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The Unplanned Vegas Gangbang

If you are new to my stories; all the stories are true events in which I participated. Some details have been changed to protect the guilty. I share these stories to document my transition from a shy virgin to a Dom. BBC Bull.

I was contacted by a couple on AFF. They lived in Florida and would be visiting Vegas in a few weeks. The couple lived in Florida and were in their early 30's. He was an Air f***e Pilot. She was a beautiful blond with one of the best bodies I had ever seen. We exchanged a few e-mails and contact information and agreed to meet in Vegas in a few weeks.

On the appoi... Continue»
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A trip to the Beach Pt 1 - by SBarak1

A Trip to the Beach Part I - Sbarak1

It all started with an innocent trip to the beach one summers day.

Here in the southern part of Australia our summer starts in mid December and can go through to April.

I like to make the most of it and get down to the beach as often as I can.

So I'm sitting on the beach, drying off after a swim, and I see two women walking towards me over the sand. This is not unusual as people come and go throughout the day. They are loaded down with the usual things, beach towels, folding chairs, beach bags, etc. I don't take too much notice of them until ... Continue»
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Pleasuring the Gorgon Part 1

Three adventurers encounter an extremely seductive Gorgon

He held her head down to the ground, as the snakes in her head flayed around. Leaving translucid oily traces down his legs; these emaneted a sweet perfume. Unlike the mythology, this serpentine haired creature had no special particularity. If you ignored the oily, toothless snakes attached to its head.

"Hold her down you dimwit." What would he give for a pair of ropes right n... "Use the fecking hair and bind her, be quick about it!" Poor excuse for hair if you ask anyone, but he wasn't in a judgmental mood. Several minutes later ... Continue»
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Big Tits Teen Gets Gangbanged

Liz was blonde, nineteen, petite, extremely busty and attractive. She was quite shy, but because of her looks, men came at her from every direction. If she would have been a little more wise, she would have side stepped a number of these men, but being the gullable girl she was, the clever men always ended up getting in her knickers.

One Friday night she was out with her friend and a local sportsman came up to her with his friends and started chatting. He was well known and Liz was very flattered that he was paying her attention. He was not a big name, more locally known, but he was always ... Continue»
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Start with the end in mind? (part two)

Start with the end in mind? (part two)

After I showered I felt quite invigorated. My objective was the reconnaissance of a swingers club which had been eventful so far, if you’ve read part one?

Was it a good idea to continue the research? Despite the earlier encounters was a slow night in the club giving me a good or bad representation of the venue and its clientele?
So the question was should I cut short my night, but as mentioned in part one I met Stella and Hazel which changed my mind.

Hazel and Stella walked into the sauna / steam room as I was leaving the shower and playfully ... Continue»
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Pizza delivery : Tasty initiation 1

When I was younger, about 19 I was delivering pizza a few times a week.
On a late friday night, I went to a place I have never been before. It was a big nice and new house at the limit of our delivery zone.
When I got there, I knocked and one guy answered. But we found out that the order was not right, so I had to go back to the restaurant to get a new pizza.

It was already late and it was the end of my shift. I decided to go back to deliver this order and then go back home.
When I got back there, I had to knock a few times before to get answered. The same guy answered, but this time he ... Continue»
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Sharing with his girlfriend

I had just started working in a new town and didn't know anyone. I was bored, horny and curious. So I checked out one of those online personal ad websites. I found a guy who was looking for exactly what I wanted: a no-strings attached purely sexual relationship with another guy. Most of these ads were guys wanting a lot of kissing and things I had no interest in.

I told him upfront I wanted to find a guy to fuck me in the ass and maybe watch gay and straight porn while we jacked off or sucked each other. He was cool with all of that and we set up a time to meet at his place. He was tall ... Continue»
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Anal Threesome

Christmas 1980
It was not a white Christmas, alas, but a grey one. The heavy, bloated clouds in the sky above the village showered the place with rain throughout the day.
In the small detached house down the leafy street, Claire was sitting in her bedroom at her dressing table, looking at her favourite present of the day. It was a make up kit; not just a cheap one for girlies who wanted to look like mummy, but a proper set up with foundation of all shades, lipstick, brushes, mascara in every colour one could imagine, and a couple of small bottles of fine perfume.
Claire was sixteen and pre... Continue»
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Wife's first time threesome...

MY FANTASY ABOUT MY WIFE'S FIRST THREESOME (Part 1) - One of my long term fantsies - as with most husbands I suspect.
Sue and I had been married for over 10 years, sex is great and our relationship strong, but I have always wanted to go a bit further in our sexual this is what may have happened..
I have always fantasized about is arranging a meet with another guy or sexy couple in a bar or club...(it's pre-arranged with me and the couple, Sue does not know). I had discussed having a threesome with Sue already and said I wanted to share her...and she has agreed in principle... Continue»
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Muslim whore takes two black cocks

Hafsah had been preparing herself for becoming Cornell's whore. She had started to go to a female only gym and she began to exercise to get her body ready to be in an impeccable condition. Along with this Hafsah had also started to cut down on the unhealthy foods and she began to have a body that was even more beautiful than previously seen by either Cornell or Patrick. Cornell called Hafsah and said 'I have two clients who want to see you next Monday, get ready I will drive you to them.' Hafsah was excited but she also had a few questions and she said 'Shall I wear a nice abayah?' Cornell res... Continue»
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Twp horny surfers take me home

That nice summer afternoon I had spent several hours at the beach.
I was alone; my loving Victor busy and stressed at his office. After sunning for a long while, I decide to get back home on a bus ride. I enjoyed a refreshing shower in the changing room. I had put my bag on a closer seat but it fell off and when I opened the shower curtain, my jean shorts and top were in the water on the floor.

Then I had no choice but to put my bikini back on, as at least it was dry. I started walking up the road to get a bus stop a few streets over; meantime, I was hoping my clothing would be dry before... Continue»
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Group Encounter I Will Never Forget

I had just had the very best sexual experience of my life. I have had several great ones...but this was the best. If you read my account of it, it was named "Ebony Goddess" with good reason. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever even talked to let alone have sex with...and she did everything she could to please me.

It started when I helped a nice looking black man - his name was Syd - when he was having trouble with his car. I gave him a ride and he paid me back a thousand times over. He set me up with Alicia.

After this encounter with Alicia, that's all I could think about. It ... Continue»
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It's a wild wife life

Last fourth of July my wife was invited to a pool party at Chuck's apartment. Chuck is actually a friend of Tim's, the same Tim that has had sex with my wife for the last three years. Tim is the longest lasting of my wife's male friends and lately he has been talking to her about him sharing her pussy with some of his friends. My wife loves Tim's thick cock so much she would do just about anything he asked of her.

Since neither my wife or I have ever met this Chuck fellow I felt it wise for me to tag along just for safety. She tried to assure me she would be fine and that Tim would be ther... Continue»
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Me my Boyfriend and new boi Darren.

Me and my boyfriend whose about 18 years younger than me went out for his birthday. And he invited a few people out, anyway one guy he works with a young hot 19 year old tattooed and slim and well build body wise, nice cute blond toned. He stayed over a few times, wow I thought id love to see him fuck my lad. I knew he was after Darren, because he went on and on about him, he likes muscle boys. I do too. But more slim toned. And Darren was top of a long list.

So suddenly after quite a bit to drink we end back to ours, it was a good night, nothing particular had gone on a few drinks, and a ... Continue»
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Alex and Lily write a teasing story

This story was written by Alex and lily. Lily was abroad without Alex and they were teasing each other. Lily wrote the first paragraph and then Alex replied, and so on............

Lily - So, thinking about this some more.......I would like to go to a very posh party, eyes wide shut type.....formal dinner, beautiful long dresses, but with nothing underneath but black hold ups and high heels......during dinner we play games, but the couple who lose have to perform for the make sure we lose and you are told that you have to tie me to the cross, with my legs spread and spank me w... Continue»
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Ben was the master of his kingdom. He started it for the sex. Now everything was approved by him. The men were allowed to have several wives to breed. Women were to produce babies and serve Ben. When virgin girls were old enough they were taken to Ben naked and he was the one who popped their cherries and gave them their first fuck. Tonight the girl was brought to him and laid naked on his bed. The girls knew it was their duty to be deflowered by Ben and they were proud to do it. Ben had a long thick dick. He also love fucking the tight cunts hard and leaving huge loads of cum. Ben walked to t... Continue»
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Another Mountain Drive

My wife and I took a drive yesterday. We went on what is called the loop back behind Lincoln City. It has been very cold and there had been a lot of snow up in the mountains and we wanted to see it. We started out and as on all our drive we had our toys with us. She had hers up against her clit and mine was buzzing my cock. What a sight, seeing her leaned back, legs spread and pussy dripping. Between watching her and my vibrating cock it was hard to concentrate on the drive.
There was not much snow but a lot of ice so we took a gravel road that we know and headed down the road. My cock ... Continue»
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I have always had fantasies of other women. So I get off work early. Call up a friend (Mia)and ask her if she wants to come over for a few drinks before my husband gets home. She has had a rough day so she agrees. I pick her up on my way, grab a couple bottles of wine and proceed home. We'll we get to talking (and drinking) she tells me that amongst other problems her new boyfriend is terrible in bed and she just can't get off. This is my in! She's wearing some really hot short shorts and a flannel shirt tied in a knot above her belly button. Hair in pigtail braids and cowboy boots. So I start... Continue»
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Twins - Beautiful Thais in all holes

Twins have always interested me. Identical twins are particularly fascinating. When I got divorced and went to Thailand in search of a new wife that was not in my mind until I saw identical twin girls working as waitresses in a Bangkok restaurant. They were beautiful and I couldn't get them out of my mind. After a few visits I managed to persuade them to come to my hotel room with the promise that I would make a portfolio of photos to get them modelling work in the West.

They were nineteen years old and their pay at the restaurant was quite low so they didn't take much persuading when I off... Continue»
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The Birthday girl

Carmen birthday was due in a few days time within the next few days. Carmen woke up feeling a little different, lonely as she look to left to see the empty side of the bed where her husband Ali would sl**p, he was on a business trip, she missed him dearly and the love for each other wasn't there. She felt different after having this particular strange dream during her sl**p. Carmen dreamt of having a beautiful young black female slave to use and humiliate. The bed sheet rippled over her body as she laid comforting herself in the warm cool air that surrounded her in the bedroom. Carmen spreads ... Continue»
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