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In the Lightning, In the Rain

Lum and Ataru were walking home in the rain one cloudy afternoon. She clung lovingly, and tenaciously, to his arm underneath their umbrella as she was known to do. The poor weather had already sent most people into their homes and Lum and Ataru hadn’t seen anyone else for quite a while at this point. Lum started to giggle as she felt the static in the air, which was quickly followed by a bright flash and boom of thunder. Lum laughed in delight at the strike of thunder, but her companion, Ataru, jerked in surprise.

“What is the matter Darling?” Lum asked rubbing her head into his chest, “Doe... Continue»
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My Wife's Female Nordic Lover

My wife Jean is a sweet petite 5’ 2” brunette doll that looks like a movie star. Although she is small, her body is perfectly proportioned with her firm ass, perky tits, and thin waist. I met her at work and knew she had several lesbian affairs in college, but I thought that phase of her life was over. I did notice that she had several friends and they all seem to fit a pattern, very sexy, tall, large, Scandinavian blonds, with large boobs and Nordic looking features. It was odd that here was this small women accompanied with these large Scandinavian women. Well, one day I learned the truth a... Continue»
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He got her cherry

Shelley and I dated since grade 9 and we were each others first boyfriend and girlfriend, and we were best friends on top of that who got along great. We rarely argued or fought, and the chemistry between us was amazing, and deep down I always knew I would one day marry her and spend my life with her. In high school we both played sports, I was on the basketball team, and the track team, she too played on a couple teams, and she would always come watch my games whenever she could. Our relationship was perfect, almost too perfect, and if there was one problem we had, or at least that I had, ... Continue»
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Finally getting lucky

When Brian wakes up, he lets out a sigh. Last night he went to a party with some friends and was hoping to get laid for the first time but unfortunately had no luck. A couple of girls danced on him but that was it. One girl in particular was really memorable. She was Armenian and wore a tight black dress that hugged every curve of her body. She had an ass that resembled Jayden Jaymes, though her tits weren't as big. When she danced on Brian her ass felt like a pillow and she even let him grab it.

But that night was no more and now he woke up to a boner he had to take care of himself.

Br... Continue»
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Anna's First 3Sum

We met Paul for drinks for Anna to meet my friend to make sure she was comfortable with him before enjoying her first 3sum. Paul and I had shared a girlfriend of his before and I was very comfortable with him fucking Anna. After a couple of drinks I suggested that we go to my truck where we could talk more openly. I had noticed a few people trying to listen to our conversation. We left and Anna got into the back seat of my extended cab truck and Paul went to the passenger's seat. It was much more comfortable talking about what we all were looking forward to. I had asked Anna to dress sexy for... Continue»
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Clare Part6

Clare - The love triangle
Part 6
We have our first threesome, with his s****r.

Sandra and I ran the last few yards back to the apartment. We couldn’t believe what just happened. We grabbed a couple of drinks and settled on the patio, the sun was still beating down and within minutes she had her top off. Not the one to be left out I followed suit, with one minor difference that I was wearing a dress but not any underwear and in a flash I stood in front of her completely nude. She looked at me somewhat surprised but unhooked her bra, pulled down her hot pants and stepped out of her thong. I... Continue»
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my wife is a bitch?

sorry for my english is not perfect ... someone wants to help me make the correction?


let's start with the presentations; I am married since 10 years with Charline, who is aged 30 years. I have the chance to have a beautiful wife of 1m70 for 55kg, sensual mediteranian, with black long hair (http://xhamster.com/photos/view/2532284-41655389.html). I love his beautiful ""petit cul and her hard breasts of average size.
For my part I have 5 more years, i am slim, little hairy with a rather long white dick; my first name: Simon. We are a couple rather ordinary, sexually opened w... Continue»
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doctor try fisting my ass

Here, I returned the doctor, I'll tell you my story.

as I told you last week, my husband wanted me fisting in the ass, I told him that before I wanted controler if there was no problem.

I made an appointment with my doctor, I told him it was urgent and astonishing thing he gave me an appointment for this week. habiture to wait at least three months.

I arrived at the medical office yesterday, the secretary, asked me to wait in the waiting room, the doctor was already in consultation.

once seated, I think of how I was going to ask him that. in sudden I felt between my legs as my puss... Continue»
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Trudy – My First Girlfriend

After sharing with you the account of my first sexual experience with my cousins Betty and Veronica, I thought I would share what happened with my first girlfriend, Trudy.

I knew Trudy in junior high, but really didn’t pay her much attention at the time. By my sophomore year in high school, Trudy had blossomed into a pretty teenage girl. She stood about 5’ 5”, had blonde hair that hung down almost to her waist, green eyes and b-cup tits. She had a great figure and often wore clothes that really showed it off.

After school one day, I was walking home and saw Trudy just ahead of me, so I... Continue»
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CD Maid Fantasy

Nervously, I knelt on the ground, and wait for Mistress to return. The whole day, I had spent cleaning her house, wearing my maid outfit, always making sure that everything on it was in order. It was difficult to keep the white stockings and gloves clean, but I had managed to do so, all while in 5" black heels, a lace-like maid outfit, and of course, a plug, collar, and cage to keep me from playing early. So I had finished my tasks, re applied my make-up, combed my short black, hair and had been on my knees for almost an hour: all as instructed. As it drew closer and closer to seven o'clock, I... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 2 Epilogue

Forty naked women were being paraded through the streets of Donopolis, capital of Sythia. Once they had been the all-powerful, overseers aboard the Barbarian vessels. Now they were under the lash themselves, herded along by whip-wielding Sythian guards. In their ears rang the laughter, the jeers, the contumely of the citizens who had gathered to see their downfall and their shame.
Many of the women were weeping but some still kept their head high as they stumbled over the uneven cobblestones. Among the latter was Lady Livia ... even though her ample buttocks were striped with a dozen or more ... Continue»
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A Business Trip- The Husband's POV

Hi, Everybody! I wrote this as an exercise, to try things from a different point of view. It was recommended by a friend that I try it this way, as my writing has been in sort of a rut. In this case, I tried a man's POV. I find writing in this view very hard for me, as I am constantly wishing I am the bad girl in this scenario... but oh the fantasies! I'll let the reader discover the plot and perhaps you will leave me comments on it? Oh, and please don't forget the usual copyright blah, blah, blah...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Continue»
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Something written in lust

She was bored, plain and simple. There was nothing on tv, all her friends were away either on holidays or working and she was stuck here, watching the house as her parents had gone to some birthday. She switched off the tv and stared at the ceiling. Without thinking or hesitation, she let her hand slip downwards, across her still soft nipples, pinching them slightly between her thumb and index finger, making them hard and aroused. She let her hand journey down further, finally reaching her skirt.
She slid it up and pressed her fingers against her clit, rubbing it in circles, massaging her cu... Continue»
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After the show with Miley Cyrus

Disclaimer: This story isn't true.

Incase you forgot what Miley Cyrus looks like, here's a reminder:

I recently had the privilege of working backstage at a Miley Cyrus gig near my hometown, I work as a roadie and generally follow my b*****rs band around, but when they're not on tour I get thrown a lot of work by local venues. I can't say I'm a Miley Cyrus fan, but I take whatever work I can get. I don't know if many (any?) of you know what goes on backstage at spectacle gigs, but it involves a lot of hectic work right before a... Continue»
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Hot Day - Shower Time

Hot Day - Shower Time

We started off just talking about how hot it was and that a shower would feel good, this is what we got into and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy, it is just as it happened so it may not be perfect but it was real!

• Lilly:‎ I actually took a nice cool shower before they came over because I was sweaty
• James:‎ Wish I was there
• Lilly:‎ That would have been very nice
• James:‎ Yes it would be... in more ways than one...
• Lilly:‎ We could have washed each others backs and more
• James:‎ yea, each others feet.... lol
• Lilly:‎ Kiss a little
• James:‎ ... Continue»
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Friends Like These...

It was my third period class...Normally I'm in study period in the library, but this day I had received a note from Charlie telling me to meet him in the locker room. A note from Charlie, Bruce or Daniel during school only meant one thing...some one wanted to fuck and I was their chosen partner. I also knew that if I did not show up I would probably get my butt kicked after school or my awful secrete would get told.

Dutifully I manage to stealthily make my way to the gym and into the darken locker room. As soon as I had eased the door closed Charlie seized me by the collar and asked '...n... Continue»
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Jose brings a friend

So as I have mentioned in my previous postings about my experiences, I have an ongoing relationship with my gardener. It started a couple years ago and we still maintain our sexual meetings. This particular experience occurred probably a little over a year ago on a typical weekday.

As usual, I asked to work from home in order to meet up with Jose. I did my usual preparations in anticipation of just one of our normal hook ups. It was nearing time for Jose's arrival so I got out of my clothes and laid on the couch waiting for him to show up. It was a very hot day so I didn't prepare the lawn ... Continue»
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Nursing for pleasure

Jill was with her three c***dren in the f****y room watching TV when her oldest son John grabbed her hand and said "It is time mom." She went with him to his bedroom and he then closed the door and locked it. He said to his mom "Time to show off those big milk filled tits that I love to nurse." Jill had always had DD tits but after her husband left her oldest son found a place in Latin America where they sold injections to make the body fill the tits with milk. His mom was now a FF as her tits were so full of milk. He had been giving his mom the injections for over six months watching them fil... Continue»
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I'm Gonna Need a Yank

And I'm not talking about a yank on my tits (though I enjoy that), nor am I describing a yank of my hair (though I reallyfucking enjoy that!) I am, instead, speaking about nationality: This Canadian gal needs an American stud to give her what she needs!

Men here in Canada are very nice, gentlemenly, respectful of women. And that's the fucking problem! I don't WANT gentlemen who respect me! I want a fucking BARBARIAN to forcibly take me without bothering to argue the point!

Despite what we've all seen in movies and television, most of America's wars were started by (gues who... Continue»
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A Pantyhose Story

I come over to your place and knock on the door. You answer the door wearing a tight fitting black top, mini skirt and pantyhose. You give me a kiss as I walk through the door. After the door is closed, I give you a kiss back. I reach under your skirt and grab your pantyhose covered ass and pull you too me as I kiss you. You take me by the hand and lead me into your bedroom. You tell me strip as you take off your top. I stare at your perky tits as I start taking off my clothes and I ask you about our dinner reservations. You walk toward me in just your skirt and pantyhose and tell me th... Continue»
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