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My Pakistani wife fucks a German Turk continued

You may remember couple of months ago I started to write about my wife Suki's encounter with a German Turk Bruno. Well sorry for the delay in completing the story. My wife started to flirt with Bruno almost from time we met him at our niece s restaurant in Belgium. Once we had established Bruno's ethnicity, this six footer hunk was in Sukinas mind all the time. Every time we were alone she would comment about his size. Height, size of his hands and even said " I bet his dunda is big and thick" dunda means stick in Punjabi but it's double meaning dick, penis or lunn.
I won't beat about the... Continue»
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Groped by the neighbours 3.3


Later that evening after I had masturbated to an unbelievable orgasm. After I had calmed down I started to regret what I thought might happen, that lots and lots of lads, men would come round asking for a blow job.
Sunday came and went, no one came round and I started to relax, just 5 more days left I thought.
Monday and sure enough, about 2 in the afternoon Darren, the spotty lad and a some new lad knocked on the back door, asking if it was okay to come in.
I said “ Could we leave it today, my boobs are a little sore “
Darren then asked “ well you did say,... Continue»
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Little Slut

After turning 18, Helen was working in a roadhouse and lots of young truckers came through the joint. Helen had fucked most of them after only 4 months slinging hash........she had slung her juicy young cunt at a lot of cock.
She had been fucked in Whites, Macks, Freightliners and even gang-banged on a pile of tarpaulins by a gang of truckers. She loved the feel of cocks ramming deep in her young pussy driving her over the top with orgasm after orgasm. Eventually the inevitable happened........the Bullsperm she was taking everyday finally made its way up through her cervix and into her womb a... Continue»
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anticipation of a cuckold husband

My wife enjoys sex outside our marriage but she loves fucking with my head. In Georgia we have early voting for the general election. So my wife had informed me that she and I would be going last Wednesday at ten AM to vote for the president. I left the shop at nine and went home to pick her up. As soon as I pulled in our driveway she came out the door. She was wearing her short white pleated tennis skirt and a button down white blouse. Her dark tanned legs looked awesome next to the bright white. Just before she sat down in the car she raised the back of her little skirt and sat down.

At ... Continue»
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The Seafood Lady

I work the night shift for a grocery store. Usually before my shift ends, she comes into work. Her name was Misty, she's the seafood manager. We talk from time to time, one night I was telling her about me going out to karaoke, she told me she liked to do karaoke but hasn't gone in a while. Several days later, I went up to talk to her when I noticed she wasn't herself. "Are you ok misty? You seem depressed" I asked her, then she replied, "my boyfriend cheated on me and I'm upset, I need a getaway from his dumbass, you going to karaoke Friday night?" I nodded yes. A few days later, she texted m... Continue»
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A Fine Meal - Chapter 1

Jean knew that this was no ordinary job before she applied.

She had just started college. As is normal, she had been assigned a second year student to help her get to know where things were and what happened. Carole was a really friendly, helpful person and she had become a good friend to Jean already although they had only known each other for a week. The one thing that was obvious from the beginning was that Carole was not as short of cash as other students. Jean told her that things were really tight for her and she was going to have to find some bar work as soon as she could. The proble... Continue»
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Chatroom 3

<MrYance> Looking Good princess
<SissySadieCD> ty MrYance
MrYance blows a kiss from across the room
<SissySadieCD> blushing
<MrYance> are you dressed nice and pretty tonight?
<SissySadieCD> yes...panties and a tank top
<MrYance> mmmmmmmm
<MrYance> a perfect little gurl
<SissySadieCD> ty
MrYance taps the couch next to me
<SissySadieCD> i sit next to you
MrYance leans over and kisses you
<SissySadieCD> i take a deep breath in anticipation
<MrYance> my lips touching yours, parting as we kiss, my strong hands cupping your boi breasts
<SissySadieCD> mmmm kissing you deeper your hands... Continue»
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Chatroom 2

<SissySadieCD> lonely baby?
<hard4you> how'd you know �
<SissySadieCD> you look lonely....come sit next to me
<hard4you> ok
hard4you sits next to you
<SissySadieCD> so what brings you here tonight?
<hard4you> looking to have a little fun, yourself?
<SissySadieCD> same....rubs your leg
<hard4you> what kind of fun do you enjoy? brushing my hand against your arm
<SissySadieCD> i like a man who likes to take control...one who will just throw me down and fuck me...Im up for almost anything
<hard4you> Hmmm. I wonder where you could find someone like that? kisses you
<SissySadieCD> kis... Continue»
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The Elevator

Jo had finished a lovely lunch with her husband Dave. But now it was time to head back to the office as she had a 3 o’clock meeting with the board. Dave had some things to pick up from Jo’s office so they both headed through security and toward the lift.

It was an impressive building rising over thirty floors. Jo found the rest of the board were also returning from lunch too. Everyone waited for the elevator to arrive.

With a loud ‘ping’ the elevator announced it’s arrival.

Jo and Dave followed everyone in. It was a tight squeeze. dave stood just inside the door and everyone faced h... Continue»
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<Hung4Sissy> hi there///how r u
<SissySadieCD> good
<Hung4Sissy> so what brings u here tonight
<SissySadieCD> im just really horny...got the apartment all to myself....decided to dress up
<Hung4Sissy> oh nice...so what r u wearing
<SissySadieCD> black panties and a tank top
<Hung4Sissy> very nice...just in some boxers here...r those nipples hard and poking through that tank top?
<SissySadieCD> mmm yeah a little bit
<Hung4Sissy> i think thats so sexy...a little bit isnt as good as rock hard though
<SissySadieCD> im playing wth them now...i will get them rock hard for u
<Hung4Sissy> go... Continue»
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Asian Persuation

A knock came at her room telling her it was time. The Oriental beauty standing to her feet and taking in a deep nervous breath. Her mind wandered to the time she was offered the chance to be the bukkake target and her quick response of yes. She slipped her silk robe from her body, watching herself in the mirror.

Appearance was everything. She wanted to make sure that the crowd she was to perform for would be completely accepting and approving of her. In turn, her own pleasure would be fulfilled. She opened the door to her e****ts, two women taking her by the hand and bringing her to entranc... Continue»
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Blonde Rachel in London

I was delighted with the job offer in London. And the more I thought of it the better it seemed. I’d visited a number of times there as a young man and spent six months as an intern when I finished university. I knew the city well and had many great memories. I work as a software contractor and do stints for several months or years at a time. I don’t really need to work as my father left me fairly well off even though he didn’t let me know until I was thirty. I can do whatever I like within reason but have no taste for ostentatious life styles or need to associate with so called high status fo... Continue»
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Whenever Darren told Clare he was going to have a party she was apprehensive, but quite excited too. It's not that she was invited to the parties. You couldn't describe it that way at all. She didn't get left out of things either. Clare was always the focal point of activities and she never knew quite what part she would have to play.

Clare knew better than to ask who would be coming and certainly not what her duties would be so she just enquired when it was to happen.

When Darren said "in two hours" a shiver ran right through her.

"Ooh!" The shock of such short notice was too great t... Continue»
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Barn Dance

Living in a small town can be boring, but, occasionally it can be fun too. I just moved to this tiny community early in the spring. Not really knowing the locals much. Then I saw an advertisement for the annual barn dance being held in June. I thought, what the hell, this will give me chance to meet some of the people.
The barn was owned by the town on the north side. They held many different functions in it. But. tonight was the barn dance. I went, and entered the barn. It was nicely made up, still smelling like straw and hay. Local country band playing, people dancing, others are eating a... Continue»
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Trick and Treat

I usually watch scary movies on Halloween, sometimes do a marathon. Depends on what's out, I'll rent some DVD's or maybe just watch my own as I have quite a horror movie collection. I haven't been trick or treating since I was a young teen. But my friend Michelle said I should get out this Halloween, do a little "trick and treat." I said I'm not really interested in going around to houses begging for candy anymore and mocked her for the way she said trick and treat.

"I'm not talking about trick or treating, I'm talking about something different. You know of my friend Josie?"

I've ne... Continue»
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My Day Out

I decided I needed to go visit my friend as we only spoke on Facebook for the last few years and as she is moving away
so I won't get the chance to see her hardly at all now,
We met up at the local park with the k**s and she was telling me her and her partner had broken up as she caught him in bed with another woman. I was shocked they always seemed the perfect couple. On the journey back to her place she asked me how me and my husband have been getting on, I replied that it was good and we get along well, she asked me if I trust him and I said I did so she asked me if I wanted to test him... Continue»
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Losing my virginity to a MILF.

This is my first story so bear with me. This will be the first in a series of stories about my sexual exploits. All stories are 100% true. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty. Love to hear your thoughts.

So, first, a little about me. I didn't start life as a dominant black bull. I was always a somewhat cool k** in school. In high school, I had convinced most of my friends that I was a ladies man. In truth, I had never even kissed a girl. This continued in college. I had a ladies man reputation but, in truth still hadn't kissed a girl. I'm sure my first kiss occurred... Continue»
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My Regular Masseuse, Shi Shi

I could tell pretty quickly after the flip during the table shower, that this massage girl was going to be my regular. Those dainty yet curiously strong Asian fingers soaping up every inch of my body, always a treat, but a given. Trick is seeming to be into in. Shi Shi, seemed into it. She really made me believe that she wanted to coax my cock to it's hardest with that slippery grip. Any playfulness, let alone teasing, not a given. Other girl's table shower techniques can be mechanical, just washing off the stink and checking for active herpes. Most girls soap up and quickly rinse the butt cra... Continue»
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Dive Bar Dorita

Years ago I frequented a dive go go bar called the Ironbound. In the Portuguese and Brazilian part of Newark. This was kind of the last stop for these girls on the way to the go go retirement home. Some of these girls may be pushing 60, but most of them, despite the mileage still have killer tits and asses. They dance twenty minuets or so then get twenty or so off. During the off time, if you buy them a drink they'll sit with you, tip them singles for gropes, or for a twenty they'll jerk you off right there at the bar.

The first time I experienced that was with a Dominican MILF named Ellie... Continue»
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Sexy 26 year old.white girlfriend fucks first huge

I had a story that I wanted to share about me(37), my gf(26), and a black buddy(35) with a monster cock from college who came to visit and stayed at our house last night and ended up in a wild night!

A little background, he has a legit 11 inch dick with massive girth. He is a semi professional basketball player. 6 foot 10 with a dick to match . He Had never hooked up with a white girl and was excited to meet some of my gf's white gf's cause I told him we would break that curse this weekend.

He was a roommate in college and we had had sex in the same room before so I've seen his monster i... Continue»
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