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The Parcel (True Story)

Finally I had managed to get a week off work. I had no plans, and no friends were booked off to share the fun with me. So therefore what was I going to do with myself. Well as it happens and as most of you know I have now got into the habit of writing some naughty stories on my blog. This has turned into a vicious circle because rather than help me release my pent up sexual frustrations this has made me hornier then ever. So one night after a few glasses red wine, I went online for a bit of a shop. I was looking threw the a well known website who I probably should not mention, lets just say ou... Continue»
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Summer Holiday

My 18th birthday was here. My friends and f****y gathered at my parents house in Stevenage. I had a live band, and great food. It was really a great time. My Dad had bought me a new car, but the dealer didn't have the car I wanted. The car I wanted was in Devon, and the dealer couldn't get it in time for my birthday. So my dad had this plan that my uncle would drive me down to pick it up, and I would drive it to Colchester to stay with my grand parents for a few weeks. I loved my grand parents, they spoiled me.

My uncle Matt is an independent truck driver, owns his own truck. He's my mother... Continue»
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The Fishing Trip

Was a nice fall day so I went fishing at my favorite spot.

A secluded Stream with a waterfall that provided soothing sounds and nice pools of small deep holes where fish lurked
waiting for a worm to be dangled in front of them as a tempting morsel to satisfy there cravings.

I had been there for about an hour when a lady appeared, around 30 with shoulder length vibrant red hai

She greeted me with a Hello, Catching anything?

I said a few nibbles but no strikes.

What I was using for bait? ,She asked, Worms I replied, her reply, Worms are an enticing bait.

Do you mind if... Continue»
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Mom Porn

I sat quietly at the table eating my dinner as mom and dad spoke about the lack of money in their checking account. Dad pulled a business card from his pocket, it was a modeling agency that was looking for an average housewife model.
Mom was a hottie in her early days but now that she was nearing fifty she was showing her age. Do not get me wrong, she is still good looking, curly brown hair about to the middle of her back. Big brown eyes, nice medium size tits, wide hips, and a nice ass for a woman her age. But I did not think she could do modeling.
Dad instructed mom to call this gu... Continue»
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Flat Tire Appreciation

I was driving down the Highway when I noticed a car along the side of the road with the trunk open and a lovely lady standing by it.

So I pulled over in front of the car. Got out and walked up with a warm greeting of, Hello, Do you need some help?

Her reply was an warm Yes, I certainly could use Help!

I have a flat tire.... I can chage that for you, I said.

She siad Thank You! My name is Sue, and you are? Barney, I replied.

I proceeded to change the tire. All the while she was verbally expressing gratitude and telling me how chivalrous I was.

I finsihed up, and said okay... Continue»
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Walk on the Beach (MM)

I was on vacation at the beach and went to the one and only adult novelty and movie store on the island. There was no arcade so I cruised the videos spending quite a bit of time near the bi and gay sections. After about a half an hour this 6-0, a heavy set man came up next to me and started to pretend to look at the vids. He must have been in his early 40s, was married like me, full head of brown hair, tats all over his arms. I figured he was in construction from the logo on his shirt. I asked him what if he was finding anything he liked. He looked at me and with a serious tone said he... Continue»
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Teenage boys are so Cruel...

I was in the tenth grade, about six months after the incident with Daniel, Charlie and Bruce, it was the fourth period English class that we were introduced to Ralph T***. Our class had been instructed that we would have a new arrival and that he had been in trouble, so we were to extra nice to him.

As he was being introduced, whispers were circulating as to what he had done and where he was from. My desk mate leaned over and whispered a very funny accolade that cause me to snicker loud. The instructor and Ralph looked at me as I tried to stifle my joviality, the looked that crossed Ralph... Continue»
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Kirk Creek 2

I was nauseous. I went up to my room, stripped of my swim trunks and hopped into the shower. I definitely made sure the water was cold.

Staring at my partially erect cock, I began to soap up. Pieces of my dream played in my head as I washed. Trying to let the cold water f***e the stiffness out of my cock, I thought of my grandma's false teeth. It wasn't working.

I heard my dad yelling up the stairs for me to move double time.

There was no way I was going down there with even a half-chub. I began to stroke my cock quickly, focusing on the head. After a minuet or so I had worked mysel... Continue»
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The night I got a little more than fries with my b

"Would you like fries with that!" spoke back to me the cute girl behind the register "No" i responded gruffly realising from her reaction it wasn't the most polite response i smiled awkwardly "just the cheeseburger and the coffee thanks" ... It was roughly 3am in the morning back, then i worked a night shift driving a safety vehicle for road workers to boost my income to afford a mortgage that was to come years later. Most mornings i would stop off at a particular Mcdonalds after my shift and get the same cheeseburger and coffee, i would sit down and read the days paper and just unwind in my o... Continue»
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The Cat Burglar

It had been almost a week since Karl had been home. While Taiwan is a nice place, he was ready to get back to his comfortable and quiet apartment. After dragging his luggage out of the Taxi he was greeted by Steve, the doorman. Karl loaded in the elevator and felt his body grow heavy by the time they got to the 7th floor. It was late and the hall was quiet, but to him it was still day time. Jet lag is a bitch. Karl made his way into the flat and determined that he would go straight to bed. After laying there for half an hour, he started flipping channels. There isn't much on at 1:00 AM, but th... Continue»
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Love Thy Neighbour

Another weekend is almost over. It’s already Sunday and I haven’t gotten off properly. Looking at my mom’s porn lesbo videos and magazines just don’t cut it for me anymore. Yeah, I know a 15 year old girl shouldn’t be as horny as I am.

I need the real thing, but the thing is, everyone treats me like a “little girl”. I mean I am mature for my age. I have light brown hair, deep sexy brown eyes, a fair complexion, and a tight little body. I see the teen boys and some of the teen girls at school check me out, but I’m just too damn shy. So I’ve dedicated myself to been a peeping tom-girl wheneve... Continue»
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Browsing Pleasure (a Gargoyles Erotic Story)

(Gargoyles and it's characters belong to Walt Disney Co. and its associates. I do not use them or this story for any financial gain

Kind of sex shown in this fic: M/F, M/F/F, F/F/F, M/F/F/F, oral, anal, orgy, toy, bukkake

Well, a new piece of work made by me. Seem I am a bit busy with writing so I decided to explore the Gargoyle world, using Dominique, the human “version” of Demona. She is so hot that it needed a fic all by herself. Enjoy the fic and get some fun

Gargoyles – Browsing Pleasure
By Victor2K

* - denotes thought

Internet can be useful for everything... Continue»
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Sayaka Gets Behind

If Greg was truthful, he’d never consider himself much of a man of the world. Even getting out of the North-East was an exotic adventure, so when the opportunity came, he gladly accepted the invitation to visit his online friends down in Texas. With his wife going to St Louis, the timing for such a trip was perfect.

Wandering into the living room, Greg finds Sayaka busy on her laptop. She is lying on the carpet, facing the television, typing away. Her hair is up, all business. Yet, something about her demeanor, the way she is watching TV while working away, the restless movements of her leg... Continue»
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a BBW at Moonlight

The night is cold and crisp and I can here my heart through my ears pumping hard and fast with anticipation. I can wait to see you. That cheeky smile, sparkly eyes and that body.... That glorious body of yours with all those curves and crevasses. I want to have one and each of them. Kiss fondle and make them mine.

I stop in front of your door excited of what lies ahead. My cock is vibrating and oozing with anticipation almost painfully hard. I take a breath and visualise in my head how I am going to pleasure you for the rest of the night.

I knock on the door
-you are there standing h... Continue»
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Tied Naked

I had been with Jerry before and he called feeling pretty horny. Both of our wives were home so we ended up meeting at a nearby park. Jerry was a pretty big guy. 6-7, 275lbs pretty firm, brown hair and brown eyes. He was a business man so he was clean cut and straight looking. The best thing about Jerry was he was dominating and a bit kinky.

We met at the park and he had small back pack with him. We hiked for about 20 minutes until we got to remote part of the park. Then we tracked off the trail a bit to a wooded place that had minimal ground cover. He told me to strip naked and I... Continue»
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First Time Fisting

So this a true story, happened a few weeks ago. I met a very nice girl on-line. Very pretty and we clicked on our first date.
We went out had a few drinks and as we were walking to the car we started making out. She is a GREAT KISSER. Beautiful full lips, and a great tongue. We decided to move from standing outside of the car to the inside of hers.
We went into the back seat and continued kissing very passionately. I fondled her small, but very nice breasts. She started rubbing the outside of my pants and I started to get very hard. I helped her, by unzipping my pants and taking my cock out... Continue»
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Facts of Life

************NOT A TRUE STORY**********

When I got pregnant my bf left as he did not want k**s. I was just fifteen. I had my son all by myself and raised him alone. I loved nursing him and he slept with me in my bed at night so I could just nurse him when he woke hungry. I always slept naked and so did my son when he was old enough to not bed wet any more. I refused to stop nursing him as I loved him sucking on my tits. When he started school I would nurse him in the morning then right after school. He still nursed me naked as he always had. When he was twelve he began asking me about my ... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Ch 8 and Preachers Wife 1

Well, for those of you following the stories, for the next few weeks I fucked Jaimie at least once a day, everyday, or at least had the slut meet me for a blow job. She was turning into such a whore she would text me her par_ents were away the last it me I went over to see her, she texted they were away and the door was unlocked. I drove over, walked into the parsonage, walked down the hall to Jaimies room and opened the door. My little slut was kneeling wearing stockings, heels, garter belt, bright red lipstick, nice perfume, her dog collar with leach and she had the leech and riding crop in... Continue»
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Foster Homes

Sally lost her mom and dad at the age of five when they were in an accident and died. She has been in and out of foster homes for years. It got bad when she became a teen as homes for teens were hard to find till Sam and Jenny took her in. She had a bedroom right next to theirs and she could hear their wild sex every night. It made her pussy tingle to listen to them. She didn't know how Jenny got up and went to work after fucking Sam all night. Sam stayed home all day and took care of the house. After Sally had been there about a month she was getting out of the shower and Sam was standing the... Continue»
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the dead girl

I had been dead three years when I pretended not to notice the man drop a pill into my white wine, but that didn't stop him from trying. It hadn't stopped the other six hundred and sixty five men who were intent on courting me in this bizarre and ungentlemanly manner and it wouldn't stop the next man or the next. My afterlife was an endless cycle of man after man. The same dirty tricks, the same wretched result. It was fascinating how repetitive it all was. There was almost nothing to keep me going anymore. Almost....

Three years ago I had gone to a college party at one of the local frat ho... Continue»
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