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The best man

Sara and I was at the club looking for a hot guy. It did not take long for a hot guy to begin talking and buying us drinks. We soon all decided to leave and go to my house. We had one last drink and secretly slipped a relaxer in his drink. We then went out to my car and headed to my place. Once there we took him to the play room and began kissing him and rubbing his body. By now the relaxer was working and he was ready for anything we wanted to do to him. We stripped him naked and then we got naked and we took turns kissing him with our tongues in his mouth as the other licked his now hard coc... Continue»
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Another Night With Carol

So I was sitting on my sofa, playing the playstation and having a smoke, it was a sunday at around noon and it was a nice day out so I had the windows on and some comfertable but loos clothes on.

I didnt have much planned for that day except to fuck Carol again, she was coming round for an afternoon of smoking and chatting and of course good hard sex.

Some background on the situation is that Carol was my next door neighbor for a few years, she lived there with her long time partner and her two k**s. She was a BBW, thick legs, big ass and huge tits.
She wasn't a huge woman but definite... Continue»
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Billy's Hot Mom

Billy's Hot Mom

Chapter 1

Donna waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body.

Billy sat watching, his cock throbbing inside his pants, his eyes big
and round, glittering with excitement. The very long, very slender legs
of his mother moved snake-like as she turned and danced slowly. Her ass
bunched and relaxed.

Donna wasn't really a dancer, but she loved to dance this way at home,
privately, with only her son watching. She had a natural sense of
rhythm that was sensuous and arousing, her movements more like fucking
rather than dancing. The sway of her hips... Continue»
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Spring time cuckolding

My wife wears the pants in this f****y , or I should say the garter belt and stockings , either way she has 100% of the pussy and she knows it. I work hard at my own business and this allows my wife the life of a stay at home wife. She has a closet full of sexy cloths and a rack of high hills from low to the tallest made. This woman loves being a woman... perfect nails on her fingers and toes a perfect tan and beautiful straight blonde hair. Her 34B cup tits are nice and round , they never need a bra. At 100 pounds she is a sexual machine. So much so that I can't keep up with her , that's why... Continue»
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A Creampie Surprise My Black Wife Creamed By My W

[image] old friend of mine I use to work with named Jim fucked My Wife Angel and yes he did fuck her bare back! she told him to put one on so i gave him the only one i had, he put it on and said "man let me in her first" i told him to give it to her! he was trying to fuck her but he was getting up set because he don't like the way they feel and steeped out of the way and i thought she must have dried out due to him rubbing her with his condom covered cock. but Angel's pussy was soaked with pussy juice, she was telling us that one of us need to fuck her so i slammed my cock in her and sta... Continue»
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This is a work of fiction. This story does not reflect the thoughts or desires of the author.

Olivia, Mike and Sid walked up the road looking for number 26.
"He'd better have the money or he's gonna get it." Sid said patting his jacket where his gun was. "After all, we've a reputation to protect."

They found the house and knocked on the door. It was opened by a slim blonde who looked in her late 30's. As soon as she opened the door they barged their way in and Sid pushed his gun in her face. "Where is John?" he demanded. The blonde trembled with fear and stammered "he's in the front r... Continue»
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As night fell over the heather clad moor, he could feel the mist slowly sweeping over him. The hairs on his back stood on end. He looked across from his hiding place and watched as the two ramblers pitched their tent. The girl was unpacking the small stove whilst the guy fiddled with poles and ropes. It had been a hot day but now the mist was here the temperature had dropped several degrees. Much to his amusement he could see the girl's nipples harden through her top. He watched as she bent over, he had the perfect view from here. After a few hours of eating and drinking the couple retired to ... Continue»
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Squirted on her Friday Squirted on my on Saturday

I want share a story about the horniest weekend of my life involving 2 different women. I had started seeing this girl recently and it wasn't too serious as we had only been out once or twice on a date. I had early in the week to meet her on Saturday night and I was hoping I could finally get her into bed to have sex with her. She was very sexy, black bobbed hair, slim and nice tits or so they looked. I couldn't wait but was very nervous on how our date would go. There was a work night out in a well known rugby club on the Friday night and it was a barn dance theme night. I said I would g... Continue»
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My first time being shared

First draft
I knew some of what he had planned for tonight but I didnt know everything. He told me to pump my cunt up before he arrived. He was coming over at 10 and I had to answer the door wearing heals, stockings, a collar, leash and a coat on top. Once the door was closed I was to remove dressing gown straight away and get onto all fours.
He led me to my bed room and told me to lay on the bed on my back. He put on my wrist and ankle cuffs and attached my left wrist to my left ankle and did the same to the right hand side. I was laying on the bed pretty much naked with my legs spread ope... Continue»
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Help me, doctor!

My wife has been complaining of pain every time we have sex, so we went to her OBGYN to see if there's something going on. The sight of my wife in a hospital gown, spread eagle on the table, hairy pussy exposed, while another woman fingered her, was enough to get me hard as a rock! I was a little embarrassed by it, especially when my wife shot me an evil look, because it was obvious that she was not enjoying it at all, and also that she could see how turned on I was. It's hard to help, though, especially with her doctor. She's in her early 30s, petite, blonde, and VERY curvy. She's from s... Continue»
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House Guest - Day 1

I wouldn't be a stranger to you, I would be someone you know. I would be someone you met through your husband. One of his friends who he hasn't seen in a long time and has been invited to stay over while visiting from out of town. We would all share a few glasses of wine over dinner and have polite conversations mixed with humorous anecdotes. As the night grew late the k**s would be put to bed and after a few more cocktails your husband would feel the urge to sl**p as well. I would stay up to chat with you and help you clear the table. We would continue to converse until the dishes were ... Continue»
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Losing My wife (Written by my first ex husband)

I had been married to Anna for four years. Now, at 32, anna still looked like 27. With a very small frame but really large tits and ass, that seemed to defy gravity, she was definitely every man’s dream. Whenever I woke up in the morning, I felt happy to have her as my wife, and I’m sure she felt the same. Stroking her half curly black hair and waiting for her to wake up one morning, my dick was already at full attention. When I felt her stir, I kissed her and after a few seconds, she responded. This had already become some kind of tradition. The morning-fuck.

it happened once a frien... Continue»
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Pantyhose voyeur caught in the woods

It was a lovely day and I was feeling horny. I had the day to myself so I picked out a pair of my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose with the gusset cut out and slipped them on. I put on a tshirt and a pair of trousers and slipped on my shoes. I picked up my camera and off I went to the local woods. That is the beauty of living in the countryside with nature all around. I am out with my camera just getting photos of local wildlife and nobody has any reason to think otherwise.
Ten minutes later I am walking down the footpath into the woods. I have seen only 2 other people walking the... Continue»
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Experiences of a soldiers slut.

Before I met my partner I used to live in an army town and I had lots of soldiers friends. I always loved big army guys with their big muscles etc. They were mostly English although there was also some Gurkas. I used to like them fucking me stupid I guess I liked a big guy treating me a bit rough although I'm not into S&M. I guess I was the local bike but so what I enjoyed myself!
Anyway one day there was a bit of a change with some guys from the Israeli Army coming. I dont really know what they were doing there but I think they were being trained by the army although these guys were so big a... Continue»
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My favourite blowjob. Ever.

This is the story of the most memorable and incredible blowjob that I have ever, and maybe will ever receive. I was 19 years old at the time. I was with my then girlfriend (now my ex, but it's one of those things where, we both know that at some point we will be back together, we just need some time to have fun and see the world a bit first). Although i never knew any of my friends to say she was the hottest girl at our high school, i thought she was incredible. she was an athlete, just like me, a real competitor. that turned me on. and her body showed how active she was. thick, muscular ... Continue»
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Breaking and Entering Ch. 1

Author's Note: This is a story written long ago, and posted to Literotica, titled as f***ed First Ch. 1. As with all my works, I retain copyright. I hope you enjoy!

It was the 4th of July! And it was Saturday! The whole neighborhood was going to have a block party, and it was so exciting! I can remember having to help my parents clean up the yard, and the house, to get ready for the celebration. The whole street was working to fix things up, and make the necessary preparations. At ... Continue»
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mom and son Marriage

a big hello to all of you. My name is Deepa, a 42 year old housewife from Jamshedpur Jharkhand. I am new to this site and story writing. I used to be very innocent and very conservative Hindu lady. I am here because of my son who is now my husband too. Strange isn’t it, but it is true. I married my son under his tremendous pressure and unconditional love which I was missing since my husband’s untimely death.

Now to coming to the story, which is a true story I hope you all will enjoy it. My husband died 10 years back in an accident leaving behind me and my only my son Jaydeep who was a 10
... Continue»
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my bbc gave her white pussy the deepest fuck!

hello this is james and i have to give thanks to cindy for helping me wright this story!!

quick add looking for couples and single women!


enjoy the story now!!

I have had the distinct pleasure to be married to one of the most beautiful and hottest women on the earth. Renee and I have been married for about four years now and ever since we first started dating we have enjoyed an erotic love life. Renee has always been very sexually adventurous. Her 5' 8" 120lb frame has been blessed with a fantastic set o... Continue»
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Paulettes Passions

Darren went in to the bar and saw a willowy blonde with an amazing figure, sat across from Darren she started to cross and uncross her legs showing flashes of her pussy; as usual Paulette wasn’t wearing any underwear and was enjoying getting the attention shown to her.

Darren went to the bar to order another drink and was stood next to Paulette, with a straight face he said to her wonderful view here and offered to buy her a drink, for a while they made small talk and drank until Darren asked Paulette if she would like to go for a walk along the beach, once they reached an empty part of t... Continue»
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Marion worked for one of the large Pharmaceutical companies selling their products to Doctors and Hospital’s etc. to call her beautiful was an understatement she had legs to die for, breasts that took your breath away and the face of an angel, and dressed accordingly wearing clothes that accentuated her best features, stockings and shoes that showed off her legs to perfection, Blouses that gave just a hint of what they were hiding and suits with trousers or skirts that made for one hell of a package.

Early in the morning Marion woke up after a good night’s sl**p feeling excited because she... Continue»
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