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My Sister in Law

My s****r in Law

I have long been infatuated with my s****r-in-law Barbara. She and I are the same age and even before I married her s****r I was attracted to her beautiful body and personality. Through the years I could not help lusting for her and fantasizing about having sex with her though I knew it was not possible. She was the forbidden fruit that haunted my dreams. We have always got along well and had some great conversations over the years. It did not help that she seemed to get more beautiful over the years as she became a workout and fitness fanatic. Dark flawless skin and... Continue»
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Moving On Out With Vengeance.

I had just gotten off of work pulling up fast to my s****r in laws driveway not knowing what to expect. She sounded really flustered and knew my workplace was just around the corner. Perfect timing. I guess you can say?
I hear the sounds of boxed memories and goodies being thrown to the side and I creep way my inside. I've always been fond of my s****r in law. She's centuries older than me but the lust is most definitely there for me for some odd reason. I glance over into the room knowing she didn't hear a creek in the wood seeing her in her silk bathrobe. I see her breasts swing back and ... Continue»
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Wild point in my life

I've always been a shy type of person even prude at first. Its really crazy how one person can change your whole....well rather bring your sexual side out. I met the guy that would forever change me as a sexual person at the mall one day. He was a good looking clean cut guy. The type of guy that females would consider a player. I reluctantly gave him my number that day just because I was in a hurry and wanted him out of my face.....

He constantly called my phone and I would answer, then make up an excuse to get off the phone like, um I'm busy or I'm about to go to work. I felt like I didn'... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls 4/2 - Elisabeth

Doctor Lenox picked up the shaving cream and lathered her mound, his fingers luxuriated in
the feel of her vulva. When he had her lathered, he picked up the straight razor. "Hold very
still, Elizabeth, I don't want to cut such a lovely pussy," her body tensed.
She felt his fingers move over her, the razor poised at the top of her sex. She tensed when she
felt the metal touch her, drift over the soap, slide effortlessly down, only to return to the top
and begin again. She f***ed herself to remain still, barely breathing as the razor shaved her
clean, each time the blade moved down, his fi... Continue»
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Voyeuring my wife

My wife had a weekend job working for a female friend of ours who owns a tavern in town. Janet would work the late shift on Friday and Saturday nights. The place closed at one a.m., and it would be around three a.m., usually, before she got home, because they had to clean the place up afterwards.

After about a month, she started getting home about a half hour later than usual. I always waited up for her, and when I asked her "Why so late?" she said the bar had been busier lately and some people didn't want to leave right at closing.

I decided to check out her story. The next Friday n... Continue»
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Clare Part2

Clare - The love triangle
Part 2, the week after
How my loving relationship turned into a love triangle

I woke early the next day, well before my alarm went off. I still couldn’t believe my luck. I had a big smile on my face and why shouldn’t I? I got a fantastic blowjob of Clare last night but I couldn’t figure out what she meant when she said “I’ve wanted this for a very long time.” Did she really fancy me or was I just a notch on her bedpost? I’m a decent looking guy, even back then, at 35 I was over 10 years her senior. I frequent the gym twice a week, stand at 6foot1 and a muscular ... Continue»
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When I worked at the womens prison.

When I was 25, I got my CNA liscence. I got hired on with a temp agency,and I was assigned to work at the local correctional facility for women.My first day I was given the nick name "Busy Bone", cause I'm light skinned,had super long hair at the time,and I talk fast. My job was easy, too easy all I had to do was take bl**d preaasure so I always asked my boss Carl." Is there anything else I can do to kill time around here, cause if I'm not moving.The clocks not moving, so he put me in charge of supply inventory among the diffrent units.Kool, the first time I stepped into the yard. I swear to M... Continue»
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Fucking my Buddy's Mom

I'm a 19 year old guy that has been friends with my buddy Jim since we were k**s. We grew up together and I knew the whole f****y well. Jim's s****r was getting married and I was invited to the wedding, the date I had lined up ended up backing out on me at the last minute so I asked Ron my room mate If he was interested in going with me. I told him hey a wedding, shitty dinner open bar and a room full of d***k single women! We ended up going together,had a really good time Ron ended up dancing and spending most of the evening with Anne who was Jim's aunt. Anne was 52 from Arizona she had a rea... Continue»
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Thats very neighbourly of you; part one

Daniel lived on an eclectic street with all types of people, plumbers plasterers professional types and the odd artist. Nobody really stood out unless they were ignorant or trouble makers. The buttoned up starched professional couple who lived facing Daniel intrigued him, wifey was a bit aloof and reserved hubby was a bit 'matey' but they were pleasant enough.

Daniel used to watch wifey out front in the morning as she took the air before work, silk blouse buttoned tight to the neck long skirt flat heels giving nothing away about herself other than she was the professional type. Hubby
... Continue»
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A love of boss

A love of boss ... 1 of 31 ...
Submit by: belle_ame
Author: Bilitis
A love of boss ... 1 31 ... Bilitis
Chapters 1-3
In the real Christine, who has been my model; to Evelyn who both helped me in my difficult times, Natacha At my tender without which life would be so different. To all those and all those who try to overcome the difficulty of loving 'differently', despite the prejudices and who do not give face still many obstacles on our path.
A new chief of staff The news was finally dropped: the Minister had to thank his chief of staff. In our stage, that of the hostesses,... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls 4/1 - Elisabeth

Part 1

Coach Jorgenson sent Elizabeth to Headmaster Michael and now she stood before him, a pretty
little thing, not like a girl who would be in such trouble. Another "scholarship" girl, Elizabeth
was bright and streetwise, but hadn't been doing well academically. This was her last chance at
college. Her mother had passed away over ten years before, her father attempted to raise her,
but had his difficulties with her. He was in the military, a General, where soldiers followed his
orders without question. With Elizabeth, it had always been the opposite. He had been brought
up with the ... Continue»
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I’m Gonna Be First in Line Today

While it was a long time ago I still remember waiting every day for the ending school bell to ring while in high school. Why? Because that’s when I would rush like hell to the “dead zone” behind the gymnasium to get a chance to pay to either get blown by or actually fuck little petite Vicki. A simple BJ (she sucked and spit most of the time) cost only $10. And if you were bold enough to fuck her it only set you back $25. I was a little apprehensive about fucking her, especially when you aren’t always the first guy in line. Nothing worse than sloppy seconds or thirds, etc.

The last week of s... Continue»
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Hottest story ever written for me!

You are on the bed with just your panties on. I took off your socks and mine as well. ;) I'm wearing my grey boxer briefs, with my large bulge very pronounced. I am running my hands up and down your thighs, squeezing them along the way. You are wiggling your closed legs together, I can tell you've had a long shift at work and need a full release....I move on side your body as you lie on the bed. Leaning down kissing along your torso, up to your breasts. My breath grazes across your nipples as they perk up even more. I kiss up to your mouth, one of my hands holding your hands up over y... Continue»
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How to score another fuck buddy

Sometimes one has to play it cool to score big. Jen was a co-worker that I enjoyed casual sex with. She was a cute brunette with a shaved pussy and a really nice pert C-cup rack. We worked together in a part time job. We were flirting one night and at one point I made a comment about giving her what she needs. She came over and grabbed my cock. She looked up at me and said, OK. After work we fucked in the back seat of her car. I made sure that she was well pleased before I allowed myself to cum all over her beautiful chest.

We kept this up for a few months. One day I was working with Jen a... Continue»
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This story is based on the fantasies of ahrnycpl4u at xham. Printed with her permission.

Remember, we left off from Part 1 with…
Deb twisted her head and smiled so sexily and whispered to me, “Ryan, please Ryan. Get them ALL to fuck me tonight.”
I audibly gulped, which she heard and it caused her to giggle.

'I had to give myself time to think. Did she really know what she was asking?’

First, her dress, I pulled it over her head, cast it away and held her tight against my chest. She didn’t flinch at this complete... Continue»
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Frisky Friday Night

It is date night with my husband. He is meeting me after work so he has no idea what I'm wearing. I show up with a sexy top no bra on, a short skirt with no panties on and super sexy slut heels. I walk in to get drinks for us and see everyone looking at me wanting to fuck me. Hubby walks in to see his cumslut dressed ready to be used like a whore. We are having drinks and I take his hand and slide it up my skirt. He starts rubbing my pussy, as I get wet he starts sliding his fingers in my pussy. My nipples are getting hard and I know some people see and know what's going on. They call us to ge... Continue»
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Kim has always slept naked with her mom and dad. She loves to suck her mom's big full tits. Some nights she would suck one as dad sucked the other. Dad would also finger mom's pussy as he sucked on a tit. He would also turn mom on her side so Kim could suck on a nipple as he fucked mom from behind. Then he would turn the mom back to her back and suck on a nipple beside Kim. In her teen years Kim started to develop tits and her mom would rub them and tell her that some day she would have a daughter to suck her nipples. Mom would also kiss on Kim's tits too. Kim like her tits touched a lot. One ... Continue»
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The Bride

Kate and Nick had sex within thirty minutes of their blind date. He went to her house to pick her up and soon she was naked and all over him with her hands down his pants and then soon sucking his cock. He teased her and told her she had a hot cunt. They dated two months and fucked most of the time then got married. The honeymoon was non stop sex as Kate could not get enough of Nick's cock. He also was a fan of her hot cunt and loved eating her. She would sit or lay with her legs spread wide and he would dive in and lick and suck her juicy cunt.

After the honeymoon they moved in with Nick'... Continue»
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Karaoke With A Sexy Twist

For over 10 years I have been doing karaoke shows at local bars, restaurants and a shit load of private parties. They are usually the same scenario, set up, play karaoke music for 3-4 hours then breakdown, pack up and go home. At one bar I play at I have quite a few “regulars” who I have gotten to know. Two girls, s****rs, are in that group and they always sing duets together. They are quite good and also nice on the eyes. The shorter one isn’t as “chesty” as the tall one but she is more petite overall, which I do like. Quite honestly I’d do either one of them if I had a chance. About ... Continue»
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Tara's Threeway

Tara had agreed to the three way, but Mr. James hadn’t told her about how much I cum. Not that my cock is a huge porn star cock, but when I cum it shoots out in thick, gooey streams. Even if she had known, I’d like to think she was game because she was smiling and on her knees in the hotel room not long before James and I both arrived. She’d helped herself to some of the minibar, but we didn’t mind as she pulled out our cock and moaned as she stroked us hard.
James groaned as she worked her hand. I caressed her face and said, “Kiss is, Tara.”
She did. Coyly kissing my cockhead... Continue»
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