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Da Club

The man's wife had been married for only 2 years and had been swinging since before they were married.

Her name was Samantha and was 5'5" tall and about 219 pounds with a large build and a tanned body. They started out playing with couples only but soon found out there were way more men after Samantha than women after him.

If Samantha saw a guy she liked, it was OK with him as long as he could watch. Their favourite couples club in town would allow single guys in the club only on Fridays. Samantha husband (Mike.) could always judge her mood by which night she wanted to go to the club. Sa... Continue»
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Me And My Mami

I looked at her eyes. The white in them was smeared with red, as if she was trying not to sl**p. She was lying in her bed, eyes half open. She had a sari on. Her pallu was held crumbled in her fist and it was wet with her tears. I was sitting at the foot of her bed. She wasn’t looking at me; she was looking at the bedroom door. I know what she would be thinking. There was a strange look in the e
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Fucking My Friend Mom Sudha

I’m Sam 28 and from Chennai city, I live in a flat alone. This story deals with me and my friend mother. My friend f****y consists of himself selvam age 20, his mother sudha and his father who works in the gulf. Selvam father comes only once a year. Selvam mother is 40 years old but I must say she does not look her age. She is very fair and 5 feet tall, 60kgs and lean with a big ass and breasts. She is damn cute and beautiful, even now when she goes to the marke... Continue»
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Driver fucking horny sisters

This is a true sent by one of my very good net friend who became a friend through this site. This story is dedicated to her, her s*s and her mom who have been repeatedly fucked by their driver and his friend(s). We are 3 s****rs-I'm the eldest, after me is my younger s*s who is 1 year younger, the youngest has been adopted by my mausa who has no c***d.

He and mausi live about 80 kms away from us. Mausa has a small factory and mausi is housewife. They are v
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I agreed

My husband had to bail me out for a DUI. Then I wrecked the car. I had been busted doing internet chat. There was so many things he had me on that finally he demanded I had to either pack up and get out or do exactly what he said. I didn't want a divorce I was just too much into alcohol. I was crying and begging him to please let me stay and I will do anything I promise. I knew I had been drinking way too much but I would again do anything he anted. He had me to sign an agreement and it was stressed I had to do anything like I mentioned.

He showered then had me to shower then turned on our ... Continue»
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My Korean GF Michelle Cheats

When I was a sophomore at college, I was fortunate enough to meet a girl who I thought was one of the most attractive girls on campus. Her name was Michelle, and she had the best combination of hot/sexy/cute on the whole campus. The best part was, she didn't have that bitchy attitude that most hot girls on campus did. She didn't walk around with her nose in the air, and didn't slut it up at any of the local frats like many of her classmates. She was the perfect image of an innocent cute, and very hot female. The reason that she was this way, is that she hadn't yet had the chance to experience ... Continue»
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Hot Tub Reunion

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My name is Jim. This is a story about my Vietnamese wife who I met in Hanoi almost 6 years ago. I saw her crossing the street, almost floating in her traditional ao dai that showed off her slender Asian body. She had a beautiful innocent face with full lips and beautiful dark eyes framed by her long black hair.

As she crossed the street, she looked at me and laughed. I realized my mouth had fallen open in awe of this dark skinned beauty. She came straight up to me and introduced ... Continue»
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Tuyen learns to enjoy it

All in all, I have a pretty great job. I work as a consultant for high-end hotels and resorts around the world. So, about 40 weeks a year, I'm on the road, visiting my clients' properties and making sure they are being run properly. It doesn't leave much time for a home life, but that's OK with me, as I'm not really the type to settle down. I like exploring, traveling to new places, and having the freedom to do what I want. Plus, constantly being around women who are on vacation has led to a pretty exciting sex life.

I'm a good-enough looking guy, with dark hair, broad shoulders, and a frie... Continue»
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She drove me crazy

Hi my name is John, and this is a short story about what happened to me in the summer of 2013.
That summer i was 35 years old and working as a driving instructor.
As you can probably imagine there was no shortage of hot teenage girls learning to drive and i very often struggled to keep my eyes on the road.
But there was one girl that i will never forget. Emma!!!
Emma was stunning, 18 years old and tiny, only around 5 ft, ,she was very slim, long wavey blonde hair, very pretty. she was a typical young lady of that age and wore some very tight clothes that showed of her fantastic figure. Emm... Continue»
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Zoe the Paramedic

Zoe loved her job. She had recently graduated as a paramedic and was loving helping people and returning something to the community she grew up in. The hours could be very long especially on night shifts but she always had the company of her fellow paramedic in the ambulance and she enjoyed chatting to members of the public.
Today had been a slow day. She had been sent to a country fair to help support the St John's Ambulance and all she had done was patch up a number of grazed knees and told a few d***k guys that maybe they'd had a bit too much. The day was winding down when she was called t... Continue»
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Nina and Tom's Night With Amelia

Nanu277 and I wrote this together over a year ago, I thought it would be nice to post it again about a night when we pick up our cocktail waitress Amelia. Let us know what you think… The story is a little long but we think it is hot. Nina’s site is:



We are sitting in the corner booth of a local bar waiting for our server to take our order for a nightcap after dinner and a movie. We are playing around a little bit, kissing and touching, it was dark, not many people inside. I move in for a nice kiss when I noticed our server was standing th... Continue»
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Another Party

This happened last Halloween, I was home from my first year of college. Our small town always has a large all adult halloween party at the community center. I bet over three hundred people show up. My friend and I have been sneaking in the last three years. It is alot of fun as there are some very racy costumes and someone always get in a fight. Not to mention all the d***ks that stumble around. And we both have managed to get laid every time we have gone.
This year we had to sneak in again as we are not over twenty one. We had on pirate costumes to help hide who we are. So we mingled ar... Continue»
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Clare Part 3

Clare - The love triangle
Part 3, the after party
How my loving relationship turned into a love triangle

It hit me straight in the face and I felt like I was punched in my stomach. Everything fell into place and started to made sense, she was flushed and out of breath, her over wet and swollen pussy, the smell of sex on her and the obvious creampie I just fingered. I hastily pushed past blondie, washed my hands twice and stormed out the toilets. I couldn’t believe it, I got already cuckold by Clare and we weren’t even an item yet. I was angry at her and stood in the dark corridor trying ... Continue»
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Making Love Under The Rainbow

Making Love Under the Rainbow:

You and I are watching the storm under the eve of our home laying together on our double lounge. You look so beautiful in you flowered sundress, I can see your silky and lace bra holding your beautiful breasts peaking out the top of your dress. You are more beautiful than the flowers that are being rained upon.

As we cuddle the rain begins to stop over us, but it is still raining hard in the distance. The sun peaks out behind us and makes a beautiful double rainbow over our garden. You grab my hand and say lets make a wish, over with the rainbow.

... Continue»
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Thats very neighbourly of you;part two

For the first time he actually heard her speak, 'come up when you're ready theres beer and wine in the fridge. Daniel had to calm himself first making sure it wasn't a joke or a wind up. Steady his nerves steel himself for whatever was going to happen. Worst case scenario an unexpected cock up his ass and a smile on hubbys face, best case scenario anything but the latter.

'Nah fuck it, I've been in worse situations no need to steady myself'. Dan the fucking man the legend in his own lunchtime, yeah minor scores in the dirty dawg stakes but nothing as spectacular as this. Cautiously he t... Continue»
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Fucking my Buddy's Mom (Part2)

It was about a month after my buddy Jim's s****r's wedding where I had fucked his mother and aunt. I was getting gas when I ran into Andrea at the pump next to me. She asked if I was playing golf on Saturday with her husband, Jim and her other son Frank, I replied no I hadn't been invited. Oh I thought they said they were calling you, guess not! Well I'm going to be alone on Saturday if you're interested why don't you come by for a visit, I was stunned at how forward she was, It was still awkward since the time in the room at the wedding. I'll have to see what's going on I said, she turned to ... Continue»
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Kate Fantasy #11

I sit at my kitchen table watching my neighbor, Frank, working on the fence. Jimmy is away so I had to ask my friend, Marcie, if I could borrow her husband and she sent him over. Now, I sip my wine, getting a little light-headed, and watch the muscles in is back flex and release as he lifts and hammers. Another sip and I am letting naughty thoughts take over my brain. Marcie has told me on more than one occasion that Frank’s cock was “extra-special” and I find myself wondering if it’s true.
I see that he is close to finishing so I quickly go to the bedroom and change into my shortest jean c... Continue»
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the barlady...

After a long day at work and a meeting with my boss that ended badly. I decided to dive into the local pub the young guys at work always talk about. I walk in and plat myself by the bar. Greeted by a young black woman. I pay no attention with my head down. Whiskey on the rocks.. Make that a double!!
She slides my drink over asking.. Rough day? as I take off my tie. I reply with a negative voice.. You can only imagine. And that's when I make eye contact with her.. A pure beauty. Tied up hair in form of dreds. Yellow bone complexion. Short in height judging from sitting on the bar stool.

S... Continue»
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Tutto in gola.

Il ricordo di Quell’anno ( il 1988) era così intenso e vivido che mi pareva ancora di sentire in gola il sapore dello sperma , provavo la deliziosa sensazione di sentirmi colare dalle labbra e sul mento la sborra che ieri mi era stata iniettata con abbondanza da Peppe.

Tutto era successo con molta naturalezza e quasi per caso: avevo litigato col mio amante Pino, il mio datore di lavoro, confessando il tutto alla mia amica di cuore Antonella che Pino mi aveva lasciata, lei mi invita ad uscire con lei insieme a due calciatori, e aveva anche aggiunto che uno di questi Peppe come tu sai t... Continue»
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Starting fisting

Starting Fist 1
I've always been proud of my body. At 38 I'm 5'8", 156 pounds and have always
been thin. It seemed most of my weight was centered in my breasts. I once tried
to weigh my boobs and figured they were about 14 pounds each. They are the only
out of kilter part of my body. I do love having huge tits but wish they weren't
so long. They hang to a few inches above my crotch and should be broader for
their length. I suppose that as the rest of me is on the slim side I would need
to put on more body weight for them to be symetrical with their ... Continue»
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