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Chinese Buffet

Story By Chen

"Hello, Welcome to the Red Dragon takeout service. May I take your order?"

It was 9 o'clock at night and I had just gotten off of work. I was a bit tired and had nothing to eat at my apartment, so I decided I would go pick up some quick Chinese takeout food. I had forgotten to call ahead of time, so I was gonna have to wait about 20 extra minutes.

"Uhhhh, yeah, could I get the number four chicken and noodle meal." I said dully to the man in ... Continue»
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Black Cock Gloryhole Adventure

My husband and I had been talking about glory holes and my husband Neil had wanted us to go visit a Glory Hole Club together for a while. I had never been that keen really but lately he had been pressing the issue more and more, telling me it was a fantasy of his to watch me play with lots of cocks. He wanted us to go along and watch and just see how we felt about it. Neil had discovered a Glory Hole Club in our local city. I was really hesitant about it not really liking the idea of playing with other cocks. I had never had a big black cock before and Neil's fantasy was about me playing with ... Continue»
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Alone In Her apartment

Hi all, My name is raju from Bangalore. I am basically from bangalore Well, let’s come to the story. I stay with my friends in a rented flat and I used to go for jogging every morning at the corporation stadium, which is near to our apartment. It is so nice to do exercise in the foggy mornings; so lot of people including ladies used to come for morning walk and jogging.

Days were passing; I used to enjoy the appearance of young women in tight track suits as well…So one fine day this incident happened. I had finished that day’s
... Continue»
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What do you want, Baby?

I had been married 27 years and my sex life had been pretty pitiful, being rejected by my sex addict husband who didn't want me. When we split up I hadn't dated since the late 80s. I was feeling pretty rough, unwanted and and not sure if I'd be desirable. I met a guy online and we started talking, this 29 year old gorgeous intelligent personal trainer who happened to be black. I'd never been with a black guy before, not because that mattered, I'd just never had the opportunity. When I finally gathered up the courage to meet him, I was floored by how sexy and easy he was to be around. We sat i... Continue»
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The Two Resorts (continued)

After our day out in the fresh air we had showered and dressed for dinner and when we got there Ian and Marsha invited us to their table. Apparently Stephen and Maria had gone out for the evening to some dinner theatre in a small town about an hour and a half from the resort.We had a great time during dinner drinking a couple of bottles of wine and talking about was we did during the day and Marsha spoke about her position as a GP and how it worked being a homeopathic doctor as well. She was a great believer in the benefits of treating all forms of medicine as equals. As we finished up Ian inv... Continue»
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First Time at a BBC party, and First time seeing m

To appreciate this story, it helps to check out how my wife and I got this far. You should read those first as you can really appreciate this one a whole lot more by seeing where my wife came from and how she ended up here in DC with a bunch Black Fraternity Guys, celebrating there reunion.

By now my Filipino wife of 20-plus years has already broken the Taboo boundaries and experienced amazing sex with a Black man, and since her first adventure, she was actually seeing this one guy who I introduced her to that I met on another web site that I'm not sure I can say the name but I can tell yo... Continue»
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Gangbang fun

Since my husband was in school for a week, and not at home, I thought I could have some ‘’me time’’, I booked a few hours at the spa in town, dropped off my daughter at my s****rs, and went off to my appointment, as I entered the spa I saw this American lady trying to explain in broken German what she wanted, I stepped up to help her out, we got things settled and offered to stay with her because we both had pretty much the same treatments massage, hot tub, facial, manicure and pedicure’s, we spent the day being pampered but I caught myself looking at her, she was not fat, but not skinny, ever... Continue»
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Helena's husband trying a hard BBC

Helena’s husband trying a hard BBC

My loving girlfriend Helena called me that Friday evening, telling me she was going out of town alone, to visit some friends not so far away.
She warned me: “Look after my nasty hubby, but do not fuck him…”
I promised her that I would try to stay apart from that dirty son of a bitch…

On the other side, my loving Victor was flying away on Saturday morning.
So, that Saturday evening I was home alone, when Jorge; Helena’s husband, called me. He was horny and wanting some “action”…

I accepted his invite to visit him at his home; but I had in mind a ... Continue»
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Not knowing (the wife side of the story)

I had an incredibly hard day at work on that day. It wasn't the work itself. That was mundane and repetitive as always. It was more my mind racing, my heart pounding, my body trembling and a constant, burning, almost desperate excitement that consumed me all day. I lost count of how many trips to the bathroom I had made, drying myself off as the excitement got too much for me. I even had to go out at lunchtime and buy a pack of fresh panties, five pairs, and by 3pm, I only had two pairs left. The others were all soaked through and had to be disposed of. So I sat at my desk, thighs clamped toge... Continue»
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Last Creamy Hurrah.

A knock at the apartment door on a Sunday afternoon. Who is that? Not expecting anyone.

Billy looks out the peephole. A rich chocolate colored woman, smartly dressed in a blue sweater: Anita.

Haven't seen her in a year...perhaps as long as 18 months. Wonder what she wants...we've been out of touch since going our separate ways, in a way since she said she'd make a go of saving her nearly decade-long marriage to Charles.

Charles had messed around on her after six-and-a-half years together. With some "hood rat," Anita's words. In Billy's mind, this was folly: Anita was an attractive wo... Continue»
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My wife's first interracial experience

This is a true story that took place a couple years ago. My wife and I had been married for a couple years at this point. We are both on our second marriage and couldn't be more happy with our lives. Our sex life was completely amazing and it wasn't uncommon for us to go at it at least three or four times a day. Amy is 38, 5' tall 115lbs with short blonde hair. She has beautiful fake large C cup tits and an ass that's out of this world. I always describe her as being built like a Russian gymnast with fake tits. She is very active in the running community and trains/competes weekly. Wh... Continue»
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Sorry, we are closing now...

Sorry, we are closing now

Friday late afternoon I was home alone and really horny.
Victor had advised me he could come very late that night, because he was busy with some paperwork and getting ready for a fly on Saturday.
I was getting bored, but suddenly I thought I could go on shopping, to get some sexy lingerie for a last night with Victor before his business trip.
When I arrived at the mall, several shop places were near closing. I hurried up and run to the changing rooms with a three or four thongs in my hands and some matching push up bra sets.

I was undressing when I heard t... Continue»
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John return at my house

already four months that John is gone, we took my husband and me our lives, but sometimes I think of John and his cock, that is enough for my pussy is all wet.
and I also think at Max's bar, I'm really vicious, but I miss it.
my husband love me almost every day, one day he asked me.
You lack not just John, when we were in bed all three.
Of course, I miss, I so want his cock in my pussy, my ass or even in the mouth.
after all that, I went to my doctor, and as usual, he controlled my pussy putting his hand in and then my ass, but he especially after I told him my story with John and Max, do... Continue»
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Shoe Clerk Sweeties.

"There you are!"

I'd gone to the Mall late on a Sunday, looking for a little fun-time w/ my fuck-buddy Kimber. She worked in a remote corner-located discount shoe store of an indoor shopping mall. The kind w/ high shelves perfect for hiding behind prying eyes walking by outside.

With the hub store closed for good just around the corner at the end of the Mall, it was unlikely anyone would pass by or walk in, not at just 15 minutes to closing time. There she stood, behind the last tall shelf on the left near the back; dark brown ebony-skinned Kimber w/ her 5' 2" self decked out nicely in s... Continue»
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The Twos Resort

My wife Ellen and I, both in our sixties, had made a reservation at the The Twos Resort. This was a resort for couples only with no k**s allowed. The drive up had been long but with nice scenery and the resort was about 5 Km off the main road. It was located on a beautiful Lake with lots of activities available such as canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, tennis, and lots of walking trails in the woods. The rooms were beautiful and as we had a ground floor one we had a hot tub outside on the patio, but also a large Jacuzzi in the room itself. There was a fire place and a huge king sized bed an... Continue»
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Right place right time

Right place at right time

by williacj

(c) 2016

Last night I had a dream I was in this condominium house. there were so many exits and entrances and secret passageways in it. I discovered that I was living in a place full of young girls 20 something's college students.

I overheard this couple having a little argument, they weren't incredibly loud, but It was enough to get curious,

I looked in the window and noticed it was my old coworker mirian, yes lovely blond mirian. I wanted to have sex with her when we worked together but I was too ashamed to tell her, I wanted to bend her ... Continue»
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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The Forest of Despair

(The tale of a Muslim princess that finds her English knight in shining armor)

Story by Alhena

1462 A.D.

I ran as fast as I could; trying my best to avoid the dark brown tree roots that seemed to be springing out of the dark green forest floor. I must have been in this place for at least 2 hours. The night within these woods seemed to be never ending. But the woods didn't start coming to life (quite literally) until a few minutes ago. I must have turned som... Continue»
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Call Center Blowjob

Story by Priya

Tonight was the final night of my work week here for my call center job at the office in Kolkata, India. I essentially answer the phone to answer consumer questions for an American company that was outsourced to this city.

To describe myself; I am a 32 year old Indian woman named Alicia. I look pretty decent, with pretty black hair and D cup breasts. Breasts that I only enjoyed flaunting to one person in the office. And that person is Mike; our office manager. Mike was the only white guy in our office; but ... Continue»
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Story by Latisha

It was Halloween night and I had just entered my friends large one story house for the Halloween costume party he was hosting; as he did every year. I was supposed to go with my buddy as Mario and Luigi, but he got sick eating too much candy he bought 2 nights ago. There was no way I was going to go dressed as Luigi. People would think I just look like some asshole plumber. So I had to switch his costume and dressed up as Mario.

I entered the house party with Halloween music and sounds that were remixed int... Continue»
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Wifey, Pam, Asian Jonny and a cum burger for the c

Wifey loves her technology, so there are a lot of shopping trips to the local Best Buy. She flirts with all the guys (and some of the woman) that work there. I’m sure she has had some hot wife dates with some of the guys; I hear the whispers and laughs behind my back when she lets me go in with her. But I’m not privileged to her dating life so I can’t say for sure, and I wouldn’t abject if that’s what she wanted (just wish she would let me watch). It was late on a Saturday afternoon and we both had other things to do, so this trip was just supposed to be a quick in and out.

I was to drop h... Continue»
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