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surprise at the adult store

one night i wanted to go get a new toy. i got on a pair of pink panties and women jeans so it was tight around my ass. i got to the store and as i went in a notice a lot of cars were there tonight. i walked in and there were only a few guys walking around the store meaning the rest were in the back in the booth area. i walked around the toys and found a dildo that looked good it was this realistic black cock dildo. i picked it up and went over to the video area and found myself in the interracial porn area. i was looking at dvd covers this older black man walked up to me and whispered in my ea... Continue»
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Black Restroom Stop! Gay

I worked at the movies part time giving couples their coke and popcorn while I stood there at the counter watching them all go by. Yeah, she's gonna enjoy the movie while he makes her go down on him. I shouldn't complain really, plenty of girls are into me but they all seem the same, maybe I just naturally attract stuck up bitches. Anyway, I finished writing my 'to do' list, slid my pen in my pocket, then took off for home. But it had been a long shift and I needed to take a leak.

I stopped at the next gas station to use the restroom.

The restroom was tiny. Two cubicles facing the wall... Continue»
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Two Cocks are Better DP Gay

I continued to meet up with Kurt after the time he and Glen introduced me to be slutty white sissy boi. I had such fun with the two of them that I wanted to keep exploring. Kurt had turned into my regular fuck buddy and I stopped making him wear a condom, letting him take me raw. 

We continued to chat about fantasies and he was pleasantly surprised by just how many I had. He was interested in them all and had a few of his own as well. After being serviced by both Kurt and Glen's cocks in one night I wanted them both at the same time. I began telling Kurt how much I'd like to be double penet... Continue»
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Start of Going Bigger! Gay

had been chatting with a guy, lets call him Kurt, online for a little bit. He seemed nice and chill and was into me being a bit nervous and wanting to go at my own pace. I'd been fucked in the ass twice before and had experiences that made me want to try more. I also really enjoyed playing with toys. My first two times were with guys that were smaller and I wanted to try moving up in size.

I'm in my mid-twenties, slim, pale, tall and smooth and have been told I have a cute little butt. I wanted to be fucked by someone with a cock my size or even a little bigger. Kurt was mid-thirties, aver... Continue»
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Love of a dog

I am the only son in a 3 girl f****y, born 1966 in a
small rural town in Australia. I did the usual stuff
growing up - school, sports blah, blah, until I hit the
ripe old age of 16 when I left home. My older s****r,
Joan, scored a hair dressing apprenticeship when I was
12, thereby passing on to me her part-time job with a
local gas station come corner store.

The owner of this enterprise was a lovely woman named
Carol, a mid 30's divorcee who was a happy-go-lucky,
loud, plump red head. I found out years later she had
divorced her husband after many infidelities on his
... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Rick dragged himself off to his room and sat on the floor with his back
against the bed and his arms wrapped around his knees. He felt so
confused he almost couldn't function properly. He knew that one part of
him wanted to go, and another was terrified about what might happen. He
was frightened by the strength of his own feelings, and the fear of
embarrassment, or even worse, humiliation, was never far away from him.
He looked at his watch, 25 minutes had passed and he needed to make a

Desire overcame fear, as it always does, and Rick felt his pulse racing... Continue»
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Back to the bath house

Playing, prowling XHamster last Wednesday. Was checking out the big dick gurls and ran across some shots of uncut cocks that had me reaching for my cock. I got into many pictures and I started salivating getting the hankering to suck some fat uncut cock. Did a little masturbation but still wasn't satisfied so I had to wait until Friday when, in season, which it is, I knew the bath house would be packed with sexy guys.
Friday afternoon, I got my day pass for a whopping 25 bucks, got my towel and locker where I stashed my stuff, and it was off to the poolside bar where nearly all the guys were ... Continue»
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First Time Gay

My first gay encounter was a shocking scary experience that turned extremely erotic and sensual . Let me begin the story...
When I'm horny I love to masterbate rather than seek a hooker or sex partner. Unfortunately it is the only way I'm sure to get off right. Don't ask me why but it's been that way for sometime now. I'm forty eight ,live alone and consider myself straight (don't know about now ) however I am fascinated with gay anal sex, particularly transexual. I have a lengthy collection of movies with them getting fucked anally and I've spliced a few compilations of trannies  cumming whi... Continue»
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How I became a fag -

This is a true story, names have been changed.

My mom remarried after my dad died to a man who had five c***dren. I was already an adult and married when dad passed. My mom's new husband was younger than her and his oldest was a girl, Nancy. Nancy, by the time she was 18 had a baby of her own, the father of the c***d and her were going to be married but he was arrested a day before their wedding.

So Nancy became a dancer at, what we called,a go-go bar. That is where she met Rich.
We, my wife and I, met them at a f****y picnic and found out we had one thing in common. We liked do... Continue»
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Things were pretty quiet at the rooming house since Henry and Rachel had had their trip to the warehouse area. Even at their age, they needed some peace and quiet to let their libido reach its peek again. Sometimes Henry waited 2 to 3 weeks before he went hunting in the park. Rachel waited longer since she was more dependent on having a lesbian lover already waiting in a specific house or alley. Henry had contacted Reverend Allen and his wife Mildred and both were keen on a meeting. There was some talk of date and location. Allen could hardly invite his friends at... Continue»
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Finally Fucked

After we kissed for a little while Mitch broke and told me to get on the bed. I quickly obeyed his command, which was followed by "get on your stomach!" These words sent a chill through me as I eagerly complied.. He then pulled out a small bag from the nighstand that contained some massage oil, and lube. He sat on the bed beside me, and applied some oil to my back and ass cheeks. He started at my shoulders with those wonderful strong hands, and steadily worked his way down to my cheeks where he took both of them in his firm grip, and kneaded them with care and great detail. Then he worked his... Continue»
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Hot Kenzie

This is not my story. I had copied it from xhamster years ago. Found on PC, so hot had to share.

This story in no way implies that any of the characters mentioned or
involved in it would do any of the things contained within the story --
i.e. I am not claiming that they are gay and the story should not be
construed in such a way.

The central character in this story is Kenzie (real name James McKenzie),
who these days is basically a celebrity DJ and a personal trainer in the
gym he runs with his mate. He first rose to fame as part of Blazin Squad, a
British pop/rap group, then... Continue»
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Boss needs a change.

Several years ago I worked for a car dealership. My boss was an attractive nicely built white man in his mid 40s. I had fantasized about him with my fingers in my ass many nights, but he was married, so I figured I wouldnt even bother trying.

I had noticed that he had started staying at the office later than normal. One night I was getting ready to lock up and realized he was still in his office. I went over to ask him if I should just let him lock up, and realized that he was very stressed. We got to talking and he started telling me that he had been staying at work late just so he didn't ... Continue»
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Wide Open

It's been 18 years already since i understood that i'm gay, bottom gay. It all started when i was a teen, i had a friend who just got connected to the internet and back then it was not widely available, so i used to spend a lot of time at his place, playing some online games e.t.c..

One day i came to him and he said, - do you want to see something cool? i said, sure, why not. He started the movie and said that will jump to the kitchen to make some tea.

Movie started with 2 guys kissing, having sex with each other and then there was something i saw for the first time - Fisting, hand gli... Continue»
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Cabbie ride in South india

This incident happened a few years back but it was sooo enjoyable. It is about a trip with a cab driver who took me for a ride ( or i rode him) and how we had a great time.

Well i guess you all know i am a CD and i travel often to places. I usually cross dress when i am alone in my hotel room. So i was on a trip to chennai and booked into my hotel and called my client to confirm meeting time for next day. They told me next they were not available due to some urgent work out of town and will meet day after. So i decided to visit some other clients next day and then my main client after tha... Continue»
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Dee Maple - The Principal Daughter - Part B

…Continued from part A

The Next day, i left early, and went to home to pick out my bag, i prepared it yesterday wth lots of sexy goodies - then I took line 32 to plains view, it was a rich community outskirts of town.
Jerroti was very rich, he came from some famous Italian sausage makers and was very well-off and would not have needed to work unless he had this education fever of bettering our education system.
Reaching the address i was stumped by the size of his house, a big villa with large gate, i walked in the gate it was open, and there was a large garden with some trees and water... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Except, that's not how life works. Rick walked into the kitchen where
Chris was eating breakfast.

Chris said, ‘Hi, Rick, sl**p well? No bad dreams I hope?’

Rick nearly choked as he remembered the dream he had about Kittie last
night, and as he looked at Chris, all he could see was Kittie stroking
her cock.

‘You alright?’ Chris said as he munched a piece of toast. ‘You look a
bit pale, are you coming down with something?’

‘No, no, I'm fine,’ mumbled Rick.

It was Saturday, and both of them had the day off. Chris looked up and
said, ‘Fancy doing something togeth... Continue»
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Heading to the airport

I had a flight to catch, but it was at 3:30 and that left me a lot of late morning and early afternoon to think about dick. One of my favorite ABSs was on the way to the airport, so I finished packing, popped a couple of condoms in my pocket just in case and headed out the door.

I got to the Pleasures on Washington St. at about eleven, headed in and paid my entry to the booth area. There were a reasonable number of middle aged guys milling around, but I couldn’t detect much of anything happening at first. Soon, though, I saw two of them heading into one of the larger booths. If I had be... Continue»
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Karma hits home

Now dealing with the very open public voting and display of myself. I now find myself answering alot of questions. 70% settle for a good laugh at my expense. Until recently i came across someone with the biggest grudge against me and had dirt on me to get me in a corner. to finish this prelude i had enough of getting sample of my past acts. i told this person that i need to end this and settle up. i was told to meet at a location. the stuff that this person had would destroy my busniess and the life i have outside of my alt life. SO heres the story please bare in with spelling and etc.

As ... Continue»
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stroke buddy

one day me and a buddy were playing some video games together, something we did together a lot. after awhile he perked up and mentioned that he had seen this really good porn the other day, and wondered if id like to watch it. I said yeah, cause id showed him some porn id enjoyed before so I wasn't shy about watching porn together. we linked the computer to the tv and he pulled up the site then found the video. it was like most porn except it had goth women in it, something he loves. we sat there watching it on the couch together, maybe 2 feet apart. after a few minutes I heard him moving and ... Continue»
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