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Movie Magic Dreams

We all have sexual fantasies. Some are tame, others extreme. My favorite fantasy was the type that was almost in the realm of science fiction and therefore would probably never come true. Even if it could become reality it was a bit extreme, so would I even want it to come true? Often reality does not live up to our fantasies. Little did I know that in 5 months my dream would come true and it would haunt me for years to come?

I'll explain what my fantasy is but first I must set the scene on how it would be realized. Most men enjoy porn. We spend time shopping around the Internet to find th... Continue»
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I Got Id

We face many choices in life, different paths to choose from. At nearly every instance I had the willpower, the determination to choose right from wrong. I am not infallible, I have made mistakes but they were small ones. I was able to correct them, apologize, and make amends with the ones I hurt.

However, there was one temptation that I could not turn away from. I was given the opportunity to live out a dream that most people will never obtain. The consequence to living this dream would be the destruction of three very close friendships. Even with knowing this, I still went into this situ... Continue»
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Four-Cock Foursome (Part One)

All based on an actual event at my home this summer, names changed to protect the filthy.
Me: 35 going on 36, six foot, dark-haired, bisexual, straight-acting, horny.
Kevin: my male fuckbuddy for most of this year, 25, five-ten, dark-haired, gay, straight-acting.
Danny: Kevin's other regular top, as of about a month before the events described below, 30-ish, around six-two, redhead, bisexual, married.
Yasmina (aka Yaz, aka Asif): cute local CD, 18, around five-three, Pakistani origins, gay, submissive.

BY MIDSUMMER this year I had been seeing my fuckbuddy Kevin for a few months, sometim... Continue»
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fantasy role play

my gf and i used to imagine fucking peaple we know and say what turns you on about them but my gf was out with alice and came back d***k and acused us of fucking
i had not seen alice for 3 years and met her in town we said hello and i said my gf only said that because of our sex games and told her about them saying she wanted me to fuck her then tell her what happened
alice said to me was i going to try i said no as she would not do it asking would you have done it if i tried alice surprised me saying probably asking me how i imagined it to happen i asked her to come to my car and asked if... Continue»
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The Pen(is) mighter than the Sword

Matthew had finished up the group fencing lessons for the day. He was closing the salle, name for fencing area, when Kaitlin, a lovely, 5’8”, 130 lb, 38C, long legs, small waist and pale approached him for a private lesson. He looked around to see if everyone else had left the building. He secured the door to the salle, saluted Kaitlin, in the traditional fencing manner, in his smooth black leather-coaching jacket and green track pants.

Mattthew was a lean toned individual who was constantly working out at the salle four days a week. He had given lessons before but nothing like this one to... Continue»
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Fucked By A Stranger

My first collaboration with a fellow-user on XHamster. And boy, did we use each other up co-writing this. :) Lots of fun - thanks, dude - you had me cumming my brains out.
Okay... :)

It was so easy to arrange. We both wanted it so badly, after first talking in personal messages on here, finding out what each of us was into and realising how fucking great it would be to get together.
I told him where to find my home, and when he called from a few minutes' drive away, his journey almost complete, I told him what to expect when he got here - the downstairs doo... Continue»
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Hooking Up

One of my gay mates set me up with a cute guy last Saturday night. He knew the agony I was in, not having had any cock for a while since I started a relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Two years, for fuck's sake.
He organised the whole thing in advance on the Friday with a guy of 24 from his college who he knew would be into me - a thing for older bi guys, apparently.
So we ended up sitting with this lad and his pals in a gay bar in the city. Good body on him, about five foot eight, nice face, so I was definitely into him. Cue plenty of flirting and I totally cruised him out, laid it on thic... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 11)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Eleven

I walked back into the kitchen after seeing Jim off, Emily was still there kneeling, the chain of her leash fell over her breasts and looked so very pretty. There was a blank look in her eyes, I think it was someplace between fear and relief now that Jim was gone, I know he scared her, a lot.

“Hello slut.” I stood over Emily.

“I've got you all to myself now, aren't you happy?” ... Continue»
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Sweet Torturer of Delight (or Sunday Morning)

I awoke next to hubby alone in our bed—a rare occurrence lately . He was laying there, naked, totally uncovered, so calm, so beautiful. He manliness was perfect, like a piece of art in chiseled perfection. His flaccid limb lay across his leg, with those thick purple veins encompassing that manly flesh. His heavy pouch hanging down resting on the mattress. I enjoyed taking in this lovely sight while he peaceful slept beside me. I knew that at the slightest touch from my fingertips, it would react with manly pride for me, but for now I just wanted to gape at that wonder.

As I feasted my... Continue»
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Fucking A Cute Asian CD

I've always wanted to fuck a cute young tranny. I love their femininity - those gorgeous gurl bodies and the way they are into the lifestyle. Such a turn-on.
I pulled my cock out of my boy Kevin the other night and the two of us collapsed in a heap, satisfied with what we'd just done.
As we lay in post-fuck bliss, kissing each other and stroking our dicks, he blew my mind with what he said.
"Yasmina wants you. You can have this place on Wednesday night while I'm at the football."
Asif is an 18-year-old lad, new on the local scene and a cute flirt. Attractive boy, very girlish in the way he... Continue»
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Private Campground (bi-sexual gangbang)

Private Campground

Story from the perspective of a guy and his wife who both become willing abuse victims of 6 other guys. f***ed bi, cum eating, fucking and sucking

My wife, Julie, who is in her early thirties with long brown hair, brown
eyes and the type of body and looks that makes eyes turns when she enters a
room, tends to behave very conservatively around our friends. But when we
are alone together in bed, usually anything goes.
I am in my late thirties standing 6'2" 200 lbs. And handsome enough to be
with a beautiful and sexy woman like Julie.
We enjoy our lovemaking like ... Continue»
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Fucking An Older Guy In A Public Bathroom

It snowed here today. Not much fun. But it set my mind thinking back to an encounter one summer about ten years ago.

Christ knows, it was warm enough when I left the house; after a few miles on the bike I was really feeling the heat.

I was in my mid-20s and, having moved to the city a few years earlier, was making the most of the opportunity of a few days off work to get out and about on my mountain bike during a trip to the coast to visit friends.
Not that I'd seen many mountains; the long, fairly flat stretch of coast, with a sandy beach on one side of the cycle route an... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 10)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Ten

I walked into the kitchen looking for something to drink and was surprised to see Tara there, kneeling on the floor with her hands held up behind her head. Her nose ring was clipped to a leash and loosely tied over one of the cabinet handles. She had plenty of leeway to move around the kitchen if she needed to, but she just remained still on her knees as her eyes followed me. I wondered... Continue»
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My Inconvenient Mistress

Realizing that I get completely turned on by being an oral submissive, I felt the need to finally find myself a domme mistress. After posting an ad, I got a response from a gorgeous 19 year old Latina BBW. We met at yogurt shop where she said that she had always fantasized about having a sub, especially a black slave. I assured her that I would be the perfect sub and serve her fully whenever she wanted, no matter what. This intrigued her as she raised her one eyebrow and said, "Whenever I want? Even if you're busy?". I nodded my head which put the biggest grin on her face. She immediately embr... Continue»
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Wifey as house entertainment gets real

Just the wifey and I tonight. She was getting ready. We argue a little over shoes, she doesn't like heels more than a couple inches tall. I say she looks hotter in high heels. She cuts the crotch out of some black panties that wrap tightly around her ass. Her ass is large and round, it's hard to miss. Her belly is much smaller having lost some weight. with a few adjustments,we get the new crotchless panties to open perfectly around her pussy lips. I go down for a quick taste. She says "ah ah ah. That's not for you." I get excited. Tonight the wifey is going to be a whore.

She pulls up a bla... Continue»
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Seema and the Truck Drivers.

After her first hardcore gangbang with me and my friends all of us fucked Seema couple more times, though never all together. And I was the common factor in all those sessions. Once when I was returning to Mumbai from Bangalore I thought why not take this bitch with me to Mumbai and have more fun. So, we planned to go together, she would stay for couple weeks and return. I was sure this was going to be more fun than what I have had till now. We left on a Thursday evening in my car. As we were out of city limits I pulled Seema to my crotch and pushed her face on to it. She immediately got to wo... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 9)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Nine

I was startled by the knock on the door. I'd fallen into the TV watching daze, oblivious to everything around me so I was shocked with the sudden noise.

I felt chills of excitement down my spine as I got to my feet. It had been a while since I'd seen Doc, we'd grown up together. We'd known each other since we were little k**s barely out of diapers, but it had been too long. Unfortun... Continue»
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Beach Trip over a year ago

So my husband and I decided to go down to our beach house last weekend for a few days, the island that we are on wasn't very busy, with it being this early in the year, so we decided to take a walk on the beach. We walked on the beach for a while and decided to sit down on the towel near the pier (only place on the beach that was partially lit, the pier was closed but if anyone was around I wanted them to be able to see, my idea)and talk, talking lasted for about five minutes before we started making out. I told my hubby to stand up and he did I got up on my knees and pulled down his pants and... Continue»
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A story for A x

A Meal that fails to inspire often leads to that most guilty of human traits! People watching! 

The restaurant was half full & the meal was lacklustre to say the least but Indulged in conversation my dinner guest had become blissfully unaware my eyes had begun to wander! I noticed her legs first & foremost,always a leg man my opportunist gaze following the lines & curves of those black stocking gorgeous legs streaking slenderly from the tightness of a miniskirt all the way down to a pair of dominant jet black ankle boots laced so tight I felt the first swelling pulse of my cock stretching ... Continue»
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Frustrated Wives Club

I am a married woman. We recently moved to Boston when my husband, Edie got a better job offer. We bought a nice house just outskirts of the city. Our daughter Jenny started to go to school.

We had to leave our little town in Midwest for the first time in our lives. It was very scary, but my parents gave us a letter to our distant relatives who live in the area, and the people we found were the greatest, making us feel at home, helping us settle in, amazed us with their house-warming parties.

As you can guess, I was the dumb little country girl in the big city for the first time. I had n... Continue»
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