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Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 2)

A night light was on providing a dim glow throughout his son's room. Lee
Jacobs did not call Steve's name, but instead walked slowly and carefully
toward the bed. As he neared the bed, he saw his son's body facing the
other direction. Carefully and purposefully, the father slowly pulled the
covers back from his son's bed and then crawled inside to join him. Lee
could feel his heart racing and his cock pulsating. The thought of joining
his son in his son's bed was highly exciting to him.

The father moved into the bed with Steve. He touched Steve's back and
realized his son had put ... Continue»
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First BBC

I've always had a secret fascination for big black cocks, not sure when this began or how it happened, perhaps from watching porn when I was younger. My first experience with a bbc came about a year ago when I was bored and horny at home and decided to go visit a porn theater for some fun. Next to the theater was kind of a dive bar, how convenient, so I decided to go in and have drink or two. The place wasn't busy at all since it was a week day and around 9 o'clock. Went to the bar, ordered a martini and watched some sports game on the tv (not important), when a few minutes later this guy come... Continue»
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Son like father - Part 1

Julien sighed as he stepped out of the shower. He always found it difficult
jerking off in the shower, he didn't know why. Guys always seemed to be
doing it on TV but he never managed to get to climax aside from twice when
he had spent about twenty minutes at it both times and had sat down on the
floor of the shower wanking madly.

His dick was still hard now however and he hadn't managed to get
off. Towelling his shaggy black hair furiously he made his way into his
bedroom. His parents were out for the night so he wasn't worried about
being seen wandering around, butt naked with a ... Continue»
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mark Moves In

("Just a little in site, Mark is half American Indian and half Spanish American. He grew to be a very attractive
young man. Not very tall, Smooth tan skin, black hair, brown eyes, and a sweet personality. Note: I never felt
or looked at Mark in a sexual way until he moved in with me at age 20.")

This story is about a young man named mark that I knew from when he was young until his present age of 23.

Mark was raised by his grandmother in the state of Texas. I am on the east coast USA. I met his grandmother
Many years ago in a chat room and kept in touch over the phone as well... Continue»
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Second Time

Second Time

Two years after the last encounter I was offered a job in another city and state, which I accepted. I never kept in touch though, so it was quite a surprise when 8 years after that I received a call. He was in town for a 2 day seminar. I don’t know how he got my number. He suggested we get together for a drink and catch up after all those years.

I accepted and suggested I pick him up after work. I don’t know what made me do it, but that day I had decided to wear my sexiest black satin panties. I was unaware that he was going to contact me and I wasn’t expecting anything to ha... Continue»
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My Surprise pt2

It had been a week since my new pool boy and I had sex, but here we were. It was a friday night. He was on my couch. I was in front of him pulling off his black shorts. He had no underware on, his 18 year old cock sprung out and stood full. I went after it with a hunger. I wasted no time getting him in my mouth. His cock was long. Not a hair on him still. Michael moaned as he rythmically thrust his hips as I sucked. His breathing got faster as I pulled off of him and stroked him to catch my own breath. Precum flowed from his cock as I quickly licked it and swallowed his cock as deep as it woul... Continue»
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Kyle bets Nick can turn him Gay

"It's time to wake up now."

With just those six words, I regained the ability to open my eyes. Regained? I guess that's not the right word. I'd only just dozed off—nothing more.

"Well, how do you feel?" The hypnotist grinned at me. I didn't see why he was grinning, though. He was a friend of mine. His name was Kyle and he liked to think he was a master when it came to hypnosis. I guess in a sense he was. I did get into a trance, after all—well, I did if that's what you call falling asl**p from the weight of sheer boredom.

"No different, Ky. You suck at this." I really didn't feel any ... Continue»
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Health Care Assistance part 4.

It had been 6 days since the funeral and the unfortunate incident of Sheila's b*****rs anally fucking me in the funeral waiting room and warning me off screwing their mother. I was slightly reluctant to go and see Sheila after she texted to say come round. I knocked on the door and was surprised when Gary opened it. He waved me in, I followed him into the lounge where I saw Sheila and a young man I'd never seen before. Sheila introduced him as Anthony, Gary's friend, I sat down next to Sheila she leaned over and kissed me whispering to me,'Anthony is Gary's boyfriend' 'I didn't know he was... Continue»
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My first bi-guy (part 2) - a true story.

This is the second part of my true story, if you haven’t read part 1, I would recommend you do so before reading this part, you’ll find it here:

Please excuse any bad grammar and spelling mistakes, or totally wrong words that may pop out at you – oh, the joys of being a dyslexic cnut!

Setting the scene – so, I am working away from my old home town, living in a shared house, and my old mate Simon is visiting & staying for the weekend. Last night, Friday, we both shared our first bi experience with each other, but it didn’t go as well as... Continue»
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New older NSA buddy and car fun

Credit to gsgwthrow

I have been speaking to a guy on squirt for the past week, it turns out he lives really close to me and could generally host. Unfortunately today was not one of those days that he could host but we were both really keen and horny, and decided that car fun would need to suffice.

We organised to meet at around 4.30PM in between both of our places, he would be driving and I would just hop in and we would go somewhere discrete. Well as soon as I got in the car something came over me (no pun intended) and i immediately pulled his dick out and bent over the console and star... Continue»
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Pizza delivery : Tasty initiation 1

When I was younger, about 19 I was delivering pizza a few times a week.
On a late friday night, I went to a place I have never been before. It was a big nice and new house at the limit of our delivery zone.
When I got there, I knocked and one guy answered. But we found out that the order was not right, so I had to go back to the restaurant to get a new pizza.

It was already late and it was the end of my shift. I decided to go back to deliver this order and then go back home.
When I got back there, I had to knock a few times before to get answered. The same guy answered, but this time he ... Continue»
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First Time in the ASS Gay

It was a late Monday night, and I was reminiscing of the last few day. I had just spent the whole weekend with my girlfriend, and it was an adventure of uninhibited sex of a magnitude I have never experienced with another girl. My girlfriend and I love to play with toys, and we have an 8" thick black dildo that she loves me to fuck her pussy with, while I am pounding her thick ass. It drives her fucking nuts. Well this past Saturday, when I removed the black monster from her pussy, which was soaking wet of her juices, she asked me to lick her juices off it. I can't begin to tell you the amazem... Continue»
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Sharing with his girlfriend

I had just started working in a new town and didn't know anyone. I was bored, horny and curious. So I checked out one of those online personal ad websites. I found a guy who was looking for exactly what I wanted: a no-strings attached purely sexual relationship with another guy. Most of these ads were guys wanting a lot of kissing and things I had no interest in.

I told him upfront I wanted to find a guy to fuck me in the ass and maybe watch gay and straight porn while we jacked off or sucked each other. He was cool with all of that and we set up a time to meet at his place. He was tall ... Continue»
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Does He Remember Me?

I still dream of him and wonder how and where he is today. Does he remember me? Does he remember the joy we shared when we lay together? I was a young man, all of 22, when he took me into his home and bed...

I had been out of the service for a year and back in circulation. 22. Long haired and free, money in my pocket and nothing but sex on my mind...and I wanted a man so bad, it hurt...

We worked together that winter and he was so much fun. I liked looking at him and would fantasize about fucking him and being his boyfriend. So, when i sent the Christmas Card to him, he would have been a... Continue»
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First time what a feeling

This story is fiction and although the places are correct people named are not
Please let me have you feed back

A first time what a feeling

Was a surprise up until I was 40 I would have said I was straight, after that age I played around a bit with Craig’s list this was while I was working in the UK. I decided to work in the middle east after 12 months I ended up working in Saudi Arabia based in Riyadh but traveling to Jeddah every other week
While in Jeddah a lot of the ex pats was staying in a apartment hotel it was a nice hotel and while we would go out for dinner in the eve... Continue»
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Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 1)

The charismatic and attractive Lee Jacobs walked through the back door of
his f****y's upscale suburban home. It had been a bad business day; a real
ball buster. The older man was tired, yet ready to relax and see what his
son Steve was doing. He heard rock music coming from the den of the house
and knew Steve was around. He thought about mixing a stiff drink that he
badly needed, but instead decided to first greet his 20-year-old son. He
enjoyed his son and liked Steve knowing that his old man liked to see him,
to be around him, and to talk to him.

The father got ready to enter... Continue»
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First Gloryhole Gay

My first gay experience was unforgettable but I have tried to make each experience worthy in its own right. This is the first time I found and participated in a glory hole.

I was at a park that I had heard was frequented by gays. It is a quiet suburban park in the city where I live. There is a bathroom facility there that is always open. It was late on a Friday night so no families were about and only a couple cars in the parking area. I went into the bathroom, which was empty and entered a stall. The stall had several pornographic pictures and sayings written and etched into the walls. I s... Continue»
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I am now 100 % gay

I was determined. This weekend it would happen. I would loose my gay virginity and complete manhood. The hard way. Tonight would change everything.

Until now I've never had sex with a man and I didn't consider myself as homosexual either. But I was always fascinated to anal sex. The thought of "Why would someone let herself/himself get fucked in the ass, when there's no actual pleasure of possibility to orgasm in it?" Also the thought of giving up your body for someone else's pleasure was something that always turned me on. And since I've never could get an erection whenever I tried to have... Continue»
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He had been trying to join the Panthers soccer team for almost a year and
although the coach had stolidly stuck by the basic age requirement of 15,he
had been so impressed with the boy's keeness and demonstrated ability in the
minor league, he had finally relented and agreed to accept Brian although it
would still be almost six months before his fifteenth birthday.

His good looks and manners had helped, as well as his sturdy build and
muscular thighs. The coach was also a connoisseur of teenage boys for other
than soccer-coaching reasons, and had noticed the very slight growth of
... Continue»
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My football coach and first gay sexual experience.

I have always been a bigger guy and when in school(Jr College)(18!)...I decided why not and went along with it , since I was a lot bigger and taller then most everyone else . During the first 2 months everything went along as usual , people picking on each other and talking shit , but no real bullying or anything . The coach was an older white haired man in his late 50's , early 60's? I never knew...Kept hearing a rumor that came up regularly about the coach being a fag and into sucking dick and being a butt pirate etc. etc.
Never really thought to much on the subject . After most practices I... Continue»
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