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A Very Unpleasant Evening

There was one very bad incident where I was blind-sided by an older guy I’d met at one of my favorite bookstores. He led me into it slowly, over a period of months while, all of the time, being very loving and kind.
I’ve been ****d five times. None of them were pleasant and two of them were with multiple assailants; a few to hold me down while they all took turns. Normally I was/am very careful – letting my guard down got me in a position for this to happen. Sometimes, being a slut – like being a hooker – can be dangerous. This was one of the times.

Also, those who have read some of the ... Continue»
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The Return of the Ex Girlfriend

The Return of the Ex Girlfriend

Jim had never been so happy in his entire life! Here he was just home from his honeymoon, and
ready to begin his marriage with the most beautiful and loving girl a man could ever hope for. To
say his courtship of Sally had been a whirlwind affair would be an understatement, because less
that two months ago he had met her for the first time at a New Year’s Eve party given by a mutual
friend. They left the party arm in arm, and had been together ever since. Jim knew on his first
date that Sally was the girl for him! Incredibly beautiful, with big doe eyes... Continue»
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Dark Desires (Hayley's High Part 2)

This story is part 2 to Hayley's High. It's a Hayley Williams story. M/F, MM/F, MMM/F, hardcore, etc

Ten months.

That's how long it had been. Oh sure, touring could be exhausting. The late nights, long bus rides or flights could really take it out of her but at least Hayley had the stage. At least she had the fans.

The fans.

Hayley closed her eyes, thinking of that night. The night she had invited four fans backstage to her dressing room after the show. She was so horny even after being used that night that she cou... Continue»
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Nasty Boy Creampie

I had already spotted her Adonis before she dipped. It wasn't long before he made his way over and began chatting her up again. We had been afraid that his knowing that she was married might scare him off. He wasn't going to wait in line for this chance. I saw some candid conversation and some obvious flirting. This was from both of them. Soon he ordered a drink and a re-fill for Cynthia. Everything seemed to be going on schedule so far. A little more drinking and a lot more flirting and I noticed a little change in the body language. He seemed to be making his bid. She seemed to be wavering a... Continue»
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The horny neighbor, A surprise Orgy - Part B

..Continued from Part A.

Sunday morning has arrived - Ram and his f****y woke early and I told them and Casper i’ll stay and study “For what test” Casper asked - “I have special assignment for Jerroti, i’m volunteering for the education center” - Capster nodded - “yea you sure love to stay up late with him”
Yea if only he knew, actually he probably knew I was fucking him regularly and now maybe Ram suspected also, but my guess he probably knew I was whoring around.
As long as he got his dick sucked and cleaned and my ass ravaged who cared right? Before they left he quickly went up to ta... Continue»
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Fuck of a Lifetime for MOM! Blacked

Debra hadn't mentioned to her mother...that Marcus was black.

Donna Marie is best described as "tight". At 39 years of age, the petite woman's body was the envy of most high school girls, all woman college age and older, and the desire of any straight male who ever saw her. Her "dress down" clothes she wore while cleaning the house, or grocery shopping were what most women wore when they dressed up to go on a date, or out on special occasions.

She didn't dress like this to show off her body, she had no need for that, or to try to show up other women, it was just the normal way she dre... Continue»
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Fuck of a Lifetime! Blacked

Deb looked down at Marcus lap, and saw an almost unreal bulge in the front. A tube like bulge that ran down his pant leg, almost to the point where it would stick out of the opening. She knew what it was, what she had been holding when she woke up, she just couldn't believe its size. 

Their combined movements as they tried to seat themselves upright brought another point to Debra's attention. 

She was massively, soaking wet between her legs. Looking down at her own lap, she could see the crotch was starting to soak through. Now embarrassed, she jumped up and ran for the bathroom.

Yank... Continue»
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It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and I decided to go and have a run out, maybe get a spot of lunch in an old Country pub. As I drove along a notorious bendy road cyclists and motor bike riders were over taking me at speed and being a general nuisance of themselves, as I drove along I was cursing them as they passed me.

Coming across a sharp bend to the left I slowed right down and saw a cyclist riding in a careful manner, for once. He seemed a little unsure and appeared to be wobbling slightly, as I drove past slowly close to a lay by he shook and fell off, as I saw him in my mirror... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT3

It's been ten days since this teen boy first knocked at my door. I remember when I first looked through the peephole to see proof that he was legal and had shaven his thin eighteen year old body for me. He was such an innocent boy in that first moment, so horny and so inexperienced. How was he to know that what I had been doing to him was anything other than a normal phase that all teen boys go through.

By now he was more of a pet than a human. I had spent the first several days keeping the boy on Viagra and amphetamines while totally bound, tormenting and fucking all the holes in his body ... Continue»
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That Bastard! GayMaker for Hire or No Fee

That Bastard!
"I found a file on his computer of photos of cocks." Ann stated, "I figure he's the typical bi-curious married man of maybe he wants to be gay. That explains why we don't sex anymore and why my vibrator is now my man, He's turned on by looking at men's dicks too. He wants to try something new alright. He's going to feel what it like to service an real man."

I search the internet and found a site that turns men gay call the GayMakers Club. I put Gary's profile and in and was contacted in a few days with how it works by a man named Heinz the fee was $500.00 for a one time ... Continue»
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Weekend Hotel Break

Another Fantasy

I have still not convinced my wife to try swinging, and to fuck another guy in front of me so this means it is still all a fantasy and I think of a lot of scenarios

The latest fantasy scenario is that my wife and I arrange a weekend break at a hotel. A week before going I check out the local adverts on craigslist and make contact with several guys who all send me photographs of their cocks. That night we are lying in bed and I ask my wife if she has a favourite type of cock and I bring up the cocks photos sent to me by the 10 guys. My wife doesn’t realise where they are f... Continue»
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Threesome With My Boyfriend And Male Slave

I am a 20 year old girl,having a boyfriend for the last two years.
Me and my boyfriend after a year of our relationship started having couple swaps and threesomes,but my boyfriend couldn’t get excited during the fucking time.

We discussed it and finally knew that he couldn’t see other guys dominating his girlfriend and frankly I didn’t even enjoy it that much.

I had a secret fantasy of dominating
... Continue»
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Mom After Father’s Death

My father died when I was 12 years old and after that me and my mom were living in our house alone (my mom has a white skin curly hair she is about 5.5 and her assets are all very huge her boobs size is 38e and 34 hips and 38 ass are her sizes.She has a very calm face with beautiful black eyes)

My father when he was 34 years and then my mom was 32 he died in an accident.My mom was a nurse in a private hospital back then and my father was a real estate agent.Afte
... Continue»
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My First Time

My name is Jenni, I am 19 years of age, with black hair cascading down to my waist, long shapely legs and a cheeky smile. I often used to fantasise about being the centre of attention at an orgy, but had never had the nerve to do anything about it....until recently that is, when I answered an advert online for a “female who wanted to be taken by several males over the course of an evening, all limits strictly observed, and adhered to and safe sex of course”.

When I replied to this initially, I explained that I had never done in anything like it before, and was naturally very nervous and a... Continue»
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Bob T's Diaries

[1st effort at these diaries and has turned out longer than I thought. Had to cut a lot of the preamble about how we got here, but basically I am from a pretty small town in the north of England. Jess was one of two married milf friends in our town most of the boys fancied - both under 5'3 at most and were called the “mini-milfs” by the lads as they were younger and hotter than a lot of the m*ms around. Jess had dyed jet back hair, dark eyes and perma-tanned skin, she especially hung around our football team a lot as her h**band was a coach of one of the younger sides. She paid me no pa... Continue»
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The Bribed Fuck Toy...continued

Benny, Carl and Raymond(Ray) dropped out of sight as they reached the lowest field and I watched anxiously to see if they would reappear or if I had gotten a reprieve. My heart dropped and mixed feelings went thru my body as I saw the three of them appear just beyond the bleachers and cross the track/football field.

I started my journey to meet with them knowing that my nightmare was not going to ever be over. The more people knew the more I would have to do. I kept saying to myself that I needed to come to realization that this would be my life from now on.

I did not consider my self... Continue»
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Creative Teaching Methods

Summary: My first day of creative writing class would change my life in ways I would never have believed.
~ ~ ~
In the Fall of 1983 I was beginning the first semester of my senior year of uni. With most of my core classes long since completed I ticked off electives towards the 136 hours I needed to graduate the following May. While flipping through the course catalog, I noticed that Creative Writing 1 was not only 3 credit hours, but could also count towards my Humanities requirements.

Grinning at my good fortune, I signed up for the Tuesday and Thursday track at 2pm.

As I... Continue»
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Meeting Jacky

It was the weekend of my cousins wedding, I was staying at the wedding venue resort from the Friday night. The Friday night, there was a massive storm pouring with rain when I met up with my cousin at the bar in the venue and had a few drinks with him and his best man, settling the nerves for the big day. Mid night arrive and I decided to head to my room, which was on the other side of the resort where the cheaper smaller rooms were. While walking in the passage, still pouring with rain, I saw a lady running back from her car to the rooms when she slipped and fell on the muddy gravel. I ran ov... Continue»
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cheating again

This is a story of the 2nd time I cheated on my hubby. It was 8 months after the first time I

He left for a business trip on the Thursday morning and was only returning the the following Friday, leaving our daughter and I home alone for those few days. Friday morning I got up and got my daughter ready for school, dropping her off at creche and off to gym I went. Once again after gym I went to the shops, getting groceries for the weekend. I went home unpacked the groceries and then decided to have a hot bath. Running the water I added foam bath and oils. I got myself a cup of tea before g... Continue»
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The Nymphs Visit Aunty Bev – by SBarak1

The Nymphs Visit Aunty Bev – a Story by SBarak1

This is the 9th story in the Nymph series. It’s also the intersecting story with my MILF series some 2 years after those stories commenced.

-------------------------------Chapter 1---------------------------------

We had been for another drive up to our local wine growing region about an hour away from my house. The Nymphs were really getting into wine, the wine varietals, the wineries themselves along with the various cafés and restaurants in the area. During the day we had visited 5 wineries and a good restaurant. We were now b... Continue»
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