsterdam
I warn you, dear reader: you are in for a shocking sexy surprise! Want to know more? Read on!
I invite you to a real redhot story which just happened here at Queens Day in old Amsterdam!

I invite my fine friend from far Lilly to... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 11

We had, several months earlier, gone to the Justice of the Peace, and were married, UNDER VIETNAMESE LAW. I went to personell and had our papers, so they could be put into my records. The clerk, a good friend of mine, told that the papers weren't any good, and that I had to get permission from the Military Command to get married and take her home with me. I had never thought about it until I was told I would STILL have to leave her behind, that I WAS IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL. I felt as if someone had kicked me in the gut. I asked him, then, what I would have to do. He told me that, as I ha... Continue»
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My Friend

Sal came over to have coffee as she was hurt thinking her husband may be having an affair. I knew what she meant becasue I have fucked him many times but it was just sex nothing more. I gave Sal the coffee and we sat out on my deck. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and Sal had on a halter top and shorts. It was a bright warm day. As we talked Sal got teary eyed and began to cry. I went to her and put an arm around her and told her not to worry as I knew he loved her. I told her to be more open, dress sexy, show off her tits. Don't wear a bra." She smiled and said "Do you think I can be sexy?... Continue»
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s****r act

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’d know that I have a very hot wife, who has become my slut/whore, and a very wild pussy. But this blog is from back before I even met Tish.

Background: I was raised in a small farming community in Nebraska, a mid-c***d of 6, and if you know anything about a farm with 6 k**s, nothing goes to waste and my life was a series of hand-me-downs. After High School, you options are pretty limited, go to college, stay on the farm, or join the military. I tried to stay on the farm, but I don’t deal with the older b*o-ther, who was married with 2 k**s and was p... Continue»
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Kinky Girls

You see, last night was date night with my good friend Cindy. We met a few months ago and hit it off right away.

I got home from work extra early so that I could relax and prepare for our big night in at a leisurely pace. It wasn't quite dusk out as I pulled into my driveway. I tidied up around the house a bit first- distracting myself with random chores. The anticipation of my dates with Cindy gets me so excited that I'm almost reluctant to actually start the process of getting ready.

When I could make no more excuses, I walked down the sun-lit hallway to my bedroom. I began to disrobe.... Continue»
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5 women pt 2

The following morning when Penny woke I was fast asl**p to be woken by Penny wanking my now thick hard cock she straddled me lowering her tight slit onto the b**st feeding it in slowly as she would have full control, she moved up and down slowly grinding her hips as she did, Penny started to moan as she gasped she was Cumming I grabbed her hips pushing her down so she had the full length and thickness in her, she started to shake and then cried out as she cum she carried on for a few moments as I moved onto my side and Penny falling onto hers I twisted her onto her back and started to thrust m... Continue»
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The Fruit Flies (a gay and lesbian tale)

THE FRUIT FLIES (a gay and lesbian tale)
This story takes place in Paris in the mid-1920s. A “fruit fly” is another word, more polite, for “fag hag”.
Leonora had been waiting 20 minutes for her friend but she remembered Brigitte was always late. Actually Leonora didn’t mind waiting in this posh café which her French friend had suggested. Paris was always as exciting as she remembered it. Well-dressed young people walking around, the fashions which were getting simply just…well…I mean…so butch..what they called “garçonne” here. Leonora was more conservative and had chosen a tweed skirt and a ... Continue»
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Learning To Follow The Rules

Gewn Tomas age 26yrs. perfect body but no boyfriends all her friends were getting married off one by one and she still hadn't had a boyfriend for more then a few months at a time. Saturday moring Shelly calls Gewn you just wouldn't belive it Tommy ask me to marry him last nite could you be my maiden of honor? Gewn's stomch fipled hurt and feeling lost but not wanting to hurt her friend she says yes. Over the next 8 months they set up the wedding then the nite before the wedding party go for a drink together before the bride and groom have there partys. Gewn still feeling lost goes to th... Continue»
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Janet and John - Book 3

Janet and John are twins.
Janet and John live with their Mummy and Daddy in a big house in the country.

Anna, their older s1ster also lives there.
Anna has left school, she is 18.
Anna works in a big departmental store in Romford.

Anna catches the bus to work each day.
Anna looks out of the window at all the girls in pretty summer frocks.
Anna does not like boys; Anna likes girls. Anna is a lesbian.

Anna has to wear a boring black skirt and white blouse.
Anna works in the ladies wear department, so has to look smart.
Anna helps fit young girls with their first bra.
Anna is ver... Continue»
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And so i lived in a dream,a wonderfull partner,in love,a good life,what could ever go wrong?? I had the perfect life
We worked both ,we had good positions,money never really was an object,our sexlife was allmost satisfactory,we travelled a lot,in short the good life......
But without noticing anything,nothing to put your finger on decay broke in ,our so interesting conversations diminished,silences at the breakfasttable became louder and louder and our allmost satisfactory sexlife became a sexlife,his sexlife in fact,it was allmost as if i didn't really matter anymore for as long as i was th... Continue»
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Story 1

Aww. (chuckle)

You look so good there, face to your mattress and ass in the air. It's my favorite pose yet. Well - I'm sure it's got to be a bit embarrassing for you. With your wrists bound tightly about your thighs and legs spread generously at the edges of a crude wooden pole I managed to fasten cuffs to - how crafty am I?
Quite. Crafty enough to trick that reddish tint to come about on your cheeks. Cunning enough to call forth that sweet nectar of anticipation to come flowing freely from "down there." A glimmering drop splashes onto the bed sheets. That's been going on for... Continue»
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Three Tasty Cuties Coming -1

Three Tasty Hot Hairy Cuties Confession
Tonight I noticed a hot hairy foxy friend online, I invited her for our second chat
Hairy Katie is in the mood for me, even introduces great girlfriends who are at her
Ready for some action next day going out in my town, the capital of old Amsterdam
Exciting idea to know the private plans of those three tasties for tomorrow: Milky Way
Exactly a place where I might like to meet them casually by chance, what a sexy idea!

Tasty, sexy and pretty she is, my foxy friend cute Katie, she shows two photos of her
All three read along while we talk,... Continue»
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biwi aur saali ki chudai

Me sabere sabere uth ke office nikal gaya. Karib 5 baje me ghar lauta. Mere key se door khola aur mere bedroom me gaya. Bedroom ka darwaja halke se khula tha maine thoda aur kholke ke door ke pass gaya to dekha ki Meri biwi aur uski sagi bahen sirf bra aur panty me ek dusre ko hug karke WILD kiss kiye jaa rahe the. Meri wife mere sali ke upar thi aur use smouch karrahi thi aur dono ke hoton par saliva dikh raha tha. Kiss bahot wild aur strong thi dono ek dusre ke muh me aapni tongue daal rahi thi. Aur meri sali Romane mere biwi ko hug karke mere biwi ke white aur pink panty me hath daalke mere... Continue»
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bathroom break

Finally we get a night out without the k**s! We decide to go out to the new restaurant in town, where the waitresses aren’t wearing much. In the process of talking before our meal, we joke about “picking a girl to take home” and both look around trying to figure out which girl would be the best to take home. I notice one girl with really hot tits, and we both giggle a little at my choice. We flirt and touch each other under the table all night and finally screw up the courage to do something we have always wanted to do: Fuck in the bathroom. I go first and check out the ladies room to ma... Continue»
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night out

We are on our way to a hotel for, what Chase thinks is just a run of the mill amazing night with each other, but he has no idea that I have a plan for tonight that will up the ante on amazing nights forever. We pull into the hotel, and go straight to the room since I’ve already checked in. We walk in and he finds a woman, with long dark hair and large perky tits laying on the bed, she is wearing thigh high black leather high heeled boots, black fishnet tights a black leather mini skirt, black leather gloves and a black leather jacket, unzipped to show that she isn’t wearing anything undernea... Continue»
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We are at a party, and I don’t know a lot of people here, so rather than mingling like I normally would, I’m sticking pretty close to Chase tonight. In fact, right now, we are standing on the edge of what has become a little dance floor and watching people make idiots of themselves dancing, and laughing and having fun. I’m standing in front of Chase with my ass pressed up against his dick, and occasionally I sway to the music a little and get turned on from feeling it rub against me. He has his hands just under the bottom of my shirt and they are wresting on the each side of my waist. Even... Continue»
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Sexy Secretary Slave Search -19

Sweet Surprise to Three Lovely Looking London loves
Sweetheart sexy Sappho bring the bottles of cold Champagne from my fridge, please precious!
We need nine flutes as well. It is high time for some tasty talks with our raiding ****sters
Eagrly awaiting next sexy propositions all great gals sit down, squat around Petra and Pete
Eminent and exciting play, Kate! I enormously enjoyed your second sex foxy visit. Let's toast
To my great gal guests and my sexy secrataries. I propose peace talks to you three tasties!

Sexy Sarah and awesome Ann do you two agree I appoint Kitty Kate to th... Continue»
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