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Best friend and I tag team wife

To tell the story correctly I need to go back to high school(13 years because I'm now 30), but will make it quick and it will come into play. So, in my senior year my best friend and I were supposed to hang out with 2 hot stoner chics we met ay a previous party. My date got grounded, so it ended up being us 3. Friend and the girl were getting close to fucking, but buddy takes me out to smoke before I go. He tells me," dudude, give me 5 minutes and I bet I can take her into a threesome." I had my doubts, but sure enough my buddy comes and gets me with a huge grin, and we walk back inside and th... Continue»
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Cum Eating Hubby pt.1

A year or so ago I told my wife about my fantasy of her having sex with
another man. This caught her by surprise because our marriage had been strictly
monogamous up to this point. I acknowledged to her that in bed I wasn't a good
performer -- I cum too quickly and my cock is too small. She didn't argue
either point. I convinced her that she can and should do better. My wife is
really cute and could have any man she wanted. She's 5'2", 110 lbs, blue eyes,
brown hair -- with a short sexy hairstyle. Her peaches and cream complexion and
gorgeous set of... Continue»
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My bbw wife (story 6) live in boyfriend

I had mentioned at the end of story 3 that after Christina and Allen broke up that we had played with Allen a few more times. Well what I meant was that he actually lived with us for about a month after they split up. He didn't have anywhere to go so I told him he could just stay with us for awhile.

Allen was my best friend at the time and I liked hanging out with him. My wife liked him as well. So him moving in with us was not a problem at all. We had alot of fun hanging out just us 3. From hanging out and drinking to going out to the movies or whatever for a solid month we had alot of fu... Continue»
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Comida pelos vizinhos

Quando conheci aquele casal simpático e delicioso, estava longe de imaginar as aventuras deleitosas que me aguardavam.

Gostava de partilhar convosco

a melhor noite de sexo que já tive. Jacinto é o nome do homem com quem partilho o meu apartamento. Gosto dele. É um Homem trabalhador, honesto, carinhoso, etc. Mas isso para uma mulher fogosa como eu, não chega – pois ele na cama não satisfaz minimamente os meus desejos e fetiches, então encaro-o como um bom amigo apenas.

Fico frustrada com os seus orgasmos precoces, pois ele fica satisfeito, e eu fico a ferver. Já o aconselhei a comprar ... Continue»
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Club Slut - How I Got My Nickname (Part 2)

By: HornyJ (
Part II
Checking myself in the mirror, I made some adjustments to my hair and dress, both of which were looking a little messed up. I noticed a
couple small drops of cum in my hair, which I cleaned up with a tissue. My lipstick was completely worn off around the inside of my lips, and I touched that up and blotted it with the same tissue.

Walking out of the lady's room, I found Shannon and Shawn talking animatedly. They both hushed as I approached.

"Getting to know each other?" I questioned playfully. "What were you talking about?"

"You", they chime... Continue»
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Wife's first black man/men

My first time with a black guy.

I'm 34 been married for 12 year to a great man. I try to stay in shape so I go to the gym and run a few times a week when I can find the time.
Im tan and have long black hair green eyes my boobs could be bigger I guess, (I want implants) and I'm a little on the short side but that's ok. I can still turn a few heads now and again so my husband says.
One day I came home and i notice that the door chime wasn't working.
So I put down my stuff and when upstairs to change out of my scrubs.
On the way up I saw the door open to the bonus room and my husband mas... Continue»
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A b*****r's Debt (Sunday)

I woke Sunday morning with April again in my arms, her warm soft flesh pressed against mine, the soft globes of her ass cheeks seemingly wrapped around my hard on and it made me kind of sad knowing that this would be the last time. Later this afternoon her asshole b*****r would come to take her home. Yeah, her being here was simply a business deal, but I'd grown to care for the young girl sl**ping soundly in my arms. "Stupid fool", I told myself, "she's only here to keep you from shooting her b*****r." Still, it had been a long time since I had shared my bed with a woman let alone some of the ... Continue»
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aunt offers it all

Offering my nephew a helping hand, cunt, ass and mouth:
I am a 50 yrs old housewife. I have a23 yrs old nephew who has just graduated and was preparing to start a career. One day he came to visit me. My husband was away so I asked him to spend the night in my place. I have a habit of sl**ping while watching TV so he kept watching it while I went into deep sl**p. As he told me later, my dress went up so he was able to see my voluptuous thighs. My underpants shifted so he was able to see the slit of my cunt. This made his cock hard and he could not control himself any longer so he took his shi... Continue»
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We are Indian couple from Mumbai .My wifes name is Sreemayee, this story is about how she was fucked by a 19 yrs old Rahul who is our naibhour .

There are thousands of men who fantasize about their wives having sex with another man, but very few will experience it quite like this.

Anyone ever had a younger man just take a liking to your wife? Surely some have, but I mean quite literally a guy who developed a serious crush on her. One who would have bathed a cougar if she asked? Well, my wife had such a fellow in her very
... Continue»
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Medical Student Sex With His Horny Professor

Hi everyone. This is Steve. I am from vadodara , Gujarat. This is my first story so I would like to narret few things about me. I am 22 years old medical student and studying in MBBS. As its my last year.

I will be a doctor soon and regularly visit gym so I have athletic body and pretty attractive look. I would not say my dick is 8-9 inches but it is of good length of 6.5 inches. so without wasting much time i will move straight away to the story.

This happened about 15 days ago. The attraction of the story is profess
... Continue»
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Bangkok in 2001 satisfies Stuart big time

It was the middle summer 2001 in the back streets of Bangkok and it was unusually hot, even for the Thai City, as the three young local girls, Sumalee, Karnchana and Mayuree, were keeping cool in the large air-conditioned gym. They are employed to look after the sexual desires of tourists and they are very experienced in sexual techniques even though they are only 18 years old. All three had learnt to speak English as c***dren, which helps them now in their work with the tourists.

The previous day Sumalee had looked after the sexual needs of Stuart, a tall, well built, Englishman, and she c... Continue»
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Kalee and Katie

Kalee and katie

This story is completely true. All the has been changed is names for confidentiality. Have fun ;).

I got a new job this summer, working at a local park. I'm only a booth person, but I love my job. I myself am short with a fairly average build, and a decent size cock. Since I started working at the park I am at I've been riding my bike to work everyday. 4 miles to and 4 miles from.

Kalee and Katie looking at them and seeing how they interact you would assume they are twins. Kalee is tall, and slender. She has a tight little ass and perky C-cups. Katie is the shorter one... Continue»
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ALL IN {part 3} - Adventures of Seamus and Annie

ALL IN {part3}
Adventures of Seamus and Annie

As I pulled in to the parking lot of one of the only two flea-bag hotels in town - some dusty part of the Texas pan-handle - I could see Billy squirming nervously.

"Uh, so...", he said as if he was not sure what to say next, "Um.... I suppose you can just let me out here by the road and I'll get the next ride."

Annie turned quickly, "You're still going north aren't you?"

"Uh, yeah. I suppose I am."

"Well, so... Continue»
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Gang Banged granny at the CHURCH

I have to admit it, I'm a long time slut and have done things that I am ashamed of but who really gives a shit!..LOL
Since I was in grade school, I have loved boys and I worshiped cock, balls and especially loads of cum! Of course in grade school, you don't get

much cum but I would let boys play with my pussy and I would let them put their little cocks in my mouth. I did it whenever possible and all the

boys knew that all they had to do was ask and I would pull my panties down and lay back with my legs apart.

Of course, I grew up, but I never lost my desire to be a slut and in h
... Continue»
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Granny's ASS was the PARTY HOLE

Those of you who know me and are members of my site KNOW what a SLUT I am and that I always get fucked bareback! I love feeling those hard slippery cocks penetrate me and then the feeling when the guy shoots his hot cum in me, makes me cum every time!

One of my girlfriends, Amandaa, took me to a party where she and I were the only two girls going. There must have been 50 men there and we both knew that we were going to be fucked all night long! I love gang bangs anyway and the more cocks the better for me! We arrived to the man's house who was throwing this thing and after a few drinks
... Continue»
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Dear readers, this is my true story. My name is Subhash and I am 32 years old. My daughter name name is Arunima_H (Shital).. Shital is very beautiful and got very curvy body. Her figure is 34B-26-38. She is very fair and attractive. I can say she is just as sexy and hot as woman should be.

Her main attraction is her rosy lips and sexy boobs. All of my friends were jealous about me for having such a sexy daughter. Shital was having lot of lust. She never gets tired of sex, she always demands more and more every day. She wa
... Continue»
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Cuckold Sex Is the Best Sex

Hello readers. Handshake to boys and boobs shake to girls. The story is a fiction written for couples and cuckold sex lovers. Relax and hands inside underwear now!

I’m a 25 year old Software professional leading a healthy (I mean boring) life. I’m quite a fan of cuckold sex, but not being a cuckold husband, rather the idea of fucking a wife in front of her husband. While it sounds weird for some couples, some of them do enjoy this. I’m not a married guy.

I had this thing in my mind as a fantasy and I never expected it to
... Continue»
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Wild Night in Edinburgh, 3 cocks, pleasured?

David was my first Aboriginal Black/Brown cock sex

I was sixteen and my b*****r was twelve that summer. We were living in Perth in Australia back then, and had moved across country, into the outback, up by Alice Springs, where daddy's work as a surveyor, for an Oil Company, saw him leave us for days on end, to see out our days in the heat.

We had some house servants, who were aboriginal, and one woman in particular, was our surrogate mother, and her son, who was in his twenties, was tasked with assuring our safety from the wildlife, and the environmental effect, like overex... Continue»
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The Admirer.

In the early 90's we moved to a new home in Kensington, I had grown tired on the upkeep on a large property, the new home was handy to all of the cafe's and restaurants of the city and nearby suburbs. We moved in in early January and on Valentines day Anne was surprised by a bunch of red roses from an admirer, at first she thought it was me being romantic but I had just bought a single specimen rose and was taking her out for dinner. The following month there came a single rose from an admirer, okay she thought it was one of her past lovers, but why the roses. For the following two months on t... Continue»
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Never thought it would be me, not there.

I need to tell this somewhere before I blurt it out to the wrong person.
I had just turned 23 the week before I changed my life forever. I had driven past this dirty kinda run down house turned porn theater hundreds of times without thought but tonight was different. I had been to a few bars in Nashville with some girl friends and was feeling lonely and a bit tipsy. As I left my friends to whore around with the regulars and tourists I just planned to go home and sl**p. As I drove past the house/theater and felt a little sluttyness come over me. I turned around and went back and parked. Th... Continue»
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