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The Red Moon Manor

A Halloween Story by Alhena

The Red Moon Manor was always an interesting Victorian Mansion that has always been surrounded by urban legends. Out here in the English countryside, the people have always been quite curious as to what really happens there if anything at all. The Red Moon Manor is a three story home that covers many meters on a huge property covered by large gardens on all sides. The previous owner was a reclusive old man that hardly left his propert... Continue»
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Lisa's New Boss - Chapter 3 - Dogging Debut

This story stands alone, but you may get more enjoyment from it if you read 'Lisa's New Boss' & 'Lisa's New Boss Part 2' first.


I tottered from the flat into the cool night air. I cursed the choice of the tight skirt and ridiculous high heels. My scorching pussy stung with every movement of my legs. I was desperate to look at my breasts. I couldn't feel them. Were they all right, what colour were they, what did the crop marks look like, what would Gordon say or do? It was only a few hundred yards to get home, but I could hardly imagine how I would get there. It seemed an age... Continue»
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Blowing And A Blowjob

I belong to a Wednesday night mixed bowling league of both women and men most of who are over fifty. Being 63, I am one of the “old guys” in the league. Well one of my team mates broke his leg and volunteered to have his s****r Renee be a substitute. The first night I met Renee she did really well (185) and shouted after the tenth frame “fuck yea, way to go girl”. The next game she had a few bad frames which was always followed by a “fuck man, I suck bigtime” or “fuck me man”. She was pretty tough and a little raunchy which I liked in a woman.

After bowling we had a few drinks at the bar... Continue»
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Aquela noite...

Era noite lá fora. Talvez fria e chuvosa, mas não lembro ao certo. Como poderia? Só me lembro do que aconteceu dentro do quarto. Ela apareceu numa lingerie lilás, salto preto e o tempo parou. Bem, eu parei. Ela estava linda, sensual, matadora. A única luz acesa no quarto apontava pra o seu corpo. Saboreei aquela visão com paciência. Primeiro apreciei seus lindos pés, perfeitamente encaixados no salto alto fino. Subi às suas pernas e me senti convidado por aquelas coxas grossas a um banquete. Mordi o lábio inferior observando o seu sexo, parcialmente exposto por aquela calcinha transparente. Nã... Continue»
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Dirty Angela

Angie was thrilled when Dave got the new job. He finally had a chance to make something of himself and provide for his young f****y. Angie and Dave had married in their early twenties, he was twenty-two, she twenty-one. Neither had gone to college. Dave was working in a small pay day loan office and Angie was a waitress.

They met at church. Both had been somewhat loners, neither dating much. Angie had only moved out of her parent's house two years prior. They were somewhat of an anomaly, as they were both virgins when they got married. Dave was, well, a "geek." He began going to Angie's chu... Continue»
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A Young Maid, Myself and Our Memories (SG)

I fondly remember back in the old days when my parents hired a maid to help with the household chores. As both were working spouses, there was little time to finish the mundane chores by themselves. Well, what a delightful treat it became for a teen barely 18 at that time!

Maria had only recently stepped off the boat, having arrived from Sumatra to come here to boost her household income. She was a young lass of 20, but already a mother of two. My parents took a liking to her and she was hired that very day from the maid agency.

Everything was normal until one sunny afternoon…

(*Sniff... Continue»
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Im sure u will enjoy the job

This happened a few years back, just after finishing NS. I was slacking at home everyday waiting for time to pass before I found a job. At that time I was living in a terrace house up on a hill. The whole estate had around 5 rows of terrace houses lined up side by side, the entrance of the houses facing each other. Having stayed much of the time in camps, I wasnt very familiar with the happenings around my neighbourhood. However, I remembered that the unit directly opposite mine was vacant around 3 months before I ord. As my ord approached, I started noticing renovations and furniture moving i... Continue»
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Woman Finding out how she tasted

When I was a second semester freshman in college I got lucky at a fraternity party. I met this other freshman gal named Carrie. Carrie was a cute BBW with chestnut brown hair. We danced (if you could call it that). Back in '96, we called it "bump 'n grind." We started kissing on the dance floor and Carrie came back to my dorm room. I had already popped my BBW cherry first semester with a gal named Angie. So I knew I liked their figures and that I could have a lot of fun with them.

Carrie was no exception! I remember we did a lot more kissing on my bed before we disrobed. She seem... Continue»
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I grew up on a street with mostly old people so during the summer I was the logical choice to cut the grass for the neighbors. The older couple who lived next door sold their home to a yuppy who owned his own company. He was dating a 27 year old blond that had a southern accent and the most perfect body, she was tanned, petite, with huge breasts.

I would jackoff watching her layout in the sun in small bikini's and as she did their yardwork. The next spring her husband asked me if I'd cut their grass so his wife could garden. I was more than happy to spend time with Maria and her outfi... Continue»
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Lisa's New Boss - Chapter 1

My name is Lisa. Life was OK really until the credit crunch and all the worries about recession. The place where I work is a food factory where they make meat products. Most of their stuff is a bit expensive and sales have fallen because of people buying cheaper food. My husband has a secure job as a coastguard. That's reliable, but we really need my wages because after the rent and the car payments, food and everything there's no money left.

Anyway, what happened was that my firm got taken over. We all thought we were going to lose our jobs, but it wasn't that bad. Some people had to go, b... Continue»
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for misty

This was originally written as a series of messages for a very hot lady on here... On my way to the UK I stop over in the US and take a little trip to Seattle... You pick me up at the airport just in time to go out to dinner. You have chosen a great little restaurant and drive me there... we make small talk as we drive about my flight and such things... I cannot take my eyes off of the elegant little black dress you are wearing... it has ridden up as you sit behind the wheel... I am wondering if you are wearing tights or stockings under it... just a little higher and I will know! You catc
... Continue»
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Night In With Lynn

I'm already aroused just thinking about what's to come. I hear footsteps on the other side of the door, dead bolt unlocks and the door swings open. We've been chatting for months now, getting to know each others' wild, dirty, perverse sides. Now I get to meet her. Usually I'm good with words but the moment I lay my eyes upon her, words escape me. Beauty doesn't justify her true looks, gorgeous is an understatement. Sexually arousing, erotically stimulating is just what she does to me. This girl is unbelievable. Her looks nearly killed me.

Lynn is younger than me but just as experien... Continue»
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Young sex

He was fifty two and had his face between the eighteen year old's pussy for over an hour. He loved young cunt and she loved having her cunt licked and fucked. She never could get enough. He took turns sucking her clit then tongue fucking her cunt and sucking the cum out of it. She would always cum hard and many times for him. He loved the taste of her sweet cream. He then mounted her and shoved his thick cock deep in her hole and began fucking her hard. As he fucked her he grabbed a nipple between his teeth then sucked it. She had nice big firm tits and a great round ass. She was also a great ... Continue»
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Mouthing Off - Chapter 4

Greg had told Brenda several times about the gang bang she was going to get. Every time he made her confirm that she was still up for it. On each occasion she had not only said she was willing to do it, the more they talked about it the more wild their sex became and the more excited she was.

Tonight she was walking the short distance from the bus stop to Greg's. It was dusk. Brenda had left work an hour ago, had a glass of wine in her favourite bar and rung her husband. He told her to enjoy her evening class and he wouldn't wait up if she decided to go for a drink after. She was feeling wa... Continue»
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Slave Yoni three

Monday 26 June
I wanted to finish yesterday but I just fell asl**p. After Hannah left I was just exhausted. Yoni just left for work. She left wearing a simple dress. I allowed her to wear a bra but no panties. After being such a good slave yesterday. When we got home yesterday she made a wonderful meal. I took her out of the hood and the jacket but I didn’t unlock the belt until later when Hannah wanted to try out her toys. While she was cooking I couldn’t help playing with the plug and dildo. I got some work done in the meantime. I or at least I should say we, seeing as the guys at Utys are ... Continue»
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Seduction and hardcore sex with wife’s desi friend

Busy with the upcoming transition project I was not in my senses to think for anything else apart from work. The criticality of the work didn’t actually give me a breathing space, even during weekends. I was working 14 Hours a day in the office and was targeting to complete this task by this Friday. Post which I had a plan to take a week long break and do absolutely nothing but just relax. Being a single sou... Continue»
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Horny nephew gives rim job to big ass aunty i****t

i my name is Shivu. I’m 21 yrs old, studying in Bangalore and i’m sharing my i****t sex experience with my aunty whom i gave a rim job when my uncle was on a trip. I’m an okay looking guy and what i’am going to say is a real story. My aunty’s name is Susheela…she is my uncle’s wife (my mother’s younger b*****r) my aunty is fair, good looking, caring… Her boobs are medium sized,weight 55-60, height 5.6 nice waist, big ass goddess she is.. It all started when i was 18 ,a... Continue»
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d***k wife driven home

About six months ago on a Saturday night, my wife Dee went out with some girlfriends. She has always had girls night but it seemed that it had become more frequent in the last year. But I really didn't think twice when she mentioned it earlier in the week.
Without my asking, she stated that her and her friends Irene, Sandra, Vanessa and her b**stie Monica were planning to visit a local bar that had dancing on weekends. I nodded in agreement.

Saturday at around 7pm my wife was in the shower as I layed on our bed reading online. I started thinking about my wife's night ahead and began to f... Continue»
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Your dick is sooooo big

Your dick is sooooo big

It had been a very warm summer. I was coming back home from my office very early that afternoon and outside the heat was really unbearable…

I got my car and soon I was at home… alone again, naturally, as the song says… My loving husband Victor was on his way to the airport for another business trip and he had warned me his cousin Mateo was coming to visit and stay with us on Tuesday.

I had met Mateo in Buenos Aires. He was a handsome guy, athletic and muscled, a very nice young guy indeed…

When I made it to the house I was a real bitch in heat. Being my hu... Continue»
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My Ex Wife takes one for the team Part 1

Since my divorce I have been unsuccessful in my search for a lady who is able and willing to take on as many cocks at one time as the ex old ball and chain.
The first time I was introduced to her insatiable appetite was when a group of guys from our mixed ball team joined her and I at a small town festival a couple hours from the big city. The weekend was supposed to be players only so no other spouses were invited.
We arrived at our hotel to find that the reservation for 4 rooms was reduced by one due to an online booking error. This was not a big deal as the ex and I had 2 queen beds in ... Continue»
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