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moms new year gang bang

Every year my mom has a New Years eve party and every year she gets really d***k and I have to carry her to bed. But this year was different. I decided just to let her get d***k and see what happens.
When the new year came she was really d***k and started to give every guy at the party a new year kiss. She was wear a tight black dress and I watched as she was walking around kissing all these men that her dress started to ride up a past her ass. Some of the men started to grab and slap her ass and she just loved it. Around 1am when most of the people at the party left I notice that there was ... Continue»
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Unintentional Nudist

In some respects it worked out exactly as I planned. In others, I had no idea what I was about to unleash. Outward appearances would not have given a clue. Our f****y unit was not organized like that of Ward and June Cleaver but individually we could have been plugged into that scene and looked like we came out of central casting.

In a crowd I wouldn't have drawn a second look. I was of average height, average build and ran around in jeans and a t-shirt. I was in decent shape since I played baseball year round but nobody would ever mistake me for a steroid using pro. My step-s****r was jus... Continue»
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Our Friends in the North

I felt a surge of excitement as we sped our way up the M6. We were on our way to spend a week with our new friends in Cumbria. Well; I am not being entirely honest with that statement that are not actually new friends. We are going to spend time with friends Ruth and Dave who we have known for over 25 years; however we saw a side of them last time we visited that we have never seen before. In fact that is why we are on our way again this week; just two short weeks after we spent the weekend with them.

My wife Judy and I are very happy, however, before our last trip to Cumbria you would pr... Continue»
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Gangbang with wife, now ex-wife

Jane decided to quit her boring office job whilst I was away working. I got home a couple of days later and she happily informed me she'd found a job in a pub, just to tide her over while she looked for something else.
Anyway the next day she went on her 'leaving do' with her old friends from work. She was chirpy and looked really nice in a dark blouse and skirt with her long blonde hair all tied up on her head.
The pubs and clubs all shut at 2am so I waited up for her, and waited.....

At about 7am I heard the front door open and she eventually crept up the stairs, she looked like she'd b... Continue»
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New York Adukt sex club with my wife Wow!!!

A little history back story...
I have always been fortunate to date sexually adventurous girls.
2 Girlfriends before my marriage to Amy, Sheila introduced me to gloryhole. She used to go by herself but that is another story.

I constantly was pushing Amy to her limits when we were dating.
Blow in the car, taking off her clothes on the way home her feeling no pain...

We planned a trip to New York and I told her we were going to a club called Trap...
Before we left the room I had to approve of Amy's clothing, little black dress, tiny thong and no bra,

Ok so here is her description
... Continue»
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Aubrey (her story)

I don’t like to use the term, I find it’s not very feminine and typically doesn’t portray what I am thinking. But with Aubrey, it just came to my mind – fuckable.

Her slender body, her legs that kept on and on, but especially that look. Those eyes, looking at me from across the room. Equally saying how fuckable I looked to her and inviting me to pursue her. If only that dress was a little bit see through.

It was a holiday party with Bruce’s station. She was the new dispatcher at Bruce’s station. Bruce had mentioned her to me but both of our jaws dropped when we saw her tonight. At work ... Continue»
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Unfaithful wife part 2

Please read Unfaithful wife first.

“No way” shouted Joy – “No way am I fucking these guys, I’m not interested!” “You were interested enough on the dance floor” replied John, “if you weren’t pushing you arse against my cock you were pushing your cunt against Bill’s.” “in fact I bet your panties are wet through from all that rubbing” said John and immediately thrust his hand up Joy’s skirt. “Yep dripping wet” he exclaimed and pulled his hand form under her skirt together with Joy’s panties. Seeing this and before Joy could react Alf thrust his hand up the skirt from the back and said “Cunts w... Continue»
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the gift of xmas.

people say xmas is the gift of giving well in my house this year it was. my wife took my daughter xmas shopping and they went to London for the weekend whilst i stayed at home, i had the house to myself so i was watching porn and having a wank over black cocks fucking white women thinking this could be my wife. my wife text me saying they were in the hotel and already for the shopping, i text back and told her what i was doing and she replied pity you weren't here cos we could have had some fun! i told her to have fun and look after Mandy.

the day had passed and i was all wanked out i was l... Continue»
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Fucking my friend's wife on Christmas Eve

It's Christmas eve, and I'm in the basement of my friend's place, watching a movie with Anna and another buddy. Her husband (my friend), called it a night a half hour ago. Anna is into her second bottle of wine, and looks completely relaxed. She's wearing some comfy looking flannel PJ bottoms and a pink tank top that's thin enough to see her nipples...just a little bit. A few minutes ago she cuddled up against me, and since then I've had a nice view over her shoulder and down the front of her shirt.

I was d***k and horny so I let my hand wander around her waist, and then upwards until I had... Continue»
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Blessing in the teepee

I was so worked up after going out to the hunter’s cabins by the coast earlier that day, on the first snow of the Fall that my g/f had to stop the truck and give me a good licking. When she was done she knew that I had enjoyed her efforts immensely, but she also knew that if I could get a cock in me right now my body would shake and writhe excessively in one huge orgasm. Just the mention of the possibility that some native hunters were staying at the teepee was all the incentive I needed to beg her to take me out there.
When we arrived there I was very disappointed in the condition of the te... Continue»
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Island Lust

My sex life had been a disaster. Feroz, my husband had aged but even with he was a vigorous young man, he never really fucked me as I wished. Whenever, he would fuck me, it would him pushing his 6 inch circumcised cock in me, without any prior foreplay, kissing or hugging. I was a just hole for him.

Every night, alone on my bed, I fingered myself to orgasm, each night fantasizing a new lover or lovers trashing me, treating like a whore and making me cum. My favourite fantasy was about my son’s best friends who often came to our place. Each night, I would dream of him alone or with some othe... Continue»
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True Story He Shared Me with His Best Friend

After prepping myself for over an hour I was ready for my first threesome. I had picked out lingerie, showered shaved, read through some dirty comments online and all that was left was for my boyfriend’s best friend to show up and fuck me.
I here the two of them talking upstairs, Rob making small talk with the guy that is about to fuck his woman. I wait, not very patiently, so incredibly nervous; my palms sweaty, legs shaky, pussy soaking wet with excitement.
Sam and Rob enter the room, as I stand up my elbow knocks into the wall, I am completely unaware of my surroundings; my only focus is... Continue»
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Lisa’s New Role Part II

As Troya and Sonya got dressed and went out Lisa was left in an almost u*********s state on top of her new owners’ bed.

What had she done? She had given in to every sick whim of her roommate and her friend without blinking an eye. Like she was hypnotized. But then she remembered the many orgasms she had and was ashamed of herself. She did those things willingly. She wanted to do them. She still wanted to do them.

Even though her pussy and nipples were still raw from so much rough stimulation, she commenced to masturbate hard and fast. Cumming again and again thinking about licking, kiss... Continue»
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Mother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 03

Please read the chapters 01 and 02 first!

I stood up to answer the telephone and that placed my soft cock at Betty's mouth. She began to kiss and lick the head as I put the handset to my ear.

"Hello." I said.

"Oh! Dad!" I almost cried out.

I looked down at my Mother-In-law as she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. At the same time I saw she was using her robe to clean away my cum that was seeping from her pussy.

"Mom's busy." I replied to his question.

"She's getting cleaned up I think." I continued.

It really wasn't a lie, but what was I going to them him?

"Sh... Continue»
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Hard Lessons Learned

18 year old Jessica walked through the empty house. She couldn't believe her parents were gone. They were still in their prime. Her mother had just celebrated her 42nd birthday and her father his 45th. They still had many good years left, so what had happened. No one knew, one minute they were sitting together at the dinner table as they had done so many nights and the next they were dead. Even the medical examiner couldn't explain it. There had been nothing wrong with them.

Jessica sat on the stairs leading up to the bedrooms and looked around. She had grown up in this house, the thought o... Continue»
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The Swedish Cousins

If you are new to my stories; all of the events described are true events that happened to me. Some of the detailed have been changed to protect the guilty.

I write these stories to document my change from a shy virgin to a Dom. BBC Bull.

At the time I was living in a small boring town. Most of my coworkers were married. I often traveled to Las Vegas on weekends because it was only a few hours away. I had one other coworker who was also single. He often would come with me down to Vegas. We both enjoyed hooking up with women. We both were competitive, so we often made hooking up a com... Continue»
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sexysara2890 goes clubbing in Brixton

[user]sexysara2890 [/user] handed her coat to the cloakroom attendant and began to adjust herself in the white body fitting dress she was wearing. "Only a slut shows both cleavage and leg", was the mantra of her teenage years. Well she was a slut and loved it. She reposition her boobs in the cross fold low cut neck, making sure thier full roundness was clearly visible and pulled the dress a little further down her thighs, not out of modesty, but to ensure that it was smooth and tight over her full round arse. Her bare smooth white legs ended in heels pussy-whipped-white-sub-men loved having th... Continue»
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New Neighbors Invite Wife to a Party

About six months ago two young Doctor's Al and Tim moved next door to our townhouse. Little did I know my new neighbors would spice up my life. Their first weekend they must have had six young twenty-something Doctors and about ten gorgeous Nurses over for a pool party. The Nurses all seemed to be in their mid-thirties and early forties which I found unusual for these young studs. I watched from my upstairs balcony and after about an hour the party really got going. Bikini tops came off followed by bikini bottoms and the guys shed their swim suits.

The girls went right to work on these... Continue»
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Mr. Greig and the Boys: Part Three


(This is the third chapter of the sexual adventures started in "Daddy's First Bukkake" and "Will Strikes Again". I would heartily recommend reading those before continuing here.)

Pulling my 57-year-old face from my 18-year-old next door neighbor Will's hairy asshole, I looked towards the doorway of my bedroom. Standing there was a sexy young dishwater blond jock I would guess to be, like Will, 18-years-old. Clearly this was Flip, the football player Will had told me was coming to join us. He was a large guy, thick and athletic and muscular. He was wearing a footbal... Continue»
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Unfaithful wife

Last month my wife, Joy, admitted that she had been unfaithful. She apologised and sobbed that it had only been once when she was d***k after an office evening out and had let herself be fucked in a store cupboard by a guy who was leaving the firm the next day. As it was only once and d***k and had admitted to it I forgave her and said “let’s put it behind us and move on”. That was Ok for about a week then I started to dwell on what had happened and get a bit bitter and twisted about it in my head as I kept imagining it happening. However during the next week I found that constantly thinking a... Continue»
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