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Watched my wife double penetrated

Friday after dinner my wife and I where setting on the deck enjoying an adult beverage. I couldn't help but bring up the subject of sex because my wife was wearing a very tight pair of leggings and a thin tank top without a bra. The Spandex meteral of the leggings was all up in her pussy and her nipples where hard and easy you see through the thin cotton top. She came out on the deck with fresh drinks and I reached out a pinched her pussy lips through the shiny black Spandex. She didn't mind that I also pushed the meteral in between the lips of her pussy. She said that the leggings have been l... Continue»
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Wife serves more than coffee to friends in my wood

It was usually me that brought up sharing with my wife, but occasionally she would offer. She was shy about it, whispering to me even when we were alone. It wasn't on my mind one evening as I puttered in my wood shop on a nude statue I was working on. I had two regular friends, and a younger friend of theirs visiting. Checking on us she could hear we were talking about boobs. She pulled me out side and ask if I'd like it if she served coffee to the guys topless. We hadn't done anything kinky for several months, so I agreed to her offer. Over a few visits to the shop, each time revealing more, ... Continue»
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A play thing...

You have been instructed to turn up at a bar in appropriate attire, obviously you choose a short flighty skirt, a sexy top your highest heels and long hold up stockings (because you were told to). You enter the bar and order a drink and sit on a bar stool sipping your drink and waiting. Your eyes scan the bar wondering who is the person you are meeting and you soon discover when you feel a hand slip onto your thigh and a voice in your ear.
"Good evening Polly, don't turn around." are the words you hear in your ear. His hand slips further up your thigh and finds your smooth pubic mound, a fin... Continue»
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Park life (not by me)

There is a park near to where I live and sometimes, especially on hot, sunny days, I like to get into my bikini and go and lie in it. Sometimes I do this with friends but often its alone as well. My husband doesn't like this because he's a jealous man who doesn't want to share me. I, on the other hand, like to flirt and enjoy the attentions of other men. So when I go to the park by myself I'll often make up some excuse or white lie that gets me a couple of hours alone time in my bikini.

At the beginning of August I got such an occasion. It was a scorching hot day and I woke up longing for t... Continue»
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they both came so fast

So here is the story about my first and recent DP.

If you have read any of my earlier writings, you may know that years ago I hated anal, essentially my first husband had an absurd forearm thick cock. And he was a brute who used his cock as a weapon when he thought i misbehaved.

Osei has a very long slender cock and he is very gentle. That makes all the difference. I enjoy Osei, well, except for the stain of p*o on his cock afterwards. OK, enough of those details.......

Kristen and I were together waiting for either one or two of the boys. We were just nibbling. Both men came ... Continue»
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so here is was a once in a million chance that I am actually at home all alone ! there is always at least one k** or the wife or someone home with me always ! so now when I realized I was here all alone and actually kind of horny too! so I just started to rub on the outside of my shorts along the outline of my coc and started to think about some hot times I have had ! well it definitely worked because before I knew it my coc was rock hard and pooping out of the bottom of my shorts! I had not actually cum in quite a long time since the wife got injured at work 8 months ago well I get to cum but... Continue»
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As the Harem-Amazons moved towards them, they started removing their armor, revealing their tanned, muscular-yet feminine flesh. Toned and taut with hard nipples and completely shaved pussies.

The Harem Amazons were now completely nude except for their leather thigh-high boots.

Even as Johnny and Lucinda defensively moved back, they couldn't help admiring the naked female flesh marching towards them.

“Stay behind me Lucinda...” Johnny said as he tried to get between the aroused amazons and Lucinda.

“Look, I don't want to hit a chick, but I will if I have to.”

As the amazon close... Continue»
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Sue' meeting with the boys

Sue' meeting with the boys

One day things were slow as far as playing things around the neighborhood. David and I voted to go jerk off In my basement. It would be cool compared to the hot summer day. We arrived there only to find my Mom doing laundry. That usually took all day so we had to find another spot. So off to the woods we trotted. The blackberry bushes always offered shade and the big flat rock offered a place to lay without getting dirty. We were passing behind Sindee's house and noticed she had company. There was a strange car in the driveway. She came to the back door and... Continue»
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It was about five and a half months and our friend was on our doorstep again. As I opened the door the look on her face was enough for me to say “Has it happened again?” she nodded as she came in, sat at our table, Donna and I listened as she talked about what had happened a couple of days ago. Again I tell the story as she told us.

I was sat on the sofa in an old Alice Cooper tour T shirt and a denim skirt talking to Jordan (her youngest son, 21) he was home from uni, he was upset at still being a virgin and I was comforting him, I was already two thirds through my second bottle of wine an... Continue»
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My neighbor ans his son fucking my wife

I had already noticed that my neighbor visited my wife in my absence, often came home and found the exit, always with a different excuse.
Once I decided to come earlier, but I did not go home, outside looked out the bedroom window crack and saw the two in bed, he was sticking his dick in her pussy pleasure. I was excited seeing it and hit a hand job there, as watched my neighbor put cock inside her. She curled her legs on it and moved her ass frantically to the stick entered deeper into her cunt until he cum.
I waited a bit until they get dressed and then went home. Again they have an excuse... Continue»
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wonderful Mexico beach experience

everal times my wife and I have vacationed below Cancun on a small cove with cabanas on the beach. At least once each trip she and I after drinks and dinner close by, end up having naked sex on the beach in the moonlight . One day at lunch, this trip, I went up to have lunch and noticed an attractive younger well dressed black guy trying to figure out how to order a beer and a hamburger, as he did not speak Spanish. I helped him and we had lunch together.

He was there to meet friends. While lunching he told me that they had not been able to get away at the last minute This left him alo... Continue»
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The Queen

The Queen lay back on her featherbed, urging the young lad that was betwixt her legs onward. He was young, far younger than she usually chose, but he was eager to please, and she eager to train, he glanced up at his mistress, his lips, nose and chin glistening from her essence. He replaced the void of his mouth with three of his work worn fingers and stroked her as she had shown him until she writhed on the bed. Without much warning the Queen spun the lad until he was pinned betwixt her legs, she guided his manhood into her and she rode him until the ropes of the bed were squeaking, the Queen’... Continue»
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First DP (MFM)

Did you jerk you cock off for us the last time we had a chat? Did you spray your cum, imagining it spilling out of my pussy and ass, covering my face, or creaming over Clyde’s cock? We are so excited and turned on by you...we love your aggressive, sexy, hard fucking... I so want to be used like I know you want to take me; pin me down so I am unable to move as you have your way with me! Make me feel your dominant, masculine strength, feel your f***eful, hard fucking! We imagined you with us last night, and the intensity of our love-making still raises goosebumps over my body as I think of i... Continue»
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Mrs xxxclitman's first threesome

By: Mrs. Xxxclitman

This is the story of my first threesome as best I can remember. This happened before I met Mr. Xxxclitman. I was d***k and I don't remember some of the events but what I do remember is as follows:

It had been awhile since my ex husband and I had separated. I kept busy with work and friends. A couple of co-workers were having a get together at their place and had invited me to attend. There were several people going so I thought it was going to be like any other hang out; talk with friends and some drinking. When I got there there were about 10 or so people there alrea... Continue»
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Strangers cocks

I was a bored housewife married for 15 years with one man in my life til one day I came and caught my s****r on her knees in our kitchen sucking my husband off. I was furious. We fought and she left in tears pleading I didn't tell her husband. Hubby looked at the floor sheepishly as I savaged him. I asked how he'd feel if he'd come home and caught me a that - he replied he wouldn't mind if it was what I wanted. I went fucking mental, not the answer I'd wanted.

That Friday I was going out with the girls and I told him I was going to fuck a stranger just to see how it sat with him - he just l... Continue»
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When I was 19! Part !

As most of you know I had been working at Mikes investment firm for over a year then. Mike was then 60 and I was 19. I have had so many great sexual experiences with Mike and or his clients in the last 16 months or so! I tell all about them in "When I was 18 part 1 thru part 4" I have had some wild times everything from squirting my first time to anal,riding car shifters to interracial and group sex ! In my last story I tell about a interracial group encounter I had with Mike my Boss. One of his black clients and Mikes 45 year old b*****r in law Roy (who is married to Mikes younger s****r) and... Continue»
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MY MD Had A Eye On My Wife

My name is Arun and I’m 43 years old, 5′ 8″ tall and 70 kg. My wife Anjali is 38 years, 5’3″, 36-28-34 with C sized boobs and 58 kg. She is beautiful and being an extrovert she makes friends easily specially with men.

I work with a big multinational and our MD is Mr Anil who is about 50 years and very tall and active guy. Then I had a feeling that Anil was after my wife. I had noticed him exchanging glances with my wife
... Continue»
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Suzi Lee's First Threesome

Suzi Lee’s First Three-some

My old girlfriend Suzi and I had been together for about three years at the time this story took place. We were matched pretty well in a sexual way. Suzi was just as adventurous as I was, and within that three-year time we had experimented and done pretty much everything two horny young people could do together.

We started dating when she was 16 and I was 18, we had been going together for only about a month when she gave me her virginity about three days after... Continue»
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Last night me & two mates went out in the pubs in Rotherham, in one of the pubs I spotted a women that I had fucked before & she was well pissed,

So I went over & said, Hi Jackie how are you, I;m ok thanks a little pissed, I would say more then a little & laughed she ask me to buy her a drink ok what do you want I'll have a double whisky she says with a laugh so I goes to the bar leaving Jackie to chat to my mates,

When I got back one mate says to me she's some nice tits I hadn't noticed but she was also wearing some legging that showed her camal toe looks like a nice cunt on her too,

... Continue»
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Sonia And Lance And I - An MFM Meeting

In a country city I met Sonia and Lance, a couple in their thirties, in a dance club for the mature age set. We got talking and seemed to like each other, so sat at a table to have a few drinks together. Lance was a solidly built muscular dark haired guy. Sonia was of medium build, with a very pretty face, and large breasts apparent from her low cut cleavage. They were happy people and we had a good time enjoying the place without anything unusual happening; that is until I went to buy a round of drinks. On the way back to the table I noticed that Sonia didn't have any panties on; her mini and... Continue»
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