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Practice! Practice! PRACTCE!!

My ther****t had suggested I avail myself of the large video library The Center For Interracial Relations & Cuckold Therapy had for it's clients to utilize, and after deciding on one that sounded might fit my own personal struggles, I began watching it on a regular basis.

"Admit to yourself," the soft, friendly, and even sexy sounding female voice said, "that you're deeply attracted to other men...and," the voice went on to ad, "especially to black men with BIG and BLACK cocks."

Even just hearing those words spoken sent a thrill through me.

"It's okay," the same woman's voice said aft... Continue»
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Sharing My Indian Wife

A Sex Story by Priya

My name is Raj, and I live in Birmingham, U.K. with my wife, Alicia. I work as a creative engineer for an international trade corporation. One of the biggest parts of my job is streamlining the processes of my company. Only one other person in the company shares this occupation title with me: Leif, a very talented man from Norway.

While he lives in Oslo, he frequently travels to the U.K. branch of the company to ensure everything is going well, and to brainstorm with me. Just this last week we finally implemented a process that we had worked on tirelessly for mont... Continue»
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The Swedish Cousins

If you are new to my stories; all of the events described are true events that happened to me. Some of the detailed have been changed to protect the guilty.

I write these stories to document my change from a shy virgin to a Dom. BBC Bull.

At the time I was living in a small boring town. Most of my coworkers were married. I often traveled to Las Vegas on weekends because it was only a few hours away. I had one other coworker who was also single. He often would come with me down to Vegas. We both enjoyed hooking up with women. We both were competitive, so we often made hooking up a com... Continue»
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sexysara2890 goes clubbing in Brixton

[user]sexysara2890 [/user] handed her coat to the cloakroom attendant and began to adjust herself in the white body fitting dress she was wearing. "Only a slut shows both cleavage and leg", was the mantra of her teenage years. Well she was a slut and loved it. She reposition her boobs in the cross fold low cut neck, making sure thier full roundness was clearly visible and pulled the dress a little further down her thighs, not out of modesty, but to ensure that it was smooth and tight over her full round arse. Her bare smooth white legs ended in heels pussy-whipped-white-sub-men loved having th... Continue»
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Asking for help in the wrong side of town

My loving Victor was arriving late that night to the airport; he was coming from a near town after a three days business trip.
It was too late, because I had to stay at my office completing some heavy paperwork before going home.
When I left the office, I thought the worst thing that night was the heavy rain outside, but I was wrong…
Some minutes later I could not believe my luck. The fucking car just stopped in the middle of nowhere and I could not start the engine again. The rain spattered down; as I got down my car and saw a few lights from a nearby bar right there on those deserted str... Continue»
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A story about a young Chinese woman 4

Bai Jie was sure that this would create problems for her. All the other girls at the office would give her a hard time, saying that she was already spending too much time with the bosses. But there was not much she could do, she was only doing what the bosses was telling her to do.
She had been working there for just a bit more than a month by now, and she knew that she was getting paid a lot better than the other girls. Yet she was wondering if the other girls would do what she had done…
She knew that they were talking about her behind her back, but what could she do about that?
“He wants... Continue»
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Muslim clears husband off debt

Hafsah had noticed that Osman, her husband was acting in a peculiar manner. Although she did not feel sexually attracted to him anymore she still was worried about him. Osman would spend time looking at his phone in anguish and he would be constantly peeking out of the windows of his house. Hafsah asked Osman 'What is the matter Osman I always see you constantly worrying?' Osman responded and said 'Nothing is the matter is there not anything you can do?' Osman was frustrated by Hafsah's questioning and he rebutted her enquiries. The next day Osman remained in his agitated state and he said 'Be... Continue»
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My First Semester at College Ch. 06

The next week, until school restarted, was pretty much like the week before Christmas, except that Byron now seemed to fuck my titties more, and I let him do my ass again a couple times. Then Lisa came home for the New Years Eve party at a near by frat. It was nice to see her, but even nicer that she planned to not come home that night! Especially since I already had a plan for Byron and my last night together alone in my dorm.

After dinner I showered, and put on a crotch-less body stocking and restlessly waited for my man. Byron was supposed to work until 10:00 that night, but at 9:00 the... Continue»
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I'll bet money his dick isn't as big as

It was 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday. I was sitting in my room flipping the channels looking for something good on. I was so bored, there was nothing to do. I was home alone because my parents went up North for the weekend and left me to take care of the cats. I went downstairs and got something to eat. I started making a sandwhich, and I heard the doorbell ring. Who could that be I thought to myself. I walked to the door and it was James, my neighbor.

"Hey James, what's up?" i asked.

"Hey I'm fine, I was just wondering if you would mow my lawn, I'll pay you 20 bucks."

"Oh yeah su... Continue»
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Ass Pounder Gay

I slipped the key into room 503 and jiggled the lock. The well worn lock resisted at first. As the pin tumblers engaged the lock begrudgingly let me in. I was horny as hell and it had been slow getting laid lately. The night before had been a complete waste of time. I tossed my backpack in the corner and quickly stripped down. I tossed my clothes on top of the backpack and pulled out my lube and poppers. I lubed my ass hoping it was mostly clean. I had cleaned out prior to leaving the house and thought I was good to go. As luck would have it I barely made it to my counselors office. ... Continue»
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True story, wife's pussy

My wife is five foot four, blonde, blue, shaved and one hundred pounds. When we first we'd she was shy, I worked hard to convince her that she was hot. She just didn't see it. On our honeymoon I talked her into wearing a bikini I had bought just for this trip. It looked like an average string bikini. It was bright orange and I told her it would look fantastic next to her beautiful tanned body. The difference was I had ordered it without any lining.

When she came out of the motel wearing it I was amazed at how sexy she was. I actually had to remind myself that she was really my wife.

He... Continue»
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New Life As Blackmen's Plaything Gay

It all started innocently enough one day while I was surfing the friend finding web site and had noticed that there was a large percentage of well endowed black members who were BI-sexual and were looking for women, couples and single guys to have sex with.

I am married and have always been heterosexual but I find myself often fantasizing about sucking and being fucked by a well hung black man. I have never been with another man but have on occasion swallowed my own cum and found the taste although salty to be quite delicious. I also occasionally fuck my ass with my wife’s dildo, which exc... Continue»
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gyno visit

The wife a informed me that she was due for gyno visit and that she had an appointment scheduled I asked well what actually goes on and she said well if you want you can come along and go into the exam room with me and see so I said okay on the day of the appointment I went with her to the clinic on the way she said that this Doc was a younger guy and I asked her if he was hot and she said yes he is. When we arrived we were e****ted to the exam room by the nurse my wife caught me checking her out she was a hot blond and had a body to kill for Linda asked if I was turned on by her and I said... Continue»
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First Taste of Black Cock and Cum Gay

I have been reading and enjoying cuckold and creampie stories for many years now, and I recently
had an unbelievable experience at a local sporting goods store. I was pretty horny at the time
because I had just finished reading several cuckold stories involving white husbands who were eating
creampies from their wives, which were deposited by big-cocked black men.

I was in the camping department looking at some cold-weather sl**ping bags, and noticed a large
black man also shopping in that area. He was about 6’4”, and I’m guessing about 250 pounds, and
was wearing a nice sweat shirt ... Continue»
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Living next door to a new neighbour

My wife Jenny and I recently moved from the South West to the Midlands to a small village. We have been married for just over a 27 years, Jenny is 49 and I am 52. She is quite attractive with a curvy figure but doesn't tend to show herself off much. She has great tits and legs but likes to keep them well covered!.

Over the years we have a good sex life but Jenny has always been a little reserved and generally quite shy in talking about her fantasies and things. I have asked her many times about her exes and past sexual exploits but she doesn't like to say much and tends to get embarrassed ... Continue»
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The Bag - revised Mistress version

So. I expect that you’ve already read my pathetic husband’s version of the last few months. I’ve just read it – and as a result he is curled in the fetal position at my feet crying, maybe through remorse, but mostly because he has just sustained a reasonably brutal beating of his balls and cock, for being a LYING LITTLE SHIT! (He just received 3 more stamps from me on his bruised and unbelievably swollen member).
Some of what he told you is undoubtedly true. He has for the last 9 months spent his life in an environment of ever increasing BDSM with particular focus on CBT. In the last 6 months... Continue»
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Well trained husband

I'm a thirty five year old married woman. My husband and I have been married for s*******n years. I was a virgin when he and I met and he was the only one I had even had sex with. We had a typical boring sex life for many years, he works hard so I don't have to. Two or three times a week he would fuck me hard for five minutes and then fall over on his side of the bed and go to sl**p. I would always finish myself off quietly with my fingers. My husband is a talented man and he and I often have talks where he amazes me with his vivid imagination. This is why I began training him.

Men are so e... Continue»
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Bareback party

My wife told me she had something she needed to talk to me about. We each got a cold drink and headed out to set by the pool. I sat down and she moved a chair so she was facing me when she sat down. She was wearing a short sun dress so when she crossed her legs I was treated to a perfect view of her leg that included part of her hip. Right away she caught me looking at that beautifuly tanned leg. She smiled and pulled the hem up so I could tell she didnt have any panties on. Now that I have your attention she said I've been invited to a bareback party. Is that what it sounds like I asked? Ye... Continue»
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Susan the horny GILF

I'm a very unassuming person, no one would ever see me as a sexual b**st. I'm 32 years old, short by American standards, I'm only 5'4 but built Samoan warrior. I first met Susan 6 years ago, while working in a hospital in south Florida. I was taking care of her husband who just had a stoke a week ago, there was little anyone could do for him. He was going to be bed bound pretty much the rest of his life. I was surprise that David had no visitors, no wife, no k**s until much later in the day a very well dressed lady was found, sitting by his bedside. Her name was Susan, she was 68 years old, b... Continue»
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Sexy japanese on Indian black dick.

I knocked the door. After few seconds. Door opened. Kohana opened the door. Looked at me in nervousness and said “hi”. I smiled. She was looking hot. Wearing pink color loose t-shirt & black color shorts. Which is short till her thighs, which reveals her bare skin. She is as fair as milk. She has perfect size body. May be 36.28.36 approx.. who measures.. I went inside without her permission. After all this is my house. I went towards Sofa & sat. She came towards me holding her hand in hand and stood towards me.. I said in normal voice “you can sit. .. you are living here na”. She shook her he... Continue»
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