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Hairy girls

The hairy squad.
The door locked from the inside, the JB pub has officially closed for the day now, they wait for me to finish cleaning the bar.
I haven’t told them about my apartment upstairs, have accepted their invitation for a swim though. Just finishing my job now. Fun is in the air, happiness, lightness, sex.
Yesterday and the day before I kicked them out with the others, today they can stay a bit longer. Free drinks after opening hours, of course, self service for the ladies. The White Russians go in quickly, so do the gin tonics, yes girls, you can smoke inside now.
The hea... Continue»
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When She Cheats

Husband watches wife cheating with a big cock.

Weekday mornings are hectic at our house--my spouse and I are getting ready for work. Patty takes the bus to town and leaves the house a half-an-hour earlier than me. She is always running late and in a rush everyday. This particular morning, after Patty hurried and left for the stop, I noticed, she forgot her bus pass. Me being a good husband--I jumped into my car to bring her pass. I hoped to make it to her stop, before the bus's arrival.

I was close enough to the bus stop to see Patty still standing there; but, my good deed was bei... Continue»
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Firm business meeting?

Gloria was in her late 30's. Light-skinned black woman. 5' 8" slim w/ a nice ass. Cute, friendly face w/ a friendly disposition to match. Shoulder-length curly hair that caught one's attention as much as her booty when she walked away; Gloria knew they were watching, too. She enjoyed flirting and seeing men get all excited and bothered in her presence as she spoke to them, winking like a tease.

Gloria had married young, had a daughter, worked as a clerk...but her husband didn't appreciate Gloria after awhile, and wasn't much of a provider. This needed to change, and since he wouldn't Gloria... Continue»
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the friendly skies

the friendly skies (part 1)
by laragene

red eye flight, coast to coast, summer night. the plane was practically empty, 3 seats to myself, "yay! maybe i'll get some sl**p" i thought. as always when i fly, i wore a light dress and a pair of light sandals, comfortable and airy, my long legs bare and free, my feet bare, the next best thing to being naked. as i boarded and walked through the aisle to my seat i noticed i was the only female on board, i counted 5 guys, they all stared and smiled at me as i moved to find my seat towards the back, even the flight attendant, male... hmm.

"looks l... Continue»
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Rhianon's first gang bang

Rhianon was dirty, passionate, absolutely sexy and loved having men cum on her chest. One night when giving her grey haired co-worker a blow job she started thinking about him, their part-black co-worker and her boyfriend all cumming on her tits at the same time. She went into autopilot on the old guy and started massaging his balls while swirling her tongue around the tip of his throbbing boner. He was half grunting, half moaning because he hadn't felt anything that good since he slept with his friend's college age niece years earlier. He was pulling on her hair and tried telling her he was g... Continue»
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Missy Part IV

Missy awoke the next day fully feeling the effects of getting railed by three teenage dicks. Fucking Ben and Wyatt had been completely unexpected but she was glad she did it, especially the way Alec fucked her afterwards. He did her again later that night after telling her that he saw someone, probably Jodie, watching from next door. Voyeurism wasn’t something that she ever thought would entice her but then again getting fucked by her former step son never really entered her mind either. She smiled at Alec as he slept next to her, and even though she was sore her body yearned to be filled by h... Continue»
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Ebony Euro Trip

10 Black Women travel to Europe to get impregnated

A short story by Latisha

The year is 2024, and for the past year their has been a global hive mind craze amongst millions of women across the world. And that is "impregnation tourism" in Europe. Tourism in which millions of women from all over the world travel each year to a European country to hunt for a man or men that could get them pregnant; so that they could return to their home countries with a mixed baby.

My name is Sharice, and I'm a black woman from the s... Continue»
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Camping with my boy toy Bud, final chapter

After reaching the end of our canoe trip, the four of us were picked up by the outfitter who loaded our canoes on to a specially designed trailer, while we piled into the old beat up passenger van. There were six other people that were picked up at the same point, so we all had to cram into the four bench seats in the van. Billy, Max, Bud and I chose the very back seat, with Bud going in first, then me, then Max and Billy. As Billy went to sit down next to Max, there was very little room, so Max scooted his butt into mine, and me into Bud, and then finally we all were able to sit on the sea... Continue»
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The Meeting (Eva & Kyle Part 2)

I walked into the office I owned in the high-rise and smiled, it was still early, but there at her desk was my new secretary.
She and I had gone to high school together, and even though we hadn’t been friends then, we had gotten rather close over the month that she’d been working for me; well if I was being honest she wasn’t just working for me, I was fucking her brains out every chance I got.
She looked up at that moment and smiled slightly as she saw me. Without saying a word she stood, walked over to the coffee pot and poured me a cup. Her outfit that particular day made me instantly h... Continue»
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First threesome – Lover fucked me in bed

First threesome – My lover fucked me in bed and bathroom

I was sandwiched between my husband and my lover NS. I was in arms of my husband while NS was behind me. NS not only throat fucked me but fucked my pussy in many poses that night. After around 90 minutes of dream sex in which I have taken biggest cock I can imagine fulfilling all my desires buildup after my hubby shown me pictures of NS cock , we all were exhausted and are one our bed. I was feeling my mouth and pussy empty after he fucked me. I came at least 5-6 times that night and it was best orgasm ever.

While my husband is try... Continue»
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a week of exciting sex in Kos

this story is very true and exciting to say the least Rob and I went for a weeks holiday on the island of Kos where we had the most wonderful time
we went to Kos on the 24th September 2016 what a wonderful place it is we always eat and drink at the same tavern bar to some people any ways over the week we explored more bars and found one own by nikos and steve two very fit looking guys while we were chatting they said did rob and me fancy a boat trip sure so the next day which was Wednesday morning we all met up at the harbour and what a fantastic boat by the way we told the guys that we sw... Continue»
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1st of many

When we started including others in our sex life it began without us planning it or giving it any real thought. Our first cpl of experiences just kind of happened with a few of my buddies. The first was fun but kind of awkward. We had been taking sexy pics of my hot wife Lynn for a few months an had trusted one of my friends to see them. It had always turned us on knowing the strangers developing our photos were seeing Lynn in sexy lingerie & nude. But having someone we knew see them was even hotter. I told him what the pics were of an made him promise not to tell anyone. Which of course he pr... Continue»
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caught by daughter inlaw 4

It has been several weeks since my daughter inlaw did anything with or to me. No spankings ,
no ass play, nipple clamps, nothing! She just checks to make sure I m wearing the red panties
and to check the cock cage making sure its not causing any sores. It is but my blue balls don't
count ! She will hold my balls as she inspects and laugh as I try to get hard because of the pain
it causes. She has said this week if I m good she will release me so I can cum, I want that so bad!
Its Friday evening and I have just gotten back to her house to start cooking dinner when she
c... Continue»
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Hi all this story is all about my faithful wife giving me cuckold experience and then my daughters giving me i****t experience.

I am 42 yrs old,my name is ALBERT,married to a very attractive and sexy woman,her name is DIANA,we got married when i was 20 yrs old,she was one year older than me.

Since our first day of marriage,i found out that my wife loves sex,she wants it any time,any where and type,we had sex three times a day,afternoon sex is for anal sex,eveni
... Continue»
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Bound for Hawaii II

Please read chapter one first.

Bound for Hawaii Part II

I had barely heard Rule 5 as Jessica’s legs lowered her pussy onto my waiting mouth. I held my tongue out as rigid as I could and felt it slowly slide into her tight, hot, wet pussy. Her juices slowly ran into my mouth and I could taste her sweetness. There is no other taste like young pussy I thought to myself.

I could feel hands slowly stroking and caressing my cock but I ignored them as much as possible and concentrated on the task at hand. Jessica had made it very clear that it was my duty to make her cum. I tongue fucked her... Continue»
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The Two Resorts (continued)

After our day out in the fresh air we had showered and dressed for dinner and when we got there Ian and Marsha invited us to their table. Apparently Stephen and Maria had gone out for the evening to some dinner theatre in a small town about an hour and a half from the resort.We had a great time during dinner drinking a couple of bottles of wine and talking about was we did during the day and Marsha spoke about her position as a GP and how it worked being a homeopathic doctor as well. She was a great believer in the benefits of treating all forms of medicine as equals. As we finished up Ian inv... Continue»
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Join the Queue

Okay so went out with the girls one night for a meal and a dance to celebrate one of my girlfriends birthdays. As usual a load of middle aged women with drink on them tend to tease and flirt with all the young guys and squeal excitedly when they get a dance with some young guy. I'm no different. Birthday girl however had always been a bit of a prude and often passed judgement on our reckless fun loving ways.

So we were in this place dancing round our handbags and grabbing all the young single looking fellas to dance and flirt with when I met Terry. Oh he was gorgeous. Tall, dark, athletic, ... Continue»
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An outdoor encounter

A few fields across from where I lived there was a stretch of old railway track a couple of miles long. All the rails and sl**pers had been removed years before leaving a wide path which could be accessed from a country lane. There was a narrow strip of trees on both sides and the track went through several cuttings. This was a regular route for me to take for either a short bike ride or to walk the dogs. I found the wooded strips ideal to walk in naked and I liked to climb the side of the cuttings and masturbate in the bushes hidden from any by passers-by below.
I was out early one morning ... Continue»
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New Phone Led Me to Being Gangbang

I got this new smart phone and it was the first one that I ever used and I was assigned a new phone number that I had to remember. I had my phone plugged in and in the middle of the night I get a phone call and it is a voice that I don’t know asking if I want to come over. It is a man’s voice and I ask who is it and he says “it’s Duwan b*o.” He says where is Donny? I proceed to tell him that I am not Donny and I have this number now.

I look at the clock and it is 3 AM. I fall back to sl**p and then the phone rings again 30 minutes later and it is someone else who wants to speak to Donny. N... Continue»
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Dominating Neighbors 2

We left our neighbours house late in the night, our minds in turmoil. We'd spent an evening I never imagined possible in our marriage, and had come out the other side invigorated and liberated. We returned to our empty house, and climbed into bed, exhausted, smelling of sex.

The next morning I had great difficulty focusing upon my work. My mind forever wondering back to those erotic scenes of the day before. I was sure Sophie would be in the same state of mind, so I picked up the phone and rang home.

"Hi honey, its me."

"Mmmmmm, Hi" she replied.

"Are you OK, you sound a bit funny."... Continue»
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