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The Interview Part III (The End)

I was still in a bit of daze from my multiple orgasms as Dave and Thomas helped me off of Sam's cock. I stood there dripping in sex sweat looking at Sam, his very wet cock and the smile on his face. He held his cock at the base of his shaft, "Fuck Jessica that was the best interview I ever had." He looked at the other guys. "You guys are really going to enjoy interviewing Jessica." He then looked at me, wagging his semi erect cock at me, "But first I think you need to do a little clean up.”

I knew what he wanted and without hesitation, I bent over, grabbed his cock and slid it into my mouth... Continue»
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Teasing the Gardener

Over the past few weeks we have been having some work undertaken on both our front and back gardens. The weather has been good and it has given us the opportunity for Mrs V to give the gardeners more than they bargained for.

It all started by accident. Mrs V always walks around the house naked before she gets dressed for work. She was sat naked in the kitchen one morning having a cup of tea when two men appeared in the back garden. They were the gardeners we had booked to undertaken a complete renovation on our overgrown garden. Mrs V walked to the patio doors and stood there totally naked ... Continue»
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The Very First Time...continued

Daniel said '...Bruce let him go, let him go Charlie. I'm in his ass now he can't go no where with me...' They let me go and Daniel begin to slowly;y pull back and push forward a little at a time. Sinking more and more of his enormously huge penile shaft and head deeper into my rectum. Bruce dropped my hands and scurried up to my face and tried to place his penis into my mouth. I twisted my head from side to side until Daniel leaned forward and pressed more determinedly into me and took hold of my head and said '...go on suck that dick, it'll take your mind off of what I'm doing...'

Hopel... Continue»
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My wifes first black- True Story

This is an absolutely 100% true story of my wife's first time with BBC. All names have been changes to protect the naughty.

My wife Kim and I have been together since 1997. We were young when we first got together. We are now in our early 30's. We have always had an amazing sex life and being human, we knew we were both attracted to other people. So we decided to spice things up back in the early 2000's. We had some mfm and mfmf experiences and they were fun. So we obviously had experience. I always fantasized about my wife being with other men, even after we did it. It was very much a turn... Continue»
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A while back I was attending a convention in one of the best convention cities in America, San Antonio. Now, say what you want about the Alamo City, but I love good ‘ol San Antone is one of my favorite places. It’s mixture of Latino culture and military bases has made San Antonio a nice melting pot for Texas. In the past 15 years the city has ballooned and is bursting on all sides. The gay life here is hit and miss as far as I’m concerned; probably due to the born again ravings of a local wanna be Tele-Evangelical jerk.
That being said, I still love to come here and whenever a conventio... Continue»
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The Very First Time...

The story started some time ago, while I was in high school, it was a dreary day that I decided to cut class and go into the woods behind the track field. I heard people running behind me and move aside as Charlie, Daniel and Bruce came charging through. The three of them are our version of local bullies.

Word was that the three of them had spent time in prison and was very violent, no one wanted to be around them long. As they charged past Bruce looked back over his shoulder and called out to me saying ' coach Smiley and the school cops are heading this way. Follow us if you don't ... Continue»
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The Gang Bang

“Where is this?” Lisa said as Dave pulled into the small parking area.
It’s where I used to play as a boy,” he said switching off the engine. “My mates and I were over here all the time.”
“All boys together, eh?” she laughed. “I think we know what you were playing. Or at least what you were playing with!”
“I won’t deny there were a lot of tired arms when we were thirteen.”
She laughed.
“Did you ever do it for your friends? Or them for you?”
“Of course,” he said with a smirk. “Are you going to tell me you never helped one of your girlfriends out?”
“It’s different for girls,” Lisa sai... Continue»
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Ellen The Embezzler 2

-- Ellen the Embezzler 2 --

[To date: My somewhat promiscuous stepdaughter Ellen was never noted for her innocence or virtues, but I'd never thought her a thief either. That is, until her boss Harold caught her embezzling office funds from his real estate business.

Basically a nice guy, and since he and I had been friends for years, he made Ellen an offer she couldn't refuse. He wouldn't bring criminal charges against her, she could even keep her job .. if she agreed to give him sexual favors on demand, in effect to become his sex toy. Humiliated at being caught, terrified of criminal... Continue»
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Ellen The Embezzler 1

-- Ellen the Embezzler 1 --

It was late in the day as I visited the real estate office where my stepdaughter Ellen worked. The owner, Howard, was an old friend; we went way way back, all the way to our school days. He'd been kind enough to hire Ellen as his bookkeeper after she'd not done well in several other job areas. She complained about the work and the lengthy hours, but so far as I was concerned, it was a decent job, Howard was looking out for her, and he reassured me she was doing all right at the work despite her complaints.

I saw her car still parked in back, along with Howa... Continue»
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Friends...and the Benefits With Them

I'd like to share an experience that was absolutely the most exciting thing of my entire life. This happened about 15 years ago and I still go crazy thinking about it.

My best friend, Andy and I have been friends since grade school. Andy married Jen, another friend from high school. Andy and Jen both worked in the city which is about 40 minutes from the town we lived in, so they got an apartment downtown together. Sometimes when we got together, if we went out in town and we got in late I would just stay there rather than drive home.

On this night the three of us went to dinner in town... Continue»
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So I let out my inner slut

My boyfriend Greg has been screwing around on me for over two years. When I caught him out fucking his secretary, he promised to stop. My girlfriend, Valerie, told me Greg was now screwing one of the waitresses at the golf club. Valerie is in charge of catering at the club and the slut waitress confided in her that Greg was fucking her. The waitress, Helen, didn't know that Valerie knew Greg's girlfriend. I confronted Greg and he started with the usual denials but when I told him how I knew he confessed and promised not to do it again. I let him believe I accepted his apology bu... Continue»
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Saturday Night

Saturday night at the store was fun. Daddy and his new girl friend came in, they looked around before finding me. Daddy introduced her as Diane, we shook hands and chatted about the store. I had Diane follow me to the office while daddy and his friend Frank talked about work. Diane asked me about my affairs with daddy. I told her how things started while him and mom were still a couple, then not full detail, but I did tell her things with us had progressed. Diane was shocked to hear how daddy and I went on with our sex lives together.

The alarm on the fire escape door began to ri... Continue»
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At the Festival

Here's what happened when we went to a music Festival

I've been seeing my girlfriend Kat for about 3 months. She is my age (early 40's) and is quite fit for her age. Short and slim, nice 32D boobs, straight black hair in a bob and a quite a round, pretty face. Kat is a single mother, her daughter Hannah has just turned 16 and is pretty much a younger version of her mum, but maybe a bit chubbier. She has a nice round ass and the same lovely firm round boobs.

Hannah is a bit of an emo, she always wears black skinny jeans and a tee shirt, and sometimes likes to wear little ves... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XVIII

Chapter XVIII – My Boy Loves me... and another boy (based on My Terrible Romance No. 1 Cover, NEC, March-April, 1994)

Randy was the best friend of my boyfriend Hiram. Best friends in the sense they were together, if not all the time, the most of it. They knew each other since c***dhood, even before I knew Hiram, and seemed to do most of everything together, from working to vacationing. I always noticed that closeness but I only saw that as demonstration of friendship. But one day, the awful truth came out...

To expl... Continue»
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Velvet's Present for OHGirl

Velvet was more than halfway through her first semester in college and she had been working with me as an e****t for the last 6 months. Her recent gangbang, while attending a fraternity party at school, had made the rounds on the internet, but it hadn’t deterred her ambition to get her education. The film had definitely boosted not only her client list, but mine also, as our foray into the mother and daughter sex duo had really taken off. When the video of her taking on 22 different guys went viral on all of the porn sites, we nearly tripled our business and with that came an increase in our r... Continue»
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At the club (part 2)

I hear the door click.
A shuffling of footsteps behind the sheet.
Jordan squeezes his cock and a final droplet of pearly cum drips onto my tongue.
He leans into me and his foreskin slides back as his cock enters my mouth.
His cock hard, pressing against the roof of my mouth.
My tongue licking him, I feel his cream oozing to the back of my throat.
swallowing, gulping his juice down as I suck him.
He withdraws from my mouth. Wipes his cock with the panties still bunched in his fist.
He reaches for the knot of the rope holding my hands above my head and my arms are released, still... Continue»
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Anna And The Secret Files 1

-- Anna And The Secret Files 1 --

My stepson Allan called me and asked for a priority favor. He needed me to go down to a business where he'd just done a service call. He'd left a folder on their system that was personal, that got copied over by mistake. He wanted me to pretend to be double-checking the server setup, but then just quietly delete that folder. And he emphasized the personal nature of the folder, to just delete it and make sure no one else saw it.

"You can't go down there and delete it yourself?" I asked. It seemed a little cumbersome to ask me to do this, although I d... Continue»
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yea I fucked that sexy bitch

For the last few weeks I had made several passes at
The cheerleader coach Mrs. Robinson. She was an above
Average type of middle age white lady, she had the type of body
That girls at the school workout hard for and they still
Couldn’t gain the type of build Mrs. Robinson has.
At 5’7, 135 with those apple sized tits Mrs. Robinson would make any man
Do a double take when she passed by in a pair of those
Tight workout shorts. The cheer squad had to close practice
To the regular student body because horny teen guys like
Myself would be trying to get a quick peek at Mrs. Robinson
Pussy... Continue»
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Jade’s New Experience

Jade was six months in the business, she had performed nearly as many titles and in almost three times as many scenes. In that time she made as much as she did working full time at her normal job. Jade was enjoying herself in the adult industry but she always thought back to her first shoot and how fun and exciting it was. A part of her really wanted to recapture that feeling.

Sitting down at her computer Jade logged into her e-mail to check her messages. She browsed through a few messages from friends, deletes some spam, and looks through some offers to perform in different adult films. M... Continue»
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Submitting as a slut for a frat

When I was 16, I was pretty inexperienced. I'd lost my virginity at 13 but it had been so painful that I didn't try anything again until I was 15 and then it was only a one night stand. It was a week after my 16th birthday that I met Patrick. He was 20 years old and at college. He had taken me out a few times and we had sex in the back of his car, twice. He said that he would like to do it in comfort and invited me back to his Frat house. I had really enjoyed sex with Patrick, he was considerate, kind and a good lover. I was completely besotted with him and would do whatever he asked of me.

... Continue»
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