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Gloryhole Fantasy Part 2

The drive to my new host’s house took quite a while. I kept going over my night of being chained to a gloryhole and got more and more aroused as I thought about it. After a while my erection went away and I dozed off. I woke to a pain in my balls and a bright light showing on me from a street lamp with the door to the trunk being open. “Better get up slave or I’m going to continue slapping your balls harder and harder or until I feel like using it as a punching bag.” My eyes started to adjust to the bright light and I could see the wife staring at me with a look of enjoyment as the pain c... Continue»
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Park after Dark

I grew up in your typical Midwest small town. Very conservative, sheltered life growing up there. We lived just across the street from the city park. The park closed at 10pm every night. Being a normal k**, that never stopped my friends and I from exploring it after dark. We used to play being ninjas hiding in the woods and jumping out to scare each other. For years it seemed harmless and fun.

It was later in my youth that all changed one night in late July. I was by myself in the woods just walking around when I heard a faint noise coming from shelter #3. It was located the furthest away ... Continue»
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Busting my cherry (gay oral/anal)

I started sucking cock in my teens. I was camping with a friend, who I'll call Ben. At the time our combined serial experience consisted of jerking off over porn when we could get hold of any. We were camping, and drinking illicitly purchased cider after taking turns with our one porn mag, both it turned out wanking over the same girl in it, a blonde with back-combed hair and a hairy pussy (we're going back a while). It had occurred to me that being sucked off must feel much the same regardless of the gender of mouth doing the pleasuring, a thought I kept repeating hopefully.

Ben was lying ... Continue»
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Suck Him for Me Cuckold

Dear Husband,

We need to have a little talk.

There's something we need to discuss, something very personal, and intimate, and sexual. Something I've been thinking about for a while, something you need to do for me. And something I think we both want.

This is something that's very important to me, and could be for us as a couple, so I've written you this letter to convince you of the need, to encourage you to accept it, to condition you to want it as much as I do. But first I need you in the proper frame of mind. So take a bath, smoke a joint, relax your mind, and when you're feeling c... Continue»
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Why are you here

I had answered an advert in a gay/bi magazine ..... I had wanted to experience the thrill of being spanked by a mature male and this advert had caught my eye. It merely stated that a Mature male of 65 years would meet with younger submissive males that needed the hand of experience to administer bare bottom spankings.
I arrived as previously arranged and was met by George a tall lean grey haired man who had an air of authority about him ....he was mature and I liked him from the beginning.George had already outlined a scenario for our 1st meeting and was pleasantly surprised when I mentioned ... Continue»
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Marine in Afghanistan

Marine in Afghanistan
by Buck Jones

The small market place had been secured, as well as the rest of the “village.” The centuries of past wars and the current war had ravaged any sense of a prosperous and stable future. Squatting a bit to relieve himself from standing, Zack looked about him. The weather worn bricks, the flapping canvases, the illusion of anarchy all blended into a picture of depression, a world without any hope except to survive… yet a world rich in natural wonders, colors, smells, and even with the outdated technology, a world that was exotic. It was the country of Omar Kh... Continue»
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husband and wife used in St Martin 2

Husband and wife used in St Martin part 2
This is the completion of the story that began on a nude beach in St Martin, when my wife and I were vacationing at a clothing optional resort there. We met two couples who were visiting the beach while on a cruise, Sam a tall well built light skinned black man with a fat 8 inch cock, his wife Nancy a sexy blond with amazing natural tits, frank a handsome white man with a nice 7 inch dick and his wife Lucy a buxom Latin girl. We invited them to our bungalow and we spent most of the morning being used in ways I never imaged. After two hours of fuck... Continue»
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Alex's Craigslist Adventures Ch. 5

On the Soccer Field

My name is Alex, I'm a 29 year old bi guy who loves sex with other guys. This is the store of the first time I played with a guy in public/outside and my first facial (and discovered how much I love cum), I hope to share more of my true stories in the future.


This all started when this guy and I responded to each others ads. Josh (let's call him Josh, I don't remember if I even learned his name), was a much larger guy, he was 6'2" or 6'3" with dirty blond hair. Both of us were horny and looking and unable to host, what were two 23 year olds to do?

... Continue»
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Out in the snow

One late afternoon my new fuck buddy the young black 18 yer old wanted to try something new he wanted to fuck in the snow. I was excited to try it so I went and got a pair of black bikini panties on with a black pair of leggings and a pair of fluffy snow boots and a tight black sweater. We got in my car and drove to a park near by. I had been snowing for a bit so the snow was pretty deep it was about a foot deep. After we looked around for a bit to see that no one was around I leaned in and started kissing him he pulled me closer and grabbed my butt I felt his hand squeezing my but cheek tight... Continue»
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After the talk

All day long I anticipated the talk from my Pops when he got home...I could hear him telling me of how he worked all day and I did nothing and he would not stand for me having my little girlfriends over. If he only knew the truth, I could imagine how his face would have looked if he had came in to break up the little fuck party he thought I was having.

How could I tell them that since my second year in high school their little boy had been turned into a fuck toy for guys. How could I tell them that I was introduced to this by three of the schools bullies who took my innocence and later ha... Continue»
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Pulse with orgasm

A number of years ago, after experiencing anal play with my wife, where she fucked me with a strap on dildo, I began to fantasize about having a real cock up my arse.

I was away with some nudist friends at a big party.

I was introduced to a gay couple and just started chatting, after a few drinks, feeling a little d***k, I decided to let the boys know my fantasy.

They were pleasantly surprised, and said I could join them back at their caravan. I agreed and followed them back.

I was nervous but also extremely turned on at the thought of what was about to happen….was I ready for this... Continue»
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It was a Saturday afternoon and Andy was sat in his room playing on his Xbox 360 but quickly becoming bored. He could have been out with friends just like any other 17 yr old boy but he didn’t have the luxury of living near his best friends and he didn’t know many people who lived on his street. The main shopping centre was just down the road as he lived on the outskirts of town. Andy was the type of boy who preferred his own company, either that or he had just got used to being on his own, even he wasn’t sure which. He didn’t think he was the most good looking guy in the world but at th... Continue»
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Black Man's Pussy Gay

I went to an adult bookstore to get a couple of movies for my buddy's stag party. I had never been to any before, but I had seen this one it from the road several times while driving by. I glanced at the big black muscled dude at the counter, he asked me to show my ID, you're 18? You look more like 16, he said and waved me in. I and started to check out the rows of adult rentals. I must have blushed a little when the first set I saw was all homo stuff. And all of them big black guys doing sexy things with young white guys...freaky stuff. It wasn't my thing at all stuff. Gotta find strai... Continue»
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White Prison Bitch

I'm a white guy that loves Black cock and this is the story of how I found that out. This is a true story and it is me that this happened to. So enjoy.

Me I was 18, just got outta school and got into trouble. And was sent to prison. Now up to this point I was straight or at least I thought so. I was very white with a small dick and a pretty nice sized ass. Well for the first 2 days I steered clear of the showers because of the stories I had heard. On the 3rd day I got up early and the was a huge shower room in a bay of 50 guys. There were only a few guys up at that time. So I went into th... Continue»
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Being Broken In By Black Guy Gay

Shortly after high school I took up residence in an apartment complex which had something of a communal quality between neighbors. Next door lived a black guy named Charles in his mid-twenties, who lived to party and always seemed to have women, especially white women over his place. One night in particular I remember a blonde girl about twenty who came over in slut-wear, short shorts and tank top as we passed in the hallway. That night they had the most intense fuck session with moaning and the headboard banging against the walls and even some screaming. Not being able to sl**p I began wond... Continue»
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Black Man's Bitch Gay

"Yeah, you like that big black dick, don't you?" Demarcus said in his deep baritone voice as I stuffed inch after inch of his fat black cock down my throat.
"What would yo daddy say if he seen his son suckin on a twelve' inch black stick? Fuckin lil' white bitch. Suck that dick.. yeah, suck that muthafuckin' dick."
"MmmmmMmm..." I moaned, letting it pop out of my mouth with a splorch. I grabbed it by the base, my hand barely closing around its huge girth, and wobbled the eight or nine inches of black cock that jutted out from my hand around in the air, staring at it in giddy astonishment and... Continue»
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Day after day of sitting in traffic to and from work, I decided to take the commuter train to see if it would relieve my frustration of many hours a week sitting in dead stop traffic over and over again.
The train turned out to be a way better way to go. Though I was on the same work schedule as everyone else in this big city and the train was always standing room only (plus I had to get to the station way early to find a parking spot) I started to realize how much less stress it was than that f'n traffic. I am a middle aged married guy doing the daily 9 to 5 now riding the train. I always... Continue»
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Bi Buddies Having Fun Part 4

I’m submitting this as a story (like I’ve done with first three parts) instead of just a blog post in preparation of adding Part 6

Please before you read this part check out Parts 1-3...
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Please read and enjoy and please comment...

Shit dude, that was so fuuucking hot, John blurted out. When you told me that last thing, I almost shot right then and I w... Continue»
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Reminded me of the statue of David

I think I was awake most of the night. I was trying to get my head around what had happened just a few hours before. By the time morning was breaking, I was still sporting a hard-on and thinking about the new sensations that I had experienced. I looked over and could see my s****r’s boyfriend, Tom, sl**ping peacefully. The outline of a full woody was in the thin sheet that covered his body. I really wanted to reach out and touch it again, but knew that I shouldn’t. I quietly slipped from under the sheet, pulled on my shorts and made my way to the bathroom.

Once behind the locked door, I ... Continue»
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Help from IT pt6

Chapter 6

Charlie had spent the last few weeks distracted, every time his mind was idle he would start thinking about Danny, the the guy from IT. As the weeks had gone by, more and more often he was picturing Danny in nothing but a little black thong with his hair spilling over his shoulders. He had never even considered being interested in a guy before, but Danny was something different, someone special. Thinking about him got him surprisingly hard, surprisingly quickly, and after two weeks of confused frustration, he decided he had to know. By Friday he had thrown all of his preco... Continue»
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