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My Ex Wife takes one for the team Part 1

Since my divorce I have been unsuccessful in my search for a lady who is able and willing to take on as many cocks at one time as the ex old ball and chain.
The first time I was introduced to her insatiable appetite was when a group of guys from our mixed ball team joined her and I at a small town festival a couple hours from the big city. The weekend was supposed to be players only so no other spouses were invited.
We arrived at our hotel to find that the reservation for 4 rooms was reduced by one due to an online booking error. This was not a big deal as the ex and I had 2 queen beds in ... Continue»
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New York is a Hell of a Town

I won an all expenses trip to New York City for three days. My online friend Lynn, who runs a small gallery in a suburb of New York City, is excited, because we have not met yet. Her joining me in the city will be a great way to physically connect for the first time. Before now we have only talked on the phone and written each other. The prize trip includes airfare, hotel, an unnecessary shopping spree and a dinner at an expensive restaurant one night before I depart home. My hope is that she shows me the world famous museums of New York City.

You, Lynn, are blessed with full figure. To me,... Continue»
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Mouthing Off - Chapter 3

Every single night until the date of our second monthly meeting Donna talked about sucking six dicks in one evening and swallowing all the cum. She remembered the different feel of them in her mouth the varied taste of the cum. She recalled how one guy had pumped masses into her mouth while others only managed a dribble.

Of course, each time she re-counted the experience we carried on to fantastic sex.


From the very beginning of our relationship I have pissed in Donna's mouth. She has never liked the taste and at first she struggled to handle it, but strangely enough it was her ... Continue»
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d***ken night with my best mates s****r.

Heavily debated whether or not to share this story, but to be honest, its too good not to!

I won't use real names, for obvious reasons. So we'll call my best mate "Jack"

I've known Jack since I was about 8, went through little school, secondary & college together. I've known his f****y nearly as long, always treated them as my own & they've always looked after me. There's times I'd pop round to see Jack & end up having a drink with his old man or chatting to his mum or his s****r. His s****r, "Becky" was 3 years younger than us, but WOW she never looked it! Even when we were at school, ... Continue»
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Beach Vacation

I don't know how many of you have read about the skiing vacation I took last
last winter. It was a rather boring until my boyfriend Dave and his friend Jim
decided to do some very kinky things to Jim's girlfriend Cathy and me, of
course. None of the individual activities were new to me, but the combination
of things did get me very excited. Cathy on the other hand was quite innocent
of these kinky entertainments. The vacation turned out to include her first
assfuck, her first time naked in front of more than one guy at a time, her
first time naked (in a sexual context) in front of a gir... Continue»
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Coaxing wife for a threesome and quest for a cock!

This is Sharma and this is my true story of coaxing my wife for a threesome and the quest for a cock. We are happily married for some time now. Happily means happily in every sense. We got two k**s, life is good. She is fair, curvy and beautiful. She was not like the ordinary women, who think its too much sex when it’s once a week. She wanted it every night and she wanted it long. She never did masturbate, for she knew fingers were no good substitute for my cock and tongue. We fucked in every way possible, we did missionary, do... Continue»
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my Le Petit Gateau and MissRach Dream

I woke this morning from an amazing dream with cum filled briefs, the spent cum matting my pubic hair and using my seed i began to stoke my already rigid cock to the memory of the dream I had just had about MissRach and Le Petit Gateau.
My dream had evolved from selling ice-cream from an ice-cream van to old ladies and sexy nurses, before getting arrested by a traffic warden for not being dressed appropriately. I was only wearing socks and shoes and now, the cuffs around my wrists as i was lead by my now engorged cock by the sexy traffic warden who i now realised was Le Petit Gateau, one o... Continue»
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Una moglie sotto ricatto

Passano i mesi e Giuliana (nome di fantasia) ha oramai dimenticato le settimane che l'hanno profondamente cambiata dentro. Non può negare a se stessa che pur essendo stata vittima di un ricatto la cosa le è piaciuta molto. Ha scoperto che essere usata e ricattata la eccita molto anche se ora è felice di essere tornata la moglie esemplare di sempre e la professionista stimata dai suoi colleghi.

In vista dell'estate ha deciso di iscriversi ad una palestra per tenere rassodato e tonico il suo corpo. Non che fosse strettamente necessario visto che la donna è attraente e sa l'effetto che genera ... Continue»
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I woke up in the middle of the night, rock hard, with the two Chinese twins sl**ping beside me, all three of us naked. My cock could cut granite and something was going to have to be done about it. I rubbed the shoulder of the one sl**ping closest to me, I thought it was the one I had cum inside but I couldn't tell. I pushed her hair back and started kissing her neck, rubbing my cock on her ass cheeks. She said grogily "my s****r is asl**p." I don't care, I said. Can I wake her up, she asked. I don't care I said again, grinding my cock against the back of her ass and then sliding underne... Continue»
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The Construction Project

I was having trouble remembering what work was like before the renovations started, it felt like forever since I had a fully functioning garage to detail in. I had tarps for walls these days, and on the other side of them, walls were being torn down, floors were being cut, and there was a fine spray of dust constantly floating over to land on my freshly cleaned vehicles. It had started out as an inconvenience, grown to a disturbance, and had now developed into an outright pain in the ass. The space I had to work in was getting smaller and smaller, and on this particular day, I found myself ... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 08

Sunlight poured through my windows and into my bedroom as I woke up on a typical Saturday morning. I pulled the blanket off my naked body and removed Becca's blue spankies from my crotch as I climbed out of my bed. The briefs were still covered in my cum from the previous night.

I tossed the damp panties aside and walked over to my desk. I sat down in the chair, grabbed my laptop, and turned the computer on. I opened my email and looked at the new mail that had arrived. I had only one new email, but it was the email that I had been eager to receive.

The erotic story from Be... Continue»
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My Sissy Beginnings

Tvtrinity How I became the cock loving sissy slut I am today..

It all started when I was very young. I was a very petite and short and had long straight brown hair with whispy bangs as a boy.. I was often mistaken for a girl. I have a s****r who was 6 years older than me about my size she used to dress pretty sexy with the tight jeans and the skin tight sailor button front jeans and high heels. When she wasn't around I would try them on and get very excited. One time my s****r walked in on me and I had on her sailor jeans and hi heels and i was curling my hair. I got in big tro... Continue»
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A night to never forget

Okay this is a real story, all 100% how I remember. For the sake of the story we'll say I was 18 at the time

I was in my bed, late night long day at school. My phone goes off 7 time in a row. I rise from my bed and stumble to find my phone on my cluttered desk, when I do I see all 7 text are from my best friend Sydney.
"Hey bitch"
"Where you at??"
"You're going to the party right!?"
"I hear there will be older dudes there.."
"Plus a little beer and stuff!"
"Don't be lame, I'll text you the address"
"Just show up and find me"
I think to myself "I can't just sneak out.." I lay ba... Continue»
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Lake Powell Threesome

As I said yesterday, Lake Powell was awesome. Kip and I barely wore anything other than just speedos the entire time which is something I don’t even get to do here at home in Australia because I have random people dropping by all the time.

There were 13 of us one the boat and if you consider Kip and I a couple, it was 6 couples and one single guy (Jason). Kip and I had our own room with a double bed, 2 of the couples pitched tents (hehehe) on the top deck of fhe boat. Everyone kind of had their own space.
Poor Jason was going to camp on the top deck but for 3 nights he ended up sl**ping ... Continue»
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Wife gives sex show pt2

Those that liked my first story about my wife, Sally, give sex shows in our living room might like to know that it went on whilst she was pregnant.
Guys noticed Sally's bump grow but said how much they liked it and still came around to watch her masturbate and tell them to have a good wank whilst watching her.
Sally's breast swelled and she would sometime be able to produce some milk - the men loved this and although we had always said "no touching" we allowed men to have a suck on her nipples to have a drink of milk.
Before she was pregnant the men would often cum over her tits and Sally w... Continue»
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Who Do You Want

My wife told me she always dreamed about me fucking one of her
girlfriends, then she made it happen.

As soon as I met Donna at a party, I knew I wanted to be with her. I'm
pretty tall, six-five, and she was five-eight, so we are at least in the
same part of the stratosphere. She was bubbly and fun with wavy blond
hair down just past her shoulders and her body, well, she's slender and
curvy with beautiful long legs and a nice figure. Really she's got great
boobs and likes guys to notice them.

Well, the night of the party, I certainly did and I left with her phone
number and email a... Continue»
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Waiting Tables

It's not about work in a restaurant, it's a story about us serving a
10-person dinner party...naked.

Chapter 1

Ever since my first time, (which was withMelissa Malone), I've just
loved sex. Well, I'm a guy and, I suppose, most of us do. But, I got
really lucky on my first job after college when after working for two
years, a new college grad hired on, Alexis Brown.

Oh, she was nice. Pretty, blond, fun, sparkly personality and, as I
found out on our second date, loves to fuck. Well, even more, she just
loves sex: blowjobs, handjobs, having her pussy eaten, she loved it all.
And,... Continue»
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The Contractors Jizz hit the floor!

So..yeah.. I guess you could say I was a touch pissed. The sub-contractor tiling our downstairs shower gave me his final bill and it was $400 more than he told me on Monday. I know what I'm paying him hourly and there is no way in hell that he worked those extra hours. I called him last night and asked that he get here a few minutes early today so we could do the final walk around and talk about that extra $400.

He showed up this morning about 6:45 and we inspected his work. It's a solid A-. I wasn't going to let him leave with his stuff until we covered what that extra money was about.... Continue»
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Young bottom fucked by old store owner part 2

This is a continuation story. I had successfully seduced a older store owner into fucking my ass in the back of his store. Since then i kept day dreaming and flashing back to that moment. I remember the fear and excitement. I remember his hard cock in my mouth and ass. But most of all the feeling of his cum load shooting deep into my hole. That day when i went home i remember stripping naked in front of the mirror looking back at my ass admiring my figure and comprehending what i had done. I spread my hole to take a look. It was slightly wet still and a little red. I couldn't help but think ab... Continue»
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Jade and Tamsin Part 1: The Seduction

Jade was lying on her bed, worrying again about her best friend Tamsin who'd been down recently. Having been together for 5 years since they were in their early teens, Tamsin's long term boyfriend, Mike, had split up with her a few months back. She'd done everything she could could keep him happy over the years, never looking at other guys, pleasing him in bed, and keeping her body in good shape. She'd even had a boob job for her 18th birthday, taking her from an A cup up to a perky and full D, but ironically this was what caused Mike to split with her, with him saying he'd always loved her bo... Continue»
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