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Mandy's First Black Cock

Hello, my name is Mandy. I am a happily married white woman. I am 34 years old, I have natural brown hair, both on top and bottom, a slightly olive colored complexion, and I am somewhat slim but I did put on a little extra weight after having a c***d. As a young girl I have always fantasized about black men, even though I knew I would never date one, and I had always wondered if what I had heard about the size of their cocks was true. On my first job after high school, I began having daily contact with one of the black employees that worked in the warehouse and he began flirting with me every ... Continue»
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It's been a horny week. Loads of cock sucking sluts wanting to friend me on my sight. Yet I was only interested in meeting a slut craving a cock down there throat. So I posted this interest on craigslist and got 2 reply. Followed both up and over loads of e mail back and forth, finally got to exchange mobile numbers and the hunt was on.1st up was a bristol woman. Who's interest was anal but said she knew how to suck cock, as she had been doing it since the age of 14. Now in her forty she recond she could take most cocks. I found out later she e****ted on the side also. The second was a ho... Continue»
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Black Gold

My wife and I had been married for three great years. We were high school sweathearts in the middle of small town USA. She is the only woman I have been with and I was the only man who she had had. I was a normal looking guy, dark hair, average height and weight. My wife was a cute little blonde. She had shoulder length hair and a nice little body. She was petite with a nice little rack. She looked alot like Christina Aguilera except she dressed much more conservative. Our sex life was good as we had that special bond of only making love to each other. We were very excited when an old friend f... Continue»
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Being A Cougar To My Boss

I am sharing my real life experience with all of you. Pls bear with my grammatical error if any. The story started in the year 2004 & is still continuing

I am a 40 year old woman with not so good looking features. I have a very tiny boobs & very slim body & hence not much of the men were staring at me. The incident happened at my age of 31 years when I was employed with a company in Cochin. My husband works in a CO’ in Gulf & I have a son aged 7 years. Once in a year husband comes home for 30 days & flies back & i am unable
... Continue»
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Interracial neighbor fantasy

I am a happily married man in my 30s, but I confess to harbor an explicit fantasy about the neighbor across the street.

I moved into the apartment across the street from the beautiful chocolate goddess I will call Sarah. The first thing that caught my eye about her was the fact that she drove a red moped. Every day, I would sit from porch and see her pull up, with her juicy, tones thighs straddling the the slightly too large seat. Sarah also has an credible ass, comparable to Lira Galore (look her up). She dressed somewhat unconventionally, also. I would almost call it dorky or else not in... Continue»
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Ana enjoying another huge black dick

Ana enjoying another huge black cock

Friday night I had gone with my sweet Ana to a local bar in the neighborhood. Soon Ana had met a big muscled black guy and she had introduced him to me as Jordan.

When the bartender announced he was closing the place; Ana asked me if we could continue the party at home… with Jordan, of course…

Once we got to the house, Anita took Jordan into the living room while I got beverages for everybody. When I got to the living room I found my lovely wife on her knees in front of that big black man. She had his jeans undone and was working his huge, veiny da... Continue»
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Female Boss Took My Virginity

First let me introduce myself I am Nagesh from Bangalore working in MNC in Bangalore and my age is 28 years, I am 5.10 height and fair looking with 8 inch dick size and my boss vidya is an divorcee women and her age is 34 years old with prefect figure that fulfills every men sex desires on bed.

As I told you people that I am regular reader of stories and in that story I got one friend to chat with gmail and her name Kamini, I started to chat with her in regularly even office also during the working hours because of this chat
... Continue»
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On Vacation

Hi Folks,

Another true story.

Wife and I went to Florida on a little get away. We decided to do the Para-Sailing tour. When the boat came we swam out got in the boat and noticed 2 - 30 something black guys operating the boat and hooking us up for our tour.

We really didn't think anything of it until 1 of the guys jumped in to the water beside the boat to untangle a rope. When he climbed back in, we couldn't help but notice the huge cock hanging down underneath his now wet bathing suit. I looked over at my wife and her eyes were WIDE open and I noticed she could not take her eyes off... Continue»
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I woke up, naked but freshly showered on a crisp clean set of sheets on a
large round bed. The events of earlier were sketchy at best. As the sl**p
left my eyes and I started to become more lucid, I started remembering how
I was a total slut for dozens of hung black tops. How they used my body
for their sexual pleasure and how I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I couldn't
get my head around that fact. I had never had a gay thought in my life,
and now a scant few hours later I was naked in a strange mans house
starting to wonder where all the hard cock that I had played with earlier
had... Continue»
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i dressed up as a full girl

i lost some fat and still had my nice butt so and got some fake boobs yes fake boobs you can get them on the internet anyway. one evening i thought it would be fun to go out as a girl so i got a pair of panties a pair of black leggings and i attached my fake boobs a little glue helps and put on a blue bra and black tight shirt. i went out to my local adult store and walked around the booth area for a bit. all the guys were looking at me checking me out. i think a couple knew i was a guy but most didn't care. most of them wanted to feel up my ass or boobs well i found one guy jerking off to me ... Continue»
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My s****r was very beautiful after her c***dbirth. She was very big now. She was looking plump and looking like Kate Winslet of Hollywood. It was when I went my s****r’s husband was going for a business Tour. He told he is unfortunate that he have to leave and he asked me to stay with s****r for one month, so that I can help her in keeping the baby. My s****r was also relieved when she saw me.
At the age of 18, starting of adolescence I was eagerly watching my s****r. Now my hormones have started working and I was seeing my s*
... Continue»
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interracial massage

i am a white chubby guy who likes wearing panties and tight pants, mostly leggings.
one of my friends with benefits, older black guy, got a massage table and wanted to try it out and he knew i gave good massages so he texted me to come over in my usual clothes so i got on a pair of blue panties and a pair of tight black leggings and a black shirt. i got there and he showed me his table and asked me to give him a massage. he laid down face down and i worked on his back and legs. he turned around and i started down at his feet and worked my way up to his crotch. i grabbed his cock and jerked i... Continue»
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Internet hook up in Muskegon,Mi

Well we are talking on the phone for a while . and we are getging to know eachother. So we decide to meet up at the bar.  So i put my jean shorts my jordans and a button up on. I then drive to the bar. But you call me and ask me to stop and pick you up. so i pull up to your house . and get out and stand next to my passenger door. So when i lift my head up. My jaw drops.i see you walk you. You are wearing this really sexy dress stockings garderbelt no panties and some matching high heels. Your heels match your dress. So you walk up to me wrap your arms around my neck. And give my a hug. So i ... Continue»
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Awesome night after work in Muskegon,mi...... hell

Well my name is Rikko Suave. Im 32 single no k**s. About 5"11 165 lbs blue eyes light brown hair. Im White Native American and Polish. With ten tattoos.
I worked at Mr.Scribs pizza witch is only in Muskegon ,Michigan.. I worked until 4am. So i was working the drive through window that night. Busting my ass like always. So I'm working the drive through. Its around 2:30am. Almost time to close. Next thing you know this sexy ass black Ladies came to the drive through d***k.
They both started flirting with me. They looked like they both left the night club. Kiana had on this sexy ass blue and b... Continue»
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One Hot Night

The day was hot, record setting hot and the night was no better when my air conditioner stopped working. A call to the manufacturer informed me I had operated the machine eleven hours longer than they recommended. They tell me to leave it off for two to three hours then see if it functions. What to do in the meantime? Without the air conditioner, the temperature rose quickly in my shitty one bedroom apartment. I desired to be some place else. Might as well hit up the Yellow Clam, seeing how my last visit left something to be desired.

The Yellow Clam was originally a brothel for Chinese wor... Continue»
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Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla Part two

Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla Part two
The phone rang. It was 3 AM on Thursday. The boy awoke and fumbled around for it. It was someplace under his hoodie by his desk. He found it and answered it, half rolling away from his sl**ping roommate in his bunk so as not to wake him.
"Mmnnn Hello?"
"Hello Vic! How is my nice hunk of Vanilla dick?" It was Wendy. She was horny, excited, and on the phone.
"I'm good," he said trying to keep his voice down, "what are you doing? It’s a little after three,"
"I am thinking about you; about your cock, and about being fucked by you. I'm thinking... Continue»
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nurse ke chudlam besh kore

Sedin baire theke firtei shunlam amake naki Aratat phone korechilo, ki naki joruri dorkar. Ami vablam ki bapar kalkei to dekha holo, azke abar ki joruri dorkar. Ami phone korlam. O bollo ze or borovai naki accident koreche, serokom serious kichu na, kintu pa venge geche. Ekhon Dhanmondir akta clinic e ache. Or baba ma geche desher baire berate, ar oke zete hobe boro bonke niye indiate, ki daktar dekhabe. Azkei sondhay flight. Ekhon or vai porche fande, dekhashona korar keu nai. ?dost, tui zodi kindly shudhu duto rat aktu okhane thakis tahole khub valo hoy. Ami zoto taratari pari bonke okhane k... Continue»
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Jamie's Descent Part 8

Chapter 8

I stared open mouthed at Lexi.

‘What do you mean we’re going to be auctioned?’ I hissed at him.

‘People bid for us and we get bought for the night. I can't believe your
Mistress didn't tell you.’

I shook my head and Lexi reached out his hand to hold mine.

The man on the stage began to speak again.

‘My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. We will now begin the auction. Please
remember our rules, if you make a successful bid, you will be entitled
to take your prize to one of our rooms for the night. The prize will
perform whatever services you require during this peri... Continue»
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HOT Sex With Salesman

I was busy cleaning the house. It was raining heavily and was quite dark at half past 5 in the evening. The little murky light showing up in the sky from what’s left of the day added to the romantic effect of the whole setting. Together, the sound of the rain and the beautiful old song playing in the radio reminded me of my husband.

I stopped cleaning the hall for a moment, walked over to the window and gazed out. Two more days were to go before my husband returned. He had gone on a business trip for a week and 5 days had al
... Continue»
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Whites Can't Compete

What can I is great! I've got the hottest girl in school and every guy wants to be me. As the quarterback of the football team, I've got this school wrapped around my finger. I can pretty much get anything I want here at school. Oh...and did I forget to mention that I've got a big fat cock. I can't tell you how many of these girls have taken a ride on my 9 inch dick. I've got a reputation around school as being a big dicked alpha stud. Everything was going great in my life...until one fateful day.

I was sitting in class one day when our teacher introduced a new student to the sch... Continue»
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