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Kirk Creek

Henry was the boy who lived on the farm a few miles from our own. He was 19 and I was 17 when I moved to my father's farm with him and his wife.

One blistering summer afternoon when I was exploring the woods that stretched as far as the eye could see behind our farm. I happened upon the creek just as he was getting out of the water. He nodded in greeting and I nodded back.

Henry had eyes as green as the grass he was standing on. His hair was dark and curly. His handsome face was covered in a soft dusting of facial hair and his incredible torso was as well. He was on the wrestling team... Continue»
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Jury Service Finally Fnished OR Mature Maureen


At last.

Finally the jury service had finished. Case closed, the guy never did anything wrong, as far as we could see.

It hadn't been a bad couple of weeks, to be honest. We had a good bunch on our panel, all with a sense of humour. Seven women, and five men, including myself.

We had been sent out after giving our verdict, and were pretty much just waiting to be told what to do next and, as there was a canteen, made use of our time by drinking coffee and talking shit.

As happens with these sort of groups, people drift off into their o... Continue»
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My Special Night with Daddy part 2

Once daddy and I got to our suite, I was shocked to see that he had packed a bag for me. I was getting ready to change my clothes when daddy asked me to stay in that dress, but to take my panties off. He wants to know that he could touch my pussy whenever and not have to feel anything but my baby soft skin and the hot moisture that will be dripping from my slit. I got a huge smile with his nasty thoughts.

I went to the bathroom to freshen up and to use the toilet. I then took my dress off to remove my bra also. If I'm going commando I might as well be 100% commando underneath. Whe... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly Sucks a Huge Cock

Jilnar led me into her private office at the television studio and closed the door behind me. I offered her my hand but she ignored it and leaned forward to give me a kiss. I shyly offered her my cheek but she laughed, gently turned my head and kissed my lips. She even slid her tongue across my trembling lips. It was my first ever kiss! I was almost 26 but had never had a girlfriend or even a date. I'd always been skinny with a pot belly, chronic acne, bad teeth, thick glasses, and my nervous disposition makes me sweat a lot which gives me bad BO and greasy hair.
I was so excited that my firs... Continue»
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An Adventure...

I was home alone and very horny, decided to check out some male sites and see what was going on. I found a site that would let you register for free, so I signed up and started to surf.

I came upon an ad that was close to the campus, the ad read "want to have some fun call (7**)***-***9..." Using my throw away I called and a very pleasant voice answered I explained that i found the number on a web site and asked if he placed it there, his answer '...yes, are you interested and want to have fun...' I answered in the affirmative and he continued.

'...Come to 7468 El---- Blvd. unit 237, ... Continue»
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A Box Equals Glory Hole Fun

I have a side business in flipping foreclosures which is great because it gives me a place to play. One day in getting a home ready I had a refrigerator delivered. I told the men I would take care of disposing of the box. I wanted to use the box as a makeshift glory hole. I put a hole in one side, a small stool inside and hung my ipad so I could watch porn. I had my own little porn arcade booth.

I put an add up and had a few quick responses to which I gave the guys an address with instructions. I left the basement door open then stripped and got in the box naked.

I watched porn f... Continue»
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Paying off a beggar....

(This story is entirely fictitious)
I was 16. The story is set in India.
Just like every other day, i had gone to a public park for a jog. Since it was india, the park had many homeless people. while jogging, I noticed a hot girl in rags, who seemed to be almost as old as me. She was searching for food in the dumpsters when I noticed her, and the wildest of fantasies popped up in my head.... would she let me bang her for money...?
I crossed her and continued my jog with the fantasy in my mind. After completing a round of the park, i returned to that spot, motivated to try and pull it off. B... Continue»
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Be Careful What You Wish For (A Sexual Encounter T


My boyfriend was a good boyfriend; he treated me well and loved me. However we had one issue; our sex life was great but he was always on at me to have a threesome, yep two girls and one guy. I didn’t like the idea I didn’t want him to fuck another girl he was mine. This didn’t stop him he still nagged me, he would even point out girls when we were out. I said if he just wanted to experience it why not two guys, I got the typical bloke answer “I can’t have another cock that close to mine, its gay” I had to end this nagging once and for all...
It was Monday night and Ian walked in ... Continue»
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Love in an Elevator

First let me introduce myself, my name is Alison, I'm 25 years old and I work as a saleswoman for a small but old bank and insurance company. The bank I work for is very traditional, but I was taken on to sell banking products to the newly identified "women's market". I am very successful at my job, consistently meeting targets. Really at this stage I'm the top woman in the place (not hard there are only a dozen of us, mainly secretaries). As such I regularly meet with the old men who run the bank in strategic meetings and so on. Being blonde, and attractive and the only woman they deal with I... Continue»
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Super Lezzie Queens, Michelle and Lori

]Super Lezzie Queens, Michelle And Lori‏

"Let's go get some cock, Baby" said Michelle, all painted and dressed as an absolutely flaming drag queen; she flipped up her short miniskirt as she wiggled her naked ass. "Check my pussy, Honey". She bent over, legs spread wide thrusting out her ass, parting her cheeks with long red nails as she pulsed her pussy open and closed, her smooth balls glistening with her dripping pussy juice, her sissy cock dangling. Lori was at the mirror putting on even more lipstick and gloss. "Ummmm, I love it Baby, you are such a nasty bitch going out with your c... Continue»
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The Cowgirl

Tamra has seen him in the leather store before. He scares her, because of the intensity of his gaze. His eyebrows are dark and thick above eyes that are so brown she can’t see his pupils, and when he looks at her, she has trouble meeting his eyes for long.

And yet, she would be disappointed if he weren’t there when she went in. When he looks at her, she feels a tingling deep in her belly like the nervousness of a roller coaster ride, and her knees tremble with a need she can’t name.

Tonight is the western-themed party at her husband’s office, and though she hates western wear, hates offi... Continue»
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T A True Story Chapter Two

T A True Story Chapter Two

Not everything about T was all rosy. She liked to drink and do d**gs. Her drinking would start when she got out of bed in the morning and last until she went to sl**p at night. There were days where she handled her drinking fairly well and there were days were she would get way out of hand. One night I picked her up after she got off duty and she was d***k as a skunk and feeling sorry for herself. While we were heading home she tried to climb out the window and I had to drive and try to ... Continue»
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Spontaneous Car Sex

So one day mid-July I happen to be hanging out with a friend, it was supposed to be a simple night out to dinner and to help with a few chores around her house. And that's exactly how it began and went...... until.....

On the way back to my car while on a slightly busy freeway my friend puts on some R&B (bump and grind), which I had no idea had the effect it did on her mood. She started to grab and rub her thighs while she griped the handle above the passenger side door tightly. I put my hand on her thigh and asked if she was ok, she replied I'm fine just don't touch me which caught me off ... Continue»
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How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Sex Toys are Fun. Most couples get bored with their sex lives at some point in their relationships. Sex toys add a bit of zest to the relationship and keep things from getting dull. Using a sex toy together can bring you closer; sharing new experiences together can be very intimate.

I didn't try using a sex toy until I was 28. Although I've always been open-minded, fairly sexual and comfortable with my body, I'd never gotten around to actually buying one, for a lot of stupid reasons. I was embarrassed; the only time I'd been to sex sho... Continue»
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Our First Time

I sit at my office desk, not really seeing the computer monitor or the Complaint I am supposed to be writing. The clock says 2:30 p.m. It is finally Friday. I wonder where you are. You must be in South Carolina by now, getting closer and closer to me.

I am excited but very, very nervous. I wonder if you will like me...in the flesh, as it were. I smile as I think back on our last conversation before you got in your car to drive the 400 miles to meet me. You kept asking me if I was sure I wanted you to drive down. You said it was not too late for me to change my mind.

“I would under... Continue»
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waitress while traveling.

Had a class in NJ and nights were boring. I was short on mad money and class started early.
2nd night the waitress ask me where I stay? Here at the hotel. Here for class and its boring.
She is collage girl working to help pay for school. She is early 20's and well built. She is short with DD tits and long brunette hair. has a plump ass and ice skater legs.
Whats your after work look like? like you get ready for morning class. What's your night like? I have a bottle of good Rum and the movie in the room. want to join me?

Well, I get off at 9 and I need a shower. I smell like fried sh... Continue»
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s****r in law

I was staying at my s****r-in-laws apartment while I was moving after a divorce. Marie is my b*****rs wife and she is 15 years younger than me. At the time I was 40. One weekend when her husband ( Mick) was away on a golf weekend we decided to go out with some friends on Friday night. We had a great time and by the time we got home we were wasted. We both got comfortable in our night clothes, which is for me a large tee shirt and for her a baby doll. Some how we wound up on her bed laughing and carrying on like two school girls. We were so wasted and I wanted to eat her pussy so bad but I was... Continue»
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My stepson and his cousin

My 17 year old stepson, Brad, had his cousin, Robert, the same age, over for the weekend. One Saturday night I was heading for bed. my husband was out of town. As I walked by Brad's room I heard moaning. The door was partially open. I peeked in and saw the Robert sucking Brad's cock. They were both naked. I stayed there because I enjoy watching young people have sex. I stood by the door as they took turns sucking each others cocks. I realized my hand was rubbing my own pussy. Robert was sticking his cock up Brad's ass and just started to pump him when I accidentally bumped the door. They bot... Continue»
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My mistress Chris had arranged for me to go to her hair dressers apartment on the following Sunday to be at her disposal to meet her desires.
I arrived on time and rang the door bell the door opened and Jackie stood there in a thick white dressing gown with her hair piled up on top of her head in a towering mass of big curls in a big up do style.
She smiled and said very good boy on time come in, as I went in she groped my cock and squeezed saying I have some special treatment for him, as she kissed my lips lightly.
I followed her in to the living room as she sat on the sofa patting me to ... Continue»
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Nobody knew, not even her best friend back home in Indiana. Every day it gnawed at her, relentlessly, oppressively, like a blanket of smog over Manhattan on a hot humid summers day! Back in Kokomo, everyone thought that she was the "All American Girl", prom queen, National Honor Society, blonde hair, blue eyes, singing in the church choir every Sunday, volunteering at the hospital, everyone's favorite girl!!! "Well," thought Allison to herself, as she stirred her coffee and stared out at the pedestrians on 57th St., "if they only knew!" She had denied it to even herself until she was fifteen,... Continue»
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