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The Trap ---Beginning

Hi Guys and Gals and Uncles and Aunties!!! This is Priyanka from Mumbai. I am a 25 years young lady. I am fair. 5’7” tall and 52 kg is my weight. 33-25-35 is my vital stats. Pretty much like Amy Jackson from movie “I”.

Without boring you all much let me tell you about this story. I was 21 then in January 2011. It was last year of mine in graduation. As per the society I was a very polite, gentle
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The Trap – Public Show

Hi all… I am overwhelmed with the sort of response I got for my first story “The Trap – Beginning!!!”.

I will not waste time describing me now, but to let you all know I look more like Amy Jackson in my stats.

I did not know exactly who Kailash was. Even the profile pic on whatsapp was of a Bollywood actor. But I went in a shock for a while. However, in a while I got a ping from him that he is about to upload this video on FB tagging me and also on youtube. I wrote in no time “NO – u can’t do this to me… who are you…
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Am I An Angel Or A Devil

Hi guys, myself Deepthi. I am from Bangalore and am 22 years old now. I am here to share my first real sex experience. In know its bit long but I want you all to know fully what happened to me. So please don’t mistake me…

First let me tell you all about my f****y. My mom and dad loved each other. Both in my dad’s house and in my mom’s house their parents strongly opposed their love. So they eloped and got married. During that time my dad was working in a private o
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Am I An Angel Or A Devil – Part2

This thing happened when I am in college with one of my friends. After the sex experiences I become very close to my dad. He used to buy me some bikinis and dresses whenever he goes out. Everything in my life changed after my close relation with my dad.

After my sex experience with my dad in abroad we had few sex session in my house. Now I am used to sl**p with my dad’s room daily. I used to give him some pleasure whenever he is stressed.

Okay coming to the sto
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Used To Repay Debts Of My b*o

Hi guys!! I am Priyanka back with another story. Hope you all enjoy it!!

I am a 26 year old girl working in a call centre in Navi Mumbai. Fair, 5’10” tall, short brown hair, brown eyes and most important 34 30 34 in size. I stay in a rented 1 bhk house. My uncle’s son, Abhishek, came from his native to study when 3 years back. He completed his study and now he was 23 years and 25 years when this happ
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Rima - A good encounter

The alarm bell woke me up with a start. I saw the clock, it was 6 am. I freshened up and worked out in the gym of my apartment building. By around 7.30 am I had a shower and was sitting in the living room with a newspaper in my hand and a coffee mug on the table near me.

But all I kept thinking was about Varun. There were several questions in my mind. What will he do to me today? How will he treat me today? How will he react if I willingly submit to him? The chain of question was broken when I heard the door bell.

I went to the door and opened it. It was Suma. She greeted me and came in... Continue»
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8 Inches and Up Only Gay

It was Friday night at a local gay club and my friend had to leave to meet up with some other other people. We said our goodbyes and I stayed to finish my drink. I stood near the entrance looking at the go-go boys dancing on the bar, flipping their underwear down to expose their cock to the old perverts. I finished off my drink and was about to leave when my eye caught a cute guy near the bar, hanging out with a group of friends. I decided to try my luck and walked towards him, brushing my hand against his thigh as I made my way to the bar for another drink. I looked back to meet his gaze.

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Turned into a Black Cock Slut Blacken

Until a couple of years ago my wife, Amy, and I both worked for the police. More specifically, she was with the vice squad and I worked in fraud. So each day we would go in together, team up with our respective partners and do our days work until it was time to go home - same as most jobs, just not your usual employer.

From time to time, if a big bust was going down, we both understood that the other would have to go incognito and may be away for sometimes days and other times weeks until the job was done, so it wasn't unusual when Amy told me that the Chief had asked her to go undercover t... Continue»
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Wife's Big Cock Fiesta

To say that a month ago I was, on the face of it, prim and proper would be an understatement. Tim and I (Jane), met in our first year at high school and were inseparable from that time on and I guess it was always assumed by ourselves and our families that we would get married. Tim was everything I could have ever wanted - the proverbial tall, dark and handsome athletic sort, not to mention incredibly wealthy, once he had established himself in the f****y law firm which his grandfather had founded.

We married when we were twenty and for the most part, have had an idyllic marriage. The only ... Continue»
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Mary Like's them BIG!

I am what you might usually call a computer geek and married Mary, who I was introduced to by a mutual friend, when I was 26, some fifteen years ago. Our first meeting was set up as a blind date when Mary was asked to make up a sixth at a dinner party and to everyone's surprise, including my own, we just hit it off and we wed less than a year later.

Now, I know I'm not bad looking - just nothing special, whereas Mary is attractive. Not the tall, model type who many of your writers describe, but small (5'4") and pretty, with a short bob of black hair, blue eyes and a perfectly proportioned f... Continue»
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Wife get Even

We had moved away to California in our early 20's and Luke had settled into a steady job for a national company, getting fairly regular promotions, but nothing for a year or two and he was starting to get frustrated about this. Anyway, about a year ago Luke came home one night and said we had been invited by his MD, Chris to a home warming party at his new house to celebrate his recent divorce from his fifth wife! I had met Chris many times before and he had even been to a swimming party at our place. Six foot two, blond and well built and admired by all the women, hence the number of wives an... Continue»
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Cindy's Going Away Gift

I met Cindy the first week of college. She was from a small town close to the school. I was from a large city on the other side of the country. We didn’t have anything in common, but we hit it off immediately and a beautiful friendship was started.

Cindy was a gorgeous girl. She was 5’ 8” and had thick, naturally blond hair. She was slim and well proportioned. I thought she was the most incredible woman I’d ever seen and was smitten instantly. But it was her personality that really drew me in. She could charm you with a simple smile and her laughter caused everyone in the room to laugh alo... Continue»
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Sex in a hotel window

This is a true story........

I had to meet clients downtown for an evening event and for meetings the next day. I brought my girlfriend with me for the evening dinner. Because of the meetings the next day, I booked a hotel room to stay down in the city overnight. She decided to stay with me since it would be a late night and we would be drinking, then she would go to work in the morning from the city hotel.

The evening was enjoyable. Dinner was fun and we had a good time with my clients. On our way back to the hotel, we got horny and talked about getting naked before we took showers... Continue»
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The Blacken Wedding Ring PT2

Later that morning I discovered my wallet was lost. I called several places from the night before but to know avail. I called the video place but it was closed. So I went to work and late that morning I received a call. The deep voice sounded familiar.

"Hello Steve, this is Marcus from last night, you remember me, crazy night huh?"

"Yes." Then I knew it was the black man from the hole.

"Yes you remember me or it was a crazy night." he answer with a deep laugh.

"Both." I said not knowing were the conversation was going.

"What's your e-mail, that way I can send you the address w... Continue»
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Jen’s kindness gets her in trouble
Jen had been out in town flashing for Simon like a cheap slut in her platforms and micro mini, her ass cheeks on show the skirt was so short. Bending over in the charity shops virtually showing all, her pussy covered by only her thin strip of her thong.
Jen headed down the street to the car park entrance, Simon in tow at a distance filming and recording bystander’s comments “look at that you can see her ass” and “what a slut going out like that in public”. Comments mainly from women, guys however were turning back for a longer view enjoying the site. Jen r... Continue»
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Gang Initiation. A motherfucker option 3

Brazil is one of the most economically unequal countries in the world with the top 10 percent of
its population earning 50 percent of the national income and about 34 percent of all people living
below the poverty line. This is where our story and conversation begin.

"Mom, As you know, We live in ghetto, gangs infested city." I explained

"I am keeping myself safe by joined our neighborhood gang at 13, I will be 18 in couple
weeks and so now I have to initiate in to a full gangs members, a soldier for them. "

" The option that I select for my initiation will also determine my ne... Continue»
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Fucking my Stalker, the worst sex ever - #5 Ashley


It was a cool fall night, football season for the local school had started. Most of the games were boring because...

1. the local school was typically 5x bigger than the school they were playing

2. While winning is fun, you gotta lose to appreciate the wins. We always won so I would get bored at the games, knowing the results would be predictable

So, I went to the football games not to actually watch the game but to find the horny ... Continue»
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Hitch Hiking in Scotland

A True Story

My name is Lucy, and at the age of 22, went hitch hiking in Scotland in the summer of 2015, seeing what it had to offer. To cut down on costs, I was thumbing lifts from passing motorists, and on one occasion, a small red car screeched to a halt, just a few yards away in front of me. The passenger front door was opened, and a young man who looked about my age jumped out, smiled and offered me a lift in the back, which was gratefully excepted, as I had been standing in a remote spot on one of the islands off the west coast for quite some time, ... Continue»
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One of the delights of gay life that has pretty much disappeared in the US is anonymous sex. In the good old days, bathhouses had dark rooms. In there it was all about dick and ass. There was no pretty boy posing, stand and model, pick the most glamorous boy in front of all the others and make a big show of taking him back to a private room.

No, it was just about sex, and that was what made it so exciting and attractive. It didn’t matter what you looked like, as in the dark we were all the same, just men looking for sex. We were all there for the same thing, so it didn’t matter. Find the ri... Continue»
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"You're a filthy little fuck, aren't ya?"

This is what I heard as I leaned over to grab a drink of water from the fountain near the locker room.

I turned around to see who this vaguely familiar voice was coming from. I was shocked to see Calvin staring back at me with a shit-eating grin on his face.

I work our regularly at a small personal training gym. Marcus has been my trainer for the past 5 years. He's taken me from Dad bod to a fit 50 year old. Calvin is a relatively new trainer at the gym but from the first time I saw him, I've had a hard time averting my eyes off him.

I'm ... Continue»
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