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straightt fagggot at Sex club needs to be dominate

My wife kiss me goodbye took the k**s and went on her vacation to visit her f****y in Las Vegas sorry you couldn't go hon she explained to me that she got in the car I know it sucks. As soon as you drop off I went into the house I called of the local and hair waxing salon and bleaching do have my asshole and balls waxed and my asshole bleached. It felt so dirty having so much attention down in my hole area I already felt like a little slut . Back at home I already have aligned the Tina the Viagra I took a shower and do used my pussy out and tell I was crystal clear.. I went to the local sex ... Continue»
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Straight Boy Bottom - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Much Needed Relief

My team had gone to a region swim competition, a week-long event about 4
hours away from my school. It was a huge deal, but it did mean going a
week without much privacy. I made it almost the whole way through the week
before I ran into trouble.

I had just finished my last event, and it had been a grueling day. I had
pushed my body to its limits, and earned a silver medal for my efforts. I
had gone back to my hotel room after the meet to shower off and change into
comfortable clothes, intent on taking a nap before joining the other guys
for cel... Continue»
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I Was Submitted As A Sex Slave To Gangsters By My

He, I am Malti, 32-year female.Here I describe the reason why I have abandoned my husband.It is a long story.I was married to him 10 years ago.I was a poor village girl while he was much rich, and living in a city with all the modern amenities.

There was an age gap between the two of us.I was 22 years while he was 38.A great difference of age, but as my parents were poor , and I was not getting any proposal for long , so I reluctantly consented to this marriage.However in physical strength he outwitted me.He copulate
... Continue»
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Submissive Fantasy In USA With An Unknown Stranger

HI, I am MouprIya Sen, a married lady of 29 years old. My hubby Manoj Sen is of 32 years working in an MNC in MumbaI. We are very friendly, frank, open minded, love to make friends, love to watch porn movies also so we try to discover many things from those movies and try to do those to bring spice in our married sexual life.

This story is during one of our vacation to New York last January. There we met a cab driver to whom we did submissive sex.

So after spendi
... Continue»
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Last night

A shitty day at work had resulted in me sinking 3 cans of beer upon returning home. I was by no means d***k but I knew I'd had a drink, I'd drank the beers fairly fast and on an empty stomach.

My thoughts soon turned to Christine. I had fucked her numerous times on the very sofa I was now sat on just a few days earlier. I couldn't get my head around how I felt for her. We'd fucked, off and on for years, but I found the nature in which she blew hot and cold infuriating. Many times I had attempted to engage her in sex chat when I found myself horny and desperate to fuck her only to be given ... Continue»
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Mrs.A is the glory hole.

Mrs. A was flirting with a friend online when he told her about a new style of glory hole. She would not share any details with me but assure me I would love it. Saturday night she put on her favorite little black dress a pair of heels and we headed downtown. She was rubbing my cock as I drove to the address she gave me. We pulled around back and found a full parking lot. I managed to park near the back as she squirmed with excitement. She sent her friend a text and we waited for a reply. She showed off how wet her tight little slit was and said "I am so fucking horny, I hope you are ready for... Continue»
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Halloween, a Pregnant wife...part 2

I decided to write a follow on part 2 to my “Halloween, a pregnant wife, and her slutty friend” story. I recommend reading that first. I hadn’t planned on more because there was nothing else that came from that one off. But, I thought a little fantasy part 2 would be a nice companion piece. So this part 2 is completely fabricated, but maybe it will be fun and a good read anyway!

Once the last of the partygoers had left, we locked up and did a quick assessmen... Continue»
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Angie Takes Husband

Angie, on her way home got a call from Jonny. "Angie I want you to strip your man and suck his cock. You need to make plenty of sound and encourage him to tell you how he feels. You need to ring my mobile and leave the call open so that I can listen in on your sexing him."

Angie stripped down to her bra and thong and waited for her man to arrive home. As soon as her walked inthe door she went over to him, took his hands and put them on her bra cups. She wispered in his ear "You are going to take me in every hole tonight and I dont want any holding back."

Angie stripped his sweater off an... Continue»
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Naked Sex

He stood naked over her looking at her nude body. His huge long thick cock was rock hard and standing straight out. The end was wet with the thick precum. He looked at her hard nipples sitting on her big double D tits. Her tits were firm and no sags just how he liked big hooters. He looked down her body where her legs were spread wide showing her bald pussy. He could see the moisture around her fuck hole. She was not only sexy but she loved to fuck. He had fucked her almost all night and this morning he took her and showered her and douched her and put her back on the bed naked and spread wide... Continue»
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Don't Get Caught (Part 1 of 2) [League of Leg

“Tryndamere, honey?” A cloaked white-haired woman walked down a hallway alongside her husband, who was hanging his head in his hand. The man sighed, fearing his wife's response.
“...Yes dear?”
“I hate you.”
“I know. I hate me too.” He couldn't even bring himself to look at his beloved as the hallway opened to a master bedroom. Awaiting the couple were two muscle-bound rivals, smiling and staring the other two down, the female finally breaking down in a laugh riot.
“Ohhhhhhhhh, my-*pfft*-my humble queen…”
“Please shut up, Se-”
“AAAAAAHAHAHA! You think you can order me around, Ashe?” Sej... Continue»
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Impregnating her

Our hands are warm clutching each others'. My grasp is firm, and she likes that. I guide her inside my kingdom away from the wild world outside. My chamber awaits to provide her with the pleasure and satisfaction she's been seeking for so many months. There's no talking right now, we're past that. Still smiling, anticipation, eagerness mixed with some anxiety on her part, I'm good. No stress, no nerves, this is my time to shine. I'm in my comfort zone, my happy place, my area of expertise. She's battling the mixed emotions, this is finally happening and yet she doesn't want it to end, ... Continue»
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My Visit with an Xhamster Friend

I started talking to a beautiful woman here on xhamster. She found my ability to suck my own cock fascinating and the conversations developed from there. We exchanged numbers and started texting a lot getting to know each other.
In the conversations we talked about visiting each other. She had a long term relationship but had been separated for quite a long time and hadn't had sex since. We would sext for hours sometimes, both of us getting off as we send pictures and videos back and forth. She was so descriptive as to what she wanted me to do with her aching pussy and starved for attention ... Continue»
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Village Fun, Dancing And Fucking In Front Of Every

I am writing this sex story from the perspective of a village girl rani.

Hello, guys and girls. I am rani from Arapur. I am 19 years old and have a well built sexy body, with perfect curves and assets. I have several friends in the village mostly of my age group. We often hangout together by the stream where we usually bath together (nude).

In my village, there is chaudhary, who is very rich and literally controls all of us. He is very kind to people and everyone
... Continue»
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How to Receive Anal Sex Male Part 2

This is my follow up piece on how to receive anal sex. In this segment, I want to share more logistical ideas, tips, and experiences in receiving anal sex that can help the reader learn about potential unknown facts that I may not have shared in my first writing. As I try to think back on my sexual experiences, I have estimated to have had sex with probably 30-35 women, I have blown over 100 guys, and taken as many as 50-60 dicks in my ass. I have lots of experience and want to help you if you are thinking about allowing someone to put his cock in your ass. I may briefly touch upon something I... Continue»
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I have been married for three months. At the marriage ceremony I promised to obey my husband. I know this is not always done now, but I really wanted to obey. I am a traditional person, I love my husband and I wanted to be the best wife that I could be.

I grew up in a strict household and during my engagement to my husband he spanked me when I needed it. That made me feel secure. My Daddy spanked me when I was a c***d. When my husband did it, it wasn't quite the same , but it gave me a feeling of security, comfort and being loved that I really needed.

After the wedding I started to learn... Continue»
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Dinner Date

(WRITER'S NOTE: This story may end up as part of something much larger, so doesn't really have a beginning at the moment....)

Once I had tidied the plates from the meal away into the kitchen, I led Kelly by the hand into the living room. We sat down, and Kelly immediately drew me in for a kiss, her tongue snaking around mine and deep into my mouth, her hand grabbing the back of my head roughly, her fingers running through my hair in a way that I knew always drove me wild. After less than two weeks this woman knew how to push my buttons.
I drew away from the kiss and sighed happily, whi... Continue»
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(Real Stories) European Booth Madness

(Real Stories) European Booth Madness
I used to live in Europe and the culture over there is more open to sexuality hence red light district. In one city they had a huge district and had amazing porn stores. I mean state of the art from porn stores with computers just for viewing porn to high-tech stores and sex booths equipped with stripper poles and viewing rooms. One of the best stores was a couple hundred feet from the nearest train station. The regular booths were upstairs and on the ground level they had all the DVD's and magazines you would want to see. But the cream of the crop was th... Continue»
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You name it

I went at the club with some friends and got d***k. In the middle of the night we went to a mc donalds to order smth to eat and there it was just me,my friends and a couple of people. An old guy asked to join in the table but we were d***k and started talking all kinds of things. He took it as an invitation and sat with us. One of my friends wanted to play truth or dare so we went with it. When my turn came she dared me to sit on the old guys lap
I told her that this was bullshit but he slightly touched my arm and said:I'm waiting. They were incouraging me to do it because I was the one who a... Continue»
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130.Sarah and the silver master part 7

130. Sarah and the silver master part 7

The expected e mail arrived, it said;
Dear Silver Master
What a weird feeling I had as we drove home. We hardly spoke as I clutched my painful bloated belly with both hands thinking I'd never get warm again, I really was freezing as I ignored Toms half -hearted attempt to pacify me, I'm still angry at him as he just stood there in your woodshed allowing you to f***e cold water up into my cunt and doing god knows what to my insides. But there again he just stood there letting Paddy fuck me stupid and he didn't stop then either.
... Continue»
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How I became a Black Cock Addict

I've always been a pretty girl, short at 5'5", 123 pounds with long flowing strawberry blonde hair. My full lips dark blue eyes and long eyelashes as well as my alabaster white skin were great attributes to have, but my long legs and sizable breasts were always what got me noticed by the boys. I could never blame the boys for staring though, my breasts are 36DD's and I always wore some type of short skirt to school showcasing my shapely legs. Because of those good looks, all through high school I was afforded many dates from many different boys. But by the time I was 19, I'd still only had sex... Continue»
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