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The Lapdance bar ...part1

The Lapdance bar

The Cork from the champagne bottle rattled across the table as Andy opened the 2nd bottle,
" Champagne ladies?"
"Oooohhh yes please" came the reply
Katie sat watching the bubbles as they came up the side of the glasses, she looked across the table at the redhead that they had chosen for a private lap dance, her figure was good , tight long legs and breasts only slightly smaller than her own, she was called 'Crystal' obviously her stage name, she was wearing a lace out fit that had criscrossing bows at the back and was ever so slightly see thru. Katie looked at the shape... Continue»
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Hot Springs Threesome (MFM)

I have been dying to tell you guys about what I got up to last Thursday at the Radium Hot Springs.

The background is that I somehow heard about these natural hot springs about an hour from Kip's place in Breckenridge but nobody I knew had been to them. From what I read it was a natural pool on the side of the Colorado River a 20 minute walk from a parking area and it was not developed at all, 100% natural.

So, last Thursday, Kip was out of town, I was a little hungover so about 2pm I jumped in the car and headed in that direction. It was a little late in the day but I kind slept in and... Continue»
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Our first time was while we was on holiday in Miami, we had done the swapping thing group sex and all that stuff, but was not thinking of anything sexual while on a vacation. We was a in a bar one night just drinking and enjoying ourselves. On the table next to us was a black guy. We got talking about this and that, I could see my wife fancied him, she kept looking and nodding at me as if to say I want him, the conversation got round to sex, I asked if he was into kinky sex that sort of thing and we were swingers.

Oh yes he said come in the back I will show you, we both got up and followed... Continue»
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Jean: Total Exhibitionist Slut part one

Jean: Total Exhibitionist Slut.

This is the actual events my wife Jean and I encountered just a few weeks back. We’d stopped off at the Hotel closest to our nearest Airport for a quick drink before we headed off home. What we didn’t expect when we entered the bar, is that entire bar was full of bored business men waiting for their next connection flight. Some of the guys were in their mid fifties, the majority in their forties and a small amount of arrogant guys in their twenties and thirties. I bought Jean and I a drink and found a crescent shaped sofa and table to place our drinks on. I c... Continue»
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A MILF at the Beach – by SBarak1

A MILF at the Beach – a Story by SBarak1

This is the 3rd story in my MILF series. Although this story can be read ‘stand-alone’, it will make more sense if read it my other two stories ‘My First MILF’ and ‘Return to the MILF. Just remember this is fantasy.

It had been in the planning for some time. The opportunity for Bev, her daughter Jenny, and me to get away for a weekend at my beach house, down at the coast, has taken weeks to arrange. Finally it was all set. Bev and I were to head down together on the Friday night and Jenny would join us on the Saturday morning, delayed due t... Continue»
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Sexual awakenings on the way to college!

My name is Kaz, and my wife's name is Roxy.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about us, to fill in the blanks before there are any.
Roxy and I grew up together, and have pretty much known each other since birth.
We both had strict but loving parents, but we couldn't get away with sit growing up.

We started dating in middle school, but waited until our senior prom to have sex, I mean we did stuff like fingering or blow jobs from time to time, but we were both pretty popular in school, and our friends helped us keep our minds off of sex.

Fast forward to this camping trip tha... Continue»
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Birthday part 2

She nodded and said, "Even better, though, we'll set up Bob here so you get your first proper taste of cock; not just cleaning him off after sex but giving him an honest-to-God blowjob while I'm doing you." Bob said that sounded good to him, and while he doubted I could be quite the cocksucker she was, he was willing to "lend a hand" so I could start catching up! I almost fainted at the dizzying thought of being sandwiched between my wife and those 8 inches.

My wife smiled and ran the dildo in and out of her pussy to provide some lubrication before strapping it on. She positioned Bob at th... Continue»
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Birthday part 1

tagGroup SexMy Birthday Treat
My Birthday Treat
My wife and I were looking to expand our sexual horizons. Primarily I was the driver; she seemed fairly satisfied with our relationship and didn't feel the need to do more or anything "crazier." We were fairly adventurous together—including things like sex in public places—and after one crazy night, we added a strap-on dildo (which she used to great effect on me occasionally) to our "toybox." I loved her and couldn't get enough of her sexually; she's stayed in shape, about 5'4" with great proportional breasts and straight dark hair p... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 4

Ding Dong, the door bell rang. It was about half past five in the evening. Anita got up and opened the door. It was her husband Shekhar.

"Hi, love!" he said hugging her and giving her a light peck on the cheek.

"Hi!" Anita said taking her husband's briefcase and started walking towards the bedroom. Shekhar looked at her as she walked. Beautiful, he thought. Anita was wearing a peach coloured sleeveless nightie that finished at her knees and not only showed off her pretty fair legs and bare feet but accentuated them. Despite her 29 years she was a stunner by any reckoning. A height of f... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 5

It was August end and the heat was still unbearable. Anita’s husband Shekhar had to go on official tour for two days. She had just finished packing the clothes for him. Shekhar just could not do anything on his own. All throughout the afternoon she had been busy with the packing. Everything had to be kept vests, underwears, handkerchiefs, which shirt to wear with which trouser. Not only that it had to be explained to him as well. He had said that he would come late, have dinner and leave by the Rajdhani Express at 11 p. m.

It was now evening. After sending off the c***dren Vipin and Varsha... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 6

As the train chugged into the station, Shekhar surged forward. There was a big crowd and he did not want to miss his s****r-in-law Anju who was arriving from Delhi to spend a fortnight with them. Shekhar and Anita had been married for ten years and Anju was younger than Anita by ten years. Since Anita was 33 Anju was now 23.He reached the compartment in which Anju was supposed to be travelling. Due to the pressure of work, Shekhar had not attended a number of f****y functions due to which it had been almost four years since he had seen Anju.

As Anju alighted from the train, Shekhar stood tr... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 2

Things gradually settled down to a normal routine. The event was largely forgotten and if the culprit was not apprehended it was because of Anita. Lakshmi used to take good care of her but to her own surprise Anita did not feel traumatized as perhaps **** victims should have felt. If anything she remembered how he had made her go on all fours and had entered her from behind and that it was not as unpleasant an experience as it should have been. It was a moment that brought back many memories and Anita herself did not go whether to keep it as a pleasant souvenir in her mind or to attempt to ban... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 3

It was after a long time that the Guptas were giving a party. Their close friends the Sharmas and Mitras would be there. Anita got along very well with the ladies just as her husband Shekhar got along with their spouses. It was 5 p.m. and time to get dressed. Usually Anita dressed in Indian attires i.e sarees or the far more common salwar kameez. All with sleeveless blouses or kurtas. Today however she thought that she would give a try to the western attire. After all since she had a body that could carry them off, why not give it a try; not necessarily in the privacy of their home and with on... Continue»
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Housewife & Her Tales Part 1

‘You are very beautiful.’ Lakshmi said in a husky tone. After all, it was not everyday that one got to work with a beautiful lady and it was even rarer to see her nude.

‘Hmm.’she mumbled not knowing how exactly to respond to a compliment being paid by a maid.

‘Mem Sahib. You are so hairless here. Just this little line of vertical hair looks very pretty.’ Lakshmi carried on pointing to Anita’s shaped pussy with her eyebrows. ‘Sahib must be very happy to see you that you put in so much effort to give it such a proper shape.’

Anita felt that the most appropriate response would be to kee... Continue»
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Sex Slave for a Morning

A Wednesday July 2014. I went round to Steve's house in Epsom, Steve(2) and Sue were arriving at 10:30 and I didn't get there till 10:25 due to traffic problems and nowhere to park. I had brought strawberries , g****s, melon, choccies, and some bucks fizz. Steve had got in some champagne. we had just got some of the stuff out ( and I had not managed to sort my play bag - condoms lube and massage oil). There was a knock at the door Steve2 & Sue had arrived. Both Steve and myself had met Steve2 before but not Sue.
The excitement for her was to be used as a sex slave by 3 men including 2 stra... Continue»
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Masked Desire

It was a hot summers evening in June, as Trace was travelling in a black Mercedes heading towards a party at Pentillie Castle, hidden away in the Cornish countryside, for a special event known as the “White Ball” thrown by Erotica for people in the industry. Her car neared a large set double gate hidden in the rolling country side, the driver stopped, and gave Trace’s name at the gate, the large gates opened displaying an endless gravel drive way with rows of giant trees either side like soldiers on guard. As Trace drove towards the massive house, she could see lots of statues of naked bodie... Continue»
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We wrote some weeks ago about Jenny's first time with a black cock, a meeting arranged through the net.

Now at that time Jenny was respectable (and still is to all extents), but after a few meets with David, while I was there and joined in, she has become a complete black slut in private, even allowing David to fuck her ass, something that she had only allowed me to do once.

We left it last time that David had invited her down to his place, to meet a few friends, only I wasn't invited (he said it was because he couldn't explain our situation).

It was with reservations that we arranged... Continue»
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It all started over a year ago. My name is Mark and I am a career Naval Officer stationed in San Diego. My wife is a beautiful woman who I have been married to for going on 19 years now. Delia is 38 years old, 5 ft tall, 112 lbs, with a perfect ass, small breasts, and a shaved pussy. She has always been the perfect "officers wife", friend, and mother to our two daughters.

About a year ago, I had been at sea for a period of only about two weeks and then returned home. Usually upon my return Delia is all over me and wanting to make love. On this occasion she was very aloof and not wanting muc... Continue»
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When I happened across your page recently I had no idea that what had happened to my wife and myself was in any way common place because quite simply here in Northern Ireland we do not really have any access to interracial sex. In fact until relatively recently I would not have thought of me sharing my wife with anyone or indeed her being up for a threesome. Although Eileen looked sexy (and much younger than her age of 44) with shoulder length blonde hair and a buxom 42 -28 - 40 figure, and was OK in bed she dressed very conservatively and never seemed that interested in anyone else.

Howeve... Continue»
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I have a girl that uses me and I use her for mutual satisfaction. Both of us are married to other people and very much in love with our spouses but the sex lives at home could stand to be a lot better. Allison and I met in a bar one night, one thing led to another and we now meet when we need to for pure raw sex. Allison is 32 and she is a hammer. She is about 5'6" tall and weighs about 125 lbs. And has long looping red curly hair. She has 34D NATURAL tits that are fabulous and her ass is to die for, rock hard from her workouts. I am no little guy, I am 6'4" and weigh about 210lbs. I work out ... Continue»
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