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Down Old Mexico Way

I vacationed in a small fishing village on the gulf coast of Mexico a few times a year, back in my younger days. I was introduced to the place by a friend of mine and I won't say what village or exactly where because I don't want a flood of tourists there. That place was fifty years in the past or so it seems. Life was slow and having fun was as much of a way of life as making a living.

There are a lot of stories I could tell about that place and I might in the future but right now I'm thinking about Lora. She was a maid at the small hotel where I always stayed. She was tall with long dark ... Continue»
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Sex for Debt

It was a Friday morning and I was called into Mrs. Collins office. She is my boss and I suppose also my saviour from financial disaster. I sat down and Mrs. Collins then told me some good news.
‘Well Kathy you will be glad to know that I am very happy with your new attitude to your work. Also I am happy to tell yo
u that I am going to give you a small and well deserved promotion.” She said.

I was over the moon. Really happy about this good news. I had been a bit worried about things recently. ‘Well Thank you Mrs Collins. What the promotion?’ I asked.

‘You will be promoted to my senio... Continue»
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Back for More

(Reading "All-You-Can-Eat Buffet" first is helpful, but not required. No appropriate tags, so I chose the closest I could)

Another dull, boring day of buying, selling, and trading, on the Dow Jones and NASDAQ, had wound to a close. Finally, I was able to drive home, and kick my feet up for two days. My wife was away on business of her own, and, as much as I missed her, I'd do my best to enjoy these few days without her. I pulled into the driveway, and went into the house. I decided only to change into comfortable clothes, so I could do the few chores I had to make sure got done every day. S... Continue»
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Winters Kiss (Jess n Trey prt 1)

okay let me start by saying this is a work of fiction. this is also a story i wrote and published under a different account. i am republishing it here and will write the 2nd prt if i get anuff likes.
Next… please understand I have rewitten some parts of this story after noticing some mistakes in the wording. I will also be adding to it. The additions start in chapter 2.



Jessica and I had always been kissing cousins growing up. We rarely saw each other that much other then the occasional f****y visits. As k**s, ... Continue»
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My Dirty Slut

I glanced around nervously as Mya dug through her purse, searching for her keys.

"What time is your boyfriend coming home again?" I asked, waiting impatiently as she continued rummaging.

"Stop worrying about it?" she chided, pulling her keys from the purse, fumbling them in her d***ken fingers. "He won't be back until the morning."

"Its morning already isn't it?

"Its 3 A.M.", she answered back, as she opened the door and stepped into the apartment. "We have plenty of time."

I took one more cautious glance around the empty hallway before following her inside.

"Want a drin... Continue»
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I wasn't really all about the party. I knew maybe four people there, and while it was a pretty chill affair, I couldn't help but feel like I wanted to be at home doing something else. Of course I was looking for the good looking girls- and there were a few- most of whom either had boyfriends or just wouldn't be interested in me. When that happens, when I can see there's no connection there, a woman's attractiveness becomes abstract real fast, like art on the wall; pretty, but you don't want to fuck it.

Dana was probably a decade younger than me, just out of college. Blonde, big, curvy, tall... Continue»
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Amazing game of scrabble

It had been a good night. Although I generally dislike being the third wheel, I usually enjoy going out with my roommate Kyle and his girlfriend Shannon. We always have fun, even if we do tend to drink a little too much and this night was no exception.

"I'm telling you, she wanted you!" Shannon said, giving me a playful punch on the shoulder. "You should have talked to her!

"Whatever," I answered, fumbling with my keys.

"Hurry up and open the damn door!" Kyle slurred impatiently. "I think I'm going to be sick again!"

Shannon stuck her bottom lip out in mock sympathy and patted ... Continue»
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OHGirl &Velvet: Sex and Porn


Nearly 4 months passed by quickly as I toured eastern and western Europe for my porn tour. Mikey followed me where ever I was sent and, although I tried to spend as much quality time with him as I could, he either watched my shoots or went sightseeing without me. I was busy nearly every day with something related to my career. In between my fetish shows at various private and public clubs, where I would fuck those who paid me for my service, I was shooting scenes for multiple websites and for films that I was contracted to take part in. Most of my films and videos were either gangba... Continue»
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The Husband

Kate was young and beautiful. She was in an abuse marriage that she sometimes was confused about. She was dirt poor when she first met Ron and he swept her off her feet. He bought her clothes and jewels. He was a lot older and very rich. He married her when she was young and the sex was good but rough at first then it got to be brutal. He loved to degrade her calling her names and abusing her body. He was generous with money and gifts but she did pay for it. He had complete control of her. Last night when one of his friends was over he put his hand under her top and began to play with her tits... Continue»
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It happened with the Grannie

Well, it became sort of a habit. A habit in that way, that, when it was a fine sommerweather the f****y, my wife the k**s and I went to the countryside at Grannies. It happened on Weekends especially when I had an additional day off, besides the regular visits on f****ymeetings like birthdays or other important events. So when it was time for a trip to Grannies we stuffed our neccesary things into the car and everybody got into it as well and off we went. Grannie was in her seventies and living alone because she was for more than 20 years a widow. She was living in an old countryhouse with ... Continue»
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The guy next door

I told my girlfriend I loved her and gave her kiss goodbye at the door. I see this guy looking at us. He looked angry. I rolled my eyes and closed the door. I've been with my girlfriend for over 4 years. I haven't even seen a cock/dick in over 4 years. I had a bad break up and I was done with men.

I went outside to walk my dog and who did I see again? The angry guy he must of just moved next door lately. Never seen him before. Weeks went by and I would walk my dog same routine he would be outside everyday watching me kiss my girlfriend and walk my dog. I'm slightly shy, but he w... Continue»
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My bestfriends wife

My best friend Steve,invited all the boys round for a forth of July party.Just the seven of us,drinking beer outside by the pool.It was a hot day,and the drink was flowing.Every year we have a little party for the guys,and the wives get together next door and do there own thing.were there,as we always are every year,talking shit,about cars and women,as we always do.Eventually,the subject came back to Nancy,Steves wife.We all want to fuck her,its no secret,even Steve jokes about it.She is way hotter than all of our wives put together.
Out of the blue Steve,completly wasted says"she wants t... Continue»
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bros freinds

I was only eighteen years old and in retrospect, a bit naive when this story took place. I still remember every detail, as if it was yesterday, and it makes me smile. In fact, it is one of my fondest memories, and now that I am older and married, I look back on it with no regrets.

Two of my b*****r's thirty year old friends came looking for him at our house. He was not home but they politely asked if they could come in and wait for him to return. I graciously opened the door and stepped aside. They asked me if I knew when he would come back but, I really had no idea.

They as... Continue»
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Missy's Revenge

Missy grew up in a very poor f****y, and lived most of her young years in the projects. Her f****y's small apartment complex was in one of the worst parts of town.

Missy's mother had left when she was only five years old and she barely remembered her. Her father drank every meal, and spent all of his money on alcohol. Missy and her s****r had to wear hand me down clothing, and were often un-bathed and unruly.

She rarely had time to play with the other c***dren who were mostly black. Once in a great while she would take a risk and steal some change from her fathers laundry, so she... Continue»
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Biker Gangbang

Jerry and Missy had been married for five years. Jerry had always wanted a Harley and this year his dream came true. They had saved for a long time and ordered their Harley the year before. They started riding every day and hanging out at the local biker bars. They seemed to fit in perfectly with a biker club called The Hexons. Missy told me their not nearly as wild as most people think. They have jobs and families like everyone else they just liked to ride.

Jerry wanted to join the gang and become one of The Hexons, and Missy agreed. They had spoke to the leader of the gang about i... Continue»
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The Fishing Trip

We met Jo & Krissy a few months earlier and we were now established as fuck buddies. Krissy & I often met at remote locations for lunch time sessions and the 4 of us had played together occasionally. The girls were loads of fun and we all loved partying hard.

It was a beautiful morning warm, sunny and the water was like a mirror. Mick and I were looking forward to our "fishing expedition", as we have been planning it for a couple of weeks. This gave us plenty of time to build up the excitement and expectation.

We launched the boat and were soon underway, the boat sliced through the w... Continue»
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My Boss and Me

my boss was sitting at his desk as i cam into the door. I was kind of nervous since I've never done anything wrong before.
"Yeah Boss?"

He took his eyes of his ipad and set it down. Im not going to lie to you...he was sexy alright He had that black glossy hair and those blue eyes that go with it.

"shut the door and come sit.."

I did so and went to sit. As i sat down i looked straight into his eyes.

"Amy,...i heard some things about you.."

My heart started racing. He eyed me.

"I've made a decision...... to promote you to my secretary.."

My lost my breath. Then it all ca... Continue»
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Me, Alia and her Mom!

My names D, I'm a pretty lucky guy, I've been blessed, as they say, with a cock most guys would give their left arm for, and most women, and so I know I have a duty share it with as many ladies as I can, and I want to share with you some of my favourite fuck sessions.
I was an 18 year old college k** when I met Alia and at that time sex was like candy, so many flavours just not enough time, the girls where every where and just horny as me.
Alia was a hot 18 year old Asian girl in one of my classes, she had shoulder length brown hair the cutest petite body and big brown eyes that could melt y... Continue»
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enjoy xhampster first time

John introduced me to xhampster.

He would often slip out of bed early in the morning and go into his study. I though he was doing work catching up on emails that had come in during the night. Normally I would roll over and snuggle my head into my pillow and sl**p until the alarm would go off.

One morning I could not fall asl**p, so I got up to check on him. I looked into the door open slightly. Imagined how surprised I was to see him slowly stroking his fully erect cock. On the screen he was watching a girl sucking a cock. I could barely hear the sound, but there was sound.

M... Continue»
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A night in the park with a dad from school.

Sam's phone beeped with an incoming message. She look at the illuminated screen displaying the name of a dad of her son's school friend.

Strange, she thought why would he be texting her as they had barely spoken over the past 6 months. In fact last time they saw each other which was only a couple of days ago all he did was give her a smile and said nothing.

Sam, opened the message and she couldn't believe what she read - 5 words. "I want to fuck you"

Sam was surprised because he seemed like a quiet shy guy and with them both being married he was taking a huge risk sending the messa... Continue»
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