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Mistress Cunt's two fairies

Mistress Cunt's two fairies

By Taffy, the little sissy fairy girl

My, my what a wonderfully gay time Angela and I had with our slut friend Lauren and her Mistress Cunt! Here’s a little story about that faggy time and how fairy we were for her.

The weekend started the night before with Angela and I at the hotel; I had already properly dressed in my sexiest outfit, a gold sequin mini skirt with black fish net stockings. It did not take Angela long to get herself prepared and we sat to chat. Chat turned to feel, feel to kissing. It wasn’t long before my panties were down and the... Continue»
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Daniel's Passion...2

Daniel said to me '...I came ready for you to be tight as hell, It's been some time since we bust your ass hole and it's natural for it to shrink when it heals...' I slid my hand back down off his upper arms and across my chest as I watched Daniel apply an amount of the baby oil to his rigid tool. Then Daniel looked down at me and stuck the bottle of baby oil up in my anus and squeezed a huge amount into my rectum. The suddenness and pain caught me by surprise and I yelped and jumped, Daniel discarded the bottle and took hold of his monumental tool and guided it back to my anus without hesita... Continue»
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My story lol

I work long, long hours at a New York digital media property that shall remain nameless. It's a super-crazy schedule and I am forever getting home at midnight, much to the dismay of my saintly, ever-patient husband Bill.

One night, when we had a crushing deadline and I was there until after midnight and had to come back in the office first thing the following morning, my (male) boss gave me an Ambien so I could sl**p easier that night and come in early the next day. There are about fifteen things wrong with this picture, now that I think about it, but that is the craziness that is my media... Continue»
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Linda took me to the party. She said I would love it and meet a lot of sexy guys and have the best time. Before we left she brought over a dress for me to wear. She told me "You want to dress and attract a lot of attention." The dress was silky and short. She told me to not wear a bra as the dress cupped my tits. She picked out a skimpy thong to also wear. I felt exposed but sexy and erotic. I actually felt wild. We took a taxi to the party held at a very wealthy well know play boy's house. It was packed when we arrived. Most of the girls were in very sexy dresses or half nude. The crowd was p... Continue»
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Last time for a while

Monday night was a social dinner I arranged. Euro crew on a trip to gather facts for potential business. One guy named Hans was quite hot, young face, tall and really well muscled. After cleaning up the tab only Ken and Hans were content to remain at the bar. Ken had to go after a few and in doing so he said Hans would take me home.

Learned the hotel Hans was in was the new place a couple blocks from home. Coyly I said I was curious as to how they did up the interior. Hans would be happy to show me.

Arrived at the hotel bar and honestly, it looked just like any other hotel. ... Continue»
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The Movies Part 1

The Movies

So I am excited. We are meeting for another movie. And for being a patient and not bugging you about naughty pics or erotic texts, you had my prize tonight. I am already at Springdale, waiting when you roll up. As you pull up next to me, I hurry to your car door to meet you there before you get out. My prize has me almost light headed. As you see me approach you see the fire in my eyes and my yearning for you.
Having seen my desire, you reveal my prize. You anticipated my coming to your door and had a plan. As I look in for my prize, I see you got it covered with a ligh... Continue»
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The Agreement: No Names, No Faces, No Words

I had only been talking to her for a little while here on xham, but even from the start we seemed to be on the same wavelength when it came to sex, so this felt right …I don’t even remember if this whole thing was her idea or mine, originally. Neither of us had much personal information on our profiles, no names or faces, we just knew each other by our online names and our personalities, and by the time we realized it, we knew it was more fun to keep it that way.

I was the first one to the motel. I got to the room, emailed her the room number, and the reply came right back, she’d be there... Continue»
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Training a Slut Wife Chapter 3

The church retreat had been such a success with Pam fucking my wife and them fucking together, I loved the hot video. What a HOT blackmail piece for Charlotte, my wife!

I also had her on camera with Ed's black cock in her mouth. Little did she know.

In the last 30 days, my conservative proper hottie wife had slept with the preachers wife and had her first lesbian experiences! She loved it.
She had also cum by the 24 year old African American, Ed, when he ate her and fingered her then she swallowed another mans seed for the first time, other than mine.

She had been very hot in bed ... Continue»
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He needed IT

I rented a room to my best friends cousin he just came home from jail. He had no where to go so I told Julie he could stay at my house until he get a job and apt.
The first day I met him was the first day home from jail he came in tall, hardcore personality, handsome and muscular but not too big his shoulders was squared and his chin. He carried a big duffle bag with his clothes and his iPod with beats headphones he had on jeans with timberlands and a white v neck tee shirt. He shook my hand it made me shiver it tickled. I was wearing a black tight tee and jeans. We all sat in living r... Continue»
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Santa's helper

My husband Mark and I had finally reached the
point of financial security we had been working so hard
to achieve. We had been married a little over five
years and we were elated because our offer had been
approved on the house of our dreams. We were scheduled
to move in a few weeks after the New Year.

When Mark and I got married we sat down and
talked long and hard about what goals we wanted for our
future together. We had both come from middle-class
families and decided that we wanted a more comfortable
lifestyle for us - and for our ... Continue»
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Twice the fun on new years eve

My twin nieces have kept my balls drained for a few
years now, and nobody knows about it. Ever since I
passed out one New Year's eve and woke up to find
Deanie and Debbie jacking me off into a glass of
champagne, they've enjoyed the "fruit of my loins," so
to speak. I'm about ten years older than the twins and
we get along well together. We have many common
interests, which is why no one, including their folks,
think it's strange that we spend so much time

But it's what we do with one another on a sexual level
that I want to tell about. We are heavily into oral... Continue»
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our new prostitute

Hi. Did you read my 1st story named "the punishment". I informed that i am a member of a sex community. i don’t want to mention its name. i want to mention you a small story which happened nearly a year ago.

kaite was a poor girl. she was working in a hotel as a servant. One day she was in the need of money. She once saw a public show performed by our community. She came to know that we will give money for a play. so she decided to perform a play. She met me and informed me about her needs. she said that she wants money and she will do any work i gives to her. That day night our... Continue»
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My pastor's 18 y/o son David -part 5-

David was clapping his hands with joy and laughter..''Hahaha it's me first who learned this secret 3 days ago accidentally!''

Daniel: ''What the hell David? You already knew she was a tranny?!''

David: ''Guess what, even our dad knows! Daniel, you have always been the nerdiest and dumbest member of our f****y, ah no offense please but sometimes i am so ashamed of you and wonder how can we be siblings!!?..!''

Daniel: ''I may be a nerd but i have the biggest Smith cock at least'' unzipping his fly and pulling out of his 9'' monster dick proudly, wow, i wasn't wrong, Daniel was packing a... Continue»
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Xmas Gift From My Mother-In-law

It was the holiday season and I always had a hard time
finding a gift for my wife. So I decided to ask her
mother if she had any ideas that might help me. She
took it one step better and offered to go shopping with
me one evening after she got off of work. I thought
this was a great idea so I agreed.

She was a good looking woman about 45 at the time, nice
tits, dark hair, slim and about 5' 2". I had thought
for along time that she was attracted to me by the way
she sometimes dressed if she knew I was coming over and
by some of the comments she would make. She would
occa... Continue»
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new years eve regret

Laurie stirred groggily as the morning light streamed
in through the window blinds. It was New Year's morning
and as she slowly gathered her thoughts she suddenly
realized that she was in her bedroom, but couldn't
remember how she'd gotten home from the party the night

As Laurie sat up she winced at the throbbing in her
head and from the ache throughout her body, it was like
she'd been in a boxing match and lost the fight. Then
as Laurie pulled the blanket back to get out of bed,
she saw an arresting sight. She froze as she stared at
her naked body and the dried ... Continue»
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Daniel's Passion...

One day, just before lunch, I was headed for my third period class when Daniel took hold of my left elbow and pushed me into a stairwell. The other students passed by us as if nothing was going on at all.

Daniel leaned into me as I tried to back away and whispered '...now you know why I'm here...You need to come and go with me now and satisfy my needs before I get mad...here give me your hand...' Without my approval Daniel took hold of my right hand and pulled it to his crotch.

Daniel was standing with his back to the passing students and in a way that hemmed me in so I could not bolt... Continue»
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My pastor's 18 y/o son David -part 3-

As soon as David left the communal showers,i got undressed,completely naked in one of the cabins, i let the warm water flow down my body with the taste of David's sperm still on my tonsils, the thought of his DNA in my stomach turned me on in a strange way, his babies were inside me, he made me his own property now by making me consume his semen, conquered me from inside..

These perverted thoughts and the touch of warm water were arousing me to the point i can no longer hold it and started touching myself, thinking of David and all those hot intimate moments we shared since he sodomized me ... Continue»
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My pastor's 18 y/o son David -part 4-

I found out David was flirting with a Danish girl named Agnetha from our class, a brown eyed, ginger girl in petite frame, i was feeling jealous now,i knew David was not my boyfriend or anything but i still had some feelings for him, the Smith f****y had a special place in my life and already felt myself a part of that f****y..When i confronted with David next day, he told me it was not something serious, he fucked Agnetha's pussy a few times but nothing could beat my blowjobs and tight ass! It flattered my womanly pride, and i was feeling good again knowing i was David's only true slut and wo... Continue»
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My sexual fantasy of Carol Vorderman. Part 1


(A purely made-up and fantasy account of a wild night with Carol Vorderman)

The night begins as I enter a rather plush and swanky hotel in the middle of London. After coming in out of the rain I check in leave it to the porter to take my bags up to free myself up head to the bar for a stiff drink to dry myself off.
The bar is quiet and the atmosphere non-existant. I order my Jack and coke and sit at the bar in almost stone silence but for the soft jazz music playing for ambience catching my reflection in the bar's mirror e... Continue»
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Company girl

I’d been running from meeting to meeting all week long, driving from one end of L.A. to the other and everywhere in between. This is what’s known as “crunch time” in my business and as my boss says, “If your hormones are out of whack take a prozac.” Myself, I prefer a more natural form of feel-good d**g. It’s warm, wet and creamy, and if you know me, you know that I can’t get enough.

This particular afternoon I had worked through lunch to help hammer out a deal with a firm in Century City. Their guy was in from New York. He was easy on the eyes to say the least. I’d talked to him on the pho... Continue»
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