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My new address part 2!

Kevin and I were laying there when Jack called out hey can I get my turn! Kevin said just give us a couple minutes yet! Kevin said Jenn you really are amazing and I want to see you again. I said Kevin leave me a note on the table with a safe number where you can be reached at. I said I will call you. He gave me another hug and a kiss and left! In a couple of minutes Jack came in and leaned over and started licking my nipples. I started stroking that huge cock of his while he came up and kissed me. He laid on top of me and guided his cook into me ! Wow he was big! He started pumping pretty hard... Continue»
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Truth or dare?

Truth or dare

I had been travelling alone for quite some time, so when I was in the south of France it came as nice surprise to find some people who were also venturing around the world on their lonesome. There was me, white athletic male. Dan, a skinny white lad with brown hair down to his shoulders from the states. Fran, a petite black girl with short jet black hair from Spain who spoke surprisingly good English for a Spaniard and Kim, an Australian blonde bombshell with bright blue eyes. We hung around together for a few nights, exploring, drinking and just general tom foolery. Every nig... Continue»
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Verna sopruga i majka

Bidejki soprugot bese so obvrski od rabota se dogovorivme da odime jas i kerkami sami pa ako se oslobodi vo megu vreme ke ni se prikluci ili podocna ke odime site zaedno.Resivme da ne odime daleku vo slucaj Toni da treba da dojde pa taka otidovme vo Ohrid.Se smestivme vo eden stan na nekoi prijateli na Toni od rabota.Koga stignavme Kerka mi gi frli torbite i odma izleze da se vidi so d**garkite koi 'slucajno' bas toj period bea tuka.Jas ostanav pa prvo sto napraviv si svariv kafe i pocnav da raspakuvam i sreduvam garderobata.Maja skoro i da ne se vrtese doma,odsabajle na plaza,a navecer po kaf... Continue»
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A Hot Evening Pt 4

As the three of us padded back into the bedroom, naked and clean from our quick shower, the women one on either side of me, I put an arm around their shoulders and hugged them to me. Both were short ladies and their heads barely reached my armpits. Liv to my right was in her late 40's or early 50's, had short cropped, straight brown hair tinged with a little grey and a very slender body. In fact her breasts were all but non-existent, being two tiny bumps of flesh, but they were tipped with long, thick dark nipples that stood defiantly from her chest. Her waif like figure was rounded out by sl... Continue»
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50 Percent Share Of Two s****rs

Let me introduce myself first, my name is something else but people call me Nishu, it was a pet name for me but when whole city inherited it I was known as this name only and people actually forgot my real name. Anyways coming back to the story, I was a tough teacher and my students were very fond of me, girls usually tried to flirt with me but I wasn’t interested in anyone of them.

Until one day a receptionist got introduced to my branch. Her name was Bhama Chouhan and she was hell beautiful, around 5 feet few inches, thick
... Continue»
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Working Wife Trapped And Humiliated

Let me introduced first I am Amruta 32 years working wife with loving husband and blessed with a baby boy. I have maintained myself well with a fig of 36-28-35 and glowing fair skin, many people try to hit on me but till now I haven’t given any chance as being a chaste woman. I work in private company and my husband owns a business. Now I shall tell some incident happened with me a few months back.

The story begins with my company. I always wanted to be independent so I was working in private company. Some people used to fli
... Continue»
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cd gangbanged

I was just out to show off, and have a good time wearing a short skirt and high heels at the local TV club.

Tonight, though, I went a little farther than usual. I had bought some new things, and I was dying to show them off.

I wore my latex rubber corset: pitch black, very tight, and very heavily boned from top to bottom. It was smooth enough not to show under dresses, and tight enough to make me look like I had natural breasts, even let them jiggle a little. The corset held up some sheer black seamed stockings with little sparkly rhinestones woven in.

The centerpiece of my outfit was... Continue»
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Train Slut

It had been a long hard week but Friday had finally arrived. Myself and 5 friends had arranged to go to the pub and have a few drinks. It seemed we'd all had a hell of a week and consequently the plan was to go to the local, sit, chat, drink and then go home. There would be no carrying on into town and there would be no arriving home in the early hours of the morning.

We gathered at a table big enough to accommodate all six of us and the booze and chat flowed freely. We were happily merry and well over two hours into the night when a girl approached our table. She was a similar age to us, ... Continue»
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it came to fruition..

for a while now i have been asking my wife to go black and she keeps stalling on it, when she has a tipple she says yes but the next day its no i'm to shy. as the weeks and months went by i kept bringing it up whilst making love to her and she likes the thought of it but its the reality she's scared of. i always come on Xhamster and look at the videos so one day i came clean and told her that i watched interracial porn on here, so she said show me some of the videos, i clicked on my favorites and she was blown away by the size of some of the black cocks, she said that would hurt then smiled.
... Continue»
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A Hot Evening

I found myself with my cock softening in Liv's hand watching my jism slide and run across Stella's lovely, rounded Asian skin, making its way across her belly, her mons, slit and arsehole as she lay with her legs splayed on the floor in front of me. Liv, my lover and Stella's neighbour, had just wanked me off to a rapid climax over her latest conquest. Liv looked up at me with a grin and said, “Now then, time for you to regain your strength.”

What a woman! Firstly she eased me back onto the sofa, then handed me my drink and then kissed me lightly on the mouth. “You just need a minute or two... Continue»
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A Hot Evening Pt.2

My cock was now in a painful state of hardness. The whole shaft of skin was taught as I felt more and more notches of erectness swell me. My circumcised helmet was so fat and tight that the flesh itself shone in the light from the lampshades. My balls had tightened in my sac to a solid dense mass, slick with my sweat. Once again I felt juice ooze from my cock slit and slither down my shaft as it twitched and pulsed. The meat of it was an angry dark colour as it strained within its fleshy case. “I need...I need to..I..I,” my voice sounded from me. “And Stella needs it too,” said Liv at once as ... Continue»
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Fun In Englewood

For most of our marriage, my sexy wife, Hazel, and I had been involved in the MFM threesome side of the swing scene, entertaining over twenty different single men. This amazing part of our sex life continued until my wife hit seventy and I was diagnosed with emphysema then it came to a sudden halt. My wife lost all confidence in her sexiness and my condition meant I couldn't perform as well as I used to. Our personal sex life was still good but I missed seeing her having sex with other men but she was convinced that she was too old for other men to fancy her.
Last year thou... Continue»
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Doing it d***k

I made a d***ken mistake
but it was fun.

We had all been out for the day with my cousin in laws from my s****rs side f****y which is unusual as we don't really see them much, due to past f****y problems.
Jo is a very shy but very beautiful woman with 2k**s and her partner, who to be honest seemed more interested in himself and his phone than he did his f****y. Every Time his phone went off he would take his little walk then come back after he finished which he done every cpl of minuets. I had noticed it had got on her nerves so decided to ask who kept phoning him, she said it was work ap... Continue»
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knee pads

hello, can i help you find anything miss? the cute guy at the sporting goods store asked me as i walked down the aisle. oh, hi, yes, i'm looking for a pair of knee pads can you tell me where they are please? sure, follow me, we have several types, do you play volleyball? me? oh no. basketball? no, no. gymnastics, you look like a gymnast. i do? i asked him and giggled, no, i'm not a gymnast, then i remembered all the fun positions i've been in while having sex and smiled to myself. well, there are many types of knee pads for various sports, it'd help to know what you need them for when making a... Continue»
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wifes d***k night out

Hey guys this is another confession from my wife. This happened when my wife went out with her best mate for her 30th. My wife is a slim 5'6'' blonde blonde hair with 32a boobs, her best mate is 5'2 long light blonde hair with 34c boobs she is also married.

My wifes mate lives 100 miles away so she drove to her mates to get ready at lyn's (her mates house) where both ladies got ready before going into town to meet her other mates. They decided to have a thyme for there night out so due to lyn turning 30 or as she called it dirty thirty the thyme should be sluts. So my wife was going to wea... Continue»
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The Coed Turned Bad

Karen was on top of the world she had just got off the plane in Miami. The morning hot sun beating down on her as she walked across the tarmac. After picking up her bags she went to the car rental company and picked up the rental car. Using the GPS in the car she found the Motel where she was renting a room to stay until she got a place of her own and a job. Her Mom had rented her a very nice place right on the ocean. At just eighteen Karen had received a full scholarship to Miami University. Which was the only way she would have ever went to any college. Her parents were divorced and she live... Continue»
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3rd Time Dogging - The Best Yet !!

Hubby and me had been dogging twice before, the first time was with me in stockings and sitting in the front with the window closed and men looking at me and wanking. The second time was with me sat in the back of the car with the window down and about half a dozen men touching me.
So onto the third time, im dressed in a pair of dark tan suspender tights, ankle bracelet and not a lot else lol. We drove to the spot where we had been before and I then took off my coat and got into the back of the car. After a few minutes a few of the men that were walking up and down spotted me in the back and ... Continue»
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Twin Marcus strikes back for more

Twin Marcus strikes back for more

Two days after the good sex session with the twins Clifton and Marcus, my loving husband was still out of town.
In the afternoon Marcus called me, telling he was extremely horny and wishing to take me again…

I said him he could come for me that same night…
Marcus took me to the same cheap motel we had fucked the first time.
He was alone, but he told me his twin Clifton was arranging a meeting with some of their black mates… and I would be the cherry on that cake…

Marcus dropped me onto the bed and made me spread my legs for him.
Then he fucked me ... Continue»
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Bisexual Cosplay gets serious

BiwayJimmy Vs. SummerSultry & Shesally
SummerSultry was sitting alone in her bed thinking of the next movie she was going to make. Should it be with a guy, or a girl? Should I talk nasty or just moan? What would please my audience? She was wearing a sexy little teddy and had just taken some pictures and posted them online. She was excited posting her sexy pictures and thinking about her next video. Her pussy was wet and she just started to rub her fingers on her creamy pussy lips when there was a knock on the door.
“No!, why now!?!”
She went to the door still in her teddy, “Who is it?”... Continue»
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Eve bieng a total slut

Driving the car down the country road Eve was enjoying the sunny summer weather as she relaxed making her way home from the business meeting in London. She loved her f****y life in the beautiful north east of the country but being a well paid manager of a major food store saw her often called to the capital to attend meetings. Sometimes she would rush home on the motorway to see her husband Steve and their three c***dren but if the meeting finished early enough she would often take the opportunity to take the back roads so she could enjoy the more picturesque rural routes. Today the meeting... Continue»
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