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My wife humiliated me in front of my friends.

Being a cuckold husband has always been enjoyable to me. That is until this Thanksgiving weekend. My wife decided that black Friday was to be a Friday that she would have sex with only black guys. After the big meal and f****y get together Thursday I had planned to just being lazy Friday since I closed the shop Friday.

I was laying on the couch looking for something to watch on TV around twelve noon when my wife came in the den with a towel wrapped around her. He held out her hand and showed me she had my stainless cage. Here put this on she ordered. Now ? I asked. Yes now she said. I stoo... Continue»
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Double Stuffed

Our friend came over again the other night. We hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks and were so ready for some fun! He and I were texting and he asked if she was going to be tied up and ready when he got here. I told him yes and she would also be blindfolded and working her pussy with one of her favorite toys until he showed up. The straps were a bit short for our kin sized bed, so we skipped that. She was blindfolded and toying herself though when he arrived.

He came in and we went to the bedroom and she was spread and a toy buried in her pussy. He grabbed onto one of her big tits and beg... Continue»
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Favourite Au Pair story;)

The house was empty, or so it seemed. Tom took off his jacket and hung it over the back of a chair in the living room. He went to the kitchen and took a beer from the fridge. Opening it, he took a long swig and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Ah… the weekend. Let the good times roll!” he thought to himself.

He started to climb the stairs of the house, taking off his tie with his free hand. He took another swig of his beer, and heard what sounded like a moan. He stopped on the stairs and turned around. Seeing no one, he shrugged his shoulders and continued up the stairs.

He... Continue»
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Why I Like Facials (The Dirty Kind)

I never did believe a man's cum made my breasts larger for them to enjoy, or that cumming on my face made my skin a wrinkle free zone.

As a willing recipient of testicular spawning, I think I need to address those women who display a horror when confronted with an immanent deluge, if you can call a teaspoon to tablespoon of baby making slime a deluge.

I am a girl like most girls, who enjoys good porn. Not the 'Ooos and Ahsss', of the budding actresses, who are at long last loosing out to girls like myself, who are willing to diddle our clitoris's, on cam for the enjoyment of the lucky r... Continue»
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Gamer schlief mit 11 Frauen in 2 Wochen

Seven ist 38 und eigentlich nur am Computer um zu gamen. Doch eine Fantasie liess ihn nie los. Er wollte einmal mit möglichst vielen Frauen Sex haben. 1zu1 oder auch geile dreier. Diese Fantasie liess ihn nicht mehr los. Es war an einem regnerischen Sonntag, als er sich endlich den Mut nahm und im Internet nach geilen Kontakten suchte. Das zeigte sich als äusserst schwierig, bis er dann endlich auf eine scharfe Webseite stiess mit vielen Frauen, welche echte Dates suchten.

Also registrierte er sich und nahm sofort mit einigen geilen Girls kontakt auf. Schon nach wenigen Minuten hatte er An... Continue»
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A Not So Sneaky Fuck. FFM Afloat.

My wife Sue, her s****r Annie and I have been a threesome for some while. We live together in a lovely house near Salcombe in Devon. We are all in our forties. Sue and I work from home, she is an interpreter and I'm a writer. Annie is a part time uni lecturer. We have a great time, in and out of the bedroom and life is good. With two gorgeous and intelligent women how could it not be!

This story is about an incredible erotic session we had on our 40 foot sailing yacht in Greece where Annie and I bent the rules a bit............

In keeping with our normal routine we anchor for lunch and a... Continue»
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Jenelle Theatre Fucked

Phil and I decided to visit a sex shop in Dandenong late one Saturday afternoon. I thought I would get dressed sexy for the trip in and tease some of the men that would be in there. I showered and gently rubbed my clit to get me "warmed up" but with out getting myself off. Phil was in the bathroom shaving as I jilled myself and he must have heard my whimpers as I was rubbing. He came over to the shower recess and took his cock in hand and slowly wanked it as I was jilling. It got me so horny seeing my hubby wanking his cock in front of me, I rubbed out a mini-orgasm as he watched his slutwhore... Continue»
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Μια εμπει

Μια ξεχωριστή εμπειρία....

Είχε έρθει η Πέμπτη..η αγαπημένη μου μέρα!!! Θα συναντούσα και πάλι το μωράκι μου, το οποίο μου είχε ετοιμάσει και εκπληξούλα!! Θα κοιμόμασταν αγκαλίτσα το βράδυ!!! Πόσο απολαμβάνω αυτές τις στιγμές μαζί του, την αγκαλιά του, την ανάσα του, τους χτύπους της καρδιάς του!!!
Βρεθήκαμε το απογευματάκι... ήμασταν ήρεμοι, χαλαροί.. Καθόμασταν γυμνοί και αγκαλιασμένοι στον καναπέ και απολαμβάναμε τα χάδια μας. Όταν νιώθαμε το πάθος μας να φουντώνει, με έστηνε το μωρό μου στα τέσσερα και με ξέσκιζε την μουνάρα και την κωλάρα μου! Με έπαιρνε απο παντού και με έφερνε απ
... Continue»
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Our first wedding anniversary present to each othe

As a combined 1st wedding / valentines present to each other we shouted a night out with each other hiring a girl to be with us at an exclusive brothel. The following is an accurate account of how that hour went for us.

The wife is referred to as “Chloe” not her real name but one we will use for pubic display.

The working girls name “Miranda”.

Enjoy, we certainly did

Last night was awesome

Well the receptionist took us to a private sitting room to wait for the girls to come and see us said the first would be in soon. Shortly after we heard a rattle on the door knob ... Continue»
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All my friends was now married after my last single friend tied the knot.
The wedding was fun. It was big, but it was not what they always say a place to meet women. Most of the women were married and the few that wasn't were either too old or too young. Sure I could fuck some little 20 year old, but I wanted more than that.

Something happened during the wedding that made me think that not everyone is made to be married. We drank a ton and all my best friends were my table. We were 10 people at the table. I sat with a married woman, whose husband could not make it due to some business trip... Continue»
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Strap On (mfff, anal)

I heard the crunch of tires on stone as the car pulled in front of the house; my pulse quickened a bit, knowing who and what the car was carrying. Melia and I had made it to her bedroom by this time and had been standing together, kissing passionately; she picked up on my excitement and smiled through the kiss.

"This is going to be a night you will never want to forget, even if you could!" she gave my bum a playful pinch, and pulled me to the bed as the front door closed.

I heard padded footsteps of bare feet approaching the end of the hallway and did a double-take as two gorgeous young ... Continue»
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Maspalomas 2015

Each year for many years now, we have taken a week off and gone away to gran canaria. It is a week without the k**s, and our time to relax after working hard all year.
Maspalomas is a great place, busy all year, great 5star hotels and rather up market compared to playa de ingles which is now a very run down resort.
We look forward to the weather, food, scenery, cool drinks and friendly company, but we always seem to put the nude beach on top of our list lol.
The naked sunbathing is why we go back time after time, as some of out photos show, it's no different to sunbathing in bikinis or shor... Continue»
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The Penthouse 2

Sarah and Andrew woke up and Sarah was wearing tight clothes showing her define beauty and her body was stunning wearing a s..y night gown and Andrew was wearing a nice t-shirt and PJ bottoms with a smell of c.m on it. Jessica wanted Andrew's c..k for breakfast and Andrew stood in front of Sarah and pulled down his PJ bottoms and boxers. Sarah gave Andrew a morning Blow job and Andrew gropes Sarah's stunning tits. Andrew went for more breakfast by licking Sarah's ass and fingering her p....y, Sarah moaned very loud. After Breakfast, Sarah and Andrew went to the pool and relax in the cabana fo... Continue»
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Slutty Sarah is back

Well guys, slutty Sarah is back. We met up last week and after a meal, I took her back to my place. Throughout the meal, she kept telling me she had something she wanted to tell me later.

Eventually she got around to it. She said “You know Julia got married a couple of days ago, well, he night before she had a party in some big hall. There were about 20 of us there, all girls. I didn’t know beforehand, but some of the girls had arranged for male strippers to show up and strip for us.

Well, it was the first time I’d seen male strippers. Seriously, there bodies were amazing. There were fo... Continue»
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Stuffed like a turkey

I was traveling back to work the day after Thanksgiving and ended up with an unexpected layover in Philadelphia. Since I was going to be there for 24hours I figured Id make the most of it and jumped on A4A to see if anyone was around. After 2 or 3 unsuccessful hits I finally got a bite. He was a few years older then me but in great shape and with an amazing looking cock between his legs! We chatted for a few and when he didn’t take the hint I finally came out and said I was horny as hell and would he please come t my hotel and fuck me silly. That’s when he said he would love to but he did... Continue»
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My Ex, My Cousin's Ex, & My Ex's b*o

This is my first of many short stories. They are not going to be very detailed but they are all 100% true. My first story is going to be about my first girlfriend Theresa who I dated for a little under a year. Theresa was 5'4", long brown hair, beautiful eyes, great smile, and some nice fat titties to boot. She was my first fuck and I was her 10th or so, so I had always suspected she was a bit of a slut but I didn't care, it was pussy and it was fun. One time we were at a party and we were both d***k off our asses and this one girl I made out with one time was there just letting dudes take her... Continue»
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Ally's Club 4 - The Twins FMF, adding color,

Ally's Club
The qualifications are very stringent:
Disease Free
In good overall health, weight below 200 lbs. unless over 6 feet, then the limit is 230 lbs.
You want to be more sexually active and are open to explorations beyond traditional sex.
Have a net worth in excess of $1 million.
No current relationship ties.
Can keep secrets.
All sexual activity is limited to members of the club, no outside sex

The Twins are actually s****rs, April and June, two years apart, who really look like twins, mid 30's, 5 ft. 8, 140 lbs. ish, dishwater blondes, C cup breasts.
April meets ... Continue»
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Moni trained part 2

The following day after our little episode with Lamont and the guys Marc and I went for lunch from our hotel. All was OK but the black waitress was eying me giving me some dirty looks. I had no idea why. She came to give us the bill and said you the bitch Lamont fucked last night aren't you.
I looked at her in surprise and looked around and saw him sitting in the far corner and waved at us.
He got up and came over and sat next to us. I see you met my girl here he said. She is a little upset at me so to I gotta buy her stuff to get her on my good side again. But you see I gots no money so ... Continue»
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Jumping the Fence - Chapters 5 to 7

Chapter Five - New Horizons

It must have been about the turn of the millennium - certainly when the internet and mobile phones were well entrenched in everyday life that a new horizon opened quite unexpectedly for me. I was now nearing my mid fifties, I recall, and hadn’t stopped my enjoyable modus operandi. Sex whenever I wanted it with whoever I chose - male or female - but had toned things down a little to maybe three or four sessions a week. I had a busy social life outside of my sexual one and also had developed other interests that occupied my time. However, sex was still a most im... Continue»
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Gender bent – Ch 9 – Lack of free will

Gender bent – Ch 9 – Lack of free will

“Nikki, he Nikki?, Wake up” I heard a voice as I opened my eyes. “What happened?” I muttered as all I could remember was being dolled up like a bimbo slut encased in pink latex looking like a flat chested girl with a bubble butt with a ton of fake tats on me. “The process finished” J said as Kandi stood right next to him. “Wow did It work?” Kandi said. “Did what work?” I replied. J looked at Kandi and then pressed a button on the watch and said “Looks like it, but let’s test, Nikki standup” I stood in a instant is if my legs had moved on their own. “Wh... Continue»
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