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My wife gives me a ruined pussy for Christmas

Normally I get to watch my wife getting her brains fucked out, but at Christmas time she loves doing a sneeky fuck a couple of times. Well Friday she called me at the shop and said that she was going Christmas shopping with Danny. I've met Danny a few times when he brought my wife home from a date but I've never actually watched him have sex with her.

It was the Friday before Christmas Sunday and I was having a Christmas party at my shop for my guys. All I could think about after her call was that Danny would get her pussy some time today.

At three o clock I told the guys let's close ... Continue»
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TRUE Hotwife/Cuckold story - this happened six hou

So - Last year I found out that my wife of 16 years and mother of my c***dren was planning to cheat on me with a work colleague. I had my suspicions when she started taking a huge interest in cycling (his favourite hobby), and spending a lot of time texting, using the 'Viber' app. Back then the security was pretty poor on Viber and I was able to clone her account on my laptop.She took up cycling and would go for long rides with him, to train for upcoming events.

I didn't have to wait long after hacking her account to see the kind of messages they were exchanging. It was obvious that they ha... Continue»
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"She likes to try new things"

I was in my thirties, had a very good, well-paying job working for a big corporation, and living in a townhouse with 3 roommates, while I paid the mortgage on the townhouse my soon-to-be ex-wife lived in. I was dating two incredible women, both very different, neither of whom wanted a serious relationship primarily because I was still married, but neither of them hesitated to partake of my 9 inch cock whenever they could.

Eileen was the office manager where I worked. She was in her fifties, slim, attractive, and took good care of herself by spending most of her lunch hours at a nearby healt... Continue»
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The Gentleman's Club - Chapter 2 - One has ti

Jennifer completed the entry in her punishment book and filed it. She was just a few minutes ahead of the deadline time so there was not long to wait before Master would enter the punishments that she would receive for her failings this week.

Punishment books are networked so that all club members could view the books of all playthings. If they wished they could come and watch the punishment being given and punishment sessions were scheduled throughout the day to give the maximum opportunity for these viewings.

Today, Jennifer had to make two entries. In her eagerness to please her Maste... Continue»
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First MFM Threesome in Vegas

For those new to my stories; everything you read is a true story of an event that happened to me. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty.

I document these events to show how I transitioned from a shy virgin to a DOM BBC Bull.

It was a faily quiet week in my small conservative town. After work one day, I checked my AFF account and saw I had a new message from a couple. Since there was very little action in my town on AFF, I moved my AFF location to Vegas (which was only a few hours drive).

The couple had seen my profile and was interested in meeting me in Vega... Continue»
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My First MMMF

Our friend David visits us on a regular basis, once or twice a month. I really look forward to him coming as he is a great lover and a really nice guy. We had joked about how many men I thought I could take several times before, so when he suggested that he brought a friend with him next time, I jumped at the chance. He said his friend was John and sent us pictures of him in cycling gear. John was in his mid fifties and like David was married but unlike Mike and I, had a stagnant sex life. Our sex life is amazing and I never have to go short, either with Mike or one of ou... Continue»
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Asian cum slut wants to be shared

this chat is my 19y/o Asian horny cum slut naughty girl and me chatting about how she loves sucking cock.
Hope everyone enjoys.

8:02 Frederica Ohh babe yesss fill ur cum in my mouth mmmhh
I wanna taste ur warm juizy sperm yess
Yesss push deeper babe mmmhh
Yess I'm ur naughty girl mmmhh
Faster babe yesss fasterr
Ughhh sucking ur cock so hard oh goshh

8:05 Frederica... Continue»
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MILF 2 (Alex, Savannah & Diana)

I was fairly certain my best friend Alex was fucking my mom behind my back. Not that I minded (too much), but I would have liked for him to at least ask me first. I wanted revenge, but I didn’t have the kind of confidence he had. Girls flocked to Alex. While I knew I was attractive, I didn’t have quite the following that Alex did.
I had stopped at the store on my way home from basketball practice when I saw Alex’s mom and s****r just in front of me. I swallowed hard, his mom was incredibly beautiful, just breathtaking and his s****r, well I’d had countless jerk-off sessions picturing her doi... Continue»
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First Visit to Green Door Las Vegas

If you are new to my stories. All the stories are true; some details have been changed to protect the guilty.

If you are new, a little background about me. I share these stories in order to document the progression I made from a shy virgin to a DOM BBC Bull.

It was a normal week at work and, as usual, I had made the decision to go to Vegas for the weekend. I drove down to Vegas on Friday after work. I hadn't taken the time to make any plans for meeting and women or couples that weekend. In that case, I usually would just go to the casino bars and pick up some women but I wanted to see ... Continue»
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Avril's first gangbang (BBC edition)

A few months ago, i published a gangbang-story about Avril Lavigne.
It can be read here:
This is pretty muck the same story, but with black guys, which I know some of you like. Enjoy.

The street glistened wet from the rain and neon signs reflected on the wet asphalt. A gust of wind stirred up some debris in the alley and an old newspaper  flew over the street. 
This was definitely not the part of town for a good girl. But then again, she had never cla... Continue»
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This time in the garage!

There is making love... and I love it. There is sex... no emotional connections... just great fun. Then there is down and dirty sex. That last one is when lust and passion take over your brain in the heat of the moment and you end up doing things that are so blistering hot that you masturbate over them again and again and again.

That's what happened yesterday.

Jodi got home from work around 4:45. She was more horny than she's been in weeks. That's not to say that we haven't screwed hard and long during those weeks.. but yesterday she was on afterburners. I heard the garage open and ... Continue»
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Wife gangbanged at company party PART2

The following is a continuation of a true story that occurred a few years ago. I won't waste any time and pick up where we left off in part 1. After seeing my sexy wife,Janie gangbanged in a motel after her employers company party, I drove home with tons of emotions running through my head. I was pissed but at the same time very turned on. I pulled into my driveway went upstairs and cracked open a beer, trying to process what the fuck I just witnessed. About an hour later Janie arrived home. She was surprised to see me, since I wasn't supposed to be home until morning. I told her I was able to... Continue»
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Couple Hot Adventures Part 3

Hubby arranges Massage for Wife

I am Raman, Suman's husband of 15 years. If you have read our previous stories, you know we have a wonderful marriage with an active sex life. We discuss our fantasies and always tell each other the truth. So, when I had a few extra-marital flings, Suman knew. She said as long as it was just a fling and brief, she did not mind. She used to joke that I fucked her better after I had sex with others. I told her that she was free to have sex with other men. She responded that I was enough for her. Still, I felt that she wanted to have fun with other... Continue»
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This is not my story I found it on the internet. It is however a favorite fantasy for me, it has 5 parts
I take no credit for this story

Group SexCockometer Ch. 01
Cockometer Ch. 01
(This story contains bi-curious situations. If you wish to avoid reading about two married couples exploring all aspects of their sexuality, please choose another story.)


Ben and I finished the Oahu project ahead of schedule and had two extra days, and more importantly, we had two more nights. The four of us stayed up late played cards --strip poker, of course- until were half c... Continue»
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Couple Hot Adventures Part 3

Hubby arranges Massage for Wife

This is my third story. I want to thank the readers for their positive response to my first story. I hope you enjoy this one as well.

Some background. I am Suman, my husband is Raman. We are a couple in our 40's. If you want more information about us, I encourage you to please read my other stories.

After our first swap, we had not had any outings for a long time. We were limited to reliving our experience while waiting for another opportunity. For my birthday, Raman planned a visit to Kuala Lumpur and Bali. On the Bali leg of the tr... Continue»
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Garage Gang Bang Payment

Found on literotica...

Garage Gang ****
"Friday, finally" I said to my friend Lisa at work that morning. "I thought this week would never end!"

"I know what you mean Claire, it's this heat, it makes everything go so slowly" She pushed her fringe back from her forehead for perhaps the twentieth time that day.

And it had been unbearably hot too – we weren't exaggerating. In fact it was so hot; I had opted to go without underwear for most of the week, hoping that it wouldn't be too obvious beneath my short skirt suits.

We worked slowly for the rest of the day until event... Continue»
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]Gangbang in a van - Chapter 4: Anal creampies for

The final chapter in the ganbang in a van story in the adventures of Diannaromo as she take a gangbang anal pounding and like the filthy big titted filthy mommy fuck whore she really is, she can't get enough of it....

Gangbang in a van - Chapter 4: Anal creampies for mommy Diannaromo

With those words Dianna found hands all over her, mauling at her, grabbing her hair, big tits, arse, cunt and legs as she is f***ed over onto her tummy. Dianna is so fucking helpless and could do nothing as her head was f***ed to the floor of the van and her round shapely arse position... Continue»
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Couple Hot Adventures Part 1

Some background: My name is Suman. We are a married couple in our 40s. We were virgins on our wedding night, but we have always had a good marriage and healthy sex lives. As years passed and the world changed, we also changed. We saw some of our friends and relatives in different relationships. Even though a couple of our friends hinted at swapping, nothing came of it. We used to discuss it and shared our fantasies about it. When we traveled for holidays, we would sometimes arrange for massages at a resort. The first massages were just that. Later, things began to happen that were more interes... Continue»
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Kaj teta na gosti

Nekolku pati imam odeno kaj tetkami koga sum nemala prevoz ili koga sum mnogu pijana za da ne me primetat doma,poveke za vtoroto.Taa vecer i nemav prevoz i bev pijana pa resiv da prespijam kaj tetka mi.Bese 2 sabajle i bidejki imam kluc vlegov direktno.Koga vlegov vidov deka vo dnevnata na masata ima edno prazno sise vodka i nekolku casi pa pomisliv deka e izlezena.Tetka mi ima 46 godini i zivee sama pa cesto izlaga navecer.Mislev deka i ovaa vecer e izlezena no od vnatresnosta na kukata cuv nekakvi zvuci.Vratata od sobata bese malku podotvorena i koga dzirnav ja vidov tetkami vo krevet so tro... Continue»
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Daddy encouraged my sexual encounters with strange

I awoke to a room full of brightness. The d****s had been pulled wide open, and balcony doors parted to their maximum. I turned and was surprised to see my husband had already left the room.

Then I suddenly realised I was naked lying on top of the bed. I always slept nude, but here, I was exposed to the room next door, if the occupant was on his balcony, which thankfully, he was not.

I smiled inwardly, my husband, the bastard, had exposed me like this as I slept-in. We both knew the older man in the next room, had been hot for me last night, as we had met down in the club after dinner, ... Continue»
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