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The Nymphs and the Dentist – by SBarak1

The Nymphs and the Dentist – a Story by SBarak1

This is story #5 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’ and ‘The Nymph’s Proposition. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. Please enjoy.

It was a Sunday night. The Nymph’s were at my place. It was becoming a regular occurrence. They liked to be here to pursue their ‘research’, as they called it, to establish their porn web site. They didn’t have a lot to show for their efforts yet. Although ... Continue»
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the waitress

The picture hanging in Carole's bedroom looked good. She'd originally thought to hang it in the living room but having a painting of herself wearing nothing but a white shirt was a little too far, even if the only people who might see it were her friends. She adjusted the frame slightly and stepped back to look at it again. The picture directly below it on the floor was a larger photograph of San Diego that had hung there for years. Now that a smaller picture took its place she could see the marks where the original had been.

Looks like a fresh coat of paint is needed.

Carole glanced in ... Continue»
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part 2 caught by my stepb*****r

As I mentioned in my previous story, I caught my stepb*****r, Bryan, wanking in my room with the use of my underwear. Now for part two.

A new year had started I was in my 2nd year at varsity and Bryan in his matric year. Bryan still his usual self bunking the occasional day, and we had put our little past incident behind us and had a great friendship between us.
He was still with his girlfriend and I had been dating a guy, well my boyfriend Kyle.

Kyle and I had met at varsity and been dating for close to 7 months. He has come over to meet the f****y and had a few f****y dinners with us... Continue»
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Isn't it funny how life springs surprises on you. An innocuous evening spent with my wife in recent months was, unbeknown to us at the time, to change our sex lives forever! You see Lynda is generally quite reserved when it comes to sex. Sure, she's willing to try most things, given a few glasses of bubbly and some encouragement, but she's not the most forthcoming when it comes to taking the lead, or being demanding. Passive I suppose. That is until a few weeks later.

We had arranged to go out for dinner this particular evening last summer. It was warm and balmy and although she is reserved... Continue»
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My Dirty Little Boy Gets Pegged

"I know," my wife Casey said softly as her hands caressed my naked body beneath the covers of our king sized bed.

"You know what?" I asked. I didn't know what game we were playing but I was ready to fuck.

"I know what you look at on the computer and what you fantasize about," she answered softly. Her hand had found my hard cock and she squeezed it tight making me moan softly.

"Oh you do, do you," I replied. I was quite sure she was bluffing because if she truly knew what I was looking at on line and what was going through my head on a regular basis she would have freaked. Casey had... Continue»
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I can't believe I am writing this but I felt I had to because if I can become enslaved to black cock anyone can. I was about as conservative as they come, raised properly in the chritian faith, and active in the church and well versed in the sinful ways of the unrighteous and looked down at the immoral ways that society has turned. Thats all changed now and Im one of them and loving it. Billy Joel was correct when he said he would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. This my story.

I'm 34 years old, married and have 2 beautiful girls and lived what is considered to be a h... Continue»
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A MILF at the Beach – by SBarak1

A MILF at the Beach – a Story by SBarak1

This is the 3rd story in my MILF series. Although this story can be read ‘stand-alone’, it will make more sense if read it my other two stories ‘My First MILF’ and ‘Return to the MILF. Just remember this is fantasy.

It had been in the planning for some time. The opportunity for Bev, her daughter Jenny, and me to get away for a weekend at my beach house, down at the coast, has taken weeks to arrange. Finally it was all set. Bev and I were to head down together on the Friday night and Jenny would join us on the Saturday morning, delayed due t... Continue»
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Condom break

Condom break.

Don't know if this has happened to any of you, but here's my story.
Another high school story.

It was a Saturday and the guy I had been dating, parents were away for the weekend. I told my parents that I was meeting my friend at the mall to do some shopping, have lunch and watch a movie, before joining them at a f****y dinner. but this obviously was not the case.

Well I was dropped off at the mall shortly after 9am, my boyfriend James was already there and waiting for me to arrive, so that he could walk with me back to his parents house. As we saw each other we greeted ... Continue»
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The Ski Weekend Part 2

After my big wipe out and Lisa and her step mom Nicole keeping me busy, the evening brought pain to my knee. It began to swell and it was hard to get around. I worked my way through a shower and headed to bed. Nicole came into the room with the pain medication the doctor prescribed. I fought her all the way, but she insisted I take it and she gave me a shot of a peppermint liquor. Within 20 minutes I was out like a light.

My head was a complete fog, I could hear some talking in the room. I slowly opened my eyes and was blinded by daylight. A dark figure moved over to block the sun. It spoke... Continue»
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My Whore Wife

How my wife became a whore
One night my wife and myself were indoors with a good friend of ours, we were drinking and generally having a good time. After several drinks my Wife made up her mind she was going to take off her clothes, she sat next to our friend naked. She started stroking his cock, it grew and stood obediently to attention. She then started slowly licking, sucking and taking his cock in her mouth.

He started slowly caressing her breasts and encouraging her head to ride his shaft, he then started to play with her clit, she opened her legs wide so he could get great access to ... Continue»
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I was ****d by a real promiscuous cumdrippin slut

A few years ago, well more then a few, I was with a few coworkers in a bar in Old San Juan, we were all drinking and this beautiful blonde white girl with blue eyes had on a pair of very short daisy dukes there with a friend on vacation and I started to talk to her, she stopped me, thinking at 1st that I didn't speak English, she told me she was being harassed by some dude, to not leave her side and I didn't. We all later went across to a poolhall bar and she played horribly but who cared, I tried to teach her and by doing so and being very close I got a hell of a hardon, she noticed and took ... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 4

Ding Dong, the door bell rang. It was about half past five in the evening. Anita got up and opened the door. It was her husband Shekhar.

"Hi, love!" he said hugging her and giving her a light peck on the cheek.

"Hi!" Anita said taking her husband's briefcase and started walking towards the bedroom. Shekhar looked at her as she walked. Beautiful, he thought. Anita was wearing a peach coloured sleeveless nightie that finished at her knees and not only showed off her pretty fair legs and bare feet but accentuated them. Despite her 29 years she was a stunner by any reckoning. A height of f... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 5

It was August end and the heat was still unbearable. Anita’s husband Shekhar had to go on official tour for two days. She had just finished packing the clothes for him. Shekhar just could not do anything on his own. All throughout the afternoon she had been busy with the packing. Everything had to be kept vests, underwears, handkerchiefs, which shirt to wear with which trouser. Not only that it had to be explained to him as well. He had said that he would come late, have dinner and leave by the Rajdhani Express at 11 p. m.

It was now evening. After sending off the c***dren Vipin and Varsha... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 6

As the train chugged into the station, Shekhar surged forward. There was a big crowd and he did not want to miss his s****r-in-law Anju who was arriving from Delhi to spend a fortnight with them. Shekhar and Anita had been married for ten years and Anju was younger than Anita by ten years. Since Anita was 33 Anju was now 23.He reached the compartment in which Anju was supposed to be travelling. Due to the pressure of work, Shekhar had not attended a number of f****y functions due to which it had been almost four years since he had seen Anju.

As Anju alighted from the train, Shekhar stood tr... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 2

Things gradually settled down to a normal routine. The event was largely forgotten and if the culprit was not apprehended it was because of Anita. Lakshmi used to take good care of her but to her own surprise Anita did not feel traumatized as perhaps **** victims should have felt. If anything she remembered how he had made her go on all fours and had entered her from behind and that it was not as unpleasant an experience as it should have been. It was a moment that brought back many memories and Anita herself did not go whether to keep it as a pleasant souvenir in her mind or to attempt to ban... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 3

It was after a long time that the Guptas were giving a party. Their close friends the Sharmas and Mitras would be there. Anita got along very well with the ladies just as her husband Shekhar got along with their spouses. It was 5 p.m. and time to get dressed. Usually Anita dressed in Indian attires i.e sarees or the far more common salwar kameez. All with sleeveless blouses or kurtas. Today however she thought that she would give a try to the western attire. After all since she had a body that could carry them off, why not give it a try; not necessarily in the privacy of their home and with on... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 1

‘You are very beautiful.’ Lakshmi said in a husky tone. After all, it was not everyday that one got to work with a beautiful lady and it was even rarer to see her nude.

‘Hmm.’she mumbled not knowing how exactly to respond to a compliment being paid by a maid.

‘Mem Sahib. You are so hairless here. Just this little line of vertical hair looks very pretty.’ Lakshmi carried on pointing to Anita’s shaped pussy with her eyebrows. ‘Sahib must be very happy to see you that you put in so much effort to give it such a proper shape.’

Anita felt that the most appropriate response would be to kee... Continue»
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A Happy School Life, Part 4

Last night was a great success I thought to myself as I lay in bed. I checked the time on my phone and it was just after half nine. I had work at the store today but didn't need to be there till eleven. I decided to kill some time and phoned Marc, after a few rings he answered;

"Sup man?" I asked

"Nothing much b*o just getting ready to head out." He says down the phone.

"Where you off too like?"

"Mums dragging me to see ma nan, fun times I know!" He complained.

"So what happened last night??" I a little excitably asked.

"Aww man it was amazing!!" He perked up "she wanted to s... Continue»
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My One and Only Penthouse Letter

When I was a teenager, nothing turned me on more than reading the letters in Penthouse. I actually liked the letters more than the pictorials. But I never had a "Penthouse letter" in my youth. Instead, it happened in April 2009 when I was 46.

I had recently been lamenting to my best friend Mark that I'd probably never again be with a woman whose age began with a 2. It had probably been 15 years for me since I dated a woman in her twenties.

I met Chrissy on an admittedly sleazy hook-up site. I had a profile but I didn't have my 'parts' posted. I saw that Chrissy was Asian and 23 so I ma... Continue»
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The Return of An Ex

Continuing my Sex memoirs

Chapter 5 – The Return of a School Ex
Back when I was at school, I knew this girl called Lara. She wasn’t pretty, she didn’t have big tits, she wasn’t someone you could have social fun. She was chubby, stupid, and always smelt slightly of piss. But she did have one redeeming factor – she was obsessed with me, and I had an extremely over-active sex drive and I wanted to get fucking!
I told Lara I’d like to be her boyfriend and we started an awkward relationship. At school, we only had one class together so we would spend our break-times together, usually behind t... Continue»
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