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Mrs A gets a surprise.

After a night of celebrating a friend's birthday I invited a buddy over for some late night drinking at my place. I expected Mrs. A was sl**ping so we headed to the basement and poured some drinks. As we were chatting about the night I got a text. "Aren't you going to come fuck me?" I showed my friend and told him I couldn't pass up that opportunity. He agreed and boldly asked if he could join. I was more than happy to offer up my wife's pussy to him. I explained that I had a fantasy to surprise her with a strangers cock and thought it would be fun to blindfold her and let him fuck her. He was... Continue»
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71 y/o huge dick grandpa fucks me

In 2016 there was a time in my life when I just wasn't horny at all, I didn't have sex for over 4 months. Grandpas and grandmas would ask me for sex and I would just reject them. I am usually very horny and have sex daily but at this time I just wasn't... There was a 70 year old grandpa that I met at the bar in 2015, he told me that he wanted to fuck me, but I couldn't have sex with him at this time because my grandpa was staying at my house for a couple days, he was just vising me. We couldn't have sex at his house because he was having it repainted at the time. I promised the old man that I ... Continue»
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Kajal On Office Tour

This is Kajal from India. Little bit about myself. I am sexy and hot married woman of 26 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes. I love to tease men. I am working as a personal secretary in export-import Company. I am 5.8ft tall, sexy long legs, very fair look, long hair, dark eyes and sexy figure of 34-26-36 with Cup size “C”. As you know my boss has shared me with few ... Continue»
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Secretary Having Fun – Part 1

This is Kajal again from India. Little bit about myself. I am dam sexy and hot married woman of 25 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes. I am working as a personal secretary in export-import company. I am 5.8ft tall, sexy long legs, very fair look, long hair, dark eyes and sexy figure of 34-26-34 with Cup size “C”. As you know my boss has enjoyed me with f... Continue»
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Ann - My Wife, His Slut.

Ann and I married 10 years ago, it's her second marriage and I know she had a few men before and after her first.

Our love life has always been good and she's very highly sexed, to quote her directly "she loves cock". She's a very attractive woman, petite and slim, and she always gets loads of male attention, but she is, and always has been, a 'one man woman'. She's quite a confident and assertive woman and over time that has dictated what happens in in our bedroom, she likes to take charge and I learnt that I fuck when told, lick when told and very definitely only cum when she says I can... Continue»
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Dreaming of her (my co-worker MILF)

So there is a female I work with, we've known each other for almost a full decade, going back to the first restaurant we worked at. We went a few years apart after I was let go because business was slow. Last year she got a job at my current employer. I was always shy around her at the old job so I decided I'd talk to her more now. She's petite hot Mexican MILF, she goes to the gym often so she has a nice tight body. Her tits are fuller since she had a baby between the time we were apart and she leaves the buttons of her shirt open just enough to look down her cleavage. With that and her pant... Continue»
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Ebony MILF experience

I found this milf on Tinder. She is 42 and seemed really nice to talk to but I wasnt sure if she was DTF right away.
This is the story of how I seduced her and my bet paid off.

She is tall, light skinned, wide hips and i could figure she had big boobs.
I met her was close to her work. I parked my car and then we went to grab drinks.
After about 1.5 hours of chatting , we finally got to car and made out. I asked her to get in the back seat for more action. She refused and said she is afraid the cops will see us. Anyway i got away with fondling her gigantic boobs tried to reach her underw... Continue»
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Dare With Three Strangers Who Fucked Me The Whole

I am Sirisha.36 [increased ;)] 30-34…I am an exhibitionist. So now this time I am back with a dare in the movie theater. I don’t remember exactly when it happened.

I have to be alone at home for two days as my parents went to some village. So I got an idea to go to a movie by my own and do some dares there. So I went to a movie in the normal hall not multiplex. As there won’t be any
... Continue»
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Changed Neighbour To Lesbian And Did Threesome Wit

This incident happened with me some 9 months back. 3 years before we came to Mumbai from Kanpur because of my husband’s job and we came and settled here only. From first only we stayed at rented home my husband is in late 35 and he is a sr. Marketing manager. His sex stamina is... Continue»
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Diet - Caning & cum eating for weight loss

Having fixed her tits very firmly with a length of 4mm diameter, nylon rope, Jason completed his preparations for the weigh in by slipping the scale hook behind the tight rope strands above her breast bone. Slowly he pulled the pulley chain until it took up the slack and the pounds started to show on the scale reading.

Fatcunt, for that was her only name until she earned another with the completion of her weight reduction programme, winced as her body weight started to cause her tightly bound tits to stretch and discolour ever more quickly.

Before the weigh in, Fatcunt had been prepared ... Continue»
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Our Honeymoon, Every Woman Should Have – Part 1

I am Garima. I am going to narrate my honeymoon experience with you.Even if I say that it is true, most of you will not believe. So it does not matter.

I am youngest of three siblings. The eldest one is s****r and there is one b*****r Rahul between two s****rs. Our f****y was / is very rich.

Though my father was a reputed successful real estate developer and builder he was very conservative.

... Continue»
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Me And The Manager With His Son

his is Gaggana Jodatti from Karnataka, writing my second sex story.

And thank you all for the responses on the previous story, and for most of you asking – Yes, it was a true incident and even the continuation.

I was wrapped in the urine-wet whale/dupatta going towards the lift of my apartment, got into the lift, pleasured by those fu
... Continue»
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A Phone Call

This is my confession so help me God!

I am a 19 years old college student porn addict virgin boy. I live with my fam*ly in (…..) in a three stories house. My father is a tough man. He is the pastor of the neighborhood church. He raised seven ch*ldren although the look in eyes says that it could have been better if I had only one, two, or none at all. All of my elder br*thers and s*sters are married and live as far as possible from us except my predecessor "Jacob" only. My younger br*ther and I are the last of this chain of miserable sons and daughters of such a dominating father.
... Continue»
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Truckers delight

I’ve been chatting with Paul from PaulandHotwife and he wanted me to describe a fantasy he has of seeing his hot wife taking on all cummers at a truck stop from the point of view of one of the lucky truckers.
I was reaching the end of my driving shift and had to rest up for a few hours. I headed for one of the laybys I knew around Birmingham. I pulled in and got in the back of my cab and started to read a book to unwind.
Then I noticed this car pull in behind the trailer ahead of me. This woman got out, blonde hair, a fair old pair of tits on her, a short skirt and high heels. Must be on the... Continue»
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I grew up learning about sex from a young age. My step dad raised me when my mom walked out when I was just a baby. Dad never sexually abused me but we had a one bedroom house and I slept in his room on a cot and was there when dad brought women in at night to fuck. He did not care what I saw or if I watched. In fact I think it turned him on more. He liked big tit and a big round ass on his women. He would undress them and then he would get naked and he would stand them facing my bed as he got behind them and ravaged first their tits then their pussy. I watched him fi... Continue»
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Out for a nice meal and then on to an adult sex club
There are a few but we will go to Cupids after we have wined and dined
You are wearing seamed nylons and suspenders with slutty fuck me now high heels and tight short skirt barely covering your stocking tops
The fun begins in the restaurant when you inadvertently but knowingly give senior gentlemen a glimpse of what they might be
You pull your skirt up higher and display your little thong which you have pulled to one side to expose your cunt
The expression on one guy's face is brilliant and you notice he touche... Continue»
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Abused Stepdaughter - Part 1

Abused Stepdaughter - Part 1 Sample

This work is a fictional story….it’s a little more intense than what I normally write, and is intended for adults only. This is a Sample……My Stories can Only be Posted for Friends to read….so send me Friend Request, and I will consider adding you to my List of Friends.

--------- Chapter 1
Her Parents surprise her……..

December 8, 1989, Friday night
Little Rock, Arkansas

Sandra Knight was sitting in front of her bedroom mirror brushing her long silken blond hair. She was tired after cheerleading practice an... Continue»
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Grocery Store Tease

Grocery Store Tease

Abigail was performing her nightly routine of getting the coffee maker ready to brew for the next morning before going to bed. To her dismay, she discovered that there was nowhere near enough coffee to make the usual 10 cups her and her husband Jim consumed each morning. Needing a few other things from the grocery store, Abigail set out on her own knowing full well Jim would balk at the request to go with her or for that matter, probably wouldn't get the other items anyway.

Earlier she had put on her pajamas as she was already in bed reading as she did every evening w... Continue»
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Moni my hotwife

I think it is time for me to tell a bit about Moni. She has many stories here and she asked me to write something from my perspective
She is just an amazing sexy woman still at her mature age. Still is fit and slim and very active.
I would like to describe the time I brought her to a party where she was to be the entertainment for the night. You see I have friends that have had her and known about her for quite a while and they know I enjoy sharing her. This was a while back when she was around 45 and my buddy's friend was having a bachelor party, second marriage. He asked if she would... Continue»
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Preachers' Daughter

Easter time in the north usually meant snow on the ground and this year was no exception. This was the time of the year I committed myself to a visit of the church for midnight mass to share with f****y and friends, a local tradition. Parking was always a challenge on events like this, fresh construction made it more and more difficult each year. After some searching I parked my white NSX behind the church and as I placed it into park I noticed her. There was a blurred figure watching me from the window of the church, from the silhouette I could guess who it was. This was the preacher’s daught... Continue»
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