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When She Cheats

Husband watches wife cheating with a big cock.

Weekday mornings are hectic at our house--my spouse and I are getting ready for work. Patty takes the bus to town and leaves the house a half-an-hour earlier than me. She is always running late and in a rush everyday. This particular morning, after Patty hurried and left for the stop, I noticed, she forgot her bus pass. Me being a good husband--I jumped into my car to bring her pass. I hoped to make it to her stop, before the bus's arrival.

I was close enough to the bus stop to see Patty still standing there; but, my good deed was bei... Continue»
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Firm business meeting?

Gloria was in her late 30's. Light-skinned black woman. 5' 8" slim w/ a nice ass. Cute, friendly face w/ a friendly disposition to match. Shoulder-length curly hair that caught one's attention as much as her booty when she walked away; Gloria knew they were watching, too. She enjoyed flirting and seeing men get all excited and bothered in her presence as she spoke to them, winking like a tease.

Gloria had married young, had a daughter, worked as a clerk...but her husband didn't appreciate Gloria after awhile, and wasn't much of a provider. This needed to change, and since he wouldn't Gloria... Continue»
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My new cuckold wife 1st fuck backstory to video

This story takes place Vegas Wed Oct 5th 2016 at Aria hotel Casino. This is the back story to the Video "My New Cuckold Couple 1st fuck video". Its best if you read this then watch the video.

I just finish work and go to my room wash up and go to the tables and play blackjack. I have a hour and 45min until my poker game starts. So I start playing and I'm sitting in the 5th spot out of 6. To my left in the last spot is this bad bitch who looks Colombian with a huge rack and beautiful face and great thighs that I can see as she is sitting down. I want her which is why I sat at this spo... Continue»
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Rhianon's first gang bang

Rhianon was dirty, passionate, absolutely sexy and loved having men cum on her chest. One night when giving her grey haired co-worker a blow job she started thinking about him, their part-black co-worker and her boyfriend all cumming on her tits at the same time. She went into autopilot on the old guy and started massaging his balls while swirling her tongue around the tip of his throbbing boner. He was half grunting, half moaning because he hadn't felt anything that good since he slept with his friend's college age niece years earlier. He was pulling on her hair and tried telling her he was g... Continue»
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Story by Maria

The Year: 2040 A.D.

When I was growing up; each year around Halloween, my friends and f****y would gather around a campfire in the dark of the night. There we would each tell scary stories to see who could tell the most frightening. It would always be a great time, with us freaking out at the slightest sound in the woods at our backs. I was pretty good at telling ghost stories; but my friend's uncle Raul would always be the best. One story in particular that he always told always stuck with me growing ... Continue»
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Ebony Euro Trip

10 Black Women travel to Europe to get impregnated

A short story by Latisha

The year is 2024, and for the past year their has been a global hive mind craze amongst millions of women across the world. And that is "impregnation tourism" in Europe. Tourism in which millions of women from all over the world travel each year to a European country to hunt for a man or men that could get them pregnant; so that they could return to their home countries with a mixed baby.

My name is Sharice, and I'm a black woman from the s... Continue»
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Chinese Buffet

Story By Chen

"Hello, Welcome to the Red Dragon takeout service. May I take your order?"

It was 9 o'clock at night and I had just gotten off of work. I was a bit tired and had nothing to eat at my apartment, so I decided I would go pick up some quick Chinese takeout food. I had forgotten to call ahead of time, so I was gonna have to wait about 20 extra minutes.

"Uhhhh, yeah, could I get the number four chicken and noodle meal." I said dully to the man in ... Continue»
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Black Cock Gloryhole Adventure

My husband and I had been talking about glory holes and my husband Neil had wanted us to go visit a Glory Hole Club together for a while. I had never been that keen really but lately he had been pressing the issue more and more, telling me it was a fantasy of his to watch me play with lots of cocks. He wanted us to go along and watch and just see how we felt about it. Neil had discovered a Glory Hole Club in our local city. I was really hesitant about it not really liking the idea of playing with other cocks. I had never had a big black cock before and Neil's fantasy was about me playing with ... Continue»
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Our Wedding Night

RG and I spent many nights fucking my girlfriend but when she went to the doctor to get birth control pills she was already pregnant. The doctor told her the date of conception and it just happened to be the night she first got fucked by a Big Black Cock. RG and I both filled her fertile pussy that night so we had no idea which of us was going to be a dad. RG, Kenny, Derrick and I basically ignored the situation and continued fucking her whenever she was not working.

I finally asked her to marry me and decided we'd goto the courthouse and do a quick ceremony. We got married 2 weeks late... Continue»
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Alone In Her apartment

Hi all, My name is raju from Bangalore. I am basically from bangalore Well, let’s come to the story. I stay with my friends in a rented flat and I used to go for jogging every morning at the corporation stadium, which is near to our apartment. It is so nice to do exercise in the foggy mornings; so lot of people including ladies used to come for morning walk and jogging.

Days were passing; I used to enjoy the appearance of young women in tight track suits as well…So one fine day this incident happened. I had finished that day’s
... Continue»
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What do you want, Baby?

I had been married 27 years and my sex life had been pretty pitiful, being rejected by my sex addict husband who didn't want me. When we split up I hadn't dated since the late 80s. I was feeling pretty rough, unwanted and and not sure if I'd be desirable. I met a guy online and we started talking, this 29 year old gorgeous intelligent personal trainer who happened to be black. I'd never been with a black guy before, not because that mattered, I'd just never had the opportunity. When I finally gathered up the courage to meet him, I was floored by how sexy and easy he was to be around. We sat i... Continue»
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The Two Resorts (continued)

After our day out in the fresh air we had showered and dressed for dinner and when we got there Ian and Marsha invited us to their table. Apparently Stephen and Maria had gone out for the evening to some dinner theatre in a small town about an hour and a half from the resort.We had a great time during dinner drinking a couple of bottles of wine and talking about was we did during the day and Marsha spoke about her position as a GP and how it worked being a homeopathic doctor as well. She was a great believer in the benefits of treating all forms of medicine as equals. As we finished up Ian inv... Continue»
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First Time at a BBC party, and First time seeing m

To appreciate this story, it helps to check out how my wife and I got this far. You should read those first as you can really appreciate this one a whole lot more by seeing where my wife came from and how she ended up here in DC with a bunch Black Fraternity Guys, celebrating there reunion.

By now my Filipino wife of 20-plus years has already broken the Taboo boundaries and experienced amazing sex with a Black man, and since her first adventure, she was actually seeing this one guy who I introduced her to that I met on another web site that I'm not sure I can say the name but I can tell yo... Continue»
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twin black b*****rs

I received a message on Tumblr from a 19 year old Black twin who wanted to visit with his twin b*****r and fuck my white hotwife together. They had numerous pictures and were both very hung so I invited them down to our house. They arrived about 1.5 hours later and were both super horny.

They were both undressed and in our bedroom within a few minutes of arriving. They hadn't even introduced themselves yet and Erek was hovering over my wife's tits and fucking her mouth as his twin b*****r Derek began fucking her doggystyle.

Erek would pull out his cock and tell her to suck his balls ... Continue»
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Gangbang fun

Since my husband was in school for a week, and not at home, I thought I could have some ‘’me time’’, I booked a few hours at the spa in town, dropped off my daughter at my s****rs, and went off to my appointment, as I entered the spa I saw this American lady trying to explain in broken German what she wanted, I stepped up to help her out, we got things settled and offered to stay with her because we both had pretty much the same treatments massage, hot tub, facial, manicure and pedicure’s, we spent the day being pampered but I caught myself looking at her, she was not fat, but not skinny, ever... Continue»
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Helena's husband trying a hard BBC

Helena’s husband trying a hard BBC

My loving girlfriend Helena called me that Friday evening, telling me she was going out of town alone, to visit some friends not so far away.
She warned me: “Look after my nasty hubby, but do not fuck him…”
I promised her that I would try to stay apart from that dirty son of a bitch…

On the other side, my loving Victor was flying away on Saturday morning.
So, that Saturday evening I was home alone, when Jorge; Helena’s husband, called me. He was horny and wanting some “action”…

I accepted his invite to visit him at his home; but I had in mind a ... Continue»
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Not knowing (the wife side of the story)

I had an incredibly hard day at work on that day. It wasn't the work itself. That was mundane and repetitive as always. It was more my mind racing, my heart pounding, my body trembling and a constant, burning, almost desperate excitement that consumed me all day. I lost count of how many trips to the bathroom I had made, drying myself off as the excitement got too much for me. I even had to go out at lunchtime and buy a pack of fresh panties, five pairs, and by 3pm, I only had two pairs left. The others were all soaked through and had to be disposed of. So I sat at my desk, thighs clamped toge... Continue»
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Last Creamy Hurrah.

A knock at the apartment door on a Sunday afternoon. Who is that? Not expecting anyone.

Billy looks out the peephole. A rich chocolate colored woman, smartly dressed in a blue sweater: Anita.

Haven't seen her in a year...perhaps as long as 18 months. Wonder what she wants...we've been out of touch since going our separate ways, in a way since she said she'd make a go of saving her nearly decade-long marriage to Charles.

Charles had messed around on her after six-and-a-half years together. With some "hood rat," Anita's words. In Billy's mind, this was folly: Anita was an attractive wo... Continue»
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My wife's first interracial experience

This is a true story that took place a couple years ago. My wife and I had been married for a couple years at this point. We are both on our second marriage and couldn't be more happy with our lives. Our sex life was completely amazing and it wasn't uncommon for us to go at it at least three or four times a day. Amy is 38, 5' tall 115lbs with short blonde hair. She has beautiful fake large C cup tits and an ass that's out of this world. I always describe her as being built like a Russian gymnast with fake tits. She is very active in the running community and trains/competes weekly. Wh... Continue»
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AOL couple

When I first starting using computers I joined America Online. It didn't take long to meet people in chatrooms who wanted to hookup. I was 21 and always horny when I met this interracial couple who only lived 20 minutes away. I sent them a "G" rated pic and they returned pictures and invited me over that night.

Mark and Jessica were both 27 and physically fit like myself. Mark was good looking with a dark black complexion and stood 5'10" tall but possessed an average 7" Big Black Cock. Jessica was a local stripper who was very tan, 5'5" 108 lbs. with fake 38DD breasts, a bald pussy an... Continue»
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