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Birthday Blowjob for Boyfriends Buddy

A few weeks ago me and my boyfriend and I were invited to a 50th birthday party for our neighbor at one of his friends house after we got there Tom was hitting the bar hard and I had few drinks myself, after a bit me and Jerry got to talking and flirting with each other while Tom was off doing his thing.

The talking and flirting got more heated as we sat alone on the front porch and had downed a few more drinks to the point that I asked Jerry what I could give him for his birthday that he had never had before, He looked at me real serious and said I've never had a blowjob from you so how ab... Continue»
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Gang Bang

Tina stood before the mirror and admired her reflection. What she saw was a sensual, sexy woman. Her dark hair framed her face. Gold dangling earrings added sparkling highlights and directed one's attention downward to her incredible breasts.

Her tits were soft hemispheres of erotic perfection, sized like very large g****fruits. A lacy black half bra served to present each breast both visually and erotically. The bra lifted and compressed her breasts forming a deep cleavage and forcing her nipples to thrust proudly upwards and forward. The presentation was such that sexual lust and desire w... Continue»
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First Threesome

Three months ago, I thought my wife was the prim and proper sort....then three weeks ago we had our first threesome. WOW.

I won't bore you with the how and why we came to book a hotel room, suffice to say we had been getting really hot at the thought of a MMF.

Then one night on a Swingers website, we were shagging on webcam. There were probably a couple of dozen forum users watching us, and afterward one guy was very eager to join us. Complimenting my wife and asking if he could join us. We had a look at his profile and his photos and I asked her if he was a contender for a threesome,
... Continue»
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Hotwife Orgy

I’m a shy, introvert, smaller-than-average endowed husband with a beautiful, extrovert, larger-than-average busted wife. We had fantasized for years about bringing other people into our sex life before we actually took the plunge. We decided that we would attend a swingers club in a neighboring town that a friend of Shelley’s had told her about.

When we arrived at the club, the host introduced himself as Leo, a Latin looking guy wearing shorts and a muscle shirt. Leo immediately ignored me and, grabbing Cynthia by the arm, gave her the grand tour of the premises while I followed along behin... Continue»
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Hotwife Orgy part 2

“Pay attention, Cuck” surfer man snapped. “Every cocksman here has at least 8 inches and every cocksman here will be fucking your wife. I was speechless. She would never go for that. “Oh, and one more thing, we’ll be pounding every hole.” No way, I thought, Shelley has never let me touch her anally, there was no way that she would allow complete strangers to fuck her in the ass…would she?

All the studs paraded by shaking their huge manly cocks and making derogatory comments. Finally the last guy walked up to me and I shook my head in amazement! It was James Bell, a guy I hung around with wh... Continue»
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Hotwife Orgy part 3

Mistress went around the circle and grabbed each of us by the penis and pulled at our balls. “You will continue to masturbate each other” she said, “I will tell you when you can stop.” My little head was sore as my jerk partner began pulling again. Having lost my passion, my brain took over and I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. What was happening? Real men, real husbands don’t let their wives have sex with other men, I thought. What if my friends found out? What about my f****y? No one would understand. Suddenly I thought about Jim. Would he tell anyone that he fucked my wife whil... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 8

Between the hot sun and the morning’s activities, we were all fairly exhausted and we slept for almost 3 hours. When I roused, I looked over at Ginger. She was still sound asl**p with a big smile on her face. I wondered if she was dreaming about what happened earlier in the day or what might happen tonight.
Then I started to wonder to myself what our plans were for tonight. All I knew was Bill was taking us to a couple of bars and other than that, I had no idea. With my background, I was used to hitting the bars, but Ginger wasn’t much of a drinker, mostly because it affects her so qui... Continue»
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The b*****r

My b*****r was obsessed with big tits. He loved them the bigger the better. In school and college he always dated the girls with the huge jugs. Then he met Maria. She was a young dark haired beauty. She also had the biggest set of natural tits he had ever had the pleasure to see. He spent all the time he could with her and soon they got married.

After the marriage he began dressing her in the sexiest clothes he could find to show off her big natural tits. He would buy her t-shirts and sweaters way too small that were skin tight and showed her curves. He also dressed her in very low cut top... Continue»
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The Party

Tom was getting married and his rowdy friends were giving him a bachelor party. They took him to the bar they had rented for the night and blindfolded him and bound his arms. Then they stripped him down to his boxer shorts that they had made him wear that had lip prints all over them. They gave him four shots of tequila and he then felt huge tits rub his face. They had hired Ellen for the night to be the gift for Tom. She had huge GG tits with a big round ass. She also had no morals and she was perfect for the party. Ellen was topless with just a little red heart covering her pussy. Ellen rubb... Continue»
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My girlfriend Sue with my old friend

Be warned, my stories tend to be long "this one is the longest one to date im not even sure if i could post the whole thing in one piece" and very detailed "with a lot of focus on dialog" but I will do my best to keep it as short as I can.

Some background information, which you could skip if you have read my other stories:

For those who haven’t read my previous stories.
I'm a sub/bi bottom, who wanted to experience being dominated by a woman.
Me and my girlfriend Sue started experimenting in bed which led to my female roommate to join us and she later become my mistress while teac... Continue»
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The Interview Part II

I stayed on my knees, the three guys who were interviewing me stood around me in a circle. Looking down at me with dirty, satisfied looks on their faces, their cocks still semi erect. I spoke up in a pitiful voice, "Sam is my interview done?" They all chuckled for a bit before Sam replied.

"We have to talk about that Jessica." He glanced at the other guys, "Well I have to take a serious piss, you guys want to talk about Jessica and her interview; follow me. And Jessica, you stay right there! Don't move and don't get dressed." The three went off to the men's room, by this time everyone else,... Continue»
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CUM lover for real

well it starts about a year ago.hidden somewhere inside me I discovered my submissive nature when it comes to my sexuality.OH MY GOD! now Kurt really got into this but he WAS a mild dominant.well it seems things were not as nasty as we wanted them to day he told me he was gonna take a very dominant role and really slut me out.I was both nervous and excited.then it happened.about 2am one morning he called to tell me he was bringing a co-worker home.I thought he was joking.he was not.he ordered me to dress half naked in front of the guy.I was hesitant at first but his tone was different... Continue»
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Disgraced wife.

While we are on holidays Linda likes to parade around the pool, enjoying the lingering looks from any whose heads gently motion as she crosses their gaze. We hadn't been able to book till late so we were at in a new resort for us.

The pool area turned out to have a nice long walk around. In the morning sun after breakfast Linda had noticed a few lingering looks. We had headed back to our appartment for some Lunch and could see down over the pool area, it was filling up with more and more people. Linda said she shoudl really change for the afternoon. She would follow me down to where we had ... Continue»
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Saucy train trip

I found myself with an extra day off from the daily grind and decided to treat myself to a days shopping away from my normal haunts,so I booked a train ticket from Trent Vale station Stoke to Manchester.Boarding the train with magazine in hand I sat back and enjoyed the thought of a free day to do whatever I want.The journey to Manchester went smoothly apart from the usual looks from guys trying to get a peek up my skirt while I read my mag,boys will be boys so nothing unusual in that, in fact its quite flattering that they want to look,between you and me I get a kick from watching them, does ... Continue»
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Let me tell you a secret...

I won't hold you long, just long enough to tell my secret. As I have told you, I went to college in a small Southern town. I would travel miles on the weekend to get to the larger cities and engage in sexual promiscuity.

It was much latter that I found out most of my fellow classmates were either closet gays or bi-males. Most of the times I found out by them approaching me, it seems that word circulated quickly around that I enjoyed a good meat sausage. What was a good kept secrete was what I am about to divulge.

From high school till now, I have always had the same weakness, it matte... Continue»
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Summer of 86 pt1.

I was 18 & spending the summer with a friend house sitting his parent house and property in Topanga canyon. Back then Topanga use to throw a weekend long event called Topanga Days. Live music, local artist selling their goods, lots of beer and and you could smell kush in the air.

Well its Saturday the second day of the event, as we were leaving I had noticed a woman with a small rhesus monkey on her shoulder, I’d seen her throughout the day already, I now decided to go talk to her. She was attractive in my book. 5’4” curvy slight bubble butt medium sized breasts.
We get to chatting and ar... Continue»
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finally she gets what she deserves

being knocked up by someone else but marrying an old friend is what I paid for over thirty years. you see, my wife has always passed herself off as a "snow white" person that was knocked up when she was s*******n by a twenty one year old boy friend that got her d***k, then fucked her before she knew what happened. well, when she realized she was pregnant she went to him to no avail. having been after her ass ever since I met her which was about six years before she got into trouble,i decided to marry her, not only to help her avoid an embarrassment, but I wanted that piece of ass on a regular ... Continue»
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The Interview Part I

My name is Jessica, I am 25, a very attractive brunette; I would give myself a nine on a scale of 1 -10. I know my 34D boobs get me a lot of attention from men. I’m 5’8”, very nice figure as I love to work out, mostly jogging to tease the guys who watch my boobs bouncing as I jog by them.

I had to tell someone about how I got my job. I guess I feel more comfortable just sharing it with strangers since I know I could never tell any of my friends, except for one. They wouldn’t believe me or mainly not believe what I actually did.

I was really getting desperate for a new job, I just needed... Continue»
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My Wife Left Me Everything

I had married my wonderful wife five years ago. Last year she ran off due to stress, leaving me everything, and never returned. When I say she left me everything, she really did leave me everything. The house, clothes, money, and even our bank account. She also left me her teenage daughter who she had with her first husband.
I was never much of a father, but I say that's because I never had much of a daughter. With my job and her social life, I had barely gotten to see Katie, and in the time we were around each other, we barely spoke. It was always small sentences replied by one or ... Continue»
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I want to go

I want to go"
"are you sure, you're certain to be the only woman there... Could get 'interesting' fast"
She looked at me in the dim light, the low light of the dash silhouetting her, but her eyes seemed to shine out, like coals smouldering in the heart of the fire, sending heat to my lions.
She silently took my hand, locking her eyes to mine, her intensity mesmerising me. Slowly she drew my hand to her bare thigh, and guided me up and under her loose skirt.
I felt her heat immediately and within the space of a heart beat I could feel moisture before finally she wrenched my hand the last f... Continue»
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