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After party with Jeff and Thalia

We came off stage and Thalia sat at the table I the far corner they reserve for guests of the band. As she scooted out from the table, I got a quick glance up her short skirt. Her thick thighs were shaven, and they were fat and juicy. The dress was form fitting with a low neck line that revealed her slightly saggy tits. “ Thalia, “ I said holding her hands out as I “jokingly” eyed her over, “ if this man EVER treats you wrong, or doesn’t treat you …erm, right. You give me a call.” “Flattery will get you nowhere young man!” she said in her best school teacher voice, “I’m nearly twenty years o... Continue»
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young cuckold

Young Cuckold
We drove home pretty much in silence, each lost in our own thoughts. I would have imagined I be in a state of sexual arousal after seeing another man kissing and fondling my wife. This is what I wanted, this is what I dreamed of and masturbated to, time and time again. Getting to watch a younger man holding my sweet Catholic wife close on the dance floor, his manhood pressed hard up against the thin shear material of her summer dress,his hands smoothly and sensually fondling her soft willing flesh as they swayed to the music... Continue»
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First Time Adult Theatre Cum Pig

As I put my clothes back on, the Hispanic man, who just dumped a huge load in my ass, watched me. He would randomly call me a slut or a whore and ask me if i was ready for more cock than I could handle. I smiled at him seductively, I couldnt wait to see how great this would be.

We arrived at the adult theatre about 30 minutes later. It was in a real shady part of town, and I was a bit nervous. We went inside and it was setup almost exactly like an old movie theatre. We walked in and there was porn playing on the screen. I looked around in the dark theatre room and could see men playing with... Continue»
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What happens on the island - Part 2

We decided to just spend the rest of the trip on the same island, swimming and canoeing around to explore a little, but making a little more permanent camp there. With our "anything goes" agreement, we decided that there was really no need for privacy. We set up a latrine in full view of the camp, all three of us thinking that it could get interesting having that there. Nothing like leaving three horny k**s alone with absolutely no limits between them! We also left the tent wife open to help dry it out, and never ended up closing it again.

That first morning, I was sort of feeling my wa... Continue»
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Watching the wife fuck another man!!!

We go to the bedroom where you lay back and start vibrating your clitty. Naked, I start stroking my cock as I watch you knowing that soon there will be a knock at the front door.

You’re lying there with your eyes closed, your left hand holding your pussy lips apart, your right hand holding your bullet shaped vibrator on your clit when the knock comes at the front door. You look up and say “who the hell could that be?”

I tell you I don’t know but you keep vibrating your clitty while I go check so you go back to what you were doing.

I slip on my pants and go to the front door wh... Continue»
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What happens on the island, stays on the island -

One summer many years ago, when I was 18 and had just moved out on my own, I decided to take a two week long canoeing/camping trip with a buddy and his girlfriend. We loaded up my canoe and our camping gear, and drove up to the land of 1000 lakes on the Canadian border. We drove straight through, taking turns driving and sl**ping, and by the time we got there we were all so tired and loopy that we were acting like fools. We joked about how close we were all going to get, camping together like this for so long. He was my best friend from high school, and we'd all known each other since we w... Continue»
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Wife fucking best friend - Part II

(this is the tale of our second adventure after our night with Diego)

The next morning we had passionate sex various times and I came in her mouth
and all over her face trying to replay what happened the day before.
We also talked about what happened and it aroused us every time. We even
fantasized about it together while having sex. After a while the fantasies also
progressed to us having sex with other friends (males and females). It really
seemed to work for us at the time.

We didn't see Diego for a few days. We kept contact by mail and ICQ though.
Anna chatted with him ab... Continue»
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Nude Beach Adventure

"Oh God, that feels so good." Liz moaned as she rode Gene's slick, thick shaft. She pulled herself up, almost off of him, so she could feel his big cock split her pussy lips, and then slid her wet, hairy pussy down. She felt the ridge of his cockhead slide over her g-spot and bounce against her cervix. "Oh baby! You fill me so full. I love riding your big cock." She f***efully slid down again so her clit mashed against his pubic bone sending waves of ecstasy through her body and making her breasts bounce.

"That's it baby, slide that hairy pussy up and down my big cock; make your tits bounce... Continue»
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Pantyhose wife and friends.

My wife was going out for the evening with her friends Pat and Sue. It was just for a meal to celebrate Pat's promotion. I watched her dress as I often do. She put on a pair of my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose without panties which meant I had the perfect view of her dark hairy triangle through the nylon. As always this gave me an instant hardon. She then pulled on a blouse and black pleated skirt. Just then the doorbell rang and she got me to go and answer it as she finished getting ready. It was Pat and she looked stunning. I had always fancied Pat. She was dark haired just like... Continue»
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Freaky Flavoured Threesome Sex At Office Guest Hou

Hi friends. This is Arun. I am 24 years old and I\’m here to share with you my real life sex experience with 2 hot babes, Kavita and Gayatri. I saw them for the first time when I visited our office factory in Andhra border along with my colleague Ashwin to look after the operations at the factory and report the same to HO. Both of them are deployed at the factory place. Kavita is an accounting staff and Gayatri works in the IT department. Me and Ashwin got introduced to them on the very first day we went there. Kavita is
... Continue»
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Swim team2

My heart sank for the second time. I flopped over back onto my side of the bed and kept my head under the covers, trying to act like I wasn’t just trying to inhale Dustin’s dick. But it was no use.
“What the hell are you guys doing?” Corey whispered
“uhh, Trev here was just scratching an itch I couldn’t reach haha” Dustin brilliantly replied. I’m sure my face was beet red, my heart was about to pound out of my chest and I didn’t dare peer out from behind my blanket shield.
“Hahahahaha nice save Dusty” Sylvan said as he sat up, “Sounded like Trevor was able to reach it”
“Hey Trevor, you a... Continue»
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bisexual threesome birthday surprise

Well then, lets begin this great story (a true one by the way). This story has some male domination and bottom submissiveness by myself and my exGF (Renee). If your curious what she looks like look at my only current profile video. She's not hot but she makes up for it in shear complete sluttiness. Anyways, I was enjoying my birthday having a few drinks, smoking a few big joints, and playing my xbox. Renee walks in and says, "I have a birthday surprise for you but you can't play with it until later." Now this slut never wears a bra, so I yank her close to me, and throw her t-shirt up over her ... Continue»
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The Black Man & his Wife make me their Boi

I worked for a water company some years ago, and I got to meet quite a wide
variety of people. I am bisexual, 28, and can appreciate beauty in all
forms. Most of the people I got called out to were, as you would say normal,
but a few had extremely interesting tastes including one with a fully
functional dungeon hidden away in one of their bedrooms!

But I digress. The particular place I would like to tell you about was in
Croydon in late 1999. The boiler had broken, and it was up to me to see that
the homeowner didn't freeze in the winter months.

I arrived at the house and was gre... Continue»
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Birthday exploits of a salesman.

I once shared a house with a guy called Mike who was a salesman.
One day it was Mike's birthday. A cause to celebrate and often such celebrations got a bit boisterous.

So to celebrate his birthday Mike went out with some mates of his leaving me by myself in the house.
Mike and one of the mates he'd gone out with returned in the small hours in high spirits with a couple of women (sluts as they called them) they had picked up. I heard Mike demand "Where's Emma" (me). I was still up sitting downstairs in the lounge. We had an "open" relationship which means it was "open" for Mike.

Mike a... Continue»
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Wife lost in a bet to friends

I have been married to Richna for gone 10 years, 3 years after she
started working as my secretary. It would be impossible to rule out
that I hired her for her willingness to please and her fine athletic
figure, therefore it didn’t take long before I began to find out
exactly how willing she really was.

I manage a law firm in Mumbai, quite a large place with my own office
and Richna’s desk just outside. She always wears sexy sarees for me to
spice up our ‘private meetings’, not to mention her wardrobe full of
sexy sarees and blouses, she cant resist but show off her fine
cleavage. 3... Continue»
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Gem's breakdown part 2

James thrust three more times before groaning loudly and forcing his cock as deep as Gem could take it. His meaty cock twitched and shot warm cum inside Gem’s welcoming and abused cunt. James half slumped, only for Gem to pull him down to nestle in between her beautiful tits. He caressed them again, gentle circling her hard nipples before his lips found one and sucked it hard. Panting from being fucked hard, she barely had breath to moan, but she knew she couldn’t let this end that easily. She f***efully push James upright and slid out from under him. She pushed him against the car and crouche... Continue»
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Double Penetration Pleasure Palace

Becky was our friend's wife. She was petite, with small breasts and a shapely ass. She had long brown hair and an innocent demeanor. She also seemed a little sad. We always suspected this was because her husband left her alone for long stretches while he travelled for work.

This is what Stephen and I talked about on our way to Becky's house. It was late at night and Stephen and I had been out drinking. Becky had called me because their was some kind of plumbing emergency and her husband was, once again, traveling for work. She answered the door in a short bathrobe that showed off a little m... Continue»
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My first DP

I was in a bath-house and stepped out of my room for a sec when I came back there was a guy lying on the bed with a rock hard hard on.

His cock was quite thin, but long, and he was stroking it.

Without hesitating I started sucking the full length of him and licking his balls with my tongue.

He seemed to enjoy it because I could hear him moaning.

After a few minutes I got up and put some lube on his cock. He asked me if I had poppers and I gave him some.

I took a deep snort myself and then went about sliding my hole down over his cock.

He was lying on the bed with one leg off ... Continue»
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Me and Aunt Sydney (chapter)

I was at home enjoying my vacation. I was watching television when the doorbell rang. When I answered it there stood aunt Sydney. "Hello my little cunt." "hello lover. The reason I'm here is because I really needed to see you. Don't worry I didn't tell anyone that I was coming to see you." "alright tell me what you need." "What I need is that massive dick of yours deep inside of me." "interesting because I was just about to call you. I need my dick sucked and a clit to nibble on." "We know each other so well." "Don't just stand there come in and have a seat." Instead of sitting on the sofa Syd... Continue»
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Vacation 3some

Sarah, my wife came out of the bathroom just wearing a hotel robe. Darren and I were just finishing up our drinks. She climbed on to the bed and laid there looking at us. She then untied the robe and opened it up. There was my wife, in a hotel room laying naked on the bed, trimmed pussy and pert B cup tits with nipples very hard.
Darren was a guy we had just met the bar down stairs, he was here in business from Detroit, married with 2 k**s he was just the sort of guy we were looking for. During our time in the bar we Both Darren and I teased Sarah about having a 3some, always in the back o... Continue»
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