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I've written about Christine a lot on here and there's a reason for that - she's the best fuck in the world. Certainly the best I've ever had anyway. The best thing was that she loves fucking me as much as I love fucking her. After our first night we would regularly exchange x-rated messages and pictures. We would do this for hours on end at times and it was almost as enjoyable as the sex itself. We'd get ourselves worked up to the point we could both explode, and whilst it would be easy to simply wank myself off within minutes, the true enjoyment was in those messages we'd send whilst in a co... Continue»
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Mouthing Off - Chapter 2

Warning: If you don't like piss drinking don't read any further.

It was as if an electric shock had shot through her. She went rigid and her face flashed brilliant red.


'Don't say another word.' I said. 'There is only half and hour and unless you want to greet them with fresh cane stripes on your ass, go and get ready now.'

She ran off upstairs. When she returned fifteen minutes later, she was wearing red four inch heeled shoes and lipstick to match. I hadn't specified shoes, but it was the right decision. She looked ravishing. I could barely resist taking her there a... Continue»
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Past Revisited

I was in my late thirties, college graduate and up and coming accountant, I was at my desk in my cubicle when the mail boy arrived. He handed me a package that had obviously been opened, nothing unusual about this save the fact it was clearly marked "..PERSONAL..."
Items that were clearly marked for the company was usually opened and inspected for content and quality as well as to how to process what was inside. But mail marked "...PERSONAL...'was never opened, or it was, it was closed back in a matter that hid the opening.
So I was some what unimpressed by the smile and wink from the m... Continue»
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Wife fucks right in front of me

So Friday night my buddy Jack and I where out in my shop working on my old hot rod. It's a 51 Pontiac Chieftain, I clipped the frame with a S-10 frame so now it has modern steering geometry and disc brakes. I could wite a full story about it but this story is about what my wife did that night.

I know Jack has had the hots for my wife for a long time and that night he kept bringing her up. He asked where she was and why hasn't she come out to the shop bringing cold beers like she has before. I said she had gone to the mall and should be home soon.

It was just after nine o clock when I h... Continue»
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Losing My Virginity To My Boyfriend

My name is Akila with height 5’3 and my stats are 32-24-32. My boyfriend is Ronit with height 6’2 and tool of 7″. This incident happened when we were both in 12th grade and it was the day before graduation day. All the guys were asked to wear a formal shirt and trousers and the girls were asked to come in a saree for rehearsal so that it wouldn’t feel awkward the next day.

I wore a black net saree with a black blouse. It has a low neck and was almost backless. I
... Continue»
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I Turned 18 – My First Story Into Adulthood

Hi friends, I’m Ramya and today 7th of Feb, I turn 18 :) yeah! Yeah! I’m major now :p according to law. I’m very happy today and wanted to start off my first writing. You will find writings about my thoughts, feelings and moments which you may find it funny, boring or may be inappropriate. I’m writing to shell out my feelings and thoughts and may not abide by rules of society. If you find it offensive, please stop reading it ;)

Everyone has some #iturned18 wish and I’m no different. In fact I have too many of them. Like
... Continue»
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Mouthing Off - Chapter 1

I gave her plenty of warning and I could tell that she was excited by the warnings.

There are just six of us in our group. We met through the Internet at first. A group of like minded men in our area who believe that a woman's mouth is her most important sexual organ.

We exchanged videos online. Did critiques and had discussions by e-mail, and generally enjoyed our little hobby.

Of course, my girlfriend understands my particular sexual preferences and she is not only happy with it, but positively relishes it. Having a stiff prick down her throat is a great pleasure for her and I make ... Continue»
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My First Time Story

I was s*******n and very popular. I mean I had girls begging me for it. I don't know why I was scared but I was. Maybe I was afraid I would knock somebody up or that they would find me funny at fucking and make of me. Or maybe I felt the bar was set so high that I could not meet it on my time. Any way I did want to fuck and it was on my mind. I did have a girlfriend, Molly, that we were working our way towards fucking, slowly.
Molly and I both worked at this fancy seafood restaurant. This place was huge and very busy. Molly worked on one side and I on the other. My teammate was Linda. She... Continue»
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Crushed By Stranger

I am sharing this experience with you which I never thought of experience in my life. I am living in Mumbai with my husband, we live in Vasai and his office is in Bandra. It is very different life in Mumbai. Anytime rain too much traffic and travel time is killer, but lovely city to roam around.

We didn’t plan for any k** since 4 years of our marriage. We two are alone at home so I use to wear all kinds of short cloths. But when I go our for shopping I try to
... Continue»
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Better Licking Part 1

Oral sex is fine, Chris thinks, as long as he is the one getting. He definitely does not believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

He's always been that way, even before we were married-even when we were having raucous, no-holds-barred sex (well, obviously, almost no holds barred sex). Chris has always been up (so to speak) for any kind of sex, straight or kinky, except licking my clitoris. In fairness to him, he did sort of try it once or twice, half-heartedly and only for a few seconds. Then he dismissed it as "not his thing". (It wasn't his thing I was worried about; it wa... Continue»
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131 Avis`s Birthday bash
Jon had treated me to a fine restaurant and bought me a beautiful antique cameo for my birthday, but said after dinner was through; he had one more surprise for me. He had made me dress in a black silk bustier with straps for my black hose and 6” stiletto heels, no panties; over which I wore a short black dress showing off my nice cleavage. On the way home he made a detour and I knew he had planned a meeting for me with at least someone else. We stopped at a nice home, walked to the front door and rang the bell. Opening it was a large black man and immediately ... Continue»
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Double penetrated wife

This story is 100% factual and happened just as I'm telling it.

My wife fucks outside of our marriage. She has several regular guys that either come to our house or she will go to their place for sex. She always does this while I'm at work and I only get to hear about it afterwards.

One Saturday she and I where setting out by our pool having a few adult beverages when Eric ( one of her regulars ) came by. He and I talked very little but he and my wife talked quietly about something that wife apparently liked. And after several more drinks they became more open to what they where talking... Continue»
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It Began at the Doctor's Office Ch. 02

Leah knew that they needed groceries, but she was overcome with exhaustion. All she wanted to do was drive home and curl up in bed for an afternoon nap.

She parked in the garage and went in the house. Her son followed behind her.

Before heading upstairs, she wanted to touch base with her son. She needed to make sure he was able to deal with everything that happened that morning.

"I'm exhausted. Come on upstairs with me, honey, and let's talk things over quickly before I lay down."

He followed behind her to her bedroom. He remembered with a pang of guilt that her bedroom was planted... Continue»
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Our new hit single

Brea has been my neighbor for a couple months now. She keeps to herself, doesn't chat much, stays busy. She's got this Hollywood vibe, super sexy celebrity, housekeeper, living independently, staying fit and healthy while looking fantastic. Her outfits always make me hard, even when she's just doing house chores, maybe a sports bra or a tight tank top, short, tight shorts on, jogging pants, pajamas. She's turned down my invites to hang out, grab a drink, never seems interested in getting to know me. But she's friendly with my roommate, Shauna.

One afternoon I ask Shauna about Brea. Wh... Continue»
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hanna becomes a slave for life 3

"Please nooo...don't..."
"What the fuck did you say slut? You forget your fucking place"
You swiftly backhand me across the face with a resounding CRACCKK. i cry out in shock and pain, my body slumping in my restraints, the pain at my wrists intense.
"Please...Mistress Erin...please don't pierce me more. i'll do anything you want but please don't do that...or let boys use me"
Tears are flowing down my face, dripping off my chin and down onto my swollen and impaled nipples.
"That's right you snivelling cunt. You will do exactly what I want, when I want, and with whoever I choose. You. Bel... Continue»
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The Cumslut Cagney

Chapter 2 : My affair with Cagney

(all of the women mentioned below were 19 years of age or older, all names have been changed and any similarities to actual persons are merely coincidental)

During my first relationship with a young girl named Emily I became obsessed with another woman. Emily was great don't get me wrong - but I couldn't help fantasize about other girls in my social circle. One girl in particular was a shy blonde girl named Cagney.

I made an effort to talk to her any time I could, finding excuses to ask her questions or share interests, mostly music and art. She was v... Continue»
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A Grand Adventure

....So they next day, fighting through busy airports and delays, they both finally arrived at their sunny destination... The Gulf of Mexico. Their naughty & devious minds had concocted this plan to meet at a business seminar, providing the perfect cover for their illicit activities. The hotel was right on the beach too, and they both had just checked in only a few minutes before an evening reception for all the seminar attendees. They would reluctantly have to wait just a little longer. The reception was proving to be quite a bore - and as usual Jack and Jill's thoughts were on the same pa... Continue»
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Fancy a Stiff One ? (Version 2)

We drive to a country pub, pull up in the car park briefly kiss. We walk hand in hand, I can't help noticing the bounce of your breasts, the outline of your bra through the tight low cut top and your glorious cleavage. Your skirt is short just long enough to cover your stocking tops, you smile, we get our drinks and sit in a discreet corner booth, we sip our drinks for a while, you excuse yourself stand and brush past me, I can feel your suspender !!!!!!! (I love stockings, I hope you do too). You return and again brush past me, another chance of a feel of your womanly curves !!! You look at m... Continue»
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Summer Job

I got hired one summer, being a cook in a mom and pop type restaurant. It was only open in the summer for tourist's and summer traffic. I had known the owners for years and even helped clean and paint the place when they bought it. So, naturally, they thought of hiring me to work there. Mostly as a cook, but I also served ice cream and made shakes and malts too. The owners never came around to check on me. They had a daughter, who just graduated high school check in every so often.
Her name was Mary Ann, she was quite attractive even being a plus size gal. She had nice big tits, big round a... Continue»
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Sharing with a friend

This is true, with some minor details changed.

A friend of mine flew in from out of town to go to a mutual friend's engagement dinner party. I took off from work to pick him up at the airport. We hit a bar for lunch on the way home. He bought us shots of Jack to start the celebrating early. Once home, we just chilled and watched some TV until she got home. There had been some history between the three of us in the past, but nothing physical. Some emails, some texts, some phone sex-- stuff like that. This was the first time he was with us and we had some private time. But it's not li... Continue»
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