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A Nasty Birthday BJ

The following is completely true. I'm a little worried to share it.
But it occurs to me that this is a sex story as well as a blog.


Several years ago, I was out with my Beloved Jonny, my Husband, my reason for living.

We were out at one of our favorite little restaurants, a tiny place. My husband is a food snob, and typically, he cooks every meal in our home. I firmly believe my Jonny is the single greatest cook on earth. Seriously, girls, his dishes are to die for; you've never had a gourmand make something for you like him. That said, if we ever go out to eat, he picks o... Continue»
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Consequences Of Getting Caught

A husband cheats on his wife & she decides to find a lover.

Five full months have gone by since my wife caught me with another woman. My beautiful wife Sue and I have been married for five years. She is a 5' 4" bombshell with blonde hair, a sexy slim figure with long tapering legs and 34B breasts. Sue has been the sweetest and the most adorable little woman since the day I met her in college.

We inherited a large mansion with three floors from her Grandparents a few years ago complete with the servant quarters on the third floor. As a matter of fact, the third floor is where I’ve been ma... Continue»
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was this real?

Let me tell you about our sexual encounters.
First I want to introduce ourselves. My girlfriend is Linda, she is 27 years old, 164 cm and well built and has a nice ass and nice tits. She has shoulder-long dark-blond hair, green eyes and the most beautiful and honest smile there is. When we first met, she was used to be quite prude, she didn’t like to talk about sex and always when we were doing it, she kind of felt guilty, even if she liked it and actually did cum at least once almost every time we had sex.
I am Tomas, friends call me Tom. I am 28, 177 cm and work out a lot. I carry a six-pa... Continue»
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The stranger

After a day of shoping malls in Miami, I come home, as always I dressed with a simple little dress and no underwear, I love to feel the wind caress my pussy shaved.
By opening the door in the dining room, my husband talking to a stranger drinking a Jack.
Hello my love
you robbed Miami stores?
I present John is a former co-worker, he went to say hello.
He rises to greet me, it is great muscular.
he is dressed in a blue jogging.
yet a man who takes care of his body and making the sport.
Come and sit with us, you want to drink what?
Prepare me a Margarita my love.
I sit next to my husba... Continue»
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a special secretary

Things had been so serious at work, people getting laid off, management making cuts here and there, no one knew who was going to be next, ugh! I'd been working there for 2 months and I thought I was doing a good job, but I couldn't help wondering if I was going to be in the next round of layoffs. I was on my knees by a file cabinet arranging some documents when my boss walked by and stopped to look at me with a serious expression on his face. I looked back at him and smiled nervously then he came up to me and stood right in front of me. I stayed on my knees and looked up at him, he just stared... Continue»
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Her e mail said;
I am no stranger to being restrained to a St Andrews cross and receiving punishment and would welcome the opportunity to revisit this experience; I have also experienced the pleasure of being restrained on a "working table" for inspection and experimentation with surgical instruments.
One of my all consuming thoughts involves the use of surgical needles. As you are aware, I have some experience of short needles being inserted in my breasts, nipples and areola and I know you are an expert in this field of delivering unique plea... Continue»
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The REST Of The Story: Watching a Mom and Her Dann

The REST Of The Story: Watching a Mom and Her Danny Boy

Many of you have asked about me waking up with my s****r after having a perverted dream of a man watching a woman deflower her son. What would have led up to that? What happened with the s****r? Give us more!!!

So this is the story AROUND the story. It tells you what was running through my mind to seed my imagination with such taboo thoughts. It also then tells of what happened then with my s****r… At least some of it!!!


My s****r and I fooled around as we grew up. I am two years older than she i... Continue»
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Man's Guide to Receive Anal Sex


There are some things that need to happen to prepare yourself and your partner for anal sex. Step one is cleanliness. You always need to make sure your asshole and rectum are clean and prepared to handle dick. If needed, use an enema about an hour before engaging in anal sex and then clean yourself really good after you have expelled the enema liquid. Now your asshole is prepared to accept a guy's manhood. This cleanliness also allows you more options about where to take his spunk. If he pulls out and his dick is still clean, then he can put it against your face and give you a f... Continue»
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Maid Becomes Legal Guardian & Fucks And Marrie

This is sidhu.I am going to share my life’s hearty experience.The life begin for me as an great tragedy at the age of 8.After being lost my parents in an car crash,I became very lonely at the very little age.Though my grandparents were very rich and took care of me very well,I felt the need for my mom and I was longing for my mom’s care.

But at the right my grandpa appointed a servant maid to look after me and her name was lakshmi.At first I did not like her because I could not substitute anybody for my mom.So when she came
... Continue»
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Not an i****t Story!

Orrin here. After our s****r Steph's (nobody ever called her Stevie, I swear!) untimely death, my younger br0ther Jason and I have been scoping out 0ther w0men to fuck. We've had some successes, but there's one bitch we've gotten to know recently who is very dismissive of our efforts to bang her. She's an uppity Cath0lic woman with blond hair, big tits, gorgeous legs, and (sadly) an attitude to match!

Anyway, after trying and failing several times to nail this wh0re, Jason and I decided to give the assignment to Rusty, an old friend who'd been with our f****y for many years.

We sent him ... Continue»
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Seduction And Hardcore Fuck With Neighbour In Bang

Basically I am from Karnataka , I pursued my studies here in bengaluru. After my studies i got placed in a IT company in pune & after four long years i shifted me to bangalore branch office & i love to live in bengaluru. I always use to curse my project manager when he use to reject my transfer to bengaluru , but finally i am back in bangalore. Since i knew bangalore well it was no tough job for me to find a house/flat, since i have good network with my relatives and my friends here in bangalore. With the help of one of my relati... Continue»
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Cousin b*****r And s****r Erotic Seduction And Inc

I am working in Pune but basically belong to Aurangabad. I am 6 ft tall with above average looks and a good dick (never measured it). I am married to my wife Natasha 3 years back now we have a son as well. But this story is not about her. It starts with my teenage and ends last month. Or I hope it will continue forever.

Let’s move to 10 years back, when I was 20. My f****y consisted of four members me, dad, mom and my younger s****r Amrita. She is 2 yrs younger to me; she now looks like madhuri dixit of of HAHK. My sex fanta
... Continue»
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Dollfie Love (Suggested by Bucket_)

My very first fantasy story. Thanks to Bucket_ for the suggestion and letting me use his sex doll Debbie as a character. ;3

This story is based off of 100% fantasy and is in no way representative of real events. The themes and content of this story may not be suitable for everyone's tastes. Read at your own discretion.


It was a normal Friday afternoon for me. I had finished my college classes for the day as well as my weekly grocery shopping, and I was driving back to my apartment. I am cur... Continue»
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Morning coffee

I go to a coffee shop almost every day. I’ve been going there for almost 5 years. Tami works there. After seeing her almost every day we have become pretty good friends. One day I went to get my normal coffee and when I went up to the counter she made the comment “What can I do to you today?” I really didn’t catch it and just ordered my regular coffee. The next day the day thing happened and I realized what she had said. My reply was I could name several things that she could do to me. Tami then said I get off at noon if you want to meet me at the Devil’s Lake state park.
When I got t... Continue»
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Mature ladies Trinidad & Tobago trip

Mature wife and her best friend (Elaine) went for a 10 day trip to Trinidad & Tobago, mainly Tobago though. They thought about relaxing, sun, sand, drinks on the beach to totally de-stress! First couple of days they did that, felt fantastic. On day 3 they met Anil, a tall young very black man (he joked that his relatives must have been from darkest Africa), he was fun to be around. Ladies enjoyed his energy, they travelled together to catch different sites and have some good laughs.

Both ladies couldn't help but notice he seemed to appreciate their curvy, mature, big breasted figures. Elai... Continue»
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Brand New World of Prostate Play

I come home from work and see that the package I ordered has arrived. It is in an nice case that could easily be slipped on a bookcase and look normal.

I open the box and examine my new prostate device. The Aneros Vice.

I put the batteries in the vibe and experiment with the nine different settings. The device itself is made of silicon and feels very nice.

It looks large at first glance. However, I am very intrigued. I take a hot shower and prepare myself. I lay a towel on the bed and lube up the device with a layer of Vaseline and a thin layer of coconut oil. I lube myself and begin ... Continue»
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Horny Mother Gang Banged Her Son With Her Friends

This is the real incident which happened with me an years back..
now come to the real lady of this story who changed my life.. my hotty mommy sujata…she is 46 years old…quite chubby… her statistics is 38-36-38…she is fatty women but a realsex bomb..whenever she walks on a road every man watch her bulky ass..

I live with my mom only in mumbai because my father had passed away when i was in 10th…after that my mom was totally depressed but as days were passing i seems like mom seems to be happy..
she started going for parties
... Continue»
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How I Got Into An i****t Affair With My Cousin s*s

I was at my nana\’s house spending my summer vacations. I always prefer to go to my maternal grandfather house instead of grandfather, because both my dada and dadi expired before my birth. Thus I had no affections left there. This all started when I was in 9th class.
Okay coming to my story, I live with my f****y in main city, while my nana and younger mama had their work in the village. I have two mama the bigger one lives in delhi. I very rarely meet him. It\\\’s about my younger mama\\\’s daughter. He have a daughter who
... Continue»
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Sex With Riya- My English Teacher

Riya was our English teacher during my intermediate. She was that beautiful teacher with sweet voice who all boys fall in love with. She had milky white skin, dark hair which she wore in ponytail and soft boobs that are a little big for her bra. Her size was 32_ 28_34 back then.
She had perfect teeth and smile of a goddess that made everyone weak in the knees. All the boys anyway. She was every boys first love in college and she came everyday on a pink scooty. We always checked for the scooty as soon as we got to college.

... Continue»
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Camp 2

Things between Traci and I continued to heat up as the summer was ending. The last camp was in session when Traci confessed her mixed feelings for me and her fiancée. She had decided to tell me in bed while I was slowly going deep inside her. My mind was racing .... I didn't want to stop having sex but I didn't want to lie to Traci as she stared longingly at me. I did have feelings for her too but just not as strong. I reluctantly stopped moving but left my cock inside her. Traci's chest was heaving with anticipation. I paused even longer worried that my words were hurt her. I decided to tell ... Continue»
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