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Billy paints the women at her condo.

I need a car and my summer job; painting trim on beach condo. My boss drops me off with paint and equipment. He does the same over the area. End of the day I get picked up in my turn. End of the week I get paid.

I put the ladder to the third story window and climb up. I am shocked to see a women on the bed sl**ping. Worried I may bother her I move to another room. Not any better, I find a young boy and his mom I think. To the back where no bedrooms are. I climb up and see a women looking right back at me. I smile and she opens the window.

What are you doing?
I paint t... Continue»
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Gods of Love

Well dear, I just finished writing that info document and I was feeling pretty sexy so I thought I’d try my hand at something a bit different for fun, mainly to write the sexiest, most provocative letter I could think of describing the way I want to fuck you. I have this big hard on right now thinking about those lovely little tits of yours, tight and firm rubbing against my chest, making their presence felt from the heat of your skin, the bulge of your nipples. You are wearing a soft satin bra that holds them so tightly to your body but shows them off so delicately. Your sweater is light ... Continue»
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Caned White Buttocks in the English Countryside

This is a true story.

During the 1990s I used to be involved with running residential summer conferences, it could get fairly intensive but I did get to meet some lovely sexy women, some of whom were up for some extra-curricular activity. One such woman was Sally, a 40 something blonde with a nice round bottom, and biggish bust. It was fairly obvious where things were headed just days into the conference Sally attended. By about the fourth day we were in bed, Sally stripping off to reveal a lovely figure, and quickly kneeling to take my cock in her mouth. Sally told me that she had had a se... Continue»
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College boy gets a Thanksgiving gay massage

Hi, my name is Billy and I'm a 19 year old sophomore in
college, but this story takes place over Thanksgiving
break and as my home is in Seattle but I'm going to
college in Virginia and wasn't able to go home for
Thanksgiving this year.

I suppose I should describe myself before I get into my
story too far. I'm 6 ft tall and weigh 165 lbs - sort
of what I think of as lanky. I thought I would be
taller than 6 ft, but that's how far I got and haven't
grown any taller in the last year. I went out for some
sports in high school, but nothing in college.

I play tennis a lot t... Continue»
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Dad's Visit

Her dad was visiting for a week and he was beginning to look bored and restless. She knew he was missing the widows he fucked on a regular basis. That day she decided to surprise him and went down to 4th Avenue and selected a street whore. She chose her for her young look and nice big set of hooters. Dad loved a big set of tits like mom had. On the ride back to her house she told her to get naked. She wanted to show her off to dad and needed her naked. He was going to loved her tits. They were at least DD and nice and firm. She was about twenty two years old and confessed to me that she loved ... Continue»
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Owner's Dirty Slut

Sun poured in through the windows as the afternoon rolled on. i
was content and comfortable in my place on the floor, nestled
between Owner's legs as He sat in His chair, His fingers idly
twined in my hair as He randomly would pull, or shift my head
through the motion of His hand. The show was something i was only
watching with half of my attention on it, so relaxed was i on this
Saturday afternoon.
i blink, startled as He turns off the television and i look up
slightly. With that slow smile that inspires terror and a thrill
of desire He glances down at me. That familiar pit of... Continue»
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"...Take it like a man..."

I have to tell you this, it's part of my high school and what happened to me at the hands of high school tormentors. It's part of the reason I am like I am and always seeking huge male members to satisfy...

It was during my high school years, sometime after Bruce, Daniel and Charlie had f***ed their selves on to me. There was construction going on, a new building was being built on campus.

The building was nearly finished, it was connected to the old building by walk overs. I was locking up my locker when I stood and came face to face with Charlie, he gave me a spine tingling grin as ... Continue»
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A Perfect Wake-Up

The dream was so vivid that Jennifer could almost feel it happening. The soft flicks of wetness against her inner left thigh sent shivers of pleasure through her spine as the wet tongue played on her skin, so close and yet so far away from her wet and ready pussy. She felt like she may explode if it didn't make its way there soon.

She couldn't see the face that was buried between her legs, teasingly licking her trembling inner thigh, then again she didn't need to see who this wonderful muscle belonged it, it could be anyone down there, man or woman, and she wouldn't object as the tip inched... Continue»
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Me with my white boss... Part 1

I have a leadership job at a pretty large company and I have been here for about 3 years. A little less than a year ago our department grew and they hired a new VP that I started to report to. This was the first time I had a woman as a boss in years and the first time I ever had an attractive boss.

I maintain an extremely professional demeanor at work, so wouldn't gawk over her and never flirted. I would be lying if I said I did not check her out and think about her when I was at home. She is a few years older than I am, mid 30s, and has a very nice body. She works out and does yoga to ... Continue»
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First real swinger club

First Copenhagen
My first true swingers club (aka parenclub) was in Copenhagen, a place I visited on a Sunday afternoon. I found this club on the internet, and when I first arrived, I was given a key to a locker and a tour. I was little unsure of what happens, so I asked some of the other single men about etiquette, approaches, and what they recommended. Basically, the rules are to be very respectful. Watch and wait, hope to be invited, but when you think you might get a “yes” give it a go.

It was a small place but rather crowded with 5 women and perhaps 10+ men. It was not completely cl... Continue»
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2nd true swinger club

First Adam and Eve

Upon my first visit to this swinger club in England, the male host showed me the various rooms, but I was early, and there were not many people there initially. As people came in, at first, I had difficulty getting a conversation going. Everyone seemed to know others, and I was quite hesitant. Most of the people there were couples looking for other couples, and there were a bunch of other single guys like me waiting around.

About an hour later, I sat next to a couple and the woman was wearing a sexy outfit with lots of cleavage showing. I started chatting with the c... Continue»
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Most Incredible Sex Last Night

We had the most incredible sex last night! As Kaitlin closed the front, I gently took her left wrist in mt right hand and gently held it against the door as I gently pushed her against the door with my back to it. With the palm of my hand he held it flat against Kaitlin's chest and stood really close to her just looking her straight in the eyes. I’ve never had anyone make my heart pound that quick.

I moved my hand up her chest and round the back of her neck while slowly moving my right hand up her left arm. Both hands reached the side of her face as I kissed her. I was pushing my body again... Continue»
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Moroccan Surprise

I thought I am lucky because I live in 21st century. It is the age of smart and creative men. I am a young engineer who earns pretty satisfying and who promises future. I am not tall or well built, even I could say I am skinny and not strong. Therewithal I am kind, clever, funny and understanding. I think I am a nice gentleman for young educated, smart and independent ladies. Well, I also have a girlfriend whom when men lock their eyes on her on the street. Anna is a blue eyed blonde girl (1.72 m, 58 kgs, quince boobs, round ass and pale skin...) She is also nice, smart and kind. And I think... Continue»
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Our first date.

As we finally meet, the first thing I do is take you in my arms for a tight hug, look deep into your eyes and kiss you deep...We meet for dinner and I ask for a booth, I slide in and you slide in next to me. We flirt all night I rub your leg under the table kiss you on the cheek a few times and as you look at me I take a piece of ice and slowly slide it up your leg to your hot pussy. It melts fast as you get chills. I slide my fingers back up and lick them and kiss your lips not caring who sees.

Afterwards we go play pool as we continue to tease each other. You tease and bend over the tabl... Continue»
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Tease those Guys

Ok Ok Ok I know my tits are big and I love to have them sucked ALOT. So what I would do is wear tight tops very tight so you can see my entire contour of my breast nipples and all. I love to see the actions of men when they see me. My ass is nice also but it's the breast that get me in trouble.

It was a Thursday I wanted to get a massage and only Derrick knew how give great breast massages. I called Derrick he was at work it was 10 am and I was anticipating my massage that wouldn't happen until 6pm. I turned on my computer and showed a few guys my breast and all 3 jerked off watching ... Continue»
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Fucking My Hot Married Neighbour

I'm Kyle 19 m uk

About 2 months ago me and My girlfriend Lucy split up because she caught me cheating with a girl I met in a nightclub .
We had been together for nearly a year and I did love her but in the last few months of the relationship she just nagged and moaned all the time and our sex life became basically none existent , which drove me to sl**p with the other girl.

It was stupid really but I just couldn't go without the sex .
I was living at Lucys mums in the exstension at the back of the house but after the break up I had to move back into my mu.ms house with her boyfrien... Continue»
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”Hey I’m home!” I called out, only to be greeted by silence. ”Amy are you home?” No reply. Ah, a little alone time. Maybe I’ll cruise the tumblr for some nasty gifs, I thought as I headed for the den. That's where I found her, at my desk with her back to me. She slapped my laptop shut and spun around to face me. Her pinched, pouty lips and narrowed eye let me know I was in deep shit! My mind raced to remember if I had logged out of tumblr and erase my history as is my usual practice.

”What have you been looking at on the computer!?” she asked. ”It’s just, It’s just” I stammered. I was un... Continue»
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His semen in my wife-cuckold story

Sandra was fertile & ovulating, & she knew it. Stu arrived Christmas eve, & as usual, they greeted one another by sticking their hungry tongues into each others' hot mouths! Sandra coyly whispered to Stu, "I think I'm ovulating. I feel very sexy!" Stu retorted, "And you've always wanted to be bred by me, have you not?". The scene was set. Conditions were set out. Though not homophobic, Stu never actually encouraged any gay acts from me, but Sandra wanted me to promise I'd co operate fully, helping, assisting even preparing them for their lovemaking! And the word was 'lovemaking, NOT 'sex', & c... Continue»
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Sharing Wives - a swapping story

(This is an original work of fiction. Nothing in this story is real, any resemblance to real life events is coincidence. If you re-post it somewhere, please give credit to me, the author. Although, I would prefer if you did not steal it. - JW)

Melissa and I had known each other for about 10 years through work. While there was a mutual attraction, circumstances had not allowed us to act upon the feelings. Having been together with Lisa for over 20 years, we had reached the point where we were not afraid to talk about sharing.

Melissa had told me about how she was getting into other wome... Continue»
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Sue and Julie (Buiness) part two

Part two

Sean and Jonny talked, and argued, and bargained. Sue fetched the drinks, the nibbles. Sean had introduced her as his secretary. She looked the part. Her cropped blonde hair looked business like. She wore a tailored black suit, the skirt just above her knee. Finally, it seemed as if they were finished.
“Sean, I haven’t thanked you for that piece of shit you delivered to me,” Jonny said in his East London accent. “You’ll be pleased to know that he is now supporting the M25 widening scheme.”
“Now that’s good to know Jonny, but its Sue here you should thank, she and her girlfriend ... Continue»
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