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car ride home

i am a white 25 old guy who likes to wear panties. one evening i was out walking around in a pair of tight jeans a pair of black panties and a blue shirt and a black jacket. i was walking down a highway and it was getting to cold and i need a ride home. i stuck my hand out to flag down someone. a few cars past but no one was stopping. finally a car stopped next to me. the car was blue and a little on the old side. the window rolled down and this guy called out saying get in i give you a ride.
i got into this car and there was this older black man driving he was wearing a plain white t-shirt ... Continue»
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Not Gay Until Today

It was a long day at work that was finally over. Being the I.T. guy at a small law firm takes its toll on you from time to time, but is the perfect job for a skinny little 24 year old white guy like myself. As elevator approached the ground floor, I couldn't wait to make my way to my car and get home. I turned on the radio as usual to get the latest traffic info, only to learn that an accident on the freeway I take has traffic at a standstill. No problem, just do plan B which I have done many times, driving through the downtown area bypassing the freeway. While driving through the area of do... Continue»
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The Black Renter

It had all started innocently enough, 2 months ago when we thought we could make some extra money renting out our guest room. We had agreed to rent it as an extended stay to business men traveling to Minneapolis. We were trying to be very selective since this would mean a stranger staying with us for what could be a couple of months. We had an agreement drawn up that we could end the stay for any reason if things got creepy or awkward.

The funny thing was, I really fantasized about Lisa getting fucked by a large black man, which I occasionally shared with her, however she never really expre... Continue»
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A black bull at the shopping mall

It was s summer Tuesday and I was feeling so horny home alone; Victor away from town again. I had been fucked three days ago before carrying my loving husband to the airport… But now I was again horny; I needed a cock.
That morning I put on some fancy stockings, a short leather skirt that barely covered my ass cheeks and a soft red top…
I pulled into the mall parking lot and changed my driving shoes for some stiletto heels that would raise my ass. Then I headed into the mall.
I was expecting to land a big black cock that had come to that place looking for a sale. The very thought had kept ... Continue»
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Hooked On Black Cock

My name is Mary. I have a white husband, but am black owned. I eagerly allow any black man my master chooses to use my body to please himself. It doesn't matter that they all cum inside me because I'm already pregnant with my master's black baby.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm pretty good looking, 35 years old, 5 foot 7 inches, 130 pounds, natural dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and enhanced 36 C breasts. I have very fair skin, which makes an erotic contrast when wrapped around very black Negro skin.

I wasn't always a slut. For the first 30 years of my life every thing was quit... Continue»
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Olya's Indian Adventure

Olya was excited; for the first 18 years of her life, she had been restricted to the cold confines of Russia. While she had experienced the odd holiday with her f****y, they had always chosen another northern country that offered her none of the escape that she actually craved… here she was, just weeks after her 19th birthday , on a charter flight travelling from Moscow to Goa, India. Olya was done with the snow, the bitter cold and the monotony of her otherwise comfortable life in Russia. She was craving hot sun, warm seas and a tropical landscape….but more than anything, she was crav... Continue»
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3 am mature anal

At 3 am, I'm just getting out of a 24 hour gym. I get a text message from Susan. "Come over" is all it says. As soon as I got that message, my fat cock throbs and comes to life. It hangings low and full, bl**d gorging to my manhood. I respond with "I'll be there in a few minutes." I head for the off ramp and into Susan's neighborhood. The security guards wave me pass as Susan calls ahead to let me right in. I pull up to her house and into the garage, park next to her long roll of Corvettes, Jaguars, and Cobras. I'm thinking, this "lady has good taste and likes muscles." I walk right into her l... Continue»
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Flying to Indonesian

Meeting Rica

If you didnt read the frist of my story then let me tell you about Rica. She is a 19 y/o Indonesian girl I chatted with online. She is only 5ft.3in. prettiest girl I have ever seen and with a body any man would love.Her34c breast and long black hair and when you see her looking so innocent and shy don't let her fool you. We had been chatting online now for 3 months.She opened up to me telling me her fantasies and how young she was when she sucked her frist cock.She had told me one of her fantasy was to try D.P. also she wanted to be handcuffed and blindfolded... Continue»
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The Taking of Darlene, Pt. 4

Taking of Darlene 4
Frank was not just upset now, he was incensed that anybody would be ordering him around or trying to humiliate him. His cock would beg to differ, however, as it again went hard and dripped cum. Despite being turned on his pride fueled a defiant streak within him. Vowing to put an end to this nightmare, he debated his next move.
While Frank had the luxury of contemplating this “situation”, Darlene was not so fortunate. Mr. Q’s men cleaned her well as expected and made sure all the cameras had new video cards to record James’ destruction of yet another white pussy. Once the... Continue»
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Night with Eli

We meet at the best restaurant in town. As we greet, I instantly take notice of your stunning beauty and complement your looks. Following my instructions, you wear the same red dress as in those photos. However, they don’t do justice compared to seeing you in person. Thoughts immediately come to mind of wanting to pull off that dress and ravage you at the moment, but I keep control of my urges. Instead, I opt with a hug and a kiss on each cheek. I take notice of how damn good your scent is, and you take notice of my scent.

I ask to get the best seats for us to have privacy, wanting to make ... Continue»
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the gift of xmas.

people say xmas is the gift of giving well in my house this year it was. my wife took my daughter xmas shopping and they went to London for the weekend whilst i stayed at home, i had the house to myself so i was watching porn and having a wank over black cocks fucking white women thinking this could be my wife. my wife text me saying they were in the hotel and already for the shopping, i text back and told her what i was doing and she replied pity you weren't here cos we could have had some fun! i told her to have fun and look after Mandy.

the day had passed and i was all wanked out i was l... Continue»
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Blessing in the teepee

I was so worked up after going out to the hunter’s cabins by the coast earlier that day, on the first snow of the Fall that my g/f had to stop the truck and give me a good licking. When she was done she knew that I had enjoyed her efforts immensely, but she also knew that if I could get a cock in me right now my body would shake and writhe excessively in one huge orgasm. Just the mention of the possibility that some native hunters were staying at the teepee was all the incentive I needed to beg her to take me out there.
When we arrived there I was very disappointed in the condition of the te... Continue»
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How I became a black cock slut

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I am 18 years old, tall with a slim waist but have a larger than average arse, and little natural titties developing. My hair is shoulder length and blonde because I am a fem boi.

It all started when my mother broke up with my dad and she started having boyfriends again. I am an only c***d and so get lonely, and like most people, when I'm bored and lonely it ends up with me masturbating to porn on the internet. Now normal porn began getting boring to me so I started to look around and saw sissy slut videos as well as interacial porn. Oh how t... Continue»
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Lisa’s New Role Part II

As Troya and Sonya got dressed and went out Lisa was left in an almost u*********s state on top of her new owners’ bed.

What had she done? She had given in to every sick whim of her roommate and her friend without blinking an eye. Like she was hypnotized. But then she remembered the many orgasms she had and was ashamed of herself. She did those things willingly. She wanted to do them. She still wanted to do them.

Even though her pussy and nipples were still raw from so much rough stimulation, she commenced to masturbate hard and fast. Cumming again and again thinking about licking, kiss... Continue»
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Practice! Practice! PRACTCE!!

My ther****t had suggested I avail myself of the large video library The Center For Interracial Relations & Cuckold Therapy had for it's clients to utilize, and after deciding on one that sounded might fit my own personal struggles, I began watching it on a regular basis.

"Admit to yourself," the soft, friendly, and even sexy sounding female voice said, "that you're deeply attracted to other men...and," the voice went on to ad, "especially to black men with BIG and BLACK cocks."

Even just hearing those words spoken sent a thrill through me.

"It's okay," the same woman's voice said aft... Continue»
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Sharing My Indian Wife

A Sex Story by Priya

My name is Raj, and I live in Birmingham, U.K. with my wife, Alicia. I work as a creative engineer for an international trade corporation. One of the biggest parts of my job is streamlining the processes of my company. Only one other person in the company shares this occupation title with me: Leif, a very talented man from Norway.

While he lives in Oslo, he frequently travels to the U.K. branch of the company to ensure everything is going well, and to brainstorm with me. Just this last week we finally implemented a process that we had worked on tirelessly for mont... Continue»
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The Swedish Cousins

If you are new to my stories; all of the events described are true events that happened to me. Some of the detailed have been changed to protect the guilty.

I write these stories to document my change from a shy virgin to a Dom. BBC Bull.

At the time I was living in a small boring town. Most of my coworkers were married. I often traveled to Las Vegas on weekends because it was only a few hours away. I had one other coworker who was also single. He often would come with me down to Vegas. We both enjoyed hooking up with women. We both were competitive, so we often made hooking up a com... Continue»
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sexysara2890 goes clubbing in Brixton

[user]sexysara2890 [/user] handed her coat to the cloakroom attendant and began to adjust herself in the white body fitting dress she was wearing. "Only a slut shows both cleavage and leg", was the mantra of her teenage years. Well she was a slut and loved it. She reposition her boobs in the cross fold low cut neck, making sure thier full roundness was clearly visible and pulled the dress a little further down her thighs, not out of modesty, but to ensure that it was smooth and tight over her full round arse. Her bare smooth white legs ended in heels pussy-whipped-white-sub-men loved having th... Continue»
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Asking for help in the wrong side of town

My loving Victor was arriving late that night to the airport; he was coming from a near town after a three days business trip.
It was too late, because I had to stay at my office completing some heavy paperwork before going home.
When I left the office, I thought the worst thing that night was the heavy rain outside, but I was wrong…
Some minutes later I could not believe my luck. The fucking car just stopped in the middle of nowhere and I could not start the engine again. The rain spattered down; as I got down my car and saw a few lights from a nearby bar right there on those deserted str... Continue»
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A story about a young Chinese woman 4

Bai Jie was sure that this would create problems for her. All the other girls at the office would give her a hard time, saying that she was already spending too much time with the bosses. But there was not much she could do, she was only doing what the bosses was telling her to do.
She had been working there for just a bit more than a month by now, and she knew that she was getting paid a lot better than the other girls. Yet she was wondering if the other girls would do what she had done…
She knew that they were talking about her behind her back, but what could she do about that?
“He wants... Continue»
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