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How I became his slut in front of my husband that

Continue from previous story by my husband

After seeing such magnificent cock of NS I couldn’t control myself. I was very excited that I will be used by this 8inch large cock tonight. NS had already fucked my throat just after coming to our house. I was lying upside down and he was under my throat. My husband and NS was touching bulge on my throat. I want to enjoy that to the maximum that night so I don’t want NS to cum in my throat (though I loved him to do that but after fucking my body)

I signaled NS to stop and he does. HE taken out his cock from my throat and I could feel how used... Continue»
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Batehole One 8 Marine Orgy

Batehole Story No. 1

8 Marine Orgy

By Buck Jones

No matter what video you are watching or what toy you are playing with, it is your imagination that takes you down into the batehole and to the finale with your sperm shooting out in all its glory. Or your insides ripped to shreds by that new and usually larger instrument of inserted pleasure. The road to the point of satisfaction can be a long one or one that develops quickly and leads to an almost instantaneous gratification. And the attack of desire to masturbate can overcome a person in any location at any time.

Like last night ... Continue»
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The Twos Resort

My wife Ellen and I, both in our sixties, had made a reservation at the The Twos Resort. This was a resort for couples only with no k**s allowed. The drive up had been long but with nice scenery and the resort was about 5 Km off the main road. It was located on a beautiful Lake with lots of activities available such as canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, tennis, and lots of walking trails in the woods. The rooms were beautiful and as we had a ground floor one we had a hot tub outside on the patio, but also a large Jacuzzi in the room itself. There was a fire place and a huge king sized bed an... Continue»
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Sirs and their boy toy

We caught our breath, resupplied with favors, grabbed our gear and moved into the bed room. Chris came up to me and whispered, ‘you’re so sexy, a lot of fun, and we want to have some more wild play.” ‘FUCK YEAH,” I nodded, and he went on to say “we want you to be the sub-boy for this part, and you will respect your Masters!” I lowered my eyes and nodded, “Yes, Sir!” “We’re going to cam this on Xhamster” Chris gently caressed my face and traced my lips with his fingers. Then he dropped his hand to my pecs and slapped me across my nipples. I didn’t make a sound, and he nodded, “yeah pig b... Continue»
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Wife Swinging UK

Hi Guys, My name is James (name changed), this is a true story of my beautiful sexual life that took place one year back and from there onwards I never had to look back. First I would introduce my wife Sarah (Name Changed), She’s 5,7 inches tall, fair & silky blonde hair, juicy pink lips. she’s got a figure of 34-27-35. She’s very stylish, Off course she had to be, well she’s a fashion designer.

We had a love marriage. Sarah & I met at one of our friend’s parties during our first year of college days. She had many guys falling for her. But she had to choose me because of my lean athletic bo... Continue»
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Heading over to Steves (part II-A)

I spent the next three days working out extra hard. And laying out my 5 favorite spandex pieces. I knew I was taking my N2N white bikini with cut out parts covered by mesh. They don’t make it anymore so I take good care of it. I have a lt blue cocksox bikini that is see thru when wet, A muscleskins torpedo with 1/2” inch sides in yellow and black , and a orange Jose Snyder bikini with easy off clips at the hip that I will likely bring…so what is the last piece.

As I was showering and shaving for the fashion show, I remembered that I had a white singlet that was really small on me. I ... Continue»
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Executive treatment.

She was a college student working as a chauffeur for an Advertising exec in the big city.

Lightly tanned, blonde, Sandra Dee in the 60's fresh looks w/ a hairstyle to match. Perky smile, tits, and ass as well. All of which looked smart in her driver's uniform: formal looking cap, silky-smooth white blouse and slacks stretched thin over her supple curves.

Her charge was a middle-aged 50-something w/ a trim, athletic build. Salt `n pepper hair, stylish pinstriped suits. Not the President of his firm, but moving in that direction. He was courteous and friendly w/ her; occasionally flirty bu... Continue»
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The Desert Part IV

Rob, the manager, came over and told me that one of the hotel guests brought some new friends over after the bar, and that most were hot and were some wherein the play maze. He warned me to keep my door locked, and to play with strangers in public. Good advice.
When I got to the room, Jessie and Dan were kissing on the bed and there were 10 or so guys looking into the room from the back – which opened onto the maze. We started changing our clothes to venture into the maze. Dan had a PVC bikini in red with black trim, that he stuffed me into (boy was it tight), then my chrome arm bands, ... Continue»
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Our encounter with submissive female.

It all began when I was searching the internet for a female playmate, usually it was easy to find a man online to persuade to have sex with, but a female is a totally different breed. Being accustomed to the lifestyle of swinging and experience as a dominatrix I’ve learned what I’m comfortable with (sexually) and what I liked that turned me on. My bisexual experiences with men and women created earlier in my life shaped the sexual creature I am today. Having a high sex drive compiled with risky behaviors practiced made me a little reckless at times, but I liked the danger and thrill of meetin... Continue»
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Park service at the farm

Next day I packed up my things and returned to my regular lodging place, my wife still in London (got story from that --later)

As things turned out I did not need to be at the farm until Saturday morning.
Still I knew Deb had something up and I had emptied everything Thursday night, good thing I am healthy.

It was to be a weekend demonstration of early 20th century farming techniques for the tourists.

I arrived early Saturday morning (after a 2 hour mountain road drive). I had already been up since 4:30 and in the summer early daylight I could get oriented. The farm is well maintain... Continue»
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Story about how we were gangbanged!

It happened few months ago. My wife and I were on the birthday party of our friend. We were in one bar, there were a lot of beer and whisky. There were 3 girls in our company. My wife and two more girls. There were a lot of people in bar. We were dancing and drinking whisky and then dancing again… Time passed wery quickly and some of our friends left including these two girls,so my wife was one girl among 6 men. Also there were some other guy's in the bar. In the middle of the night I went to toilet and when I came back I saw that one guy is standing near my wife and trying to kiss her… h... Continue»
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My Wife Gets Trained

Looking back now, I think I realized as we stood outside the door to the hotel room that it was my last chance to change the course of events. If I did, it was a fleeting thought - and one I had no intention of following up on. The door loomed large - and to this day it seems a perfect metaphor for our lives before and after. Even as my hand was reaching out to knock on the door, I couldn't believe I was going to hand my wife over to the two young studs for what the three of them were laughingly calling "sex training."

I looked over to my wife, scarcely believing that the woman beside me, m... Continue»
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The friends

Jennifer, Jeff and Jessica were friends. Well, when it came to Jennifer and Jessica they had spent a few summer weeks in college making their lives hotter than the mid day sun. In that even though they'd both been dating high school sweethearts they were bi and would spend their friday nights drinking each other's pussy juices. They kissed and a cute girl or two in high school but both only chased after guys because how they felt their families would react to knowing the truth. In college Jennifer first me Jeff on the porn site xgerbil, where they shared the same interest in petite blondes in ... Continue»
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Two Couples

It was Friday night; it was dark out but still early, I had a few bottles out on the large glass dining room table that we had all been drinking, a playlist of R&B jams laced with some of our favorite rap songs going but the room was dead boring despite the fact that there two Tops; Dorian (Myself) I’m Average in height, dark brown skin, and a little on the short side, my friend Eddy; is a tall guy, muscular build with light brown skin, and two Bottoms; one was my boyfriend Nathan; average height, skinny guy with light mocha skin with a nice fat ass and the other was Eddy’s Boyfriend Calvin wh... Continue»
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Our first Threesome adventure - Wife took deeptroa

There is a slut in every girl and luckily I get it out with my wife ( how I done this is different story)
Luckily also I have a c***dhood friend who is very nice with 8 inch cock ( not circular cock but wide one)
Once my friend suggested me that he is interested in my wife and that line stuck in my mind so after 3-4 years, I decided to have threesome
Currently he (Mr NS) is working guy with a wife in different city and I convinced him too to have fun with my wife he agreed. In this process I have convinved my wife and friend for this and it was lengthy process and require strategy and pati... Continue»
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For a number of years my wife Diane and I have been running a special swingers club
Diane is a mature blonde big tits nice firm arse and gorgeous long legs
She always wears very sexy panty's and bra suspender belts stockings etc
The club has various sections dealing with horny themes
The main one is the anal section


I introduced Diane to anal sex on our wedding night

We were staying the night in her s****r Mary's house after a quiet registry office ceremony
with Mary and her husband Paul as witnesses.
Diane wore a very tight white transparent dress with red satin lacy... Continue»
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Hot at the sunny Maspalomas beach

So, it was again time for a trip to the hedonist area at Maspalomas beach. Winter in Europe, but hot as hell in the dunes.

I got up early to shower. Trim my pubics down to clean cut. My dick grow as I was using the razor on my balls. They were full of load. Ready for another day.

The sun were working on my tan. Deep bronze all over body. No strings to be seen. No pale moon areas.
Perfect for getin' closer to the mid age women taking the tan in Maspalomas dunes.

I packed my light bag and went on. Heading for the dunes. I know so well where to cross. Into a land of hedonists. Women dy... Continue»
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Key Party

"We've been invited to a party," my wife Kristy said gleefully as she walked in the door. "Carla at work is having a couple's cocktail party." Kristy was a bit overweight, but well proportioned with a really cute face. Her weight, though, supplied her with really large breasts, which I enjoyed. Plus she had a bubbly personality so she made friends easily. I wasn't surprised that she had received an invitation.

"Okay," I responded. I didn't like parties, I always felt uncomfortable with the small-talk with people I didn't know well.

Apparently my lack of enthusiasm was given away by... Continue»
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ALL IN {part 7} - Adventures of Seamus and Annie.

ALL IN {part 7}
Adventures of Seamus and Annie.

After Billy's manhood had deflated considerably, he finally let his cock fall free from the wet grip of Annie's perfect little pussy. He gave her one final deep kiss that made Annie moan.

I asked Annie how it felt to have that huge cock all the way inside her.

She rolled her head toward me, smiled like she was high and said, "Best pain I ever felt".

I could see the cum dripping from he... Continue»
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So much more than a set up

So I'm sat at work thinking about a the evening ahead, my friends have invited me over for a few drinks to take my mind off being newly single, and to meet their friend who according to them I'll get on really well with, yes it's a set up but I think what the hell,I've got nothing to lose

So I go home, shower & start getting ready, smart clothes but not too much, same goes with make up, I don't want to scare him off! Just then my door bell rings, it's Martin, thought you might want a lift? He's so cute & always has a naughty boy grin, Vicky is a lucky girl, I say I'll be 2 min, come in, so ... Continue»
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